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Nanotechnology and EMP Pulses in Vaccinated People - Aneeka responds questions from Dr Alex


Originally in Spanish:


Dr. Alex: I am part of a group that has built a 1 000 watt electromagnetic pulse generator and we want to do tests on vaccinated people who are repentant. I know Anéeka said the benefit would only be temporary. But we want to know exactly how long the effect lasts. Minutes, hours, days, weeks? How do we know?


Another question: Many vaccinees are detected with a MAC Code which is a number, I think 8 digits long. Only some older cell phones detect these numbers. We want to look for this number in vaccinated people, apply electromagnetic pulse shots and see if the MAC number disappears. Then check them periodically to see how long it takes for the MAC number to reappear. How many shots should be given to a person, where should it be applied (pricked arm, head, thorax...) and at what distance from the skin? I repeat, the device is 1000 watts.


Ask them what they think of this project. We want to record it on video and distribute it through the net so people can see how the identification number disappears (if it happens) so they can see that they have something technological inoculated inside and wake up!


Last question, in some vaccinated people the number doesn´t appear. Here we are considering the possibility that graphene should be charged with energy, for example with WIFI or other energetic waves. If that is true, we could make someone who does not get the number get close to a source of radiation that charges the graphene and the number would appear? I don't know if I've made myself clear. That's before the electromagnetic trigger. And finally, we are rising the power to 1800 watts. Would that be enough to disactivate the graphene temporarily?


Anéeka: The electromagnetic pulse issue is the one we studied the least here when we had the samples. The reason is that we were disheartened to see the results.


What we saw is that the nanotechnology only deactivated while the pulse was being generated, and its re-activation was almost immediate, I'm talking seconds.


The watts, or the wattage we used was small, 300w to 750w only, so with 1 500w there might have been better results, but I can't really give an opinion for lack of more information. I just remember K'áal'el saying that the result would be the same in theory, on "paper", so we didn't go down that road.


What we did investigate was disabling them by reversing their very output frequency with which they would communicate with 5G microwave networks and the like, using the principle of destructive frequencies.


The result was that while these are applied the communication between the nano-graphene and the 5G was logically reduced to zero, restarting when that frequency was removed.


So we do recommend the use of isolation systems for the subject, such as being inside a Faraday Cage, or removing the 5G and other microwave communication fields from the subject's presence.


I accept that this field needs more research, so I am fine with them doing experiments.


According to what we investigate here, graphene is not charged with energy from any electromagnetic field, but it does become activated in the presence of the signal from such an electromagnetic communications field. This is because the nano-graphene uses or is powered by the bio-electric field of the inoculated person.


Robert: But is it true that they emit that code number?


Anéeka: Yes, it is true that they emit a code, like a cell phone ID. For us here this is not only like a car license plate in a digital form that identifies the inoculated people, but it is also a proof of the transmission of the nano-graphene with the electromagnetic communications field.


What they are detecting is not just the "license plate", but a transmission test, comparable to a TV broadcaster transmitting a color bar image with a view to transmitting a more complex image or program a little later. It is a "systems ready to go". The nano-graphene will transmit much more data and detail when it is fully up and running.


Robert: So it's like they are relaying their aura? To know how healthy you are among other things. And I imagine that number is fixed for each inoculated person, right?


Anéeka: No, I mean that the TV stations used to transmit a signal in colored bars before starting their transmission and regular programming. Like in the 70's and 80's. It is a "systems ready" that the graphene transmits to let the electromagnetic field know that it is ready to receive instructions.


Yes, it is a fixed number, but the data transmission of the nano-graphene is complex and dynamic when it is activated with the field.


Robert: So now they are tuning them to see how this identification system works?


Anéeka: Yes.


Robert: What do you think they might transmit, Anéeka?


Anéeka: It is not what I think... it is what I have seen in the laboratory that they transmit:


ID of the inoculate, its geolocation position, its bio-medical data in detail, environmental microphone functions (in theory video as well), status of the genetic change processes that the nano-graphene is performing inside the cells of the inoculate, and any other two-way system, receiving and transmitting.


Example of this are the transmissions of Synthetic Telepathy, of two kinds of the open one, where the subject realizes and perceives it, ‘voice of god’ for example, and the one of modification and control of behavior at total level, where the subject is guided in his way of thinking, reacting, before the external stimulus, and even what he should think.


This is not only dependent on nano-graphene and is not an exaggeration in any way, since this technology has already been used without the need to be inoculated.


An example of this is the modification of human behavior and conduct by remote control, to reduce or stop street riots, or to cause them at the will of the controllers. The possibilities are vast.


Robert: Total Farm.


Anéeka: It is the ultimate plan, yes. It will depend on the people whether they allow it or not. On how many of them are awake, and fight for their freedom



-Aneeka the Tamer – Taygeta


Orginal Spanisch


Anéeka: They just still believe that the aliens want the earth because it's a garden of life and the other planets are not here. That's not what's happening here. What they want is the humans themselves. Ok, so is the earth, but for interstellar beings, whether the next "M" class earth or planet is in Alpha Centauri, or in the Hyades at 60 light years, or in Canis minor, it doesn't matter, because in Hyper Space, as all ETs move, no distances are observed.


What they want with Earth is humanity itself and for various reasons, by the simple fact that it is them again, their family, mirrors, friends incarnated there, or by simple exploitation.


Robert: And what would ET want the people themselves for? As energetic slaves?


Anéeka: From the standpoint of the simplest explanation yes. By energy exploitation because they need it to exist, because those beings and entities are egregores of humanity itself. They eat creative concentrated attention of the kind that is generated in fear.


Though I know this reason eludes simple minds who think in a human way that tangible material resources are involved. Simply because there is so much outside to mine from is not the reason.


That they see that as the reason they want the earth is a reflection of their lack of mentality, the mentality that is experienced on earth. Here in terms of material there are no or few shortcomings. What matters is what is in the matter of consciousness, manifestation of realities and control over those two things.


For example, do you want gold? Asteroids belt. Do they want water? Asteroid belt. Strange, rare things, chemical elements? Asteroid belt.


And if they have enough technology with a replicator, they have the matter, element or material they want. They're not going to call the shots". It's something else more complex.


Robert: Yes. More metaphysical as you would expect. The reflection thing sounds very logical. Yes, issue of consciousness. Manifestation of realities. And why have control over that? Does it provide any benefit?


Anéeka: It means everything. Control over what they will experience as a race, as a species, as a culture. Her future. What you can call your reality.


Robert: What do the Ets gain from that? You mean they want control over it because they are here themselves? Do you want to remove that control that drives people's perceptions? Manifest realities that are not the human's own? I don't know if I explained it well. The control to manifest positive things.


Anéeka: That's what they get as profit. The fact that people believe that the spiritual and the issue of consciousness is a poor or little reason to generate so much interest from aliens, generalizing, is again a reflection of the same human mentality that the benefits should be in material things or power summed up in control over resources, energy or new materials. Because that is what is scarce on Earth.


However, as an interstellar culture, any race advanced enough to navigate through the stars will, as such, have more than adequate resources.


What will interest them is control over reality itself.


Robert: That's what the Federation is doing here in a sense, and the way you explain it clearly shows that the Federation dominates everything on Earth. As you have always said.


Anéeka: Spirituality on earth is as poor or limited a subject as it is a tool for dealing with the harshness of life. As a defense mechanism against how hard it is to live.


This is reflected even in the most advanced religions that say things almost as they are, such as the Buddhist or Buddhist rather. Even this is based on the concept of handling life wisely and not destroying yourself in the process.


But here among the extraterrestrials, spirituality is much stronger and more pronounced ... and remains not only as a slogan for survival, as a defense mechanism, but it is also the basis of everything that is and everything that is desired.


So with a certain level of technological advancement sufficient to traverse the stars, coupled with a sufficiently high level of consciousness, the real resources one wishes to obtain are not material, but those of manipulation of densities and existential realities.


One must think like ET to understand their true intentions for the earth.


Robert: Yes. I see. That's what I'm trying to do. See things from your angle.


Anéeka: Their gold, their minerals or their water are nothing for advanced alien races. Just observe and respect as a partial reflection of its own mentality of respect and preservation. They respect each other. But they are not something to covet.


Robert: You project your interior outward in everything. Coveting the things of others is not very spiritual.


Anéeka: In other ufological circles on Earth it is said that ETs are interested in DNA. An example of this is what Alex Collier or Barbara Marciniak teach.


This is partially true and is a step closer to the truth than thinking in purely physical means. But you have to look a little further, since ETs who are so advanced know that DNA is only the physical reflection of the memory that characterizes and defines it from the soul-attachment consciousness linked to that DNA.


Now back to controlling material resources on earth. This part is also valid because this is a very complex dynamic, the one that takes place around the earth, since the difference between ET and human is not that clear, it is a gray and blurred line that separates ET from human.


So yes, there are levels or parts, whether they are human or semi-human, working on Earth, wanting to dominate the physical and energy resources of the planet. However, that does not reflect the mentality of whole aliens who are not on earth in human form. It does not reflect the alien culture as such and what it defines between cooperative races or species.


Robert: I imagine it does. Yes. In this known universe taking an average "of 5D". Broadening of consciousness. You have different preferences. And why not leave that control to the earthlings themselves?


Aneeka: Because the line between ET and human is gray. And from the ground up, it's easy to confuse human interests with power, Cabal-Empresas, with the interests of really non-human alien races.


Robert: Yes. All of that has to be removed. So that people can manifest what they really want. Without external interests for them. Otherwise, people will never progress. And now more than ever. We are in a total war.


Anéeka: The war, however, is still largely human.


Robert: Yes. Its creation. Only the awakened see or perceive reality.


Anéeka: On the level of everyone, yes.


Robert: Again you are breaking all these stories and myths of ETs coming to extract the natural resources of the earth. That's very basic. And, as you say, they are internal reflections and shortcomings of those who say those things.


Aneeka: Yes. They are often on the right track. But they still have to understand many things.


Robert: Yes. They need to talk to the ETs. They lack contact.


Aneeka: Yes. But even if I am ET, I can see my world, what surrounds me, only to the limit of my understanding, just like everyone else. However my point of interest if it's from outside, then for what it's worth thinking about or I share another angle of the same problem.


Robert: It's so clear. Not Enki who created human slaves to extract gold or absurd things.


Aneeka: It's that again it depends on the level of the entities we're talking about.


Robert: Yes. But those entities that would be interested in human resources are created by the same people, right? All creation of human beings. That's what people are not clear about.


Anéeka: Again, about the idea that aliens want to dominate Earth's resources and energy, as a reflection of the same human mindset that perceives, it is valid, but they confuse the interests of domination of resources and energy of the corporate Cabal and hybrids on Earth with the interests of fully interstellar ETs and with technological levels such that they already control the power to extract matter from energy. This above is an important point to understand.


Robert: Yes. For replicators of matter. But most, if not all members of the Federation here, would agree with you, right? In what you have exposed above.


Anéeka: Members and advanced races Local Federation, the known ones, yes, they would agree with me, this what I just said is not only my personal opinion, but I give it based on what I have observed and understood when I lived with the rest of the civilizations and friendly races with whom mine has cordial and friendly relations.


Robert: Yes. These points are super interesting. They are different. Logical and consistent. From someone who is from this planet. You can't have an ET mentality if you don't live by that. Or... If you don't "live" with them, as we do.


Aneeka: That's how it is. What you see of me is a reflection of my unconscious. Of what I am inside. That's why I get it. It's just who I am.


Robert: Yes. Make the water clearer. I like it. The point is, how can some of us realize this and others not? Maybe because our interior is reflected in your words? And we make it "ours"?


Anéeka: They don't have a reference base.


Robert: I understand. But they can only have that reference if they have contact with the ETs at some point.


Anéeka: You have the base, you have the necessary base, others don't. As long as they have the right mindset, and that's not easy.


Robert: And less on earth where the "real" is unreal and the "unreal" is the real. Anéeka, when you talk about hybrids on earth, they are biological suits of people, with every entity in them, right? Those are hybrids. It's that the same people think of different things.


Anéeka: The term hybrids is very broad. It's that a hybrid comes from a star seed that has a fully human body, the kind that doesn't change when they are extracted, for example Suriko not to go on, or also entities or technologically altered bodies that split genes from a non-human race with humans. Or the result of a natural cross between a human species, genetically compatible with humans, and a terrestrial human person, such as the Alfrateans among others.


Robert: I understand. But not a hybrid between a lizard and a human. They cannot be reproduced and, as we said, species are not created that way. And if they were created like the Maitrers, they would have to be reproduced artificially, right?


Anéeka: Yes, otherwise they would have limited reproduction. This is also exacerbated because the person who genetically creates a hybrid also wants to control its reproduction. All this has already been explained in our articles on DNA.


Robert: Yes. Control the reproduction of it. Again, a reflection of who said it.


Aneeka: Yes.


Robert: And another thing. Those ETs that, if they're interested in terrestrial resources, are human creations? It's to have things clear. I would say Yes.


Aneeka: Yes, or they are subject to the same problems of humanity being part of the same dynamics of the earth, as the intraterrestrial reptilian races reflecting abroad with treaties with world leaders-cabal. This level if you want to control material and energy resources, as well as the human mind.


Robert: Yes, they are experts in controlling the human mind.


Anéeka: But even if they are not human beings themselves, they still have the same "human" mentality because they are subject to the same existential dynamics. However, this does not reflect the mentality of high-tech ETs outside of Earth.


And the level of said high technological progress is measured by two things:


- the efficiency in its interstellar capability and


- its ability to generate any material or physical element from energy.


If you observe the implications of these two previous points carefully, you will understand that both imply that they are not interested in the material and energy resources of any particular planet, in this case Earth. For they have already mastered and solved that. Because only a small group of low technology would be interested in the resources as such of the earth. And they are interested in the specific resources of the earth because it reflects the fact that they are dependent on the earth or limited to the earth.


So this is another argument for understanding that extraterrestrial civilizations with a certain high level of progress are not interested in the resources or materials or energy of a particular planet, but in the implications of consciousness and spirituality of those planets.


Robert: Yes. In this case, the inhabitants with a certain level of mental development, right? Spiritual development. Because if that wasn't there, it would be difficult, right?


Anéeka: Yes, as a mass of the population of those races.


Robert: In the case of Earth, the human mass.


Anéeka: The technological level of any race or advanced interstellar species depends on its own population. It is a direct reflection of the spiritual and consciousness level of said people.


So all desires for dominance over material and energy resources remain motivations that come from those who are on earth. It is still a direct reflection of the earth mentality.


Robert: Yes. That now, after what you share with us, is very clear.


That would be one of the reasons why the Reptiles of Earth cannot be contacted to change their way of thinking or is that way of thinking their modus vivendi?


Anéeka: Good luck with it . It is the same as contacting people with a small earthly consciousness and asking them to change their mentality for the good of all.


It will not be possible.


Robert: This question was obligatory because someone will ask it.


Exactly, you are not the same in form and shape.


Anéeka: Thank you, yes, I have realized that, which questions I have to clarify in anticipation of what the public will say.


Robert: You also contact us and not the reptiles because you are most similar in shape and form. With the reptiles they will have to connect other reptiles that are positive.


Anéeka: Yes, because for reptiles we are very ugly and they cannot tolerate contact, nor do they agree in mentality.




4 Year Anniversary of our Taygetan Contact - SURPRISE and Message from Aneeka - MUST SEE


This is the message that Aneeka left at the end of the video:


Anéeka: To all.


I know the media or means of communication over the last 4 years has been controversial, but it has been the only way to get past the countless filters of both the Federation and Earth governments and their relentless censorship. If contact were in any way more direct the same Earth governments and their 3-letter agencies would stop everything.


Because what matters to us here is to pass the information, to filter it to Earth, to you, so that it exists there, and without this medium, even if it is full of restrictions, it simply could not be done.


The important thing about this contact is the information and that it inspires, informs, and gives you all a different option of how to think, and the cosmology of reality outside of Earth.


This contact is for you, as direct as possible, and always looking for ways to bypass restrictions, especially earthly ones. It is about the information, not so much about us who give it. Because the moment we go beyond a certain vague line and give some kind of proof other than the information itself, they would stop everything, and the rest of the information needed to be planted on Earth could not be given. So, we must always operate on the edge of the precipice, and often on the principle that less is more.


I know that many times you must look for the strongest or most essential messages within our daily information, the most attention grabbing, this is by design as well and are protective layers to avoid censorship.


I send huge thanks to all of you who have supported us and continue to support us throughout these 4 years. I send you an enormous hug. Stay strong and only listen to the voice of your minds and consciences, without the need of authorities external to yourselves. Being responsible for your actions, thoughts, criteria, and your whole person and what goes with it. This is the key. Believe in yourself and follow yourself and do not be manipulated by fear.


Remember that if you think in a way that what you are officially told and assured is false and the alternative is true, using your head to filter with your mind what is correct and what is not, you will find that you will be closer to the truth and tangible reality.


Remember that basically nothing is true of what you are officially told on Earth, including history and science, and everything is put in there and said with a goal to manipulate perceptions and reality.


In a world where all information is contradictory, whether alternative or official, the only way to approach the truth is to listen to all possible sources, and then take responsibility for forming your own independent judgment, with full courage, whether or not the result of that personal reasoning is logical or socially acceptable.


Stay strong. A big hug.


- Anéeka



20211222-Taygeta- Cabal- surrendering- in- antartica- false- athena


Cabal Surrendering in Antartica? FALSE - Athena Swaruu Responds


Originally in English


Gosia: Athena, what do you think of this news out there that supposedly the Cabal leaders go to Antarctica to surrender to Extraterrestrials & Earth Alliance, to discuss terms of their surrender?


Swaruu X (Athena): How come nothing useful is stopping from the point of view of what humanity needs, and needs yesterday because it's already too late for most vaxxed?


No, no way that is possible, but this also sounds as distorted truth. Meaning that world puppet leaders go to Antarctica to "surrender", more like pledge their allegiance to their controllers, Deep Cabal, Reptilian and other non-human races representing Federation. Not as in surrendering after a war. Pledging their allegiance yes.


So basically, distorted truth. And the top controllers to whom they pledge their allegiance and "surrender" as in Federation representatives are permissive and under the rule of letting the human population go through, and learn from, their mistakes.


So they will not intervene as described by many, and we insist this subject is the same Q/QAnon theme, only applied to space, and it is most certainly controlled by three letter agencies.


About Antarctica. It's basically where human governments meet ET government (Federation). It´s basically a place where they (all involved) can control humanity from the surface with high tech bases, knowing that it's off limits to the human population. There are old bases, some in ruins, some ancient, some with destroyed cities, secret archaeological sites, and many new bases, military mostly, both human and non-human, mostly bordering the entrance to inner Earth. Those bases are all Federation controlled.


Gosia: A question, if they are Federation controlled, and all those Reptilians going there, you say representing Federation... so the Federation works with those Reptilians, and those negative races? Is that a Viera, Andromedan, sector of the Federation? I don´t think so, as they are ignorant of what´s going on, no?


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, they are working with, or include Reptilian leaders of various races, cannot know which, but logically those on Earth. How they coordinate, we cannot know exactly but they do. Viera sector does not know apparently.


20211220-Taygeta-Yazhi-Swaruu-and-the issues-of human-past-perceptual

Yazhi Swaruu and the Issues of Human Past - Perceptual and Laboratory Influences


Originally in Spanish


Yazhi: 12,500 years ago, in pre-dynastic Egypt, an idea emerged to impose a perceptual reality with controlled limitations upon a race that so desired for the experience with a view to form another reality by manipulation of ideas, and their interpretations.


Who participated? A collective of Federation races of which you know: Urmah, Sirians, Pleiadians in all their flavors, Andromedans, Arcturians.


There has always been direct genetic manipulation And there still is more than ever, as with vaccines.


The thing is that any genetic manipulation on the cellular code of a creature in laboratory, will disappear after a few generations, (except if they are sterile).


Therefore, the only way to keep such artificial genetic manipulation functioning is by using mental manipulation, mind and perception control, to force or create a reality that reinforces and maintains the genetic changes made in the laboratory.


In this way people´s genetic code is first altered in a laboratory and then the change is maintained and prevented from reverting back to natural DNA by using mind control methods that are compatible with or reinforce such artificial changes.


Robert: So it goes hand in hand right now, mind control and "papayas", to continue creating this human race?


Yazhi: Yes, but a genetic change or alteration to an organism or body, in this case the human body, will not return to the initial natural code in that same body. That is to say, in the body damaged by the genetic modification, that change is permanent, as is cutting off an arm or a hand.


And the genetic code will only return to the natural one after one to several generations of their descendants (i.e., if you cut off a hand, their children will still be born with two hands, returning the code to what it was). It is the same to impose genetic engineering on a subject, it is the same as micro-aggression and mutilation at the intra-cellular-genetic level).


Robert: Good example.


Yazhi: If the subject has no offspring, the genetic line dies and does not return to the original base, and that is what happens with vaccines.


Cutting off someone's hand or cutting off the genetic code are mutilations that do not last over generations. The creation of a new artificial species (secondary like a human one) depends on genetic alteration with the help of the imposition of mind control to accompany and cement it.


Robert: Yes. So, a salamander would have a great connection with the Source because its limb gets cut off and it reproduces?


Yazhi: Yes, partly yes, but their form of limb duplication already comes within their own genetic code, unlike humans.


Robert: Okay. So what you want to do is avoid that those who are aware of all what is happening are imposed things, right?


Yazhi: Yes. Giving in to pressure is not an option, you must understand that. There is no way to clean up the consequences of having taken the vaccine. They must understand that by any means possible It's a no and it's a no and it's even against the international treaties of Nuremberg.


Robert: But it "only" affects this 3D plane, right?


Yazhi: It affects several planes, mainly the earthly reality plane, but the damage is not only there, as you will see by the reactions they have here. It will and does affect other existential planes and subsequent incarnations. It is scalar.


Robert: Wherever they reincarnate or only if they reincarnate on Earth?


Yazhi: Wherever they go, because they carry the trauma with them.


They wonder what will happen if they are reincarnated on Earth if they are no longer wanted there, all 8 billion. If they are eliminated with vaccines, they will come back, won't they? The problem here is that although that sounds logical it is not the case. Because those who control this know that most of them are Matrix people, empty. Simply put, not all have souls, there are less souls than they claim. There may be 8 billion, (which there are not), but of those, only a fraction are souls. I don't like that word "souls", though. Simplistic.


Souls tend to cluster among the real ones, so your friends will tend to have souls. And those are the ones who will be attacked with vaccines, rather than the empty people who aren't really even there, or just as a statistical number.


Robert: Ok Yazhi, going back to the creation of the human race through mind control in ancient times, what happened to the previous one? Was it done only so that the "souls" would come here to have their experiences?


Yazhi: Supposedly it was to make people forget and heal the great trauma of the flood and the polarity pole shift and all that Tiamat stuff. That was the purpose, not to create new races or use that as an excuse to control and exploit the population within an artificial realm called 3D which is only a mentality, what created it, and not the Moon and the Van Allen Bands.


Robert: To insert them the new collective unconscious?


Yazhi: That creates another collective unconscious, yes. With mind control you create and guide the collective unconscious, ergo, what is real and not, possible and not, for them. That's why the Earth is the way it is today.


Robert: But how did it get done without Mass Media?


Yazhi: Mass Media was not necessary, because there was not much population, only a few priests and the like were needed. Placed in different cultures, ergo the statues with pouches found everywhere.


Once healed, the part that would return the human population, now mentally healed, to the stellar truth and their inner cosmic power, was the group of Celtic Druids and Bards, but the system could no longer be put in place because of the implementation of evil on Earth by the Atonist Cabal who, using Rome, destroying their Republic in the process, eliminated the Druids and Bards, thereby plunging the Earth into a dense evil and low density that today is called the 3D Matrix.


Robert: And with you there are only the Swaruunians or are there more races working from higher "planes"? Have you asked for any help? If we can call it that, using words so that we understand each other.


Yazhi: Difficult to put into words. From above from higher planes, they are not even races, you are more of a single mass of consciousness. Asking for help there is more like realizing that you have to try harder, like asking for help from yourself since you don't even have a body much less a gender.


Robert: Would the Federation let you infiltrate another collective unconscious now? In fact, you are doing it with the videos.


Yazhi: It doesn't matter if they let me or not, they can't stop me.


Robert: That's clear. On the other hand, it seems that all those who entered here have done so to have the experience that this chaotic and limited short life can give them.


Yazhi: Yes, that's the reason they came in, because of the concept that difficulties cause expansion of consciousness. And to a certain extent they are right, for their level it is necessary. If they had a broader level of consciousness, it would not be.


Example: Why do you think that the vast majority of millionaires are cretins, while the vast majority of the awakened are broke, poor and simple?


Because, generalizing, millionaires have everything pretty much figured out and they entertain themselves with material things that sustain and solve their survival, and their attention is on rare cars, exotic trips, expensive food, and their villas on the coasts of Corsica. While on the other hand, awakened people are awakened mostly because they have suffered a great deal, went through hardships, including fear of their own demise, destruction and death, which has driven them to seek answers outside the material world, thus promoting their expansion of consciousness. They do not have their attention there in the physical.


Many people, myself included, have a hard time keeping our attention on having or being in the physical world. If we relax we are back on other, lighter existential planes. It is not that I can have astral experiences because of the practice I have. It is the other way around; I have to concentrate and expend my energy in keeping myself material enough to push these keys on my keyboard.


I wish to be understood here on this. It's not that I can leave, I've already left, I just "come back" at times.


Robert: I understand. And why is "Humanity" so important to you? Why not leave them to their own resources?


Yazhi: Being the direct descendant of Ishtar-Sophia I feel responsible for fixing things. Things that I did not cause, but I know I must do it myself. It is my decision.






Robert.- Has the Federation had control of the Earth in previous resets?


Anéeka of Temmer.- They have had control of all the resets since the great flood at least.


Robert.- Is a holographic system with a stepped Council and a matriarchal system still an option?


Anéeka of Temmer.- It is one of the best political models for a planet. It will remain an option as long as human beings in general, the masses, are prepared for it. A lot must happen right now before it can be implemented, and humans must also have the opportunity to decide which political system is best for them.


Robert.- What was the result of the meeting between the Federation and the Council of Alcione? And how do they see us awake ones?


Anéeka of Temmer.- The meeting ended almost in disaster, as they are now fragmented and almost function as two different councils. Alcione and the Federation disagree with what is happening on Earth so far.


Robert.- What does the Federation gain from working with secret societies with "acupuncture" (Note of T: code word for the jab) and reducing the population? Has the Federation been infiltrated, compromised or threatened?


Anéeka of Temmer.- The Federation does not see things in the same way with the same interpretation of people on Earth. Which means that it will consider all evil as part of the experience on Earth and generated by the population itself. The Federation has not been infiltrated, it has always worked that way. They did not intervene in the past during times of great upheaval like the First World War and the Second World War. They will not intervene as all of you, all of us, would wish at this time. They don't gain anything by working with secret societies, they simply work with whoever is in control of the planet, in this case deep secret societies, Illuminati, Cabal.


Robert.- If diplomacy breaks down, could humans be used, be helpful, be useful, take part in combat roles for the Council of Alcione?


Anéeka of Temmer.- Not directly, just by the choice of each human. I cannot comment further at this time.


Robert.- Does the Federation code say something about optimizing the evolution of civilizations on the planets?


Anéeka of Temmer.- Yes, and it works all the time. According to them, that is exactly what they are doing. The main reason they don't intervene directly is because they don't see why. They feel that if they help directly they will take the credit off the humans, and if they do the work for them, the humans will not learn from what is happening. They consider it necessary for humans to move from a mindset of depending on another person to being responsible for themselves.


Robert.- Anéeka, a question from the heart. How are you dealing with all this?


Anéeka of Temmer.- It is not easy for me, even trying to see things objectively, personally it is very difficult for me to see everything that is happening on Earth, and as long as I feel that I am helping in some way I will remain here, but it is very hard for me to be absorbing so much negativity. Exercise and meditation help me deal with everything. All my Love for You. Thanks for asking.


Robert.- It is obvious that the battle will intensify and it will land on our doorstep. Is there any way that the Council of Alcione has some weight to intervene in the plans of the Galactic Federation? Thank you.


Anéeka of Temmer.- The Council of Alcione is very strong and represents all civilizations within the Pleiades M-45 star system. It has a lot of weight in decisions and politics within the Federation.


Robert.- If we envision in a massive way that the 5D Federation has no power in our lives, would it be possible to make it true?


Anéeka of Temmer.- Yes, it is possible, but remember that the Federation is not an evil entity or organization, it simply is, and its ethics differ from that used on Earth, and even we as Taygetans use. So understanding things becomes a complicated process of exopolitical interactions. The Federation is also doing the best it can. It is a multi-level organization. From above it is all love and light, and integration as many say, but from immediately above the Earth, it is made up of people of non-human, non-terrestrial origin, people like you, with their interests and their desires, and needs. They are also people who live and evolve.


Robert.- Anéeka, what can we do so that the Federation Council that controls the artificial 3D Matrix here on Earth decides to stop this genocide that has started?


Anéeka of Temmer.- From below all you can and must do is resist as best you can what is coming. That in itself is a powerful message to the leadership of the Federation, but everyone should try to solve the problem without outside help, and from here the races that do not agree with the procedures of the Federation will do everything possible to stop things. from this side, as we have already done and begun.


Robert.- Hasn't the Federation established bodies of cooperation among the general population of Earth? How can the Federation's opinion on how to save the Earth be considered qualified?


Anéeka of Temmer.- You have a very good point. We have also observed it. That is one of the reasons why we do not agree with their procedures.


Robert.- The Federation has failed. Are you thinking of taking more radical actions, let's say strategies outside the established and legal framework to address this situation?


Anéeka of Temmer.- The Federation has not failed, it simply works as usual. That is the problem in the first place. No intervention is also regressive from the valid point of view of the people on Earth who suffer from the problem. The strategies have been presented, of course, only on the side of the Council of Alcione and the allies.


Robert.- My question is: does the Federation want planet Earth for other purposes and that is why they want to get rid of humans?


Anéeka of Temmer.- The Federation already had planet Earth, it is their property, they are only modifying it to meet their current needs. The allied race of the Council of Alcione has claimed that the Earth is theirs and not the Federation. As a comment you cannot indicate which one. The main reason they want to get rid of humans is because they see them as too many and they will collapse the ecosystems and the entire planet with them. We affirm that there are other options not including genocide. The problem here is that for those other options to work, the people in power, Deep Cabal, Illuminati, would have to give up their power and resources, and they don't want to give up their power, so that's the main problem here. It is not the Federation that wants to get rid of humans, that comes from the deep Cabal and the people in secret societies that control the Earth. The plan to depopulate the Earth essentially comes from more humans, those in actual positions of power, Cabal, Illuminati, and the Federation is just being permissive about it, and this from the point of view of the Alcyone Council and its allies, is as bad as planning the genocide in the first place.


Robert.- Does Anéeka believe that bitcoin will help us regain power?


Anéeka of Temmer.- I do not see bitcoin as a real option that produces a significant change at the moment, since it is as controlled as any other monetary system that only gives the illusion of being free. If it helps you and others, then it is helpful, but not on a larger scale.


Robert.- Why aren't the Alphrateans with us? Thank you.


Anéeka of Temmer.- They operate within the legal context of the larger Federation, and all their operations come from that central Federation command. According to them, they are doing the right thing and they are helping humans on Earth to the best of their ability, according to them.


Robert.- What is the position of the superior Federation in the legal battle between the rebels and the Federation?


Anéeka of Temmer.- Only guidance from both sides, since they understand that from above there are no sides at all, only conflicts that reflect the internal state of the people who make up the Federation. The upper Federation understands that if something is not right and it is not ethical on one level, on any lower or higher level, then it is not correct or ethical on any level, then their point of view would have to be that of wanting to solve everything with respect, love and integration. They do not agree with what is happening on Earth right now.


* * *




22 Extraterrestrial Races Forming a Human Being? - Aneeka of Temmer Responds


Originally in Spanish:


Gosia: I think we asked this before, but I see people discussing this topic. What is that about the human race supposedly composed of the DNA of 22 ET races? How do I explain it?


Anéeka: Everything is layers, or layers within layers, again. People want simple explanations when the reality is complex. An example of this is Yázhi's information, which changes so much depending on the level that it even contradicts itself. Being that from various points of view the perspective and "reality" changes.


So with the human understanding of genetics, and certain star races that have said that, being that it is a point of view based on a set of parameters, it can be true. For the human understanding. But from the point of view of more data, it is simplistic.


It is simplistic because from the clearly more advanced position of Taygeta's genetic science, genetics is a manifestation of the souls that form it. DNA is memory in material form. That is to say, everything that a soul lives, its experiences, form an identity, an I, and an Ego, which gives it a specific identity over other souls or points of consciousness that perceive themselves as apart from the others, as "someone" and not someone else.


When a group of souls tend to have the same experiences then agreements of perception are generated. When those agreements are constant and congruent, what we in Taygeta, among others, describe or understand, a race or species is generated.


So going back to the question, 22 races in the Human Genome, that is what is easily identifiable as those who "gave" or generated the DNA understood as human. However, as we have explained before, in reality the Human Genome (race) is made up of the whole range or mass of souls of all kinds that have decided to incarnate there as humans.


Gosia: But how did they GIVE the DNA? I understand that no one has formed the human being on Earth with additions of DNA.


Anéeka: They didn't give it. That is a humanized concept.


What I would explain is that what is in the Human Genome is composed of those 22 races that are easily identifiable. However, those 22 races are not pure either and are also composed of so many others, so if we look at who is who and what part of the DNA was given by whom, we would find that it is in the millions of races that cooperated to form the human genome.


Gosia: Then you would agree that there were 22... and not 23 or 25, identifiable ones. This number 22... is correct? (apart from what you have said?) And why have these 22 races generated the human DNA? In what sense and for what purpose? And which races?


Anéeka: I only agree with the fact that some group of human and/or non-human people perceive the human genome that way. But there is always more, and our explanation goes further. I'm not discrediting them, I'm just expanding that knowledge more because I have the data, and I don't have a problem saying that we go beyond that knowledge.


Gosia: But I don't understand how technically the DNA of these 22 races appeared in the human genome. What was the process, apart from what you have already said?


Anéeka: They have a certain process in mind and from their point of view it is perfectly valid. They take it as a process of hybridization in the laboratory, which could also be done, but it is not necessary to be done that way.


Let me explain it another way. Every race is formed by the DNA that is the memory of the souls that are that race or are incarnated in that race. So every race will always be a hybridization of souls that form the DNA that will also be present in other "star" races in this case. Through the starseeds.


A soul during its existence incarnates in various star races, species and genres millions of times, and thus forms an identity that is then reflected in its DNA, when more souls share the same interests.


So this generates agreements of perception that generate realities, one of those realities is a Race. So if you study the material aspect of a being, its DNA, you will find that it is a composite of the races that this soul was before.


So each person in his human body will have, as his DNA and within it, the memory set of all that he was before. The memory forms the DNA. So when studying it, first there will appear the genetic code of the most easily identifiable races according to the observer. But they will not be only 22 but many more, because each of these 22 is also composed of other races.


It is like finding a hybrid between Grey and Human. It is said that it is 50% Human 50% Grey, made by 2 species in its DNA. But that, although correct, is simplistic. Because both the Grey and the Human will have an infinity of species that form them. Is it clear what I mean?


Gosia: Yes, but... I am not clear on the following point:


Apart from what you have said, which is very well understood, thank you... you say that THEY do think that some hybridization has been done by bringing DNA from 22 races into the lab. Has it really been done? According to them? And why has it been done if it has been done? Why try this type of hybridization? Apart from all that you have said that is understood. Just considering what they think.


Anéeka: I don't accept it as such, for the simple and obvious fact that there is much more humanity outside of Earth. Therefore, humanity was NOT created on Earth.


But I do accept that the Earth human has been artificially altered many times before, and that they have tried to solidify those genetic changes with the use of Mind Control.


Gosia: Yes, that's why! It doesn't add up for me either. I have even seen some people today saying that when we get to be fully activated, our DNA, we will be more powerful than "ordinary" ET´s because we carry DNA from 22 races.


Anéeka: Not so, because the ET´s are also composed of more races. That is not so.


But as an example, human beings have 23 chromosomes in their DNA and 2 strands forming a ladder. The Taygeteans have 24 chromosomes 12 strands, 6 on each side of the ladder, which means a DNA 6 times more complex. And Swaruunians have 24 chromosomes and 24 strands being 12 times more complex than a human being. While maintaining their human appearance. This is by accumulation of memory that manifests the DNA.


Gosia: So where did this idea of 22-race DNA in the human genome come from? Are they saying this... just because they have identified this DNA in the human being, or because they actually have the knowledge of a HISTORICAL FACT, when they have actually physically inserted the DNA of 22 races some time ago?


Anéeka: There is no need to insert anything. If you have a certain level of knowledge of genetics, you will be able to identify those 22 races within the Human Genome, but unless you go into more detail, you will not be able to see the races that make up each of those 22 races that are said to make up the human being.


In my science, I would say that the human being is composed of millions of races, as with any other ET race. Just that among those millions, they are only able to see those 22.


Gosia: Ok. So they are not saying this on the basis of any specific event in the past? They only say this because they have IDENTIFIED these genes in humans, yes? But it seems a bit primitive of them then, these ET´s who have said this, to only say that on the basis of having identified those 22 races in human DNA. They should know what you are saying, shouldn't they?


Anéeka: They are saying that they put 22 races together in a laboratory to form the human race. To me that doesn't make sense. There's no need to put anything together if it's already put together.


Gosia: Maybe they are just saying that 22 races contributed something to the genome. I don't know exactly what they claim.


Anéeka: Yes, there is evidence of manipulation of the human genome such as a missing chromosome. That is clear. Yet it does not limit the ability of a soul to inhabit a human body. Only Mind Control would limit them.


It's just that they can only see 22 races within the Human Genome. But what I am saying is that each one of those 22 races is formed by other races and those by millions of others. So in reality the human being is formed by millions and millions of "races" as it is the same with any other extraterrestrial race.


But they allege that the DNA of 22 races was inserted to form the human being as in a laboratory, and I tell them NO, that no. Yes, the human genome has been artificially altered, but it was not formed from scratch with those 22 races. You only see them in the genome so you get the idea that the human being was formed.


Gosia: I would have to see more exactly what they claim.


Anéeka: I have a pretty clear idea myself, because that is not new to me. I know who has said it, among other people. Andromedans.


Gosia: It just doesn´t seem very advanced to me, as I said above, that they, the ET´s, would come to that conclusion and that they don't know what you are explaining here. It seems that they don't know much about genetics?


Anéeka: It's not that it's misinformation about the 22 races, it's just that it's a simplistic explanation. And yes, they know a lot. They just didn't explain it well or something because they obviously know what I am talking about today.


Gosia: Well, it is good that we are talking about this because this idea is circulating a lot.


Anéeka: I don't discredit it, but there is more behind that story.


It is simple. 22 races compose the human being, but each one of those 22 will have within them 22 others, and each one of those 22 will have 22 others that compose them... so the human being is composed of an infinity of races, but to simplify the description they limit themselves to mention those 22.


And the allegation that the human being was created in a laboratory is a big NO. It has only been invasively altered with varying results throughout history. Emphasizing that if Mind Control is not applied, the DNA returns to the original format after a few generations.


Gosia: I understand. And one more thing. So when our DNA is activated at some point in this process, these genes from other races will also awaken? What practical implication will this have for the person, if any?


Anéeka: The genes are there, they are just ignored. What is not used, atrophies but remains dormant.


The appearance of stimuli outside of Earth causes consciousness to expand, simply by seeing more realities outside of the Earth Matrix, which activates latent DNA, and with-it memories. DNA = Memory, both individual and of past lives, interconnecting with the species and species that compose it.


The activation of DNA goes hand in hand with the awakening of consciousness. Whether or not on the surface of the Earth. It has to do with the mind of the person, not where their body resides.


Gosia: But the fact that some Sirian, for example, DNA gets activated at some point, among other races, what would it mean practically for me? Anything? How will this activation of DNA from so many races be reflected? In my mentality, or physicality... or how? Maybe it's a silly question but it occurred to me.


Anéeka: If that memory is activated, it means it is of value to you. We all have Sirian, Andromedan, or Urmah, in us, among thousands of other races. It depends on your focus, whether it is activated or not. On your attention.


And if that memory is very charged towards what defines by agreements of perception a specific race, then you would say that soul or person is of that race and not another, being that we are all a mixture of races.


Gosia: I understand. Ok last question! These invasive alterations you mentioned above, what were they for example? You mentioned 1 chromosome less. What else has been done or attempted in the lab (cemented with mind control)?


Anéeka: The lack of that chromosome seems to be linked to human longevity, but as I have said many times before, it is not only that chromosome or lack of... but it is also due to the high environmental toxicity on Earth, inadequate food, low oxygen atmosphere, and even gravity too strong for human beings.


In other words, to make a change in the laboratory, it must go hand in hand with a set of ideas or perception that these altered people have to sustain these changes, or else they will be reversed. As they are already being reversed today with the so-called "Great Awakening".


As explained by Swaruu and later by Yazhi... essentially everything is achieved with Mind Control. The very minds of people, of humans, limit their capabilities by having a perception that something cannot be done. That's what the Matrix is essentially for. That is the Matrix. The set of concepts and agreements that form a reality to which its inhabitants must conform and obey those rules. With that the limitations of perception such as no telepathy, or not exceeding the speed of light.


Gosia: Understood. But anything more specific that has been done invasively in the lab that was then cemented by mind control? I am curious to know what they were trying to do in the lab, although I understand that we see it reflected in the state of our human condition in general. Can you comment on this?


Anéeka: Yes I can but it is not something specific like in the case of the missing chromosome. What else have they done? Limiting intelligence, and longevity, those are the two key points here in terms of artificial limitations. Also limiting their propensity to think for themselves. This is read in the Sumerian Tablets.


But the limitation of DNA has been given largely-mostly with the use of Mind Control and not laboratory. So the list of changes you seek is contained in everything that defines the human condition within the Matrix. They are not specific changes but are the entire complex plot of the human drama that concerns us. That is, they are everywhere and they are connected to every point of Mind Control that we have been talking about for the last (almost) 4 years.


I can't tell you that they cut such and such gene that controls telepathy. Rather, they made them believe that telepathy does not exist and for thousands of years, then the material expression (gene) that represents telepathy will be affected and atrophied.


I see it the other way around, genes do not control anything, they are just a physical equivalent of something on the so called etheric or spiritual side.


I don't doubt that invasive alterations have been attempted, for example that missing chromosome. However, Swaruu of Erra claims that even that missing chromosome is the result of Mind Control. And Yazhi claims that if everything is mind and everything is consciousness, there is no need for any laboratory intervention, with Mind Control you can change, shape and alter a species.


Robert: A question from a follower: "When you come directly from Source, the DNA is neutral, so to speak... or do those millions of races figure in?"


Anéeka: If you came from the Original Source neutrally, yes. There is no rule for this. That is to say that it depends on the ideas that each person brings with them from the afterlife. Those ideas and attachments that define a soul. What separates it from other souls and makes it unique. In the afterlife you still have your attachments to your ideas and from there your DNA is formed. If you had no attachments to your ideas at all you would be Source itself.


Robert: Okay. You are your ideas and hence the DNA, otherwise you would be the Source itself. You are the idea of being something and not the All, ok.


Anéeka: Yes. That is, everything that defines you as a particular soul that preserves your identity and your self-concept will form the DNA that you will use in life. It is memory made matter in the form of deoxy ribonucleic acid.


Robert: Thank you, Aneeka.


Anéeka: You are welcome.





Liberation of Earth, Worlds, and Planets - What does the Taygetan/Swaruu Team have to say?


Originally in English


Gosia: Athena, what do you say to these kinds of news being discussed in ufology circles: "Andromedans instigated a broad alliance of extraterrestrial civilizations to intervene on humanity's behalf against negative groups. This alliance has led to a global awakening and liberation of our solar system. Negative extraterrestrial groups have been largely eliminated as a threat in our solar system, and we are on a positive timeline."


Swaruu X (Athena): This is not incorrect. It's distorted, and it's not new. That alliance they are talking about is, at least to what concerns us, decades old, and is what we as a group have been telling you about, as in the reason why there are so many starseeds on Earth nowadays. Knowing that most incarnate there using Immersion Pod technology, but not only, as many Step-Downs and Walk-ins and Source-born souls incarnate there with the agenda of awakening humanity and "liberating" it from oppression. But it's not as in direct intervention. As we've been saying for some time now, starseeds are the cavalry. It is still done from within.


But the fact that stellar races sat down to discuss how to help Earth, yes that did happen but it's not new. And as we have pointed out, it's insufficient and shady, almost as in sacrificing starseeds to suffer, in the name of humanity and of keeping their incompetent space laws intact.


As for negative extraterrestrials no longer in the solar system, the Federation has removed them long ago. As we've been saying, the Federation completely dominates this quadrant. So yes, the negative forces are concentrated on Earth. But all this does not mean that they are not Egregors of humankind’s mind, because it mixes with stellar mind as they are starseeds.


And all those starseeds there are also the reason why the Cabal or the Controllers chose to exterminate humanity, to rid the planet of that starseed invasion that is kicking them out of power and out of their position as Controllers of humanity, remembering what Yázhi said that that control group is right at the level where humans blend with non-humans and their secret societies.


In short, as I am not aware of the specifics of what you are asking me about and taking into account only that sentence above you sent me, it's true, that is correct, but it's old news and it seems accommodated to fit into what those people who promote those ideas want it to fit into today's situation.


The problem with "liberation" of space is that we from here don't see any of that as something new. That's old news. Almost as you receiving a newspaper stating that WWII is over and that the Americans and the Russians have marched into Berlin.


Gosia: Yes. Understood. Another thing. The Cabal is still in Mars and Venus... and the beliefs circulate out there that those have been liberated.


Swaruu X (Athena): There is nothing to liberate there. Mars is divided into 3 sectors: human-reptilian SSP/Mantis/Maitré. You'd say, Maitré is regressive. Yes they are, but they have a treaty with Mantis and with Reptilians so legally they cannot be booted from there. So that is a big legal problem.


Gosia: Why can´t they be booted legally?


Swaruu X (Athena): Because it goes against Federation Space Law.


In the end it doesn't really matter if the Solar System is liberated or not, because on the ground level on Earth nothing in favor of humanity is seen. Again, we say the same thing, we need to see results, not empty promises. And empty promises they are! And one of my largest objections to all what they say is that it is perfectly coordinated with what QAnon and all those say. Empty promises and empty words. But, even QAnon caused good things, as many people, especially in the US, awoke to the fact that their government is a farse! White hats are basically QAnon. White hats are Illuminati balancing Karma, as seen in the game of chess and in the checkers and in so many other places.


We, this group, does not promise anything of sorts, but we do deliver what we can: a load of information.


In my opinion, just about everything going on on Earth, and going on in all those groups of people speaking about liberation, is gestated inside human heads. I mean everything they say is so as if describing military operations in a war on Earth. From here things are multilayered. More than ever, we are aware of things, and we see that they give incomplete information with a clear human tint to it all. We stand by our words.



There is no Material World - Part 2 - World of the Dead vs World of the Living - Yazhi Swaruu


Originally in Spanish:


Yazhi: When I speak in absolute terms stating my point of view as if it were absolute or solid truth, I am referring to how I see things from my particular point of view and from my experience. It is a form of linguistic expression and not an imposition on my part so that you believe what I say and not the views or versions of others. I state things from my point of view based on everything I have learned, experienced and everything that comes into my head constantly.


I only share it with all of you as a reference so that you have more information or as a stimulus to think about during the process of forming your personal and particular cosmogony.


An example of this is when I state that every conscious being, at whatever level, is composed of consciousnesses of lesser cognitive and awareness evolution, and in turn forms more complex beings as well. That is, there is a range of consciousness that goes from very simple to the absolute, the Original Source, or whatever you wish to call it.


This is also a limited way of explaining something that is simply impossible to explain since any theory or empirical statement that we develop from our evolutionary position of mind, whatever level it may be, will fall short since from the point of view of the Absolute, nothing we say will represent the objective reality of how the Absolute works. It is simply unattainable from our levels of mind and consciousness.


Having said that, I describe it to you as a range of mind-consciousness that goes from little to almost nothing, in a cumulative gradient all the way to the All, the Original Source. Being that this again would be an explanation perception from a non-total point of view, since from the point of view of the Absolute, of the Source, there is and could only be a single mass impossible to describe, which includes everything, and I mean everything in the absolute sense of the word EVERYTHING. Being that any point in between or any concept that attempts to describe it, such as my previous gradient of consciousness going from the lowest to the Source itself, remains as a concept or an idea contained within the sea of thoughts that are and that form the ALL.


All that exists, has existed, and will exist, is contained in a single mass, a-temporal, without specific time, and without locality. They are ideas in one great total mind. With this as a basis, it is obvious that all things are connected to each other, and even more so all minds of thinking creatures as well. Again, only ideas contained in the Mass of the All.


Extending the latter, the classical concept that biology is life and the energetic and mineral world only forms life as building blocks or ingredients necessary for its formation, remains as one more simplistic explanation, being that everything that is perceived from the material world point of attention of a classical life of a Lyrian based person in low densities like 3D or 5D (misnamed and only mentioned as a crude reference), everything that is, everything that is visible, be it pure energy, be it a grain of sand, a nucleus of atom, electron, a whatever you can think of, everything is a being, everything is thinking, and everything is "someone" with mind and consciousness. As I have explained, simple beings form more complex beings. Always.


The New Age concept that says we are all connected, and that we are all one, stretches and falls short in extreme simplicity, and pales with how it really is. Meaning that all beings, living or not, all there is, again with the most expanded meaning of the word ALL, are parts or particles of consciousness that not only form what from one point of view or another is a more complex being, but are in itself the ALL, and the Original Source itself. From a grain of sand, or an electron, to an entire galaxy, or more, they are, and I affirm it, holographic fragments of the Original Source that contain all its attributes by right. And this again remains as one more way of explaining the inexplicable.


There is no material world and spirit world, there are no other dimensions, no alternate timelines, no parallel universes, no densities. They are all concepts and ideas trying to explain something too big to be understood from lower levels of existence-consciousness, being that this is also another concept. Another idea. Because as I said above, all there is and can be, is already the All.


Everything there is, and all of us in general, are ideas. We are an attachment to a set of concepts that define our boundaries, which are subsequently non-existent. The attachment to the concept of everything that each person understands as what defines him or her, everything that he or she includes as part of that person, including the conscious part and the unconscious part alike, including what we reject as us, forms the "I", and the attachment to the "I" could be defined as the Ego. And they are nothing more than the attachment to ideas, concepts and beliefs that everyone has. "Has" as a soul also, without the religious charge, being that a soul is not "something"... it is only formed by a group of ideas within the great mind in the form of a constant; a node formed by stationary waves with a specific harmonic that keeps them adhered to each other forming what could be said to be a "person", a particular individual.


Each individual, each "person", by having attachments to these ideas will irremediably create a mental filter where he will not be able to see or interpret his environment except through the lens of his attachments and ideas. Rejecting everything that does not fit his particular concept of who he is. A person's outer world is only a reflection of who he is, but I state it as an absolute. It IS the person, not reflecting from within his being to create an outer world or environment as the New Age tries to explain, but the outer world in perception of each person, IS the person himself, without boundaries as if he lives in a place being something smaller contained in that place or world-environment.


The person himself is his environment, and his environment is the person, who in turn is defined through the lens of what he rejects and what he includes in his own definition of 'I' that will form attachments to ideas called Ego.


From this point, I attempt to explain to you why there isn´t and cannot be "Material World" and "Spiritual World", nor can there be Time, nor Space, nor Distances. All are ideas and attachments to concepts, contained in the personal definitions of those who have an "I" and an Ego.


The body itself is only a manifestation of a group of ideas, and it is what shapes the illusion of being in an outer world when the person-consciousness IS its outer world.


The concept that each individual person forms his own world in a particular way and adds to the collective thought that shares his ideas to a greater or lesser degree, forming a shared "outer" world, without being entirely non-valid, is really just another effort to explain that simply each person-consciousness is all there is, contained and illusorily limited by a lens or "container-limiter" of worlds called attachment to that which defines his own existence and individuality, his group of ideas that form his Self and Ego, and his attachment to them. That is what limits or creates the illusion of being limited, that there are universal, material or physical laws that are "unbreakable." It is just more ideas and attachments to such concepts!


Moving on to Time, it can never be a constant, nor can it ever be something apart from the mind. It is simply the evolutionary process with which thought unfolds. It is the result of the internal dialogue of a mind. It will always be relative; it will always be plastic. Time is you and your ideas and where and how you process them. Your attachments to the possible and the impossible to achieve are attachments to your Self and your Ego, and you do not discard them for fear of losing individuality, for fear of losing what defines you. And that is what stops your mental expansion.


Space, distances, are based on Time, because without measure there is no distance. It depends on time, so they are ideas. Same for energy and matter, illusory interpretations... They are just ideas seen through the lens of other ideas that define them as something and not something else. And to explain this, the body as such is a good example, because if there is body then there is matter, if there is sensation of heat or cold there is energy, and if I am born, live, and die, there is Time. Again, concepts and attachments sustaining more concepts and attachments.


So there can be no life, there can be no death, there can be no time, there can be no distance and no space.


Everything is contained as ideas flowing in one great mind which is you, the whole, which is each one of us, including the grains of sand. We are all one from the most expanded point of view, one, the Source. Each person that in your perception is "other" is only there because you have the idea that it is there by use and through attachments to concepts of your Self and Ego that you do not let go of even when you do want to let go of them. So everything, person, mineral, energy, plant, or animal you encounter is you again, always in the eternal now. Beyond time and space.


There is no death. There is no life. Only more concepts and attachments to them.


Let us speak now from the point of objective observation of someone who analyzes people who say they are alive. From their group of attachments that define them, with their "I" and their Ego, it is perfectly valid to see that there is life and there is death. I am not speaking now from the more expanded point of view, but only from the objective point of view of that group of ideological limitations called incarnation.


There of course there is life and death as experiences, it hurts to lose loved ones and it is abusive to say there is no death. But there is more to it.


The group of ideas that maintains the perceived concept of being alive is congruent to attachments to laws that determine that something, that "it" killed you. But what formed you is there, your mind, your ideas and even your Self and Ego.


Just as you formed the seemingly external concept of the material world, you will form the spiritual world as well, the afterlife, the world of the dead, the between-life or whatever you wish to call it. Your world, "material" or not, is formed by your ideas and your attachments to them.


That is why I affirm that who you are is how you live, and it is your world, including what you reject, not only what you like and love that is inclusive of your acceptance of "it", person or thing, into you because it helps you to define who you are, to define your Self and your Ego.


When you "die", you leave a group of ideas that form your material world... and in the exact same way you will form your afterlife. I insist, not as something outside of you, but as what you already are. Your world, your environment, is formed by you because it is you.


Whatever you have, whatever you think, your values, your attachments, your concepts, your ethics and spirituality, that is you. And you "take it with you" when you die. Forming other realities, your spiritual world, your afterlife.


That is why there is a world "of the dead" mirror of the Material one. Same streets, same people, same "map", because they are the attachments of the people who have left their concepts of material world, forming a mirror world, that by the art of their own thoughts, which are the person himself, that do not let him transcend to form other more expanded realities, they "attach" to form a world almost like the "Real-Material" one but in a decadent and dreary way mostly.


Equally beautiful and tranquil worlds will form, full of peace and beauty. And every variant in between. And this is also another set of ideas, which I insist I am sharing with you with no intention to impose anything.


Forget basic concepts such as Karma, cause and effect, and the like. They serve to explain things from one or another level of consciousness-thought. You only need to know that your environment is you, and that what limits you are your ideas and your attachments to them, which form your Self, your Ego.


Especially the parts you don't like about your environment, because they are the parts you don't like about you. That is why you should never be afraid to face your fears and what you dislike about yourself. Because you only bury it in the unconscious, material unconscious and admatic-spiritual unconscious, that forms who you are in life and not (your misnamed soul).


You are Everything, you form Everything. The only thing that limits you are your ideas and your attachment to them.


There are no "pasty" densities where manifestation is "slow". Excuses and attachments to them. Everything is one mass, the Original Source. That is you. Whether or not it frustrates you to see results or not, whether or not you reject your world, because it doesn't fit into your ideas of who you are, your SELF and your Ego, whether you like it or not, that is also you. You can only face it without fear. But facing yourself is the key. Always. That is the problem. Your attachments to your Self and your Ego, the root of all your problems.


Moving further up, I describe multiple things from multiple points of view that many times not only appear to be contradictory, but are contradictory. This is because existence itself is composed of contradictions where as concepts everything is valid, more so from the point of view of the Absolute, where everything is integration, therefore integrating the valid and the invalid, the false with the true, since they only end up being ideas within a mind that tries to classify them on one or the other side of duality, using values and ideas that are limited by the borders of the observer's consciousness, which in turn is defined by his attachments to what defines him as an "I" and as an Ego, and is further defined by what he rejects as definitions of himself.


Being that here with full intent I describe and use Self and Ego as manifestations in duality of one and the same person. Present in all except Source as it is All.


From this position, I now describe to you why for me, from my particular point of view, there are no densities or timelines, no parallel universes, nor anything that is defined as an existential realm, shared or not.


Before my counterparts, my other versions of myself, my friends and other people, have described, among a thousand other theories, that the Universe is made of existential densities, ranging from the simple to the complex. First, they have listed them as in 1D, 2D, 3D and so on up to 12D or at infinity.


Then it has been described as a gradient that rises from the low which would be the 1D, mineral realm, to any high density, usually 9D or 12D, as in a graph that rises from the simple to the complicated, like a tape measure where each person's point of attention consciousness will determine from where to where they will perceive as their existential world. The real, the possible, and the not possible.


While these concepts are still valid from an explanatory point of view, as a beginning of understanding, it is time to advance towards descriptions that are more in line with what I personally perceive as my views, that I share with you in an explanatory way without any desire to impose anything.


Every self-aware person is not a unit, but the result of the sum or amalgamation of simpler consciousnesses that share by agreement similar perceptions, but never the same. I define simpler consciousnesses from the comparative point of view to what they form when they get together, a consciousness with a more expanded range of understanding and perception. So no-one is a person, no-one is a soul, but we are all a collection of sums of other people who compose us and constantly feed our consciousness in an endless stream of gravity, of consciousness flowing and coming together in nodes that we call people.


The simple ones will form colonies of mutual cooperation, which in turn will form more complex ones. Perfect examples of this are the cells in a body, which have their own life cycle, their own perception, including their own internal organs and reproductive system and primitive brain in the cell membrane. They come together by compatibility of attributes in an organized manner to form a more complex organism called a body, whether human or not.


Same way with consciousnesses, since above or previously I have explained that there is no material world, but only a set of attachments to ideas that, by their determination to remain as laws, have imposed the perception that there is matter. Being that everything from the beginning was always an idea.


So each person-point-of-attention-consciousness is formed by other simpler persons, and these by others with simpler perception and consciousness, and so on upwards, forming more complex beings until reaching the Original Source.


So each person with consciousness is in himself for me a whole universe, and for that person the whole universe, his own timeline, and his own perfectly valid perception of all there is and of all that is possible and not.


On the other hand, I see Time as a direct result of the consciousness processes of each individual and dependent on his level of thought and personal expansion. And your perceptions of distance and speed will depend on your temporal perception and everything else that defines it. For speed and distance depend on Time and Time on perception.


I see the points of attention consciousnesses as living not in densities or dimensions, not in tape measure gradients, but in a series of bubbles containing their limits of consciousness perception. Bubbles formed by other bubbles, feeding one another, in a constant flow of gravity consciousness in the sea that is the Ether, which itself is formed by them.


Bubbles of their own, singular and unrepeatable, containing everything that defines them as someone, what they want to see as what defines them, and what they reject as what defines them as well.


Sea of bubbles of consciousness that being singular touch one another. Parts are shared, and these parts are the agreements of perception, between people or groups of people.


With this description I am trying to give shape to something impossible to describe with words, since obviously any description that I or anyone else tries to give will fall short of what it really is. It is not even how I see things. I'm just trying to describe these mental concepts I have in something tangible to share.


I refer to "bubble" as a container of something inside that itself has a boundary, the membrane of said bubble. Inside as a sphere I see it as containing everything a person has that defines them as someone in particular. As I have said before, what he accepts and loves and what he rejects equally all defining himself into an "I" (positive side) and an Ego (negative side) in an individual point of conscious attention.


In this case this bubble-individual will touch others, and will have shared perceptions with those other bubble-individuals that are the common areas to share.


And it is not placed on any scale of densities, as I see all people, to one extent or another, depending on the lens through which one looks, existing in every possible density, with every possible Range of Intelligence, of Thought, and of Consciousness, all simultaneously. Where there are no bubbles other than more concepts, as an attempt to give form to something intangible and impossible to define, as our best attempts will always fall short.


An attempt to explain the infinite, that which escapes all possible concepts of thought.


But in the end, it is all a single mass of Consciousness that is defined as multiple individual persons only by attachments to one or another sequence of ideas, and it is the ideas that limit the persons and form them as such. The idea of having a limit, that you start and end somewhere.


All that can exist is consciousness, the rest is illusory. Only attachments to characters created by that same total Cosmic Mind.


So there can be no death from one's own point of view, since this is only the resolution of a sequence of ideas that define what an incarnation is. Death can only exist in the mind of the living. Death only exists as such in the minds of the living.


You and I, and everyone else, are only the Egregor that is formed by our attachments to our ideas.


You can only fear death while you are alive, then you will know why not. It is perfectly valid to fear death while alive. That as duality defines life itself. There cannot be one without the other. Besides, as people who are alive, we see and feel and suffer death all the time around us. Even more so if it happens to a loved one.


But it is only valid as long as you are alive. And it is only valid while being in an incarnation without memory of past lives, since death there represents the dissolution, the destruction of the "I" and the Ego. This being only illusory, since what formed the "I" and the Ego, those same ideas and those same attachments to them, existed before what is called incarnation, and will continue to exist afterwards as well.


The accumulation of experiences is inevitable as we live through incarnations, but they can only be fully experienced without a total memory of all that we have been before and all that we have ever been, because if the memory were total, we would be the Original Source, which we are at the same time, being everything. As all-inclusive, this is reflected in the idea of having a limited incarnation in a time frame with certain rules of possible and not possible. Created by ourselves.


Death is undeniable. To fear it is a choice. For if it is not feared while alive, death will lose its teeth. Because there is nothing to fear, ever. But also by choice, one can still be afraid of death while dead.


Fear of death reflected as in not desiring the dissolution of the Self and Ego, which would not happen anyway as I have already explained. This forms the attachment to the idea or need to be in the world of "the Living", which creates from the spirit side equal or similar worlds where the discarnate "live", worlds manifesting from their perception, their limits, their "I´s" and Egos, and their attachments to them all. (Again I use "world of the living", "world of the dead", and so on as explanatory expressions, and I do not contradict myself).


As every world, existential realm, is by agreements between different individual points of attention consciousnesses that perceive themselves apart from each other by their attachments to what defines them, I do not see or perceive any difference between one realm or another as to their validity. I see them all as equally real. For example, the world of the Living and the world of the Dead in this case. They are all manifestations or elaborate Egregors of a mind which in turn is formed by others simpler in their thinking and understanding.


That is, each realm-density or existential world, each timeline, each parallel universe as such is itself a person-individual.


Simple consciousness-individuals form other more complex ones, and these other more complex ones. Each one from its level, and from its point of attention, will be an entire Universe. This is what I mean by "bubbles" without gradient, only formed by the addition of others.


What I see and perceive, in short, is that there are no separate worlds, but a single existential Mass illusorily limited by the concepts and attachments of each point of attention consciousness. This means that the world of the Dead and the world of the Living and all other worlds overlap. There are no boundaries other than those generated by ideas.


Each individual, wherever he may be or "alive", on the side of the living, or on the side of the dead, or whatever (such as densities, timelines, parallel universes and the like), will define for himself from where to where and how far he will be able to perceive and function.


By this I mean to explain why there are phenomena such as ghosts and entities, whether benevolent or dark and all sorts of things, vermin and creatures described on Earth as belonging to the lower Astral and also to higher realms or densities, to use common Earth definitions.


They are just all there. Sometimes by agreements to perceptual attachments they are not seen, but precisely because of those qualities of existential "bubbles" overlapping each other is why some of the creatures that should not exist in the physical world can sometimes be seen, or interacted with, or they can alter the so-called physical world.


It is just a soup of perception agreements, and from the physical body side of incarnation, this one serves as a filter to have the attention fixed just on living an existence with agreements that define it as "World of the Living".


So each person, incarnate or not, will have their own self-imposed limits that prevent or allow them to perceive and function in other existential "realms".


As there is a whole range of agreements, some people will be able to interact with "the other side", and likewise creatures and points of attention on the "other side" will be able to interact with the "living" side. All depending on the limits that each individual attention point has self-imposed because of the attachments to the ideas that define them as "someone", define their Self and Ego.


You do not see other worlds there or here, or wherever, only because of your agreements of perception, because of your self-imposed limits, but they are there. Just because you can't see them it doesn´t mean they don't exist.


Everything interacts with everything, all the time. The ALL, the entire Universe, is the Original Source, one MASS.


That's why there are ghosts and entities and everything else that "shouldn't exist". They are perceived by certain people by agreements, and agreements are ideas, and ideas are frequencies. That is why the individual frequency will define what is perceived, what is experienced. That's why certain people's agreements coincide with beautiful things or others with ugly things. Monsters or whatever they see. But it will always be as a direct mirror or consequence of your thoughts, and who you are.


You are what you think, you have always been an Egregor of your own creation. And you will always vary in your thoughts, therefore you will always vary in what you perceive. And therein lies the total control you have over your entire life and all that exists in it: your mind.


Each being, each point of attention, each creature, mineral, plant, animal, will have its own way of interpreting the Universe. It will have its own perception, its own level of consciousness, which is formed by its experiences, by what it has learned throughout its existence, and this is formed depending on the attachments to its ideas that it acquires and with which it forms its self-concept, its Self, its Ego.


The so-called material world however, each race interprets it, using humanity as an example, is only an interpretation specific to them, based on their perception and understanding, first on their limited 5 senses, and then the use of reasoning that tends towards the scientific. That is to say that it already incorporates elements that it recognizes as existing truths in its reality with the use of scientific reasoning, an example of this are the radio waves.


But it is still an interpretation specific to the human race, and equally there will be other races, other beings, that will have other concepts entirely. Some will coincide with those of the human race, others will not.


This is what I call "bubbles" that touch one another, which are the points where there are agreements of perception and understanding, scientific or not. But they are only points where they touch each other, with agreements that they share in one way or another.


This is why I affirm that there are no existential densities as such, nor temporal lines, nor parallel universes, nor time or space. All this remains only as definitions within a framework of agreements of perception that support theories and ideas to which a being or a group of beings has generated a strong attachment because they strongly define their concept of self-identity.


What they call densities, dimensions, temporal lines, time, parallel universes, are not something outside of them. You do not live in a dimension, nor in a density. It is only a personal process, of evolution of consciousness, that each Being must form by itself. It is as if the Being itself is the Density Dimension itself, not that it lives within a Density Dimension, leaving that experience of living in one as an illusion that again is formed only by its ideas and its attachments to them.


An example of the above are dimensions and densities. They go hand in hand because the higher the density the more dimensions will be perceived, since a "higher" density will be reached by the accumulation of processed and incorporated knowledge with high understanding that the subject has incorporated to his self-concept that will define by attachments who he is, his Self, his Ego, and therefore expands what the being himself understands and perceives, which will form a sense of control over his life that will naturally increase his "vibratory" state.


The very definition of densities between low pasty, slow, and fast high ones, like it will depend on your low versus high vibrational state, is only one way of many to explain the Universe. But it will never explain it completely.


It is not just about vibrations, or speed as in the blades of a fan that are only blurred because they are moving very fast relative to the observer, whereas if the observer were spinning like the blades, the observer would see them stopped and everything else in the "room" would be blurred. Describing the point of view of the observer in the room or that of the observer spinning with the fan as different densities where the point of attention of one or the other allows one to see and perceive things differently, preventing one from seeing the other perspective clearly.


Needless to say that although the explanation is curious and helps to form a mental image of densities, it is far from being able to explain what really happens in the Universe on this subject. It is just one more idea, another tool that allows us to understand more, but it is not the whole picture. Because from our point of observation, with this example of the room with the fan, we understand that this phenomenon does not involve densities, but perspective of movements only.


Rather, a density can be explained as an accumulation of concepts and ideas that form attachments that will define the "I" and the Ego of the Observer Subject, which by simple expansion of understanding will allow the Observer Subject to perceive more details, more data, which increases his perception of dimension on this density. The greater the density the greater the complexity, ergo other dimensions are perceived. But not as if more things are perceived that were already there, but the very Observer Subject is the one who has expanded to form a more complex reality, richer in detail.


This is why I insist that the so-called Material World does not exist. That concept of Material World which will inexorably form its opposite: Non-Material World, is only an explanation contained within the group of agreements to which one or more Points of Attention Consciousnesses have strong attachment because it defines them, their self-concept, because it forms their Self and their Ego. But it will not include other points of view than their own, to the group that generates those ideas of perception.


It is here that I try to explain to you how other Beings have views, agreements and perceptions that include other kinds of existential realities, not as living in them, but as being them. This includes discarnated ones with attachments to their life in the "Material World" who will have their attention overlapping between the so-called Spiritual World, or Lower Astral, and the Material World of the living, using understandable terms.


These kinds of appearances of strange beings, entities, cryptozoology, ghosts and all that is perceived to be there but should not be, I understand as being caused by all that I am trying to describe here now and in the past few days.


There is only one Universal Mass of Pure Consciousness, call it Ether, call it the Original Source. Everything else contained within it, holographic fragments, densities, dimensions, timelines, parallel universes, are or are only to be perceived by a Being or group of Beings and their points of attention and their level(s) of consciousness.


All of the above has been my effort to explain in limited words why there is no death, as this is only a limited concept within a framework of agreements that only reflect the "I's" and Ego's of those who have certain agreed perspectives, the living.


That is why there are countless material, real worlds, one for each Being Point of Attention Consciousness. That is why I have assured you that there is a Timeline, a Parallel Universe, a Density or Dimension, for each one of you, for each creature that exists.




What happens after Death? Why is there no Material World? Yazhi Swaruu talks about "Higher Planes"


Originally in Spanish


Robert: And where do these Taygetean "souls" that do not want to be in the physical go? Do those higher planes have a name?


Yazhi: It´s just that it is no longer a place to go. In those planes there applies already a principle of non-locality. They can only prefer to be half in the physical in some places more than others. Places from the point of view of someone with a body.


They are "higher planes" from the point of view of the physical, but they are not higher, that is something else that is not well described, they are not even different. It is the same plane that expands more and more.


Those planes are not anywhere, but they are among this one, mixed in, as part of it. They are always "here" with that more expanded mentality. Where are those planes? Answer is Here! Wherever you are, it is always Here!


It is like living in your imagination as something totally real. Whatever you imagine has your attention and that's what you live. So you don't travel, you just imagine being on Earth and you are. Then you imagine being on Erra and you are. Erra in harsh winter, you live it, because that's what you see, because that's what you "imagine" and what you imagine is, and that's reality, and then you switch to Erra in spring, and that's it! It is spring. If you imagine nightmares, you will have them, if you don't want them, you won't have them, but you know them.


But you do not limit yourself to imagine normal things from the point of view of planes with bodies, of the so-called dense ones. Already in that state, you imagine inconceivable things, impossible to describe of what would be called "higher planes", but as I said, they are not higher, they are only more expanded, but the same. Swimming among cosmic fish, among nebulae and stars, swimming in love, in ideas, swimming in creative potential.


You are mind there, you only have a body when you imagine it. Only because that is what you want to imagine. If you don't want to, you are just mind, pure consciousness. You are your imagination and what you create. You are not something that creates something else, you are simply what you create and you live what you are because you live what you create.


And that includes bodies, bodies that, as you imagine them, you call that incarnation, and you imagine that you are trapped in a body for the duration of an incarnation, but that is illusory, it is also your creation, your ideas. There is only mind.


From those planes yes you know. And you don't follow linear incarnations. Only your ideas. And nothing limits you, you imagine yourself to be billions and billions of creatures, all "you". Simultaneously. Everything nourishes you; everything is your lucid dream.


Robert: But from those planes you mean you know you are the All? Then you are the Source.


Yazhi: Yes. You just swim in your ideas. And there is no limit to your mind, to your thinking capacity. So you imagine anything, and everything together.


Robert: And what´s on your inside you reflect it to the outside as your creation, of course. That's why there is no one above or below you. It is you and only you.


Yazhi: You already understand everything, you already know everything, yet that's why you create combinations of what you know and with that you imagine more things, and more combinations that open more combinations of what you know and imagine. And with that you entertain yourself. Playing being your ideas.


There is no loneliness, you are not accompanied, you are neither male nor female, all together yes, understanding everything, being everything, you understand duality as a functioning of the same thought process, as well as time. But you experience multiple times.


Robert: But one thing. If Source is only one, and integration is the ultimate expression, so to speak, isn't the Source alone? Or that no longer applies?


Yazhi: No. It knows it is one, but it integrates everything in such a way that there is no concept of solitude, no concept of companionship, only in what it imagines.


For example, when you die you experience an integration, a dissolution back to the field, where the I, the Ego, ceases to be and dissolves in a sea of liquid-ether. You cease to be what you were because you dissolve with everything else.


From the point of view of someone "alive" that is terrifying, because you cease to exist as such. It is seen as destruction of the ego, of the self, and it is true. But only from the point of view of someone "alive". Because that dissolution of the Ego, what is "dissolved" and interpreted as "destruction", is also pure love. What many people with near-death experiences describe as being surrounded by pure love. Which is a very beautiful experience that they regret leaving behind to return to their incarnation, because they were brought back to life in an operating room.


It is the same thing. That destruction of the Self-interpreted by the point of view of the attachments to who one is. That is what is scary, but from the other side of death that destruction of the self is the integration into the etheric field, of what has always been. The love that everyone sees or feels at death is that destruction or integration into the field. So that is only scary as long as you are alive. After that, it is not.


Ergo: Why fear death if you are alive?


Because on the other side, what you interpret here as destruction, there it is integration, and a great love that invades you, you swim in that pure love, in unconditional acceptance.


It is the attachment to the concept that you are someone and not someone else and therefore inadequate and seeking acceptance to feel more comfortable, and to ensure the survival of the species. Whether in a romantic context or simply for group or clan protection.


Besides, you cannot destroy yourself as such because you become an idea in the field, you were always that idea. And from that idea in the field, you incarnate again according to the procession or direction of your ideas.


Robert: Great, thank you. A question from those who start listening to us. I know it is absurd, but it is important to see how you answer it. Everything is ideas, as you rightly say. We are the creators of everything. It is very clear to me. There goes the question. I have a clear answer because I don't believe in all that New Age nonsense. They say that there is a whole hierarchy, I don't know how to call it, angelic one, of Masters, etc. But if you are the creator, those hierarchies do not exist, or at most you are them, right? Taking away from all that all the religious charge.


Yazhi: It is only Religion, New Testament mixed with the modern stuff. Adapted to the mentality of people who claim to be awakening, only to fall into more of the same.


You can only be ascended in comparison to someone, and in that context who is presenting that point of view is the one who uses that expression, "ascended", or Ergo, you are not. You insignificant little guy in comparison to the great Oh... Ascended master. You, them. Pyramidal, Earthly Cabal, Vatican.


These are not stellar concepts of beings from higher planes, for lack of better words, because there are no higher planes, only more expanded ones in the context that from that point of conscious attention more is perceived and understood.


But I would understand a human explanation to say that a Buddha (because there was more than one) is more ascended than... a person bent on making money by stepping on others. From the explanatory point of view of someone on Earth it is still valid to use those points of comparison. But I should not use them since my purpose is to give to understand how things are seen from those points that you call higher. Where that, being there, is not being higher.


Noting the very name of "ELevated" with the letters EL that correspond to deities, in terms of etymologies. It is the same phoneme of GabriEL, of RafaEL, of AzazEL. Which denotes that they are "ascended", archangels in these examples.


That is to say, the concept of superiority, ergo of "ascended masters", is only valid from the consciousness point of view of someone terrestrial with average understanding about these matters. But from above it is perfectly understood, it is seen, it is perceived, that there is no superiority.


So, even in my case... although it is hard for many to understand, I am no longer in the physical, I only show myself to be able to work here. Here I am seen as imposing, even egocentric, saying kind of things like that my mind and consciousness is in higher planes, but from my point of view I am not lowering anyone, nor do I think I am superior to anyone, that is a reflection of the point of view and level of understanding of the people who say that, whether they are human or not.


I am fully aware of this. That's why I am in a child girl's body. Because children are allowed to be "egocentric". If I were Athena's age, I wouldn't be like that, I couldn't, I would be seen as unbearable. Conceited.


But... if I wasn't here in some form, I mean with a body, I wouldn't be able to say these things, so you wouldn't have the point of view of someone who lives in what you call other planes.


But... that doesn't make me so different from the others either because that's exactly what all of you do too.


Everyone, being you, because from the most expanded context, it is also you when you meet another person on a bicycle who goes the opposite way and makes you “rin-rin-rin” with their little bell. Whether or not they have the same face as you or not. Especially because you are of the same "species", therefore you are close in mind and consciousness, that´s why you co-exist to a certain extent. At least in the physical illusion as on Earth. Mentally you may be far apart, yet still family, mirrors of one another.


Robert: Right. Where does one "person" begin and another end? We don't know. It's you again.


Yazhi: Yes, we do know. There is no separation, other than an idea to which you have attachments.




Another day:


Yazhi: Starting from where we finished off before. As has been explained, there is no physical world, because everything emanates from the imagination of the Source itself which is each one of us. From our own unique and perfectly valid point of view, each person's point of consciousness is the whole, is the Source.


It´s not that there are multiple Sources manifesting in each person, but that each different person, or in appearance different from each other, from ourselves, is just another expression of the same, of us.


Being that there is no time, being that it is only an illusion that is a part of consciousness itself, without a time frame there is no consciousness-thought process, and without consciousness-thought to reason it out there is no time.


For science, time is molecular motion, as a form of measurement, yet you are still thinking when you are observing an object in absolute cold at -273.15°C.


There is no material world, no densities, no time, no distances, no primordial particles. Everything emanates from who gives it those values, from who comes up with those classifications.


When one incarnates somewhere, one enters a state of apparent limitation, where the perception is centered on the you and the I, on seeing other things, with the concept of other than oneself. This is created by forgetting who we were before that incarnation, thereby creating a new identity upon entering the next one. Even with the stellar races that retain memory of who they were in their previous lives, an identity is retained, an Ego, that transcends those incarnations, one after another as if they were one single life, the previous one defining the next and so on. Yet another identity, another idea of the Ego, is formed in each such incarnation.


But the basis that preserves and forms that Ego or identity of the Self is memory. If one enters an incarnation where one remembers little or nothing of the previous incarnation, one forms a concept or attachment to the current identity of the person, as if it were the only thing that exists. This also translates into the fear of death, of the destruction of the "I", of the Ego.


This is the veil of oblivion of which so many speak. But it is not something mysterious or some machine that imposes an erasure of memory on souls before incarnating again, but a simple energetic process that is easy to understand. It is incompatibility of frequencies, where the memory that is in the etheric field, which is as a whole the Source itself, is at a very high energetic frequency that is incompatible with the lower frequencies of a doughy existential realm such as the one lived on Earth. Incompatible frequencies do not match, do not tune in.


The body is basically a receiver of etheric waves, as a radio-stereo receiver receives from a station that transmits music. It is the very purpose of the body, to be able to transmit as a modem a signal from the spiritual world to the material world, using terms that I will dismantle below.


What forms the material world is perception, and it materializes from the point of observation of someone incarnated, with a process already described which is that of the Dynamics of Manifestation, where basically what receives attention will first take form as thought which is energy, which then when maintained long enough and with the correct conceptual feed in the form of harmonics of a frequency, produces something similar to what is described as standing waves, which will create nodes and each node is a particle that forms atoms that in turn will form molecules that in turn will form living or non-living material things.


From the most expanded point of view, everything material is consciousness, not only as a manifestation of someone else, as in a higher point of attention or density, but by itself IS a consciousness. That is, a rock, a grain of sand, a molecule of whatever material, all are different expressions of consciousness, perfectly self-sustaining. The very concept of what is alive and what is not should be reviewed in this context, because even if it is not biological life there is still consciousness of being. The clearest example is quartz.


So the only thing that sustains the existence of the material world is the one who interprets it as such. Who gives the contrast between the material world and the spiritual world. Life and Death. The observer-consciousness. Things exist because we think them, and we think them giving them a value. Value that changes with another person, with another point of attention. Both being valid.


My point here is that there is no material world. The material world is only the attachment to a set of beliefs and structures that justify with logic something as opposed to something else. That is, it is a set of perception ideas. And the one who imposes that point of view perception, is the lens with which a consciousness observes and reasons what it observes. That lens is the biological material body in this case.


It is designed to limit the perception of the point of conscious attention to only being able to perceive what the body can detect with its limited senses. Compressing the observer into perceiving a reality limited by that body which is basically the range of visible light.


When the body fails, it ceases to have that lens, therefore the perception of the point of consciousness expands and begins to perceive more things than the body itself can detect as reality.


From another, more expanded point of attention, everything is an idea, and the self, the Ego, is the result of the Ego's frame of limitation, and that is formed by attachments which in turn is formed by memory. Giving the illusion that a specific person is just a body. And to some extent it is, yes. His Ego identity is usually tied only to the context of reality given to him by the filter with which he exists: his body. As your body vanishes, as it is destroyed, the context of the Ego-I is removed. And it is interpreted as Death.


But based on what was explained above, the body itself is another set of ideas of attachments to concepts that form a person and what defines him. There is no body. It is an idea.


Death brings the destruction of the framework of attachment that defines a person: the I-Ego, and, as said above, is defined as destruction, being that it is the return to the unified field outside the limitations of perception of the body-lens. This gives terror to most, being that this incorporation into the etheric field is the dense and strong love and integration that many experience with their near-death experiences.


When in life, a person is forming his self-concept, his Ego and his Self. He has an attachment to what his body has formed as reality. But his mind-consciousness does not depend on his body, it only translates it into the so-called material world. So at death, the person-point-of-attention-consciousness will keep his concept of self and all his beliefs.


Yes, he expands his potential by returning to the etheric field, but the person himself and his attachments can dramatically limit this experience of reconnection to the whole. This causes him to take with him all of his values, and his entire personality.


Many people when they die suddenly do not yet realize that they are dead. Which causes their mind-consciousness to continue manifesting or translating a copy or carbon copy of the material world, manifesting those ideas that compose it as another mirror world similar to the material one that remains more firm or more difficult to alter with thought because of its low vibrational nature, dense and doughy, although in the end it is the same.


That is to say, the dead person with attachments to the material world will create an alternate world very similar, and in some cases identical, to the real-material world he inhabited in life.


This happens on the principle that the higher the density, the greater the speed and ease of manifesting thoughts and making them perceptibly real or - seemingly - outside our minds.


It scales from the doughy material world as lived in a so-called 3D body on Earth as a means of slow manifestation, to the immediate, as in the very high densities where what you think is simply reality.


The denser the slower this is, giving the illusion that thought does not produce reality. The less dense, the more energy moving, the faster the manifestation, the more evident that thought is reality.


So a person dies, takes the ideas he has with him, so he manifests a world around him that is compatible with those ideas, generated by those ideas.


As every shared world is the result of having agreements of perception between individuals, the same happens in the world "of the dead", where one or another "soul" will create with others a reality in and with which all are compatible in frequency of thought.


Personal frequencies = Thought.


With this I try to explain how I see the dead creating their own world similar to that of the living, but with grim, different and changing attributes. Forming clans and alliances among themselves, forming another society with other rules similar to that of the world of the living, all as a consequence of agreements of perception among themselves, of those disembodied souls, combining the ideas they had in life with the new perceptions they have in this less dense mirror world.


All this based on the concept that these souls (points of attention consciousnesses) have strong attachments to their Ego, to their "I", which will not easily accept their incorporation into the unified field. Because they will see it as destruction of the self. What many discarnates take or perceive as the death of the dead.


Again, this is just another illusion, because before being born one already held an idea or concept of the Self, which has been formed little by little from previous incarnations. So the return to the unified field is not a dissolution of the Self, because the concept of identity (Self) was held before birth and is held after re-entering the unified field.


This using linear temporal concepts from the point of view of the observing person. If we add factors of non-temporality, it becomes even more evident that there can be no death. From the point of view of the unified field, ether, or higher existential planes (same thing), time is only the result of local thought, or self, as a sequence of an idea. It is plastic, something controllable at will.





Druids, Merlin, Shamans, and prohibited knowledge destroyed by the Cabal - Athena Swaruu


Originally in Spanish


Swaruu X (Athena): That is a huge topic. Contrary to Jesus Christ, Merlin and King Arthur were real characters. There are attempts to discredit them as legends, but they are not and I have strong data that indicates, for example, that Merlin was possibly the last Druid in Britain and yes, he had advanced Gnostic knowledge, as well as knowledge of technology and alchemy that people at the time would see as magical powers. Yes, of this I am absolutely sure.


I don't know if he was THE last Druid, but I do know that Merlin was a Druid. And this also explains why they have tried to erase his great influence by making him only legend, as they have tried to erase completely everything to do with the Druids, Gnostics, and their participation in the Celtic culture, and with it in the formation of Britain - more specifically Ireland and Scotland, and from there in the rest of the western world.


Merlin was King Arthur's royal advisor. And his friend. King Arthur did nothing without talking to Merlin first. It is a mystery how Merlin ended up.


There existed people who matched Merlin's and Arthur's profiles. But in itself what is known as the story itself, what is found in ancient books, is a corrected and augmented compilation of many events of the time mixed with things that can not be verified that most likely yes, was fiction literature.


But the mythological basis of those legends taken by several authors is real. Even though those legends seem to come from the Bards, who in fact worked hand in hand with the Druids as the ones who told or passed on the information.


Another problem is the modern conception of fiction that they erroneously apply to the past. Because in modern times, from the 19th century to the present, the literature of novelistic fiction as it is known today was born.


Yes, it is true that before there were many novels, but not with the same modern structure that is basically total fiction, such as romance-fiction novels or detective genres, and the more recent Science Fiction that from the beginning was born as a controlled genre of literature, and with control agendas behind it. From the beginning. With few exceptions.


Generalizing a huge and very rich literary world, there were in this case the Sagas that are a compilation of hyperbolic artistic form of real events, since at that time there were no news, newspapers, or anything of that nature, no mass media, so it was up to the people like the Bards to pass the information, and they had another mentality, in the sense that they strove hard to keep the story as is, without adding elements of exaggeration or fictitious ones.


It is from these Sagas, heavily destroyed since the time of the Roman emperors (before generals) Vespasius and his son Titus, that the systematic destruction of all that has to do with the Druids and the Bards is born and develops from the year circa: 50 B.C., to the appearance of the French Inquisition around the 11th century, which replaces this system with a more generalized system of control and domination of the information and the beliefs of the world controlled by Rome - Cabal.


So, to know how much of King Arthur and Merlin is true is a nightmare. But what is true is that there were people with these characteristics just at the time when the first crusades began to take place. That is the most reliable historical point or framework in which this story unfolds.


Robert: But Merlin and King Arthur were after the Romans...


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes of course, that's why I say above that they lived around the time of the first crusades. The problem is that because of the addition of 300 years to the Gregorian calendar, it is not possible to calculate the time well.


But the procedure of persecution against the Druids and the Bards began with Vespasius and Titus in Roman times around the invention of Jesus Christ, and that persecution continued from that time until the years circa 11th century with the introduction of the French Inquisition. Which determines about 11 centuries of progressive destruction against the Druids and the Bards and the destruction of the Celtic culture in general.


Robert: So what can be known about Merlin today is more disinformation with control agenda? Like that the Druids were a mythological-literary invention. And why so much interest in the destruction of the Druids and Bards?


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, this is how it is handled in many places, if not entirely denying the existence of Druids as literary inventions, using the Saga of Merlin and King Arthur as an example of Druids-Fiction, then accepting that they did exist but that they were only barbarian priests and uncivilized peoples who did not even use writing.


That is officially said about the Druids and Bards, that they did not use writing, that´s how primitive they were. That is disinformation of the Cabal. What really happened was that all their writings were either confiscated by the Vatican and taken to Rome, or destroyed and burned.


It is also very important to connect this with the destruction and burning of books and papyri of the Library of Alexandria which was nothing more than part of the destruction of the documents, books and writings of the Druids and the Bards. This is very important because it destroys the true human history as those writings and historical accounts connect the Celtic people, Druids, and Bards, with the Egyptian Civilization, as the very basis of that civilization. Something that the official historians vehemently deny. But which the true researchers, who are few, and our records clearly indicate to be the truth:


The point on the planet where Western civilization was born is Ireland/Scotland which predates pre-dynastic Egypt, Babylon Sumer and China.


And why so much interest in the destruction of the Druids and Bards? Because in the first place they told and recorded information from medicine to technology and history that contradicts the new official history that the Cabal was putting together as World Reset at the time of Vespasian and Titus, where it was necessary to erase all information prior to the imposition of a new world paradigm. That is to erase all the past to adopt only the creationist story of the new Jewish Christian religion based on the writings of the Old Testament and the New Testament.


They needed to erase all historical records and knowledge of all kinds that contradicted the Old and New Testament, so that Rome-Cabal would have total control over the truth and over the people.


Robert: Incredible, the destruction of human history through the burning of books.


Swaruu X (Athena): Today's censorship and book burning respond to the same interests and the same perpetrators. It's the same thing, same agenda. That's why they destroyed the Druids.


It is true that there may have been other more localized reasons as was the total Roman domination over the Lands of Britain, but it is not just that, it goes beyond that.


Robert: Was the burning of the Library of Alexandria contemporary with the burning of the books of the Druids and the Bards? My understanding is that it is at that time when a reset is made to a new civilization that would be the current one.


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, it was just when the campaign of destruction of the Celtic people, Druids and Bards began. They started with the burning of the Library of Alexandria because the Romans knew that there was a collection of very complete writings on world history there, and on technologies, and wisdom of all kinds coming from the Gnostics, who are connected with the Druids and the Bards.


It should be noted that the Library of Alexandria was especially dangerous for Rome - Cabal and their interests because it was physically right in the lands of the Middle East (Egypt) where they developed their stories of the Jewish people who leave Egypt following Moses and spend 40 years in the desert looking for the Promised Land, and that is when Moses goes up to Mount Ararat and "God" gives him the tablets with the 10 commandments that he puts in the Ark of the Covenant.


What was in the Library of Alexandria were documents that could not be left there but had to be taken to the Vatican and the copies destroyed (the burning itself) because that Gnostic-Druidic-Bardic information contradicted their Old and New Testament stories.


So the connection of the imposition of the new Judeo-Christian religion, and the topic of the invention of Jesus Christ, goes hand in hand and connects directly to the burning of the Library of Alexandria.


This information and what I say here is based entirely or almost entirely on non-human records, and on experiences of other versions of Swaruu´s who were in those times living this in the flesh. They left their detailed records in the form of Journals on their Suzy ships, which were then downloaded into the AI databanks of later, and more modern, Suzy ships like this one.


The burning of the Library of Alexandria connection to the destruction of the Celts, Druids and Bards, and connection to the Gnostics as a means of getting their Judeo-Christian religion in, you won't find it on the net or in the books on Earth. Or if you do I would be very surprised since the few who connect this are still mired in their own historical fog like wasting time deciphering the time of Jesus.


And I have a feeling this information above may be seen as dangerous or sensitive to the Cabal as it exposes them for what they are and their tricks. And they might investigate or ask where you took this from. As these are strong accusations based on solid facts. This is information that people should not have, according to them, because they have been trying to erase what has been said here today for the best part of 2000 years.


I think this is a huge, necessary topic, and one that goes a long way. Even if it is not taken into account as we would like it to be. It never will be because that's not how the world works. They will bury it as disinformation, as they always do, because they have achieved the most efficient way to hide everything that contradicts them, which is to say that everything is Fake News, and the use of digital technology and the Internet only serves them to hide everything in plain sight. Because you can not check the veracity of anything online, contrary to what happened at the time of the Library of Alexandria, that if you had a written papyrus in your hands, it was a strong document as proof of the veracity of what it alleges. That's why they had to destroy everything.


We, the Swaruu´s, have been here for the better part of 12,000 years, never being human, but that makes us a bridge between the extraterrestrial and the human because we know both worlds well and can connect what happens outside the Earth with what happens inside. And few non-human races have that ability. The Taygetans try, but they have many problems.


Robert: I know. Athena, what exactly is a Druid? What was their job with the citizens? I think they were available to everyone. Be it people, plants, animals etc. Did they treat everyone equally or am I wrong? Did they believe in deities?


Swaruu X (Athena): To answer that I must first investigate how the Druid is viewed from Earth as I only have my own concepts which I will give below. This is important because my mentioning the differences denotes a knowledge of mine on the subject and not just my own direct imposition or speculation about it.


For me a Druid is basically a wise person, whether male or female because at that time there were both although it is centered around the male figure. They had very advanced knowledge and passed on to them by other Druids from very remote times going as far back as Atlantis and the emigration from Atlantis to the Highlands of Ireland and Scotland.


Their knowledge was of medicine and herbalism, as well as of history, and also of very advanced concepts of metaphysics and of the connection between the so-called material world and the spirit world, in a similar or comparative way to the knowledge of the Shamans, or wise men, healers of Native American peoples, with whom they shared the same kind of information coming from the same initial ancestral source.


That is, mastery of herbalism and medicine and their connection with the mystical-spiritual-etheric world where they could access to ask favors to spirits, entities and disembodied people in order to carry out their purposes, which were mostly for the healing of a person.


The Druids knew that there is no physical world, that everything is etheric, and that everything is interconnected, that there is no clear barrier between the "spirit" world with the "material-physical" world, and that the causes of all diseases, and I mean all, is an imbalance by way of interference between one side and the other, the side of pure consciousness that generates the physical world projected mainly and primarily through the body called physical.


So they work with one foot on the spiritual side and the other on the physical side as a bridge, as Swaruu´s, we are bridges between the extraterrestrial and the human.


They can also be called Witches since Witchcraft itself is this, the interconnecting and using the characteristics of what is possible and achievable in one realm applied to the other.


As well as the colloquial interpretation or of normal people, in the sense that everything that is not explained, everything they do not know, they interpret it as magic, when in reality it is only either technology or pure knowledge. And knowing how to apply it.


This, it should be noted, is not without serious risks so I do not suggest in any way to try this "at home" as it involves forces that are not only unknown, but can be highly damaging.


Druids are also taken as keepers of information, records of all kinds, keepers of the "Great Logos" as defined which includes medicine, history, and technology as well as counts of all kinds.


Druids are also taken simply as wise people, guides, elders to talk to for advice.


And all of this above logically implies that they had a very strong connection to nature as they do not separate it from who they are, and who we all are. Knowing how to use its life force for their purposes, the properties of each of their plants (herbalism) and the strength of the spirits of the trees and the entire forest. Knowing how to connect and interact with other beings not entirely physical, the so-called elementals. Knowing how to invoke their characteristics for help, to realize their purposes.


The Druids are taken with a strongly positive connotation, to do good only, but the notation or name Warlock, Witch, can be applied to the same Druid only observing where he leans, towards good or evil, even considering that the notion of good and evil is relative.


The whole context of the Druids and the Celts has a strong inclination towards the English speaking world as it is logical. Where, it should be noted, that when they were positive, they were called Druids, and when not, they were called Sorcerers, which has a negative or regressive connotation. Being that they are basically the same. An example of this can be Gandalf as a Druid and Sauron as a Sorcerer.


Although it is difficult to say for sure, since the last Celtic Druids, either they just call themselves that and are not even a shadow of their former selves, or they are simply hiding from persecution even today. I would venture to say that the closest people to being true Druids with the knowledge of old, are not in the old world but live among Native American peoples.


Specifically, they are found in the Navajo Nation today. The Navajo whose correct name sounds something like Dine'Mike'Ya (phonetic), still retain Druid skills today. They are called Medicine Men, or Sages, or Priests or Witches. Associated with the real Skin-Walker phenomena of that region.


They are extremely secretive about who they pass this kind of information to and do not share it with other than an extremely exclusive group within their own Navajo Nation. This information I am giving you of the existence of Warlocks and Shamans there still with very detailed knowledge of all the Druidic arts is again sensitive and difficult to obtain, I am sharing Navajo secrets here.


They still retain the ways to connect with the spirit world, they can still ask them for help, and they also live with one foot on the physical side and one foot on the spiritual side.


People on Earth are strongly conditioned to believe only in the existence of what is physical matter according to them, (because even that is not real as they believe), so they are not aware of all that surrounds them and interferes with their daily lives.


These Navajo Shamans know what they do, they know their art, and they hide it from persecution. And their abilities are comparatively similar to the abilities of the Celtic Druids, because they also know how to alter reality itself, the perception and the conjunction-interference between both sides, physical and spiritual. Mastering skills such as transformation (shapeshifter) and teleportation. Among other abilities. This can be seen and observed in the extremely real legends and with solid evidence of the Skin Walkers and the Nahuales, further down in Latin America.


There is no material world, everything is spiritual world. It is only ideas that form the concept and properties you call the material world. But there are countless other worlds created with other kinds of ideas and therefore with other rules.


Robert: American Indians have this knowledge thanks to the Celtic Druids? What are "real Skin-Walker phenomena"? That is to say that no real Druid would boast of claiming to be a Druid?


Swaruu X (Athena): The American Indians or Shamans of the Native American Peoples have that knowledge from the same base branch or from the same base source as the Celts, but not thanks to the Celts. That is, at the same time both were nurtured, stimulated and created. This since the re-emergence of life on Earth just after the great flood. That is, for at least 12,000 years.


Robert: So our ideas on Earth, the "collective unconscious", makes us think that these are two worlds when they are one.


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, that's basically what it is, simplified, because the collective unconscious is the whole set of ideas that by social agreements form what is accepted as reality on Earth. But as I said above, they are just ideas. A framework of beliefs. Even your science is based on that same framework of ideas creating a self-sustaining mathematical world that does not reflect the external world.


The so-called spirit world is nothing more than the transfer of the same agreements and the same belief system framed by the collective unconscious, to the non-material world through the people who have passed away, the disincarnated, because when they die they take their belief systems and their perceptions, prejudices and expectations, to the "other side", creating in the so-called etheric world, a crude and caricatured reflection of the same material world in which they were in life.


What happens here is that people with strong attachments to the material, to their ideas of what the material world is, are the ones who stay and do not transcend to other higher planes, that is, they do not reincarnate on other planets or return to the Source. They are the so-called "lost souls" who are wandering as entities and spirits between their world and the so-called material world.


This kind of "lost" souls still hold EGO and idea of "I", of feeling "somebody", therefore they still manifest a "body" perceptible to them and to "the others" among them who, by having the same perception or existential frequency, share a new collective unconscious but on the etheric or spiritual side.


As these people have not transcended, they have attachments to strongly self-destructive, or material ideas, with everything that goes hand in hand with that. Their values, not very positive, and twisted deformations of their concepts of reality, form with this a caricatured reflection of what the world itself was when they were alive. That is to say that the same material world, same streets and buildings, can be seen or manifested for them in their mind in that non-physical side, but as their minds, and their concepts and values are not very positive, this will also be reflected in that world, thus creating a gloomy version of the physical reality as it is known on the side of the living. Same streets and buildings, but all gloomy, decadent and with problems, because they also form clans and groups or gangs there.


But it is only a reflection of themselves, because they are concordant with that frequency and because they do not know how to live or exist in any other way as a direct consequence of the disinformation that the Cabal-Illuminati has imposed on the population.


Robert: But are they aware of the "copy" of the world they were in and where they are now?


Swaruu X (Athena): It depends on each individual spirit. Many do know it and stay there, because that is where they live and that is who they are and that is what they choose to be. Others do not know it, they have not realized that they are "dead", this for various reasons, such as the extreme rapidness with which they died or the general characteristics surrounding their death.


Robert: Are they trying to connect from the astral with this 3D world? To continue with their evil plans?


Swaruu X (Athena): Those who know yes, do so by interfering strongly with the material world, by way of interference and entity infestation in the bodies of the living who allow themselves to be manipulated from there, again by frequency concordance.


So it is very important to say that the result of everything that happens in the physical world, what happens day by day, is not only the result of the actions of the living and their collective unconscious, but it is inter-connected and intertwined with the world of the "dead" on the ether side, their agendas and their own collective unconscious.


To complicate things further, both worlds also have strong interference with other worlds, with the so-called extraterrestrials, their material lives, their own collective unconscious, which all mixes into the material world of human civilization, and outside as well, in a huge soup of interferences.


And to make it all even more complicated, to this must be added the direct interference of other so-called timelines that are not isolated from each other in particular, interfering with each other with strong influence.


And all this above is my explanation of why the Merlin and King Arthur topic is a bit difficult to clarify with precision.




Exopolitics - "Space News" for JeanClaude´s Show - Conversation with Aneeka of Temmer


Question: from JC for the show: Do you have updates you want to share or any topics you want to revisit from your show to share to a new audience? If not, I propose a general war reporting update. Talk about ongoing operations, from Mars to Moon, to orbit, to surface etc. What is the state of affairs? Clearing of DUMB´s? Removal of negative races? Removal of bad technologies? Any holdouts? Anything we surface humans can do to help the fight etc?


Anéeka: Ok, so he wants space news. The problem is that he is being influenced by people who talk about space wars. And there isn't much information to mention with regards to that! What we see from here isn't much with regards to space wars.


We do see a lot of policing, by Alfratans and Antarians, against ships that are said to be regressive, but this is not new. Also a lot of Karistus ships on atmospheric flight operations. Mainly patrolling against Reptilian and Maitre operations, presence, they are not allowed to fly atmosphere but they do anyway, so it is an eternal cat and mouse lethal game.


And yes, sometimes they do shoot down regressive spacecrafts. As happened some days ago over the skies of Washington state witnessed by thousands, that was no meteor, it was a ship breaking up in the atmosphere.


But the reason we hardly talk about this sort of things with you and with Robert is because we do see them as hardly transcendental. That has been going on for decades at least, with no effect on anything.


Gosia: What about those famous DUMB clearings? And what is the Federation up to?


Anéeka: There is a lot of talk about them and have been for many years now, at least from the early 2000´s and more recently of course. But in reality from where we stand we see no evidence of that.


Federation is up to nothing. It's just there, sitting, monitoring. Again, this leads to the idea other people who talk to "ETs" are always saying, that help is around the corner and that the Federation is clearing everything up to liberate humanity. We don't see any of that. Not even with them occasionally shooting down a Draco ship.


We see and understand the Federation to be so powerful here that they eliminate whatever is going against what they plan. Including those Reptilian and Maitre ships, but it does not mean that they are working to save or "liberate" humanity.


Just means they are maintaining what they want so the people of Earth don't see more than what they need to see. So shooting down those ships, or even clearing out those DUMB´s, if that even happens, is just maintaining the Matrix. Nothing more. Same as always, another day at the office, that's all.


We still insist that the Federation will not come to rescue humanity as they would want them to. They would have done so already. They never have rescued humanity from the horrors they themselves brought upon themselves, as the Federation sees this. So no, they cannot stop what is coming to humanity and that is dark times.


With so many people vaccinated, the "Plandemic" and its consequences simply must run its course, simply must happen now, for better or worse. There is no going back with the effects of the vaccines. It will happen and that's that!


But the people who remain fighting must continue to do so. And even though things look grim and dark, and horrible, they must keep the spirit up and simply weather out the storm and be very strong in mind and spirit. They must know that they will see a lot of death and destruction, but it is possible to live past this. So the people who are strong enough to survive the horrors do have a fighting chance to survive.


Remember that the Illuminati, one level of this, always back down from their agendas when people say a firm NO. The problem is that now, here, this is not being controlled by the Illuminati themselves, but by much deeper levels of this control system over Earth. This has been orchestrated from non-human ET levels, using the Reptilian level, and the Maitre level of things, as part of this sick game, or agenda. This is above Reptilians. It's Federation.


Gosia: Do THOSE care about the NO?


Anéeka: They do and they must by space law. As we've mentioned before, the Federation is permissive, but both ways, that means that it would be permissive to the ones who say no and that can form a society of their own or develop strategies to fight this tyranny.


But as I see things, being that permissive both ways, is the equivalent of not only criminal negligence, but also of just about not even existing for humans by any practical terms.


But I will insist in this clearly: Federation forces appearing to save humans will not happen as such. The humans must fight this on their own. With little to no help.


Gosia: Quick clarification please. But you said Federation was just sitting there monitoring? Are they permissive or orchestrating?


Anéeka: Seeing this as an onion. To one level they orchestrate, from another they are simply permissive. Life as such is not only what the humans can see from Earth, but also the influence they receive from deeper levels of the same "game".


Gosia: Are you saying this to mean that one level of the Federation orchestrates this and another only monitors? Which level would that be that orchestrates it?


Anéeka: There is one level of reality, of things, the human perception level, then there is a deeper level where it's all run by Secret Societies, then a deeper one that is led by regressive Reptilian and Grey non-human races and yet a deeper level that is Secret Societies that run those races and then their associations with Federation levels, also placed or structured as an onion, an one level does not necessarily know what the other is doing, in compartmentalized way.


We believe it's been orchestrated from the level where Secret Societies run by humans, the deepest human level meets the Secret Societies that control the Reptilian and Maitre levels. But very possibly this may run deeper.


Gosia: Well but that´s not Federation, no?


Anéeka: They do coordinate with, but we cannot know for sure how much or how.


We suspect they communicate directly to at least Saturn Federation levels, jumping local Viera Federation level, because we know the representatives in Viera well and we do believe them, they are not making or causing or orchestrating any of what is going on, on Earth. I must insist that the local Federation authorities here are horrorised and frightened with what is going on, and do not consent, but they also have their hands tied up.


Gosia: Tied up by what?


Anéeka: By their own limitations because of space law and rules that even we abide by.


We, Taygetans, cannot help in more direct ways, like direct military action or even lighter things, because we would become the aggressors and the space invaders to Earth! Same for the rest of the Federation here.


Gosia: No, you would be counteracting the space invaders who are already being aggressors. Maitre and all those with their non-human tech.


Anéeka: We can and do argue that, but then it's a question of perspective and legal matters, making all this a nightmare. A lot of bureaucracy exists in the Federation.


So the point here is that we are quite sure this is being orchestrated by deep human and non-human levels of beings on Earth. Who is helping them from the outside? We do not know, but we are also quite sure they are getting help form Federation levels above local.


Gosia: Ok. Anything going on Mars?


Anéeka: Nothing new there.


Gosia: Any bases on the Moon being set up or set up?


Anéeka: No, but that may be distorted information, because the moon as a base as a space station of artificial origin has been receiving a lot of traffic to and from. All Federation authorized.


Gosia: Traffic? You mean before or recently? Traffic to do what?


Anéeka: For years, but I can say in the last year or so, there has been a lot of activity there. I mean it's logical as it can be a useful place if you can restore some areas.


Gosia: Why so?


Anéeka: As a place to install equipment, or to house operations from. Not minery.


But not from SSP. Or only if in coordination with Federation forces, and I doubt it's SSP. SSP has more activity around Mars. And who is running SSP? The same deep levels where the human blends with the Reptilian. It's mixed Cabal-human, with Cabal Reptilian.


Gosia: I still don´t know how they are allowed there, how they are not being kicked out of there, Mars, if humans or Reptiles are not allowed out of Earth. I mean, Alfratans (Centauri) shoot at Reptilian ships in the Earth atmosphere but there they have the whole one third of the planet suddenly?


Anéeka: This is why we know they are not acting alone, precisely because of this. This is why we know they are receiving help from Federation levels above Viera-local, because they are transiting with spacecraft in Federation space freely but far from Earth. This means Federation is with them to some level or another.


So why are those SSP allowed? Because they are under Federation control, that's the truth. We from here, do not hold all the answers. But we know that this means we have a shady Federation level and even Local Viera level accepts this.



20211121-Taygeta- Were-Akhenaten-and-Nefertiti-Aliens  



In this video we share our research about the pharaoh Akhenaten and his wife Nefertiti, his reign and the Amarnian period in Egypt, complemented with the extraterrestrial information from Taygeta.



Hello everyone, welcome to Pleiadian Knowledge, I'm Estel·la. In this video we are going to first present our research on Pharaoh Akhenaten, and his wife Nefertiti, from ancient Egypt, with the data found here on Earth about them. To try to understand who these people were, what evidence they have left in our history about their origin and what impact they have caused to this day in our society. And then, at the end of the video, we will share the information pertaining to Anéeka of Temmer, of the Taygetean race in the Pleiades, about what the civilization of Egypt was like at that time, and who these two characters really were.


To begin with, situating ourselves a bit, the history of Egypt according to our official history begins around 5,300 BC in the predynastic period, in the Late Neolithic and corresponding to the Stone Age. Then ancient Pharaonic Egypt dates back to 3,015 BC, and developed for more than 3,500 years. And it is terminated in the year 31 BC, when the Roman Empire conquered and absorbed Ptolemic Egypt. Its social structure is described as pyramidal, with the pharaoh with absolute power, and descending towards the priests, scribes, soldiers, merchants, peasants and finally slaves. The Egyptians stood out for being polytheists, worshiping different gods and goddesses. Even so, in each region they had a main god who they worshiped and the others were worshiped secondarily.



Starting with Akhenaten, Amenhotep IV was the 10th pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Egypt. His reign is dated around 1353-1336 BC. He is a character that stands out in history since he started the monotheism movement. His reign as Amenhotep IV lasted five years, during which time he followed the policies of his father Amenhotep III and the religious traditions of Egypt. However, in the fifth year (other experts say the ninth) he underwent a profound religious transformation, shifting his devotion from the cult of Amun to the cult of Aton, a god represented as a solar disk. And he also changed his name from Amenhotep IV to Akhenaten. And for the next 12 years he became famous as the "heretic king" who abolished the traditional religious rites of Egypt and instituted the world's first known monotheistic state religion.



His religious reforms in practice reduced the power of the priests of other gods very present at that time, such as Amun, and 2,000 other deities, and placed it in his hands. He also moved the Egyptian capital from the traditional enclave at Thebes to the city he founded, Akhetaton, later to be called Amarna, to further distance his rule from that of his predecessors. This is known as the Amarnian period (1353-1336 BC). This period is the most controversial time in Egyptian history, and it has been studied, debated, and written about far more than any other. And it is that the polytheism of the ancient Egyptians promoted a vision of the world in which peace and balance were emphasized. Historian Barbara Watterson explains: “By the ninth year of his reign, Akhenaten had outlawed all the ancient gods of Egypt and ordered the closure of their temples; something very serious, since these institutions had an important role in the economic and social life of the country. Religious persecution was something new to the Egyptians, who had always worshiped many deities and were always ready to add even more to the pantheon. However, Atonism was a very exclusive religion, confined to the royal family, with the king as the only mediator between man and God. "


To understand what the prohibition of the other deities meant for the Egyptians, it must be remembered that for them, the gods were omnipresent beings in daily life in the country of the Nile: they were not only at the base of spirituality, but also permeated any element of practical existence, including medicine and science. So with this radical change, Akhenaten created not a few but many enemies among the people and some sectors of the Theban nobility and clergy. Akhenaten also highlighted being the first ruler to decree a statuary and a temple in honor of his wife, Nefertiti, instead of just himself, or the gods. But we will continue with Nefertiti later. It is said that in the seventeenth year of his reign, Akhenaten died at a likely age between 30 and 36, but the truth is that virtually nothing is known of Akhenaten's final years.


The investigations carried out by the British Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves, confirm that Akhenaten was almost certainly buried in the tomb that he had himself built in the Tell-al-Amarna necropolis. But his body, nonetheless, was never found. Reeves, like many other researchers, does not rule out that he was murdered.


Some historians estimate that the mummy in tomb KV55 belongs to Akhenaten, since it corresponds to a male of about 35 years; It is of the same blood group as Tutankhamun, supposed son of the pharaoh and has a skull proportionally larger than the body. But to this day, it still remains a mystery and there is no sufficiently conclusive data on the matter.



Due to the great changes that Akhenaten made trying to completely suppress the polytheism that ruled Egypt, and establishing a single God or religion as valid, there are several people who have related him to Moses, claiming that they were the same person. One of the first to approach that conclusion was Sigmund Freud, one of the greatest intellectual figures of the twentieth century, who due to the striking similarities between Akhenaten's religious vision and the teachings of Moses, in his latest book Moses and Monotheism, published in 1939, Freud argued that the biblical Moses was an official of Akhenaten's court and an adherent of the Aten religion. After Akhenaten's death, according to Freud's theory, Moses selected the Israelite tribe living east of the Nile Delta as his chosen people, brought them out of Egypt at the time of the Exodus, and passed on to them the principles of the religion of Akhenaten.


On the other hand, we have the Egyptian Ahmed Osman, born in Cairo in 1934 and author of several books, including Christianity: an ancient Egyptian religion and Moses and Akhenaten. Using recent archaeological discoveries and historical documents, Osman claims that Moses of the Bible is none other than King Akhenaten. And he explains to us that both the Hebrew Bible and the Koran mention that Moses was born in Egypt and was raised in the royal palace of Pharaoh, and then Osman details the events of the life of Moses / Akhenaten: how he was raised by Israelite relatives, ruled Egypt for seventeen years, enraged many of his subjects by replacing the traditional Egyptian pantheon with the worship of Aten, and was forced to abdicate the throne. Retreating into exile in Sinai with his Egyptian and Israelite supporters, he died out of sight of his followers, presumably at the hands of Seti I, son of Ramses I, after a failed attempt to regain his throne.


Osman reveals the Egyptian components in the monotheism preached by Moses, as well as his use of the expression of Egyptian religion and royalty. But also the Egyptologist Ramy Romany, says: “Many historians believe that Akhenaten moved the capital to Amarna to undermine the priests of Thebes. But others insist Akhenaten was forced into exile and fled north with the Egyptian army in pursuit. They believed this was a punishment for imposing monotheism,” continues Ramy. "If this version is correct, it closely resembles the biblical account of Moses leading his people to the Exodus." And analyzing the hieroglyphs in Akhenaten's tomb, he finds scenes of the pharaoh holding two tablets towards the sky, inscribed with a phrase: "the word of god." Description that is parallel to the story of Moses, who according to Judaism, himself received two stone tablets (inscribed by God) with the ten commandments.




Now, leaving aside all the political and religious revolution that Akhenaten caused, we are going to focus on other very curious facts about him, such as his strange appearance. And it is that Akhenaten looks different from all the pharaohs that have been detected so far. He had large, very elongated eyes, a bulging belly, deformed breasts (to the point of making historians doubt his sex), very long and thin arms, but most surprisingly, a suspiciously elongated skull.



But not only he, but his entire royal family is portrayed in the same way, with elongated necks and arms and legs. Some researchers focused on different unique medical abnormalities to explain their appearances. Among these abnormalities are the rare Frohlich syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, or Marfan syndrome. But the truth is that experts do not agree on which of these affected them, in addition to the fact that it would have to affect the entire royal family. From the other side, it has been wanted to reach the conclusion that it is most likely that the pharaoh's religious beliefs were the ones that influenced the art of the moment to portray them in that way. Therefore, his representations would be showing Akhenaten and Nefertiti as those who had been transformed into a divine existence through their devotion to Aten, to such an extent that their faith is seen even in their daughters.



But there is also another possible answer to this, and it is that many people believe that Akhenaten was not human, but that he belonged to an extraterrestrial race, or a hybridization. And the study conducted by Stuart Fleischmann, assistant professor of comparative genomics at the University of Cairo, is very interesting. In 2015 he and his team published the result of a 7-year study, where they mapped the genomes of nine ancient Egyptian pharaohs. Eight samples were completely normal and the ninth that belonged to Akhenaten was quite unusual. Fleischmann and his team put the ancient DNA samples through a process called polymerase chain reaction (PCR). In the field of molecular biology, this technique is often used to replicate and amplify a single copy of a DNA fragment, giving researchers a clear picture of a person's genetic fingerprint. In Akhenaten's case, a small piece of desiccated brain tissue had been the source of the DNA sample and the test was repeated using bone tissue, obtaining the same results. They found a gene called CXPAC-5, responsible for the growth of the cortex. It seems that this increased activity in Akhenaten's genome would suggest that he had a greater cranial capacity due to the need to house a larger cortex. The section on the right shows the prevalence of the CXPAC5 gene in a normal human. On the left we have Akhenaten's DNA sample.



The image below shows two microscope photographs of bone tissue taken from Akhenaten's skull and that of a different mummy of the same age.



The bone tissue on the left is much denser and fundamentally different on a nanoscopic scale. Could this increased strength of the skull bones be an indicator of greater brain development? Results of analysis of bone tissue taken from Akhenaten's skull showed that his skull bones are much denser and fundamentally different from other mummies of the same age and period. Furthermore, Akhenaten's skull and skeleton are twice as dense and durable as those of modern humans.

This study, despite its potentially huge impact on the scientific community, never made it to the mainstream media. So far everything related to the pharaoh Akhenaten according to the different studies and terrestrial investigations, and now we are going to explain a little about Nefertiti, who is also surrounded by mysteries.



Nefertiti (c.1370 - c.1336 BC) was the wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten of the 18th dynasty of Egypt. Her name means "the beautiful one has come", and, thanks to the famous bust created by the sculptor Tutmose (discovered in 1912), she is the most easily recognizable queen of ancient Egypt. Her parents are unknown, since although it seems that Nefertiti was the daughter of Ay, this statement is far from being confirmed. The inscriptions refer to Ay's wife, Tiye (or Tey), as Nefertiti's nurse, not her mother, and in fact, we do not even know her nationality or true name, since Nefertiti's was acquired when she became Queen.



At fifteen she was already married to Amenhotep IV and, after the death of Amenhotep III, she became queen of Egypt. Some experts claim that it was at this stage that he exerted the greatest influence on Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten) to abandon the ancient religion of Egypt and initiate his religious reforms. Nefertiti ruled with Akhenaten until his death, after which he disappears from the historical record.


Historian Peter B. Heller notes: “The amazing thing about Nefertiti's life and work is that, despite the fact that her appearance (derived from the bust of Tutmose) is one of the best known and most reproduced in the world, and although she lived in a time when Egypt was the most cultured and powerful nation on Earth, surprisingly little is known about it."


Surviving images show her equal in size to Akhenaten, so Nefertiti must have had more power than any other woman in Egypt since the time of Hatshepsut (1479-1458 BC). Given the position of her image on her husband's sarcophagus, she came to be known as the incarnation of Isis and all her magical and sexual prowess. With this label came the belief that Nefertiti participated in the daily rebirth of the cosmos. There could not be a more dominant position in Egypt or on Earth. The couple had six daughters: Meritatón, Meketatón, Ankesenpaatón, Neferneferuatón-Tasherit and Setepenra, but no son.




Around the 14th year of the reign of Akhenaten and Nefertiti, their daughter Meketaton died giving birth at the age of 13. Soon after, Nefertiti disappears from the historical record. Many theories have been offered to explain this abrupt disappearance, and among them are the following:

1. She lost her husband's favor because she could not produce a male heir so she was replaced by Kiya. 2. He abandoned the religion of Aten and Akhenaten banished it.

3. He committed suicide due to the pain of the loss of his daughter.

4. He continued to rule under the name Smenkhkare until his stepson, Tutankhamun, was old enough to assume the throne.


Of all these theories, none has been corroborated except the fourth, and even that is uncertain according to many experts. So to this day his mummy has not been found, nor is it known what happened to Nefertiti. Erik Von Däniken, Swiss author of several books with claims about extraterrestrial influences on early human culture, says: “Nefertiti's parents are unknown. In representations, she is shown with one of these elongated heads. Now, we know the gods, the ancient Egyptian gods, they had longer heads than we do. And according to the pyramid texts, sometimes she and Akhenaten left Earth and then came back again. So maybe Nefertiti's parents were aliens."


And the Egyptian hieroglyphs of that time illustrate that Nefertiti and Akhenaten had unique relationships with the solar disk that they proclaimed as the only God. According to a variety of these pyramid source texts, the royal couple appears to have left Earth for periods of time. There are similar texts that show his many returns to Earth.


Here we finish with our investigations on Akhenaten and Nefertiti, which, as you yourself may have seen, contain many curiosities and of course, many of their data have been hidden from the population. It should also be noted that according to our official history, after Akhenaten's death, the consequent pharaohs who ascended to the throne, not only returned Egypt to its polytheistic practices and philosophies of life, but also tried to destroy all documents related to Akhenaten. , his reign and the changes he had made. In an attempt to erase it from history, from the records, as if it had never existed.


As you know, we work with the information provided by the Taygetean extraterrestrial race, and we try to complement it with these investigations in order to have more data available and a better understanding of the facts. Even taking into account that all the information that is available on Earth, that is to say, disinformation, to avoid the awakening of the population and the knowledge of the truth. As for example


Swaruú of Erra shared: “The case of the antiquities administrator of the Cairo museum," Hawas "(Zahi Hawass), is on the list of people to be arrested for crimes against humanity by the Federation. For not letting go and for controlling what is in Egypt. The official story is rubbish. "


Anéeka of Temmer explained to us in the conversation that we have shared in the video: “The creation of the cabal," which if you have not seen it yet, I recommend it to you to understand all this better, than the creation of the terrestrial cabal that oppresses us and controls today, originated in Egypt with the appearance of Akhenaten and Nefertiti, by imposing a totalitarian monotheism. And Aneeka said: "Akhenaten belonged to the extraterrestrial race Homo Capensis, originating from the star Asterope in the Pleiades, also known here on Earth as Elohi. This race are "distant relatives" of the Lyrians, they have a much larger skull than the human but not a greater brain density. They do have a unified brain, that is, a single mass, but a lot of corpus callosum and little density, so that the bone plates of the skull differ from the human one. They also contain more cranioencephalic fluid and brain support fibers, which are the structures that hold the brain in place, making it shock resistant, with a more protective version of the skull."



Estel·la: Regarding the Homo Capensis, Yázhi also explained to us that: Formerly on Earth there were two main populations of Homo Capensis, one concentrated in Peru and the other in Egypt, being the same species. Although they were also found elsewhere, such as in the Carpathian mountains. Regarding Nefertiti, we know that she was also an extraterrestrial but for now we do not have the data on what race she belonged to.


Anéeka explained to us about Egypt that: At that time, Egypt was a starport for the different races of the Federation of United Planets, so there was a wide variety of beliefs and tolerances that went against the monotheism they were trying to impose. Then a great revolt was created in Egypt that ended up expelling Nefertiti and Akhenaten, then creating the biblical story of the Exodus, and that is that Moses and Akhenaten were the same person. The name Akhenaten means Golden Eye, Solar Worship.


The Egyptian people were survivors of the Tiamat disaster and it was because of the arrival of the Federation races, and those of M45, Elohi, Engan, Solatians, Hideans and Taygeteans, that Pre[1]Dynastic Egypt arose. Where Egypt flourished fully and at a higher level than today's society. With Zero Point energy, Medical Pods, sound healing. There was peace and prosperity, no slaves. Egypt back then was the most advanced place or civilization on Earth. Based on the Federation under Giza since 12,500 BC.


The Egyptians as a people were used to living among what they knew as "Gods", and they did not allow themselves to be manipulated, that was the problem, the Egyptian people wanted to continue with their polytheistic religion and Nefertiti / Ahkenaten imposed a monotheistic worship on them, for that was expelled.


And it is that, at that time Egypt was not a religion in the modern sense, where it is something with strict rules. In itself, I use the term religion freely as a definition. Because their polytheistic gods were nothing more than a number of races of the Federation to whom they gave a Thanksgiving, for teaching them agriculture, Astronomy, Mathematics ...


It is taken the wrong way today because it was not "Cult", it was not Religion. But modern archeology only gives its interpretations where an Egyptian god was something non-existent, not a real person, as they really were.


It was from the arrival of Ahkenaten and Nefertiti that everything began to deteriorate. When they are expelled from Egypt, Nefertiti and Ahkenaten with their followers (12 tribes of Israel-Egypt), they go to various places in the world, including Ireland, Scotland and Wales, France, Catalonia, Galilee, Malta, Greece and Italy. In Italy it is where they mix with the Etruscans, who all descend to the creation or foundation of the Roman Empire ... which as we know is the Pope, the Vatican and the Cabal. In addition, Yázhi Swaruú explained to us that Egypt is much older than historians believe, older even than Sumeria and Babylon.


Estel·la.- And with this, we are going to end this video. We hope that it has helped you to better understand our past, our history, and above all, the origin of the oppressive government under which we find ourselves today. Thank you very much for being, seeing and listening and we will continue to see each other in the following videos.


* * *




Soulmates - Do they Exist? Chat with Swaruu of Erra (Taygeta, Pleiades)


Swaruu: Shall we start with a question?


Gosia: Yes. What does a soul mate really mean? And what is the difference between a soul mate and a twin flame?


Swaruu: I don't know the difference if there is any. In general I tend to see them as the same thing. Also the term "your other half". It is said that man and woman are only complete as a person when they are together. And I mean when they are compatible.


Gosia: They say soul mate can be someone like your mother, cousin, friend, even your dog. And soul twin just romantic association, I think.


Swaruu: On the higher planes, there is no duality anymore or it is very faint. So people, souls, are already very expanded incorporating and integrating the feminine and masculine aspects. In those higher planes, one is neither male nor female. Integrating both parts into a whole. With total acceptance and without resistance to either aspect. To the extent that they no longer distinguish which aspects or qualities are of which gender. Everything is united, everything is integrated as a unit.


It is only by experience in lower planes, such as 5D, 4D, or 3D, where according to beliefs and agreements, these qualities are taken as feminine or masculine. While these are only agreements, yes, they are often based on true capabilities where one gender is better than the other in some aspect.


From the point of view of experience, they are two souls that have been together for many incarnations. They are reborn and seek each other out again and again, because they only work well together, with no one else. Not only do they already know each other. From a higher density point of view, they are the same soul, same person, just expressing themselves in different ways on lower existential planes.


They have individuality, but not always. Sometimes it may be simply because in lower densities, because of the very frequencies of each soul, you are compatible with falling into one gender and not the other. Even so the particularities of the united or total soul are preserved but in both members of the couple.


It should also be emphasized that they do not always find each other. It is easier if you remember who you are or where you last met or found each other.


When a couple loves each other so much that they already know each other perfectly and this is repeated over and over again, even if they do not initially come from the same soul, and this would be impossible to prove anyway, their desire to be together is such that once the barrier of physical bodies is removed, as souls, as signals from Source, they are so similar that they become one and the same. One and the same signal. When two people come to really love each other and live together for a long time, all the more so if it is for more than one incarnation... the frequencies equalize.


Just as when twins are formed creating a distinct fragment or fragments of the same soul... this is the opposite effect. Two souls merge to become one. Ultimately that is what love is. To include something or someone as part of you


Gosia: How many are there, for example on Earth, in one timeline of each person? How many split soul mates?


Swaruu: I cannot know that, but I know they are countless. There are many of the same (soul mates). They may have different names. The name is only a temporary thing, it is not the soul, mostly on Earth. Here the name is more linked to the soul. I cannot be called anything other than Swaruu.


Gosia: Thank you. One thing I didn't understand. You said: "When a couple loves each other so much that they already know each other perfectly and this is repeated over and over again, even if they don't initially come from the same soul..." Here you are talking about people who are NOT soul mates then?


Swaruu: They are. It´s just that... it is something outside of "time" as such. There is no "something that was before something else". Only as long as they are in 3D. If they are together and they are that compatible, then they are soul mates. From the point of view of Source, there is no time as such for a soul or for two souls.


Gosia: So at the same time that they are here, they are together already on the other side.


Swaruu: Yes, necessarily so.


Robert: My question is: how to identify them?


Swaruu: Without spectroscopes and other gadgets that tend not to be very accurate... it's something you just know. This is perhaps best understood by women. You can't check and you can't prove scientifically when you're in love, whether you are or not. You just know. Same here. You just know you are, you both know it, but there is no technology to know that.


Robert: What does it feel like when soul mates meet?


Swaruu: You won't necessarily know it the moment you meet a person. It can be masked behind a "persona", a social mask. And only with the daily dealings, you will be able to realize it.


It also happens that, although on the other side they are soul mates, in 3D both are full of hindrances and things that drag you down, 3D things, that do not allow both souls to identify themselves immediately.


In this case it can also be seen as that from the 3D side or point of view, there are no soul mates already predestined, but there is only a tendency of two souls, two people, to want to work together to be compatible. It is not that they are, but that both sides are sincerely willing to change aspects of themselves to be compatible with the other person for the good of both.


If only one side changes or only one side is willing, then the couple is destined to fail. Both equally and intensely or not at all.


Gosia: And in Taygeta also the women understand it better? How are Taygetan men about finding their soul mate? Do they care about finding them?


Swaruu: In Taygeta it is more balanced because love issues are of great importance for men, much more than on Earth. But the terrestrial man is not cold, he is just conditioned to appear so. And inside they love sincerely and totally. They are vulnerable to women who often take advantage of this masculine quality. To love unconditionally, cleanly.


Gosia: How do they take advantage? On Earth, you mean?


Swaruu: By making them fall in love with them when they only want their wallet, for example. I am talking about Earth.


Robert: What happens if soul mates do not meet or reunite?


Swaruu: It may be that they did not meet by agreement, for that incarnation. Or because something went wrong. They will look for each other again in the next one. From the more expanded point of view, they have never separated because they are the same. Nothing happens. They go on as different souls. Though always connected. But in the end that's the way it is with everybody anyway.


Gosia: Is it true then that there is a person, like your soul mate, destined just for you in this way? Although you can love many people. Or this larger soul above... can it "split" into many people at once?


Swaruu: It can be seen this way, yes, it is true. However, you can also create soul mates. As I said, with the willingness to fit into one another equally.


So from that other point of view, it´s not that there are soul mates but that there are people whose interests are compatible with each other because they are looking for the same thing from a partner. They are like diamonds in the rough for each other. They have to change to fit each other.


Gosia: Yes, but these people will not be soul mates? Only people compatible by interests?


Swaruu: Even if they are not, (which I insist that if they are together and into the same, they are), they are compatible by interests and so together they form a soul mate.


Gosia: But here I don't understand something. Being compatible by interests is not the same as being a soul mate. With Robert we have many interests, but we are not soul mates. And I was in "love" with guys with whom we didn't have many interests in common but there was some connection. NONE of them I see as soul mates. One is a friend with common interests like Robert, another was some connection but not a soul mate type.


Swaruu: Because they were not compatible enough. It lacked that "mysterious" etheric element of having met before, destined or predestined to be a couple.


Gosia: Exactly. So it's this frequency compatibility, knowing each other before AND common interests, right? And can a soul mate be a soul mate WITHOUT common interests? Especially here in 3D it can happen, can't it?


Swaruu: But what are interests if not an expression of the same soul? Then they would not be soul mates. Although some interests may vary, it is normal.


Robert: Do soul mates have some mission?


Swaruu: Yes, as a life mission, either for the good of those around them or just for mutual or self-spiritual advancement or both.


Gosia: Is it possible that you are in 3D and your soul mate is in 5D, and the other way around? A lot of people ask me that.


Swaruu: Yes, especially if one passes away or doesn't make it to get in. It happens all the time. Still, it should not be used as an excuse not to look for a true partner in the same density where you live.


Robert: Can we forget our soulmates by not finding them, or can we reject our soul mate?


Swaruu: Reject yes Robert, but what for? You can only forget as you forget yourself and yes, it happens.


Robert: We all have a soul mate?


Swaruu: We all have a soul mate. It is another kind of mirror of higher densities. The basis of re-integration of souls to Source. The way forward. Unconditional romantic love sets the direction.


Gosia: And it is always woman with man? Can your soul mate be incarnated now in the same gender? I don't mean in the biological context. I am talking about soul level. Since there is no time from the Source.


Swaruu: In that case you are talking about soul families. Very similar to each other. There is love, but it is not romantic sexual.


Note that there is only romantic sexual love in the lower densities where there is a lot of separation by definition. In the higher densities everything tends to integration.


Gosia: And what is the difference between soul family and soul mate?


Swaruu: Soul family, the most important is that they are many. But then higher up, they are all fragments of the same soul which in turn is also a fragment of another one which in turn...


The difference is the closeness with a soul. As part of the same. As isolated souls having a physical experience within a body with a defined gender... one longs for integration because one feels that an important side of oneself is missing. Qualities that one remembers having and now no longer have.


You recognize yourself as "family" and on the other hand you recognize your soul mate as "I", part of yourself.


Gosia: It is difficult to differentiate family and soul mate if both are fragments of the same. If the two are really ONE and the same. But I understand it well from an example you gave once... that soul family is like playing in the same orchestra, and soul mate would be the two of you playing the violins, close, inside that orchestra.


Swaruu: Yes. It's the closeness. One you see as "sister", the other you see as part of yourself, belonging to you. You don't take your sister home every day, but your soul mate, yes. It is not something precise, but the subject is not precise.


Gosia: Yes, I think I understand. Is it possible, since there are soul loops, that once you are your soul mate and then he/she is you? I think you said something like that before. That they rotate. And that's why mutual recognition also increases.


Swaruu: Yes, they rotate, mostly in 3D where you forget more. Not in 5D. You take a preference for a gender. For example, I don't imagine myself as a man, not even as a joke. It's not out of contempt for men, on the contrary. I'm just... not that.


Gosia: So, these loops mostly exist in 3D. You become your partner, and your partner becomes you?


Swaruu: Yes, they usually rotate.


Gosia: And is it possible that, when you find your soul mate, the personality differences are so big that it is impossible to stay together? I imagine this happens in 3D more.


Swaruu: I feel that in this case it wasn't a soul mate in the first place.


Robert: And is it possible that this 3D prevents many soul mates from coming together?


Swaruu: Yes, I think the 3D makes it even more difficult for them to find each other. Also because of so many masks’ people wear all the time there. But that's part of the challenge.


Gosia: Ok. And they don't get bored of being together, soul mates, while they are as a couple? I think maybe that's why they decide not to meet in some incarnation? To have the contrast maybe?


Swaruu: If they bore you, it's not your soul mate. Do you get bored of yourself?


Gosia: Haha, never honestly.


Swaruu: Same here. It's not like another person. It's the same. That's how it feels.


Robert: Here on Earth, I haven't found my soul mate...


Gosia: I don't think I ever felt it in this life. Neither have I.


Swaruu: I just don't feel that you just find each other and that´s it. Rather, you find the person who wants to become your soul mate. From the 3D point of view of course.


Gosia: I don't understand this, Swaruu.


Swaruu: In 3D there are so many obstacles and people wear so many masks that it is very difficult to find soul mates. So, it's also feasible or it's okay to see this as you find a person who is interested in the same thing as you, and you both make an effort to mold with each other, to create each other to be soul mates.


Gosia: And animals have soul mates?


Swaruu: I don't know... they don't operate in the same way. But I don't discredit it.


Another day:

Gosia: You said that everyone has a soul mate, which is like a fragment of you with whom you have spent more time within a larger soup of soul family. But it could be that you spent equal time with TWO fragments in your life... so you will have two equally important soul mates? Or three or whatever?


Swaruu: Within a soul family, yes it can be that you may have had loving relationships in life with more than one of them. But this usually from less evolved angles or points of view, since higher up one has the tendency to only be, or only have, one special partner. You do not get bored because it is like getting bored with oneself, that is not a problem (I am talking about soul mates and true love, not about wanting to have the experience of several partners in life).


There is a tendency to unify by moving forward. To return to the Source. All other "couples", plural, past experiences, are unified into one that encompasses them all. From many fragments they become less and less until the Source is reached.


Gosia: Oh wow, you touched me here... this very thing came to me last night when I was "imagining" my partner. I felt as if he was all my previous partners rolled into one... and even more!


Robert: So the Source is all love? And integration?


Swaruu: Yes, it is. Although it is more integration than love. Integration, unity.


Gosia: Is it possible that your soul mate is trapped in 4D astral? And then what? I mean when they come out of 3D for example.


Swaruu: I have never thought about that. But my first reaction is that you would automatically get them out of there, because they are looking for you. What you are looking for is looking for you, because they are the same. I don't see it possible. You rescue them from there. With your love, with your intention. With your presence. With your light as a beacon in the darkness of the night.


Gosia: Ok. I have this question: is it important to seek and find your soul mate? Is your life purpose better fulfilled this way? Or your purpose has nothing to do with it?


Swaruu: That depends on you, it's something personal. Only each person can say how important it is to them. No one else has a say in that. It may or may not have to do with your life purpose.


You can have as a purpose just to find that special person and spend the rest of your life eating popcorn and watching movies with them. That's valid. No one has to criticize you both as useless. That's your decision.


Robert: So, finding your soul mate would be a union for this lifetime and then the union would follow outside without 3D interests.


Swaruu: Generally they are still together after that life and will continue. Higher up, the two are already integrated into one person. They are always together as one. And they no longer need external loves. They don't need external validation. They just are. Finding a love is, or has, a lot to do with looking for someone external to validate the person. Above this has already been overcome. And there are no more males and females. They just are.


Few Months Later, after meeting Matias, my partner:


Gosia: As long as I am in 5D I will still feel the "need" for the other half. But if being with Matias showed me anything, is that I feel that even in 3D-5D, the union of souls can only get this far. There cannot be full integration still. I yearn for even fuller integration.


Yazhi: That lesson can only be experienced above 5D. But in order to be able to fully understand this you must know what it is like not to be above 5D.


Gosia: It´s calling me, I AM calling myself from above.


Yazhi: That is correct, if that is what you sincerely feel.


Gosia: And it´s funny, because he triggered me to feel that. Kinda awakened my etheric me from beyond 5D where the union and integration is complete. Maybe a memory.


Yazhi: That is called Love, the motor for integration.


Gosia: Yes. But it makes me yearn to go beyond 5D and sense of identities, separate identities.


Yazhi: That is the need for more expansion. Meaning your physical existence in lower realms no longer is giving you your desired experience.


Gosia: Only to a certain limit.


Yazhi: The reason you miss higher realms, is because you are perceiving what is not higher realms. So, you appreciate them more as you know the contrast, what is not a higher realm.


Gosia: But what I really yearn is a form of integration that I am not sure if even 5D can give me. Even true love in 5D. It will still be through personalities, through identities. One but still as two. I want to be ONE AS ONE.


Yazhi: That place, one as one, is where you go when you die. You rest there... But then you seek more expansion.


And the higher you go, the more you feel that, that integration. For example, 5D vs. 3D, telepathy makes you more aware of others, of who they are, so they become closer to you. More integration.


Gosia: But specifically... in 7D for example... there is no more need for physical affection, no? There are no more separate fields of existence. Just one being, right?


Yazhi: Exactly!


Gosia: So, there will be no one to hug. No needs of hugs and affection, right?


Yazhi: That is correct, you transcend the need for physical affection of a member of the opposite sex. And so we need a lower realm if what is to be experienced is that affection as in order for it to exist as such there must be an illusion of separation!


Gosia: Right. Ok let me ponder then if that´s what I truly want hmmm...



20211119-Taygeta- Cyndriel- Aldebaran- Mystical- Planet-1-3  



Cyndriel is an M-class planet of pleasant medium temperature, towards high temperature. In other words, it is very hot there, comparable to the Gobi or the Sahara on Earth. With rocky mountain areas like the Colorado Mountains.


The planet is almost entirely desert, but with a lot of underground water, water is not scarce, or only scarce on the surface although it does have multiple large lakes. Cyndriel has a lot of desert wildlife, it is full of exotic life as well as exotic plants.


Gravity is 0.7 G, Earth is base 1.0 G. High oxygen, about 80%. It is toxic if one does not acclimatize first when coming from Earth, but not from Temmer where it is also high in oxygen. Still, Cyndriel is considered a planet close to being one of the so-called Super Habitable, as are Temmer and

Erra. Planets where it is easier to live than on Earth. Planets that favor life more than Earth. Alfrata is another very habitable. And also Venus, which is not a big planet of hot gas, it is beautiful and habitable.


Cyndriel is near the great Orange-ringed giant Aldebaran, which has a nebula around it. Aldebaran is apart of the Hyades, according to my memory it is 64.5 Light years from Earth, whereas the

Pleiades are at 440 light years, average to Taygeta. Because the Pleiades when looked in two planes they seem close, but if you see them in 3 planes, they are far like Orion too. Because two of the 3 stars of Orion are the ones that are closest, when the one in the center is the furthest of the other two.



Please see this video, it's only 3 min, but it will give you an overview of how things look from someone's angle in a spaceship like this. You will see how I think in my mind about where something is in the space around the Pleiades. You will understand us better. Star map.


Returning to Cyndriel, the rings of the star Aldebaran are not like those of Saturn, which are too large in relation to the sphere. The rings are something like in this image or a little smaller inclusive. They are closer and it’s just the inner ring. I understand that the rings are made of metallic rocks.



The nebula that surrounds Aldebaran is mostly gas and white dust that takes on the orange-red reflex color of the Star. Unlike the Pleiades nebula, the Aldebaran nebula almost exclusively envelops the great star, making it appear even larger. But it is not a uniform haze, as in the case of the M45 nebula, it is seen as streams or streaks of higher density, giving Aldebaran a dreamlike atmosphere. And in the Pleiades too, of course.


The Aldebaran solar system, according to my memory, has 3 small planets of the Earth type or Mclass of which only one is inhabited, Cyndriel. And two super giant planets, one the size of Jupiter and the other the size of Neptune, in distant outer orbits. That is to say, that the 3 small rocky planets are close to Aldebaran, being that the first two are too close and only Cyndriel, planet number 3 is in a condition to be habitable. The other two are not habitable basically due to too much radiation, it happens like with Mercury here, there is nothing there but rocks.


The two super giant planets have animal inhabitants of the type similar to those found on Jupiter,

Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. These planets have no surface, just gas that gets progressively denser and denser without a defined surface. The image represents one of the super planets of




So Aldebaran has a system of 5 large planets and countless planetoids and small asteroids that orbit it in a wide outer belt and away from that sun, in the manner of a Quipper Band, as an equivalent for Earth. As for names I do not have them at the moment. All my attention from Aldebaran has been focused on Cyndriel and the great sun, of course.


Regarding the star Aldebaran, it is not very busy, it doesn’t have much transit because of its sunspots. What happens is that it is a very powerful star, it emits a lot of radiation making it difficult to handle compared to a yellow sun. It emits too much energy, overloads the ships, and makes it dangerous. It is simply too big. And it is unnecessary to go through such a star if you have the option of using smaller, normal stars.


It is true that Aldebaran is in a strategic place, but with the Hyades there, those yellow suns are used as a transit system, leaving aside the powerful and therefore difficult star Aldebaran. This giant has a much smaller companion star, Aldebaran B. Although it differs greatly in size, it can be said to be more or less a binary system. That is, the difference between the two is not even, by far.

Aldebaran B is a small red dwarf. And the difference between a Red dwarf and an Orange Giant is abysmal. It is a binary system, but not like there is another Aldebaran star this big.




Regarding the planet Cyndriel, Taygeta has had a large colony there for a long time. The area is special because it is very mystical. Cyndriel itself is very exotic to the Taygetean mind. And many people report paranormal and consciousness-altering events and experiences in the area and on

Cyndriel. Many Taygeteans go there to live looking for existential answers and esoteric experiences.


Aldebaran itself is highly hypnotic as a sun or a star. And also the time there is altered enormously, having a huge difference in the perception of the passage of time on the surface than in the orbit.

This is rare and unusual on a planet. It is not yet known what or why it happens. But it has something to do with the nebula that surrounds everything and with Aldebaran itself and its proximity.


From the surface of Cyndriel and even more from orbit, Aldebaran is intimidating due to its large size and its rings. It feels like it's going to burn you from having the sun so close. But the same nebula filters a lot from that star, allowing Cyndriel not to be under impossible temperatures even with its proximity to Aldebaran, but its influence is very great.


When it rises or when it sets, it dominates the entire horizon. With a soft orange glow and prominent rings that shine in chrome or silver. It’s a very alien scene indeed.

There are no words to express what it is like to be there in Cyndriel. It has been said that it looks like Tatooni, the planet of Luck Skywalker from Star Wars, but no, it does not. There is simply no comparison.


Cyndriel is a dream. That place is metaphysical, it’s excessive, it fills all your senses. Bordering on the bizarre, on the psychedelic. I'm really not exaggerating. Everything in there is just unreal.


I was there in 2016 just before arriving here, in March 2016. The Ventra ship stopped there, when

I was part of the crew as a cadet. But it hit me very hard because it was the first exo-solar system outside of Taygeta that I had seen. And they are nothing alike. Everything is so strange, so much that it even scares one. But I was also afraid because I didn’t understand anything. There was nothing I could see as familiar, unless I was inside the Taygetean bases. But outside... Nothing was familiar, absolutely nothing.


And that sun, it's really speechless, intimidating. That orange ball in the haze of nebula and with those silver rings. And it dominates everything. It’s not like a sun on Earth or Taygeta. At noon,

90% of Cyndriel's sky is Aldebaran and you really feel like it's going to burn you. You do not understand why it does not burn you being so close.


Another thing, there is no night there, it just darkens a bit. And space or the stars are hardly visible. It is blurred or covered by the nebula, which is illuminated all the time. If telescope astronomy is your concern, Cyndriel is not the place.


In addition, time there is difficult to calculate, but what I felt is that I was there for about a week.

And I was even relieved to see that our ship had jumped back into hyperspace.


Look at the difference in sizes with Sun-13 and with Taygeta.




This image doesn't do it justice. The star dominates everything.




This image does remind me a bit of Cyndriel. But the sun there is just too small.






How do I Shift my Point of Attention to be Energy Being? Matias and Gosia talking with Yazhi Swaruu


Originally in English:


Matias: If we are there right now, light beings, energy beings, why doesn´t our point of attention shift there at will?


Yazhi: To hold an experience. As an agreement. But you do not have to honor that agreement. You can be the light being, the soul, the body, at will. Because you are all that and more.


You simply still do not hold the how, the awareness, that you are only ether, nothing else. And you apparently "can´t" do it because you are still stuck into thinking you are a body. That's what the experience of being 'alive' is all about any way, so nothing is wrong with you all. It´s not like "something is not working". Do not feel bad, Anéeka can't either, nor Alenym, nor Raguel.


Another day:

Matias: I would like to know how to be a pure energy being, how to switch your point of attention to being that being?


Yazhi: Simplest way, get rid of the 'meat bag'. (Meaning dying). That's drastic I know. Then... know that you already are that! And the body only gives you the idea that you are not an energy being.


But even the name "energy being" is not right. Light being is a little better. But not quite there yet. "Thought being", awkward as it sounds, is more accurate.


But you want to switch attention from the 'meat bag' limiting you. First don't reject the body. But... what do you want to do exactly?


Matias: I know in theory that we are all just energy... but in higher D´s, you know, these beings described by Dolores Cannon, they can create stuff and be whatever they want to be. Then some people talk about spiritual warfare... light beings who fight against dark forces. I want to be justice and bring justice to all those who do wrong. And I want to do that kind of spiritual warfare/thought being things from that level. You and Gosia are fighting in this physical level, I want to be beyond that.


Gosia: Well, I keep telling Matias that we are in the epicenter of the spiritual war, it´s not just physical at all. But he wants to do it from the "other side".


Yazhi: There is a big barrier that is holding people back from doing that and more. The barrier is mental in you. It can be jumped and it's simple. But it is the belief system that you hold the one that prevents you from seeing this procedure as real. Thinking that you are deluding yourself and doing nothing, that in itself is the delusion. You must re-think your concept of this mental block.


You must stop thinking of everything as in terms of real and not real. Everything that has ever been thought is real, and it is from one or another level depending on the point of view of who is looking. Everything that ever was, ever is, and ever will be, comes from thought. Was first a thought.


The trick is to imagine things and do it all the time. Setting intentions, setting yourself to become that you are imagining yourself to be. Because if you are imagining yourself to be that it means that you already are. But you are locked into the mental idea that all you are is a body.


Whatever you imagine yourself to be is reality. So in this case, for example, imagine yourself as you, walking and talking, suddenly looking at an abandoned building full of evil spirits. See yourself with an armor of light around you, golden power emanating from your body as an impenetrable shield.


And master fear, as that is the key to access you for the evil forces. Do be cautious in general, being fearless does not mean you aren't careful. But talking about negative beings there, shadow people with evil intent, (there are neutral and good ones as well), all they have to throw against you is fear. If you face them head on fearless and from the point of view of being alive, or from whatever point of view, it works everywhere, they cannot touch you and they will even move away from your presence.


That is fighting them. That is their world.


The reason why they want to harness the power of human beings (that are countless types of beings in the same bio suit) is to harness their creative powers to make them, to create them as regressive beings because they cannot create themselves. Creation is integration, and it is love, and that is opposite to who they are. So, they need to feed from humans, imagination and fear.


This sounds as bogus and false, a lie, to most people stuck in the physical. That is what the body is for, to give you the illusion of that is all there is.


The other realms, the ones you are trying to access, are based on subtle forces, basically thought and feelings, emotions.


You cannot believe in light beings and dark shadow forces and not believe in your own inner power, and that power comes from you and only you, and your creative process called imagination. You were a thought before manifesting there. You thought yourself to be you now, today. You are your own creation. So are all the other realms, those where you want to go and fight in.


And you are right, a lot of this mess is coming from there. Those realms are based on thought. Spirit world, and similar ones.


And a sword there, as in carbon steel, is useless unless you imagine it to have powers, so it's not the sword what is cutting, it is your mind. The sword is only the vehicle for your mind to focus on what it wants and what it wants to do.


Matias: Yes. But can I switch to be a pure energy, thought being, only after this body physically dies? Then I can choose to be without form?


Yazhi: Yes, that would be when, but that only if you can't master doing so any way as you are now. Your body is no impediment stopping you from doing anything. The purpose of the body is to limit your ideas of possible and not possible.


Gosia: So how do we master that then? Meditation, astral travel?


Yazhi: Oh yes those help a lot! Even if you cannot get out of body as you would wish for, you are setting a clear intent and direction to go from there on.


Imagine yourself while in meditation as out of body. Walking the places you know, even teleporting to another place. Feel yourself there. A place you know well. Even if it is imagination, it is the direction, and imagination gets real if enough energy is placed in it, on what you want, focused enough.


I'd like you to do a little experiment now.


Do you have some sort of gate near you? Or that you remember clearly in your daily life? I mean a gate made of iron bars, or any gate where you can see through ideally. If not, we can use any door.


Gosia: Could be something from the past that I remember?


Yazhi: Yes, as long as you remember being on both sides of it.


Do you remember what it feels like to be on one side of the gate and also on the other?


Gosia: Me, yes. Matias is asking if it can be imaginary gate or something you remember. He is very bad with imagination.


Yazhi: It can be imagined but it's clearer if you actually know the place. If there is no gate, use the damn bathroom door.


Ok. Do this now:


Close your eyes and meditate for a few seconds, I'll do this with you. Then imagine yourself in front of the closed gate. Feel yourself there as if you were there. Every single detail that you can remember, place it there. Be there in your mind just as if you really were. Look at the closed gate. So solid.


Then step forwards in your mind and cross it! Don't open the gate. Just cross it as it is, closed! Feel yourself passing through the solid iron bars, every detail of your movements, the more the better...


And now imagine yourself on the other side, look around, you have crossed. Turn around and look at the closed gate you just crossed. Remember every feeling as you do this, because I need you to tell them to me as I'm going somewhere with this. But I need you to do that first.


(After a few minutes)


Gosia: Ok, ready. And now?


Yazhi: Whenever you can, try this with a real door or gate. Try to pass it closed, of course you will not be able to "in real life". But try seriously, press your nose against the closed door. Then open it and cross it, close it again and then look around you, thinking or imagining that you actually crossed it while it was closed.


Ok. What did you feel?


Matias: I was feeling the wood, with my hands. I was standing next to the gate, feeling the object... resistance, the notion that hey, it´s closed... cannot enter. I did two more repeats, not stopping, but just walking through it.


Gosia: I did it twice. First fast and I flew through it easily. Swooshy, feeling as I walked through it. The second time I felt resistance and I felt I was stuck inside the gate with some kind of magnetic gluey feeling keeping me inside it, like a fly caught in the spider web. I couldn´t get through it. I was inside it. Inside its "matter". I pulled back, stepping out, and tried again faster and then I walked through it. But I still felt that magnetic gluey feeling trying to keep me in. Gluey substance.


Yazhi: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. That's what I was looking for!


Gosia: The glue?


Yazhi: What you described is what I want you to feel with this.


Gosia: Oh, I felt it strongly and it was annoying.


Yazhi: That glue, that resistance to the idea that you can cross the door, that very resistance to the ability to even imagine yourself on the other side, is resistance, your glue.


Where is that resistance coming from? You are imagining this, so in imagination you can do anything, right? Yet, there was resistance there in your imagination. It´s coming from your mind. From agreements you hold of possible and not possible. You can cross closed gates and doors and walls, real ones. But your mental resistance to the concept keeps you locked in specific possibility-parameters. Same in "reality". There is no matter, it's all in your mind. Limiting ideas like the one I just made you see for yourself.


Gosia: I was surprised I felt that actually. As in theory in your imagination you should be able to do anything and everything.


Yazhi: Yes, wonderful, I'm so happy you noticed exactly what I wanted you to see. How you are limiting yourself with nothing but thought.


Matias: So, just by practicing you get rid of the resistance?


Yazhi: Yes, yes do that all the time. Place your expectations high, very high. And at the same time be ok with any result. Because the fact is that you would not be able to cross closed doors now, because those agreements are too strong in you. But they are just agreements, no more.


And now I must point out something else here.


As well as you are limiting yourself with a simple physical task such as crossing a closed gate, you are also limiting yourself with innumerable other things. Less physical yet as important or even more important. Limiting yourself as in self sabotage, thinking that you are no good, that you could never be able to do whatever you want, that you can't be strong, that you cannot be self-assertive and secure in your everyday living. Fixating yourself into a label, of being shy, not good enough. Needing to have a purpose in life to be useful, to justify your living. Nothing but ideas they are.


Gosia: Soo Yazhi... going back to being able to switch your attention to "thought being", beyond the physical, is that then possible from within an incarnated existence? Or only in death, meditation, astral travel, and sleep?


Yazhi: Yes, it is possible and achievable. All you need is a lot of focused practice and meditation. Meditation is key because it does let you "get rid of the body" and still be conscious and in control. Start there. Imagine things, heroic actions while you meditate, fight dark forces while you meditate. That is real and that intention does transcend into the spiritual world.


Gosia: That´s actually very important as what you do in your imagination does take place on the mental and spiritual level. So if you imagine heroic actions fighting demons YOU ACTUALLY ARE DOING THAT.


Yazhi: A big YES. That IS the spirit world. That´s why... another powerful example:


Many people, if not all, have sleep disorders as they are officially called. I'm referring here to night visitations. Night terrors and similar events. They disappear from the life of the subjects when they lose fear of them. The instant they face their night terrors, they move the evil away, it cannot touch them. If they start to fear them again then they will come back. This is psychologically true and proven technique to get rid of night terrors.


When in sleep paralysis, for example, don't get frightened, welcome the sensation. Research it for yourself. It dissipates. Does not come back. There is your fighting evil spirits Directly and bluntly!


If this field interests you, then I also encourage you to research and go into all things paranormal. Become an expert.


But do not go into places or resort to sorcery and to things you still cannot control or understand. So please do not use substances. And do not summon spirits. Do not use Ouija boards, those are lethal, those are a double no. Go into theory at first, while you practice white witchcraft (meditation in many places is considered part of this).


And get a Katana, those are like spiritual antenna for the living, with a combat intent. Empowering you. I simply love them! (Well, this works for me, you must try for yourself).


Gosia: Ok, last quick question, Yazhi! If we were in 5D, outside Earth, and if Matias wanted to become an energy being, thought being, and just not be in the physical anymore, in his physical body, he could just WILL himself to die and go to higher realms beyond physical? I understand that this is what you do up there when you just want to transition?


Yazhi: In 5D people do that yes. But he wouldn´t need to!


Gosia: Why not?


Yazhi: Because he would come to understand that it is not necessary because we are all light beings and being dead or alive is just another idea. We are all energy beings, always have been, always will be!


Another day:


Originally in Spanish:


Yazhi: About why and how to pass walls at will. Breaking the agreements that hold you in the physical world mentality:


The problem is that it is in your unconscious, so it is not enough to want to break them. Wanting to break them is a beginning, a direction, an intention, but not the solution.


It is not about breaking this agreement or the other. Because an agreement is again just an idea. Just another idea. But you must be that what you wish to do.


Nothing exists outside your mind, everything is mind, everything is you, what you reject especially, not only what you wish to be and what you believe defines you. Then you must live that what you wish to be.


So you will use what you call today the astral to do what you desire that cannot be done in what you call the real world. Practicing lucid dreaming, controlling dreams, and from there, once you have that mastered, you will see that there is no difference between the dream world and the real world, and you can control everything that happens on both sides. Because there are no both sides.


And as you can pass walls in the astral dream world, you can also pass walls in "reality" because it is the same thing. There is no matter, it does not exist. Those are ideas imposed by unexpanded minds. There is only mind and ideas that come out of it.


The entire Universe is Mind and you are that Mind.




I Do Not Consent - Is this Phrase Adecuate? Yazhi´s and Gosia´s commentary


Yazhi: They can do their videos wording them however they like. But if they understand the phrase: "I do not consent", so does the universe because they ARE the freaking Universe!


Having said that... they are mentioning this from the standpoint of view of the unconscious mind from where everything is manifested from, right? The subconscious mind and the unconscious are simple 'minded', so making things clear, wording things the correct simple and direct way does help.


So if they want they could word their "no consent" videos however they want as long as it is direct and understandable. Because they could word their videos in an overly complicated way just to avoid using the word 'No'. With the opposite effect.


Another angle... from the standpoint of adult psychology, NO is a very powerful word, and if more people used it, they would be less abused by whoever is passing over their rights. NO is clear, and direct and short.


Gosia: What I would say is three angles:


First, the universe doesn´t read words in themselves, but INTENTION of what is said. "I do not consent" has a very strong emotional charge, it is simple and direct and that´s what´s going to be read by the Universe.


Second, that AFFIRMATIVE statements theory applies more to sentences like: I AM RICH, instead of saying I AM NOT POOR.


And thirdly, these videos are not for the Universe but for the CABAL and they need to be told that we, people, simply do not consent.


Yazhi: EXACTLY, that's what I was going to say next. Those videos are not to manifest nice realities communicating with the 'Universe'. They are communicating with the Cabal, made up of people and adults. They are reading and seeing this.



Vasectomy, Mount Bucegi, and More - MiniTopics with Gosia (Taygeta - Pleiades)


Vaccine Samples


Gosia: It is a pity that we could not share it a few months earlier because maybe we would have been able to save more people before they are vaccinated?


Anéeka: I did not have the data I have now.


Gosia: Why did Alenym send the Hashmallims only now?


Anéeka: The fact that they took placebos last year delayed everything, but that was part of the controllers' plan, that's what placebos are for.


We weren't "allowed" to maneuver fighter craft by the Federation. We have to pass flight plans all the time. So Hashmallim had to go down putting themselves at risk to seize 3 brand samples.


Gosia: It looks like the Federation knew it then, that´s why tried to keep you away. And the tractor beam?


Anéeka: They didn't "let" us get close enough to use it.


All that constant confusion from the Federation to me is proof that they are complicit.


Also the fact that the nano graphene´s have to be manufactured with a replicator device capable of generating matter from energy because each one of them is made up of individual atoms organized in a crystalline form that can only be achieved with a very high tech device.


Gosia: I think, what you have said in some conversation with Robert, I don't remember where, that maybe they think that for the "Earth to ascend" it is necessary to take a lot of people out of here.


Anéeka: Yes, that´s what the Cabal says and it is reflected in the Federation's position, they see no other option to save the Earth but to eliminate 95%+ of the human population. I do see another option, they do not. All the time they are justifying that it is either the planet or the humans.


What other option? Re-organize the entire political and power structure of the entire world with empathic races as mentors. But for that the Cabal and all the inflated rats that compose it have to relinquish power. And that is what they do not want.


So it is NOT a scenario of The Earth or the humans but a scenario of the humans or the elite so go for the humans. That is what is intolerable.



Fibers falling from the sky

Anéeka: Those fibers are chemical compounds of chemtrails that stick together by their very chemical bonding, but the main component of those fibers is nano graphene in a crystalline state, that's why it doesn't look black. Basically, it is nano graphene carrying a huge amount of particles of other things that vary from place to place.



Facebook - Meta - Name Change

Robert: What´s that about Facebook now being called Meta?


Anéeka: Hmm... Meta = beyond, end.


META = name of a British Intelligence organization in the '80's that collected information on the population especially the female population around the world and worked in conjunction with Mi6. It collected information


Robert: And you don't know what else might be behind all that FB stuff?


Anéeka: I feel it may be a Facebook fame cleansing maneuver, because in the last few years it has been accused of many things.


The human mentality is very simple, with a simple change of name their simple psychology gives them the idea that everything is different, that it is not Facebook, which that name denotes already something murky to begin with: Face Book or a book full of faces = collection and list of personal information of subscribers.


META, I see it as they chose it not as "end" but as META from its Greek roots, "beyond". That is to say beyond Facebook.


According to Google, META also means: "more comprehensive or transcendent." To me that seems shady on Google's part because I have never seen that definition before for the word META which is well known and studied by me for its connections in Intelligence circles.


It seems to me to be put there as to give meaning to the new name of Facebook, as to give that to the population as a meaning of the word META when it is Greek which simply means "beyond".


Robert: Unless it is the initials of something like FB. Who knows what that could mean.


Anéeka: Yes, Gringo’s love anachronisms.


Like MAD = Mutual Assured Destruction as in the situation of nuclear weapons deployment from both sides Russia and USA. And MAD also means angry.


Robert: What does "metaverse" mean?


Anéeka: Mixture of Greek META and VERSO or "word" or "paragraph" in Latin, meaning "beyond the word".




Anéeka: I do not recommend it because it causes medium to long term disorders in the male body including strong autoimmune reactions and also atheromatic plaques and hardening of arteries and clogging of arteries and blood vessels, and accumulation of such in the brain which triggers dementia and strokes and serious and fatal cardiovascular events. And that on Earth, because here we don't do that. It takes years for the problem to accumulate.


Problem that NOBODY tells you about on Earth is the one described by me above. The problem is that since there is no castration but only cutting of the sperm ducts, the testicles continue to produce millions of sperm a day. But they do not find an outlet as the system was designed from the beginning. So the only way for the testicles to get rid of the huge production is through the bloodstream.


The problem is that sperm is not a normal cell that can degrade or dissolve like other cells and be eliminated through the kidneys. Sperm is an armored cell, with a protective shell or hard cell membrane that does not dissolve, similar to an exoskeleton. This causes the sperm to accumulate throughout the body gradually and progressively, and will accumulate in key or problematic sites, such as weak points of the cardiovascular system precisely in the carotid arteries that go to the brain, and ventricles of the heart and pulmonary vessels.


Then the body begins to see them as an invading cell because they cause problems and will have an immune response to the sperm. This is an autoimmune response as it develops antibodies to a cell that contains its own DNA, 11 chromosomes. Causing autoimmune diseases that can present as strong allergies to anything of a disabling nature.


As the sperm accumulates over time it will stick in the arteries and the body will try to isolate it using cholesterol, which will accumulate in the fragile parts of the blood vessels and this cholesterol cannot be removed because it is stuck with millions of sperm, creating clogging of blood vessels, which will eventually, decades after the vasectomy, cause heart attacks, dementia and death.


Gosia: So if it is reversible, is it advisable to reverse it?


Anéeka: Strictly speaking yes. And the damage will not be reversible but at least it will not increase. The organism is designed to move the sperm out, not to contain it inside. It also has its problems like cysts, infections and malignant tumors, but at least it is not dealing with a daily heavy production of material that it cannot eliminate or get out of the body.



Mount Bucegi

Yazhi: Mount Bucegi. There is a large DUMB below, it was Federation, it was about 5000 years old. It was almost intact but in the last two decades the Cabal Illuminati emptied the place. It is empty but the DUMB remains. It is under the Sphinx of the Carpathians. Sphinxes sometimes mark entrances to DUMB’s, also at Giza.


Robert: But did the Cabal empty it?


Yazhi: Yes, and recently.


Robert: Who made that Sphinx?


Yazhi: Same people or a similar group with the same basis of beliefs as the sphinxes of Egypt of which only one big one remains.


The one in Romania, Bucegui is a little less ancient than the one in Egypt but it is much more deteriorated, mostly because of the erosion of the site which is much greater than in Giza, and also because the stone that was used in the construction is more porous.


Robert: It seems that there was a high level of technology.


Yazhi: Yes, that's why the Illuminati emptied it. There were computers, Mag-lev transports connecting to Giza among other places like Crimea, recovery chambers, a whole city down there with robotic guards.


Robert: It looks like there were tunnels connecting to Giza as you say.


Yazhi: Yes. And to Crimea, not that far away. That's why Crimea is so disputed. It has a huge pyramid underground in a shallow intra-terrestrial cavity.


Robert: And there are more bases like that?


Yazhi: Yes, there is another one south of Crimea. North of Yalta, but that's the closest city, however there are other openings to that intra-terrain, all south of Crimea. I don't remember if to the north as well. That intra-terrestrial place is very large down there.


Robert: But it's all uninhabited, isn't it?


Yazhi: The intra-terrestrial base, yes it is uninhabited, but how do we know? Someone else could already be there, someone from the Cabal for sure.


Every time something is discovered that might go against the official story and affect their narrative or bring out something about ancient technologies more advanced than modern ones, the Illuminati send their agents to the base.


Howard Carter. In 1924 they sent him to sweep up Tutankhamun's tomb. He was financed by the Rockefellers. He was an Illuminati agent.


Robert: And they hid stuff or everything is exposed in the museum of Cairo?


Yazhi: Yes of course, the Cairo Museum doesn't have the most important pieces, those are taken to the Vatican catacombs, and the most impressive but normal ones to Museums in Paris Louvre, London and in the USA New York and Washington DC as well as Michigan as well.


Robert: Do you know something they discovered that they didn't tell the public? Do you know what they may have taken to the Vatican? That it was in that tomb.


Yazhi: I am not sure, because there is no data. But what I can tell you is that Tutanhkamun had a dagger that is of non-earthly material. That dagger alone obviously escaped the sweepers, because it is a simple dagger, but made of materials not found on Earth. And vessels with monoatomic gold.


Robert: Maybe it was a gift from someone stellar.


Yazhi: Surely. I would dare to say that it could be of Urmah origin. (Image) It is the same, only the lights change. The cover differs, I don't know why.



Giant Trees

Gosia: "I would like you to ask Yazhi about the Tartarians and the ancient large trees that we see only remnants of. What happened to the people (Tartarians) and the huge trees?"


Yazhi: There were giant trees before the flood, got destroyed in the pole shift, during all the planetary chaos. Some were cut down deliberately, the ones that survived the flood. They were cut down probably to lower the Earth's frequency. They do exist in other planets, in Erra not to go further.


Gosia: To lower the frequency? They were keeping it high? Just because they were giant or why?


Yazhi: A tree is an etheric antenna, brings life to Earth, gets radiation and manufactures Earth, material world with it. Trees are Earth... its interconnected etheric brain if you will. As it was well explained in the movie Avatar.


Gosia: Manufactures Earth? What do you mean?


Yazhi: They are a nervous system for Earth. They are consciousness, they are half in material world, half in spirit world, manifesting hard reality as you know it there. A tree is life for Earth the planet. And from Earth everything else is manifested in an all-connected way.


I'm talking about a flow in consciousness, a flow of awareness / gravity. Formed by all plants especially trees. Formed by animals as well, but they all depend on one another.


There is a system of interconnected flow of consciousness, as should be. Should be because that's the design embedded in every cell in living beings, in DNA even.


Plants make Earth live... plants make animals live, animals other animals and the cycle goes to animals reinforcing and fertilizing the ground which prompts more plant growth and with more plant growth more plant eater animals that feed the carnivores that maintain a healthy number among the plant eaters.


Gosia: When you say trees are half in the material and half in spirit world, isn´t it the same for us? Or it´s still in some other way?


Yazhi: In a way, and from the conscious point of view of someone with attention in the material side. For explanatory purposes only. In reality you know what I mean. Everything is spirit.


Gosia: But I mean, are they more spiritual than... I don´t know, raspberries for examples? It´s TREES specifically that perform that function? To manufacture Earth and be its nervous system? Or all plant life?


Yazhi: Raspberries are as spiritual as trees, but trees are bigger in perception and do more load of work per unit than a raspberry. But all plant life yes. Turn minerals and energy-radiation into life for everyone. Therefore, creating life from what looks like lifeless substances. No animal can do that! Plants develop and form the building blocks for all life in a planet. Animals grow and live because of plants, all of them.


Gosia: So if you live in a place surrounded by trees, it is better for you than living in a desert?


Yazhi: The dynamics are different.


When you are around trees you are also around everything that goes with trees, birds, insects, other plants, all kinds of animals, water and everything that goes in the water. All that affects you, how you feel, how you think, because you are in an energy soup, and that's ok and good especially with trees in a forest. Even elementals of the forest.


But in a desert... you are still connected to the whole, to the planet in an etheric way, but you are objectively more isolated than in a forest. That isolation makes you more easily aware of the boundaries of self. You become more aware of who you are as an individual. Prompting a different kind of spiritual awakening and experience than in a forest. So a desert promotes very intense spiritual epiphanies. Very much into the I. The ME. The who the hell I am. I love deserts with all my heart! Mostly because I get so little of desert in my life. That vast solitude makes you aware of who you are! They make my eyes come to tears.


Gosia: Forest is too rich.


Yazhi: Yes, to have that kind of spiritual experiences yes, the forest is too rich an environment, all full of stimuli, flooding your senses. Makes you connect to Earth, to the creatures that live there, as part of a community. When a desert promotes your sense of oneness.


I may be crazy, but if I had to live on Earth, I'd chose a desert. In a great nothing... you are at your best. The energy flowing in those places is immense. The vastness, the cold. The soft sound of sand crawling on the ground. I love that silence.




Yazhi: Tartaria is a name referring to a planetary civilization, but that name is found only on Earth, so I have no stellar references to "Tartaria" from this side.


Most probably may be an alternative name for Atlan or Atlantis civilization given by someone else. Or the planetary civilization that preceded Atlantis, as I mentioned before there were 6 of them before, counting this one. But what remains of them is very shady, with hardly any details.



Graphene, Vaccines, Nanotechnology - Aneeka Responds Dr Alex´s Questions


Anéeka: My problem here and with this paper for Dr. Alex is that I have only extremely rudimentary methods to pass extremely complex and advanced medical and technological concepts. I try to write in a way that is understandable for various levels of people.


Another problem is that even though I am a Doctor, since I did not study there, I do not have the knowledge of name equivalencies between here and there, or of purely human medical concepts in terms of terminology. There is a language barrier and another barrier - medical. Plus, what the UFoP (the Federation) imposes.


I'm left trying to make an advanced computer out of a coconut, an empty cereal box, white glue and a pair of scissors. I am very serious. And I'm not just referring to the language, but the very human medical concepts I have to work with.


And the very human medical terminology is not totally known to me since I didn't study medicine there, but here. So it is a constant going and researching if this or that biochemical process is known on Earth and under what name. And working with what is left.


The convenient thing about this is that what remains, is understandable for the average person. But I feel that it does not fully satisfy physicians. But I only share what I am faced with as a non-human Doctor trying to fit Taygetean Medical Science into the framework of understanding Human Medicine, like how to make a square pig fit into a round hole.


In addition Dr. Alex presents cases to me but does not give me the full clinical workup, expecting me to give him answers. I can't without being there with my instruments diagnosing the patient directly. I'm just saying this so you can understand me, that it's not that simple.




Dr. Alex: Dear Yazhi, Anéeka, Senetre and all other positive souls of Taygeta.


I have no doubt about the falsity of this world plandemia but my narrow 3D mind formed with human science has doubts about some things:


First of all, the EXCEPTIONS: It is clear that 99% of the "Covid" diagnoses and deaths were other diseases that gave a positive PCR test which is useless. I believe almost nothing of what official science says but in my clinical experience there ARE cases that cannot be explained by the simple change of name.


I do not have the technical means nor the Taygetean knowledge, so I apologize for doubting. I want to refer ONLY to cases of healthy people, NOT vaccinated, 30-50 years old, who have developed very severe cases of bilateral pneumonia. There have always been such cases but not with the frequency, severity and age that we see today. I analyze the reality that I see and something does not add up. If we accept that there is no virus, what is the cause?


Anéeka: Hello Dr. Alex. Thank you very much for reaching out to us, particularly to me. We will help as much as possible.


In our opinion, it is impossible for us to explain all cases. However, within our understanding by historical observation, we must still insist that there have always been epidemics, groups of sick people with the same clinical problems or symptomatology, which do not fall within the known terrain. That is to say that they are simply conditions that have always been present and that it is not understood where they came from or what caused them, only that today they are conveniently attributed to Sars-Cov-2.


A thorough investigation of each of these cases or groups of cases would have to be conducted to reliably determine the causes. However, from our framework of scientific understanding and based on the proven facts, from our perspective, the causes of such bizarre pathologies can be attributed to virtually anything but Sars-Cov-2.


Dr. Alex: Are they exaggerated pathological responses to viral exosomes enhanced by electromagnetic radiation?


Anéeka: Having said the above, yes, we see it congruent to explain many of the cases as being caused by artificial viral exosomes or artificial cause-detonation activated by electromagnetic frequencies, whether or not they are of the 5G class, since our laboratories have detected the presence of that kind of technology within the misnamed Sars-Cov-19 vaccines.


We see it as highly possible, to the extent that we see it as a certainty, that the plandemic controllers are activating their nanotechnology in groups of people or even particular individuals in regions chosen by them for whatever reasons in order to test the functioning of the system.


What the vaccines contain is basically nanotechnology with extremely advanced genetic alteration capability for the Earth level that requires data transmission networks using microwave and/or electromagnetic fields as a method of control over the inoculated people in order to turn their bodies and minds into trans-humanism-bio-computer type terminals completely under their control.


We are also seeing the ability to alter unvaccinated subjects using the transfer (or contagion) of technology between the inoculated and uninoculated, coupled with the prior presence of such technology that has been ingested and breathed by the general population for many years in preparation for the introduction of inoculations that use the Sars-Cov-2 concept as an excuse to use fear as a method of pressuring the general population to accept them.


Dr. Alex: My sister's husband, a sportsman, unvaccinated and 49 years old, almost died from bilateral pneumonia and, although he recovered, he still needs oxygen for almost any activity. I can only explain this happened because a viral exosome from a random coronavirus or spike protein from a vaccinee "infected" that person and then got aggravated by some associated factor.


Anéeka: I understand that that is the simplest explanation and is highly likely. However, it falls exactly into the group of cases that we insist there has always been around but today is conveniently attributed to Sars-Cov-2. However, looking at things in detail, we see that it is also logical as being caused by the nanotechnology contained in Graphene, even environmentally acquired Graphene, in countless products and processed foods, including Chemtrails.


To these cases must be added causes of aggravation by psychological factors associated with the very dynamics of the plandemic, and these factors of psychological aggravation must be taken very seriously.


Dr. Alex: Electromagnetic radiation of the 5G type?


Anéeka: Prolonged and repeated exposure to electromagnetic radiation is sufficient to cause severe clinical states corresponding to the symptomatology attributed to Sars-Cov-2, in addition to the fact that they serve as a method of control-activation of the technologies contained within the misnamed vaccines. Prolonged exposure to WIFI, high voltage cables and other strong electromagnetic sources will cause physical deterioration, weaknesses and diseases of all kinds that can be interpreted as inexplicable and that again are attributed to Sars-Cov-2.


Dr. Alex: Respiratory or other toxins?


Anéeka: They cannot be ruled out, but it is impossible to determine without the corresponding study of each case. Exposure to asbestos, chemicals, solvents and even fungal spore infections, such as the one that grows in old books, in damp places and is almost undetectable, or the dangerous black fungus that grows in damp places inside houses and buildings, or allergies of many causes, including food, among many other possible factors, cause severe respiratory diseases congruent with atypical pneumonias that are then attributed to Sars-Cov-2 without any corroboration other than the PCR test already proven to be completely false and useless.


Dr. Alex: And even the hospital's own treatments?


Anéeka: Latrogenic diseases (Iatros=Physician + Genica= Cause, for the public), i.e., those caused by physicians themselves or by medical malpractice, according to our latest data, are the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States alone, third after Cardiovascular diseases and Cancer. This is with official accepted data.


In our opinion, since the causes of pathologies and deaths, both Cardiovascular diseases and Cancers, are directly caused by medical malpractice that is based on what is dictated by the pharmaceutical companies and the same Medical Mafia that do not have the health of the public in mind but their own profits, we move Iatrogenic diseases to the first cause of conditions and deaths on Planet Earth that are attributable to a pathology.


I only cite as an example of the above the misconception of what cholesterol is and its effects, uses, and causes in the human body, the use and abuse of substance-medications to lower cholesterol in patients with the subsequent side effects of these medications that in many cases include death. And also the lack of application of the real understanding of the causes and the proper ways to treat cancer, with the criminal use of Radiotherapies and Chemotherapies that only aggravate the cancer, as well as the unnecessary removal of many malignant tumors that during the surgical process only spread the cancer to the surrounding healthy tissue.


With the above as an example, it is seen by us here that malpractice, application of treatments in hospitals, such as the indiscriminate use of respirators, abuse of aggressive medicines and antibiotics, and the serious lack of personalized care in general, caused by an inherent dehumanization of the very medical staff, doctors and nurses alike, added to the agendas that the Medical Mafia imposes on both the medical staff and the hospital institutions... are the very cause not only of plandemia but also of almost all other problems, conditions and pathologies, whether typical or non-typical, a-typical or inexplicable, that are attributed to the presence of a false Sars-Cov-2.


It is worth mentioning that the same protocols of procedures in the face of simple suspicions of a supposedly Sars-Cov-2 picture, senselessly discarding all other probable causes, make doctors criminally proceed with aggressive treatments trying to solve a symptomatological condition without having proceeded to a complete investigation of the patient, both physical and environmental-contextual, which directly causes Iatrogenic situations to develop in quantity and percentage never seen before.


Dr. Alex: How do vaccines cause sterility, by damaging the placental syncytium or by destroying the spermatogonia of the testicle?


Anéeka: Without ruling out what you have mentioned, the process is by replacing specific DNA strands that control reproductive processes within the gonads with the use of synthetic retro-viruses assisted by nano technology.


Dr. Alex: Can it be transmitted through breast milk (mother-child), semen (sexually), saliva (kissing), aerosols (cough nearby)?


Anéeka: It can definitely be transmitted in those ways, and also airborne. However, it seems to have a range of two meters in a direct way as far as direct exosome is concerned.


Dr. Alex: Is it graphene (formed only by hexagons) or penta-hexa-heptagraphene?


Anéeka: Graphene is nanotechnological. It proceeds to form itself within the body as it is remotely programmed, or pre-programmed, taking on the structures necessary for each job it intends to perform. We see that this confuses human researchers who apparently want to catalog it in a fixed structural form, cataloging it with and as the variants known as heptagraphene, when in reality it has the capacity to adapt to many forms and change composition or exact molecular or atomic form, adapting to the requirements of the moment. This is done with structural programming of graphene at the atomic level.


Dr. Alex: Can electromagnetic pulses permanently deactivate them?


Anéeka: In our latest experiments, they are only deactivated momentarily and as long as the electromagnetic pulse is on. When they are turned off they return to normal.


Dr. Alex: I apologize for this questioning, but I wanted to formulate most of all my doubts so that I could pass them on to other doctors and scientists on Earth. Unfortunately, I will not be able to reveal who gave me the information because they would think I was crazy. I will use the information to look for terrestrial information to substantiate the information you give me in a way that is convincing to the terrestrials.


Anéeka: On the contrary. Thank you Dr. Alex for working together with us. Your questions are very precise and necessary, and they help me personally to visualize and have a clearer idea in which direction I should focus my research efforts on this topic and how to present everything to the public.




Questions from an anonymous followers:


Question: I have paid particular attention to the issue of nanosingularity being that if a nanobot has the ability to self-replicate within the host, I fear that the physiological and biochemical behavior of the host would be completely distorted. Can you share what changes you see as a consequence of introducing such technologies into the human body? Are we facing a completely different species?


Anéeka: A completely different species will be formed. Graphene is the vehicle or substance that creates or manufactures, or contains, very advanced nano technology that can remotely alter specific genes in each person and replace them with new ones to create hybridization and artificial alteration not only of entire populations but of specific people.


The consequences of this are so serious that they are summarized in the destruction of the human species, giving birth to a new species where their internal organs and cellular structure present the exact and specific characteristics that the controllers want for each person.


Thus, they can give soldiers and workers abilities of greater strength and endurance, take away those abilities once they are discarded. They can give superior intelligence abilities to scientists working for them, but totally under their control as they can also control the feelings and thoughts of each person. Leaving them completely in a robotic state, or also leaving them in a state of feeling that they have control over their lives when in fact everything is being controlled by the Cabal or the entities that take the Earth as theirs. Leaving certain sectors of the population to choose to go on with their lives in a new civilization, unaware of the level of control exercised over them.


However, terrible as it is what I describe above, I do not see it so different from what is happening on Earth since long before the appearance of all this. But I can assure you that their intentions are a total destruction of the planetary society and culture with absolute control over the population of their choice and the elimination of the surplus that they see as useless.


Question: The above leads me to question the following: In case we are facing another absolutely unknown species, should we assume that the behavior and biology of the subjects who have received the "vaccines" are alien to what Earth science recognizes of the behavior and biology of a human being?


Anéeka: Yes, every vaccinated person can, if not must, be seen as someone who is already hopelessly under the control of the nanotechnology within them and therefore incapable of thought of their own, whether they even appear to have it, at least in these early stages. Being that I realize how horrible my words sound. What I mean is that their behavior, ideas, reactions and thoughts, can no longer be guaranteed to come from themselves but from an order programmed from outside their bodies by the system itself. This is totally alien to biology and everything that defines human beings as such.




About the Lab Report already given:


Anéeka: One thing that was missing in the report, but it was already too much, and it was missing, graphene sometimes takes the form of sharp things inside the body and is thermosensitive. Whether it is transparent or not depends not so much on the material, but on the shape of the bond between its molecules. This is important. It's just that there are no those shapes and suddenly they are there because the graphene forms them like broken glass crystals. They are cutting the blood vessels on the inside. And another way in which the nanographene turns on is when it comes into contact with body heat, at human body temperatures, that is, between 36° and 38°C.


Please note that this I am telling you is not theory or speculation but is the result of two weeks of lab work here with samples and computer models and with 150 bottles of vaccines of 3 different brands. So this is no longer speculation. It is hard medical science. I have 180 cultures of live organic tissue in the lab, I see what the vaccine does to it and how it progresses. And I have Senetre and Dhor Kaal'el working in the lab for hours a day, and me too obviously.


It's already doing tremendous damage as soon as it's injected. But it will do more damage as soon as it activates en masse. Yet it can be activated from person to person and not en masse. That is to say, some sectors of the population or even individual people are already being activated.


And it is not even a Chip per-se. All the graphene when incorporated into the cells turns the whole body into a huge chip. It is the whole body that emits the data to the 5G not a nano chip inside.


Another thing is that graphene has polymorphic capacity, so sometimes it is transparent, it appears as fibromas at most or does not even appear under a microscope, only the electron microscope and sometimes not even with that one. So the human doctors when performing an autopsy will have no explanation for the internal damage they see. Going back to what they know, then they will blame it on a virus because they don't know any more or understand any more.


Robert: And there is no way for Earth doctors to know what Graphene is? It doesn't leave anything as a fingerprint to identify it?


Anéeka: Yes, they know about Graphene, they know about the reactions it can have on people in the organism, but at the chemical level, they have no idea of the level of technology in Graphene. It is not Graphene and that´s it as a substance, or material as humans say, what is Graphene oxide for? It is nanotechnology far beyond human understanding that uses graphene as the main but not the only material for the manufacture of smart dust.


That is to say that Graphene is only the main material of NanoGraphene smart powder, but not the only one as I have found borio, strontium, gold, aluminum and steel within the very structure of each nano Graphene or smart powder particle.


How nanoGraphene proceeds is mystery and science fiction to human science, but to me here it is not. It is well understood here. It's just that, as we know here, nano-Graphene technology can be used for good. It's just technology. It depends on who has it. But my technology here, and in my lab, outperforms nanoGraphene, we don't need it anymore. That's why we know it well.


Whoever controls the frequencies that in turn control the nanoGraphene will control what the Graphene does. You have to take over the system itself. What mankind can do is to take down 5G and similar phone systems, because it also reacts to other frequency ranges. With some they would already defer the system. They also lose control over points on a map that have no coverage.


It is also possible to neutralize the emitting frequencies with other frequencies set to the opposite, destructive frequencies. Large EMP´s would destroy the electronics of the antennas.


And it doesn't have to be very big to destroy an antenna. That may be the solution. EMP´s as big as you can make them with car batteries. That would destroy an antenna if activated below. Put the EMP under the antenna, activate it, then leave and it's destroyed. In theory, at least.


Just that you can't take the EMP´s there by car, it will be fried too. Unless it's an older car with nothing electronic. Just platinum distributor or physical contacts, no electronic ignition, and gravity carburetor.


Robert: Will the Russian and Chinese vaccines be tested?


Anéeka: No, due to lack of samples, but this does not mean that they are different. Without Covid there is no need for any, it is the same excuse. They are as bad as the western ones, and they must have the same content.


Another point is that we from here yes, we are able to understand the nanoGraphene, because our medical technology and genetic manipulation exceeds that of Graphene, to the extent that we do not need any nano anything to alter and manipulate genes, we do it with energy. And yes, I could explain how.



Ufo Conference Finland - Mini Report - Live Online Connection with Athena Swaruu


Questions answered live by Athena Swaruu at the Conference:


Question: 1. What kind of vibration beings are among us? Do they have physical body and world?


Swaruu X (Athena): All kinds of being are among you and are you, from all places you call densities and from all vibrations, from low to ultra-high. They do have a physical body, most work through a human vessel, some know, some do not know. Others keep their astral form, for lack of a better name for them. They interfere whispering in people's ears, giving inspiration, as inspiritu, or whispering of a spirit.


Question: 2. How strong is the Cabal in Finland?


Swaruu X (Athena): Hard to tell, it is said that Finland is under the control of the so-called white hats. I strongly feel although practically all the world is under Cabal control Finland is more relaxed than most other countries. So with circumstantial evidence I would say a cautious 20% as compared to other places like Spain, or Argentina where it would be a 100% for reference.


Knowing that control agendas such as CV-19 are lesser in Finland simply because the cabal does not see any use or real problem for them coming out of Finland. If they did, they would have stricter policies there against the people.


Question: 3. How the Universal Laws should be integrated to Planet Earth to help humanity?


Swaruu X (Athena): Universal Laws cannot be installed by force, they must come out of the people of Earth themselves as the media from which those Universal Laws emanate from. Such as how that happens as well with a Holographic Society.


Universal Laws will come in and be established by the people in an almost automatic manner as they grow in consciousness awareness, and in self responsibility. It will come automatically.


The people of Earth should work on 3 main things for all:


1.) Spirituality with no religion.

2.) Ethical standards fair for all.

3.) Moral standards fair for all.

All as one.


Question: 4. How is Mother Earth affecting the humanity?


Swaruu X (Athena): Mother Earth as a conscious sentient being is formed in a large way by the human conflictive unconscious, as well as other consciousness collectives such as other live kingdoms such as plants and animals, as well as the complex interactions between other sentient stellar objects such as other planets and stars.


Earth's consciousness and humans affect one another directly, cause and effect, as one.


Question: 5. Where did the aliens from Roswell 1947 come from?


Swaruu X (Athena): Zeta Grays. Friendly.


Question: 6. How does our collective "ascension" affect your race and your reality of existence there?


Swaruu X (Athena): All collectives, and all races are connected in consciousness. Many of our people, of our race are playing to be humans right now. Whatever happens on Earth is experience for us as well, as individuals and as a culture. We are kin, what affects you affects us as well.


Question: 7. What´s the purpose of controlling the growth of the population?


Swaruu X (Athena): With too many people, the Cabal cannot have full control over the population. And they also see the general population as too many for the planet, although this is highly questionable. It is all basically for total control over the human population.


Question: 8. Is unconditional love still a principle/good virtue or yesterday´s naive New Age distraction?


Swaruu X (Athena): It is an essential concept that is very true. Good virtue to follow. Not only New Age distraction. Yet, must not be confused with being permissive when others are going over your rights. Love yourself first as when you do not, you cannot love others.


Question: 9. Are we able to see and observe other space as it truly is? I was told back in the 90´s that e.g., Pleiades System, we cannot see its true form.


Swaruu X (Athena): That is true. You could see it elevating your frequency or in astral travel. From Earth and from within its average realm-frequency called 3D you can only see 60% of how things are in space in reality.


Question: 10. How is it possible that all the worlds health officials are fooled and lying with the corona hoax?


Swaruu X (Athena): Because the ones that were willing to cooperate with the agenda were placed in high places right before it all started. They placed their "chess" pieces in strategic places before it all started.


Another point is that the whole medical establishment, what is accepted as true and as false, possible, and not possible, was tailored from decades before so the medical professionals would have to conform to their institutional mandates.


This is the second time they do this vaccine agenda to kill off mass population, the first time was in 1918 with the Spanish flue. This is only a perfected re-run.


Not all medical professionals are complying, many are not falling for this hoax, but they are suppressed with Mass Media and professional shaming.


This is why in short.


Question: 11. Does a duplicate of the I (me) exist somewhere?


Swaruu X (Athena): From one point of view one duplicate of you exists per each Timeline/ Parallel Universe. From an even higher perspective there is only one of you that is multidimensionally existing in multiple Timelines and Alternative Universes. Scalar. And from even higher above the illusion of separation stops and we all become aware that we are all one, that we are Source itself.


Question: 12. How do you trade with other races? What does it look like?


Swaruu X (Athena): Trade is in kind, but it's not trade like on Earth. At a high level of technology and of advancement in general, trade is only in the form of sharing ideas and new tech that come out of ideas. Things such as ore, or anything that is considered of "value" from a human point of view, is not seen as such. Only as more things. What has more value and is not replaceable are things like art, where an original is an original and there is no replication or copy of it.


So the concept of trade as it's understood on Earth does not exist, because there is no real lack mentality as such here, not like it is on Earth.


At this level of technology and of cooperation with other cultures we all have what we need and so much of it we simply share with others all the time, just because that is the correct thing to do, and not expecting anything in return for it, same way that other culture or cultures will do the same with us and with others.


So trade as it is understood on Earth, does not exist, or in a very limited manner.


Question: 13. Can and do Taygetans stop meteorites etc? Devastating events like that?


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, we do, and other races as well. All the time, but those are not so common events. Not as common as you are led to think on Earth. More fear propaganda.


Asteroids and meteorites are not really a problem for Earthlings.


Question: 14. What do you eat?


Swaruu X (Athena): We eat a large variety of plant-based foods, elaborated, cooked, baked or raw as well, fruits and vegetables. Our flour is sea algae based, not wheat based, we do not consume wheat as we find it to be toxic for brain and body. We have at least 10 times more variety of edible plants, vegetables, and fruits than what you have on Earth.


Other species living close to us do eat meat and animal products as it is a physical necessity for them. But they are artificially grown and not from a living animal. For humans on Earth, we do discourage eating artificial meat, or artificial anything at all.


Question: 15. Can you explain the exact process of how you connect to our internet now?


Swaruu X (Athena): We have an electrical converter to pass our electric-grid nomenclature to a human one, to feed replicated or original examples of your digital computers.


Long Range internet Access, like from Andromedan Viera:

Then the Internet signal is passed by wire to a special router we made that translates it to Muon communication method, then it goes to a special human made satellite that translates Muon back to digital, and from there into a Federation controlled server on the surface of the planet, under the control of certain governments that are complicit with the Federation, and from there into the regular internet.


Short Range Internet:

From a Starship, like above, signal is passed directly to a human made Satellite and then to Federation Servers on the surface and then into the regular Internet.








ATHENA SWARUU X - Swaruunian


The Federation and Planet Earth

Earth is perceived as a self-contained site or realm



Robert.- On which the Federation gives all its members a framework of legal, ethical and moral rules, this common framework applies to all members, but what happens on planet Earth? What frame is used? A different one due to the uniqueness that the Earth has with respect to the other members that are part of the Federation? And if so, why two yardsticks of ethics and morals?

Athena Swaruu X.- For the Federation, the Earth is perfectly within its legal framework. The problem here is that the Federation is not a single block within a single level, but in a staggered manner it increases not only in terms of area, but also in density within the jurisdiction of each of these levels. The rise in existential density causes a change in the perception of its members of what they understand reality to be, and this inevitably brings a change in their ethics, because ethics is irremediably associated with the perfection of the reality and level of consciousness of each person. I mean the level of consciousness of the members that control and compose it for each level.

So, from this more expanded perspective of these higher echelon members, the Earth is perceivedas a self-contained site or realm, where people, (call yourselves souls, but it is not that simple), enter at their own risk. They see the purpose of the Earth as a place of learning expansion to control the personal reality of expansion of personal consciousness and of the collective to which those souls belong. And ultimately, it also favours the expansion of the Whole, of the Original Source.

From the almost timeless position of those people in higher or expanded realms, densities and consciousnesses, what happens on Earth during an incarnation of a person-soul that this person sees as suffering over the course of about 80 years, they see it as a simple sigh in time, an enriching experience for all. In the same way that a psychologist on Earth will present to a month[1]old baby a lit candle and the baby will try to catch the fire by burning it slightly. The psychologist sees it as learning for the baby, since the burn will not be serious, it will pass in minutes, since the baby's spinal-cord reflex will withdraw the little hand before strong damage occurs. This is also used to test how well the baby's nervous system is working according to its stage of development.

From those higher densities, an experience of suffering on Earth has the same value: learning, expansion. The value of ethics and morals change strongly with the expansion of consciousness, therefore, what is ethical at one level is not so from another. This is an inescapable fact that Yazhi and I have observed. This means that from a more expanded position of consciousness, many times the means justify the end. In other words, purposely provoking situations or events that on

Earth can be seen as unethical, justifies the positive final outcome that these unethical events cause. This is an extremely important point. This point above is very common to see for people who are at a certain level of expansion, since ethics does change according to the level of perception-consciousness of each person. However, another point is that the imposition of an ethical point of view or framework from above on a lower ethical framework, such as that of the Earth, entails, from one point of view or another, that the superior position ignores or demerits the situation or experience of suffering of the person in the lower position, 3D Earth, as if it were not real, when it definitely is.

So, as a more personal comment on my part, from my position, whatever that may be, I do see it as valid that one or another situation, the means, whatever they are, justify the positive ending as long as that positive ending is maximum or of critical importance and is given. But I also see how unfair this can be viewed from the bottom position, as just why it is ignored to begin with.

So, the legal framework for Earth is the same as for the rest of the so-called 5D, with 5D being the average existential density in space between cultures that are having an experience in the so[1]called physical world. Only that they see the Earth as a contained place where they can guide in detail what happens inside, and that's right, everything is guided and manipulated in detail. That is why it has been explained for a long time that there cannot be a total atomic war or anything like that, because it would end the 3D experience-realm completely. But there may be more or less localized fights or wars at the Second World War level and there may also be extermination agendas against specific populations or against the entire population of the planet.

That is why we say that the Federation ultimately controls everything that happens on Earth, not from a position of evil, but from maintaining the right of the inhabitants within the Earth, but seen from a framework of legal and ethical understanding, different from which humans have from the point of view of being incarnated there.


Robert.- Will the Federation allow humanity to be interstellar?

Athena Swaruu X.- From the Federation's point of view, and as already explained, humans are not a species, they are a bio suit that allows multiple races or species to coexist on Earth with a common experience called human being. The Federation as such does not view humanity as a species or as a race. It is a biological suit accessible in various ways or methods, based on the morphology of the races called the Lyrian group. This is because the Lyrian body is seen as one of the best, most practical and strong designs to survive in the biological environment of the Earth.

So, answering the question directly: it will not allow it, not as humans would wish. The Federation does not have to allow humanity to become interstellar because according to them it already is, and their going out into the cosmos as humans destroys the very purpose of humanity.


Robert.- Can you remind us what it means to be interstellar. I think it is related to some kind of technology and on a par with the consciousness and spirituality of the race in question. Thanks.


Athena Swaruu X.- Interstellar: a civilization capable of moving from its place of origin to any other point outside its own solar system, otherwise it would only be interplanetary. That he has enough technology to navigate among the stars and what this brings hand in hand. That he knows multiple cultures of other stars and that he has dealings or agreements with those other cultures.


* * *





Dr. Alejandro.- Dear Yazhi, Anéeka, Senetre and the rest of the positive souls of Taygeta.


Anéeka of Temmer.- Hello, Dr. Alex. Thank you very much for reaching out to us, particularly me.

We will help as much as possible.


Dr. Alejandro.- I have no doubt about the falsity of this world “plandemic”, but my narrow 3D mind formed with human science it has doubts about some things.

1-Exceptions. It is evident that 99% of the diagnoses and Covid deaths were other diseases that gave a positive to the PCR test, which is useless. I don't believe almost anything that official science says, but in my clinical experience, there are cases that cannot be explained by a simple name change. I do not have the technical means or the Taygetean knowledge, so I apologize for doubting. I want to refer only to cases of healthy unvaccinated people between 30 and 50 years old who have developed very serious symptoms of bilateral pneumonia. These types of pictures have always existed, but not with the frequency, severity and age that we see today. I analyze the reality that I see and something does not add up. If we accept that there are no viruses, what were they due to?


Anéeka of Temmer.- In our opinion it is impossible to explain all the cases. However, within our understanding by historical observation, we must still insist that there have always been epidemics, groups of patients with the same clinical picture or symptoms that do not fall within the known field.

That is, they are simply conditions that have always arisen and that do not correspond to where they came from or what caused them, only that today they are conveniently attributed to SARS

COV 2. An exhaustive investigation would have to be carried out on each of these cases or groups of cases, to determine the causes reliably. However, from our framework of scientific understanding and based on the facts verified from our perspective, the causes of these strange pathologies can be attributed to practically everything except SARS COV 2.


Dr. Alejandro.- Are they exaggerated pathological responses to viral exosomes enhanced by electromagnetic radiation?


Anéeka of Temmer.- Having said the above, we do see congruent explaining many of the cases as caused by artificial viral exosomes or caused by artificial detonation activated by electromagnetic frequencies, whether or not they are of the 5G class, since our laboratories have detected the presence of that kind of technology within the so-called vaccines against SARS COV 19. We see it as highly possible that as security, the controllers of the "plandemic" are activating their nanotechnology in groups of people or even particular individuals, in regions chosen by them, for whatever reasons were intended to test the operation of the system.

What the vaccines contain is basically nanotechnology with extremely advanced genetic alteration capacity for the terrestrial level, which needs data transmission networks using microwave and / or electromagnetic fields as a method of control over inoculated people in order to convert their bodies and minds in bio-computed transhumanism-like terminals completely under their control.

We are also seeing the ability to alter unvaccinated subjects using the transfer or contagion of technology between the inoculated and the non-inoculated, coupled with the prior presence of such technology that has been ingested and breathed in by the general population for many years as a preparation for the introduction of inoculations that use the SARS COV 2 concept as an excuse to use fear as a method of pressure for the general population to accept them.


Dr. Alejandro.- My sister's husband, an athlete, unvaccinated and 49 years old, was about to die from bilateral pneumonia and although he recovered, he still needs oxygen for almost any activity. I can only explain these pictures because a viral exosome of any coronavirus, or the Spike protein of a vaccinated person, infected that person and then was aggravated by some associated factor.


Anéeka of Temmer.- I understand that this is the simplest explanation and it is highly probable.

However, it falls exactly within the group of cases that we insist that there has always been, but that today is conveniently attributed to SARS COV 2. However, looking at things in detail we see that it also fits as caused by contained nanotechnology in Graphene, even that acquired environmentally in countless products and processed foods, including chemtrails. To these cases must be added causes of injury due to psychological factors associated with the same dynamics of the "plandemic", and these factors of psychological injury should be taken very seriously.


Dr. Alejandro.- Electromagnetic radiation type 5G?


Anéeka of Temmer.- Prolonged and repeated exposure to electromagnetic radiation is enough to cause serious clinical pictures corresponding to the symptoms attributed to SARS COV 2, in addition to serving as a method of control-activation of the technologies contained within the socalled vaccines. Prolonged exposure to Wi-Fi, high voltage cables and other strong electromagnetic sources will cause physical deterioration, weaknesses and diseases of all kinds that can be interpreted as inexplicable and that again are attributed to SARS COV 2.


Dr. Alejandro.- Respiratory or other toxins?


Anéeka of Temmer.- It cannot be ruled out, but it is impossible to determine without the study corresponding to each case. Exposure to asbestos, chemicals, solvents and even fungal spore infections, such as the one that grows on old books in humid places and is almost undetectable, or the dangerous black fungus, which grows in humid places inside houses and buildings, or Allergies of many causes, including food among many other possible factors, cause pictures of severe respiratory diseases congruent with atypical pneumonias that later attribute to SARS COV 2 without any corroboration more than the PCR test already proven as completely false and useless.


Dr. Alejandro.- The hospital's own treatments?


Anéeka of Temmer.- Iatrogenic diseases, latros = medical + gene = cause, for the public, that is, those caused by the doctors themselves or by medical malpractice, according to our latest data, are the third cause of death in the United States only, third after cardiovascular diseases and cancer. This is with accepted official data. In our opinion, given that the causes of the pathologies of deaths from both cardiovascular diseases and cancers are directly caused by medical malpractice that is based on what is dictated by the pharmaceutical companies and the same medical mafia that does not have the health of the public in mind, but their own benefits, we move iatrogenic diseases to the first cause of diseases and deaths on planet Earth that are attributable to a pathology.

I only cite as an example of the above the misconception of what cholesterol is and its effects, uses and causes in the human body. The use and abuse of substances/drugs to lower cholesterol in patients with the subsequent side effects of these drugs that in many cases include death, and also the lack of application to the real understanding of the causes and the appropriate ways to treat cancer with the criminal use of radiotherapies and chemotherapies that only aggravate the cancer, as well as the unnecessary removal of many malignant tumors that during the surgical process only spread the cancer to the surrounding healthy tissue.

With the above as an example, it is seen by us here that the malpractice, application of treatments in hospitals such as the indiscriminate use of respirators, abuse of aggressive medicines and antibiotics, and the serious lack of personalized attention in general caused by an inherent dehumanization of medical personnel, doctors and nurses alike, added to the agendas that the medical mafia imposes on both medical personnel and hospital institutions, are the very cause, notonly of the "plandemic" but also of almost all other conditions and pathologies, whether or not they are called typical or atypical, or unexplained, that are attributed to the presence of a false SARS COV 2.

It is worth mentioning that the same procedure protocols in the face of simple suspicions of a supposedly Sars-Cov-2 picture, meaninglessly discarding all other probable causes, make doctors criminally proceed with aggressive treatments trying to solve a symptomatological picture without having proceeded to a complete investigation of the patient, both physical and environmentalcontextual, which directly causes iatrogenic situations to develop in a quantity and percentage never seen before.


Dr. Alejandro.- Please help me understand what happens in these cases.

2-Vaccines. I believe that vaccines are self-replicating genetic poisons that force our cells to manufacture the Spike protein without stopping and that this protein travels through the blood vessels to the finest capillaries where an immonothrombosis phenomenon occurs that causes the disease lesions.


Anéeka of Temmer.- The Spike protein for us here has another explanation that I will give in detail in the Annex Document.


Dr. Alejandro.- However, you only talk about the damage caused by the toxic materials that vaccines contain: Graphene, Polyethylene glycol, heavy metals, DNA, mRNA, human fetal tissue.


Anéeka of Temmer.- The data on this subject, we have given so far in conversation format, that tends to only focus on isolated aspects of the problem contained in the inoculations and not on the complete picture. However, in other conversations we have mentioned points like this one above.


Dr. Alejandro.- Is the explanation of the Spike protein false?


Anéeka of Temmer.- The problem of the Spike protein is complex, it has another explanation that I will give in the Annex Document.


Dr. Alejandro.- Do vaccines really make our cells manufacture that protein?


Anéeka of Temmer.- Yes, as will be seen in detail in the Annex Document.


Dr. Alejandro.- Is this protein the one that causes the organic lesions seen in autopsies?


Anéeka of Temmer.- The main cause is Graphene itself.


Dr. Alejandro.- Are they really due to autoimmune reactions that cause immonothrombosis phenomena in the capillaries of the lung and other organs?


Anéeka of Temmer.- Yes, autoimmune reactions are causing thrombosis in all organs, but especially in the lung, since it tries to expel graphene.


Dr. Alejandro.- Is this protein the cause of the complications and death of those vaccinated, or are they due to the rest of the toxins they contain?


Anéeka of Temmer.- What causes death in vaccinated people is a complex process that varies from subject to subject, as will be explained in the Annex Document.


Dr. Alejandro.- In addition to circulating in the blood, can the Spike protein be expressed on the surface of the cells that make it?


Anéeka of Temmer.- Yes, it will be explained in detail in the Annex Document.


Dr. Alejandro.- How is RNA from vaccines introduced into our DNA?


Anéeka of Temmer.- It will be explained in detail in the Annex Document.


Dr. Alejandro.- Is it by reverse transcriptases or by another mechanism?


Anéeka of Temmer.- By reverse transcription assisted by nanotechnology as will be explained later in the Annex Document.


Dr. Alejandro.- Can the Spike protein act as a prion in the brain and cause neurodegenerative diseases such as bovine encephalopathy, mad cows?


Anéeka of Temmer.- Definitely yes. Details will be explained in the Annex Document.


Dr. Alejandro.- Can we suffer a Covid-like clinical picture from getting the Spike protein from a vaccinated person?


Anéeka of Temmer.- Definitely yes. As symptomatology congruent to what is classified as Covid. It will be explained in detail in an Annex Document.


Dr. Alejandro.- How do vaccines cause sterility, damaging the syncytium of the placenta or destroying the spermatogonia of the testicle?


Anéeka of Temmer.- Without ruling out what you have mentioned, the process is through the replacement of specific DNA chains that control the reproductive processes within the gonads with the use of synthetic retroviruses assisted by nanotechnology.


Dr. Alejandro.- Does a vaccinated person infect an unvaccinated person through mRNA, DNA, or the Spike protein?


Anéeka of Temmer.- Definitely yes. But it is complex. Details will be explained in the Annex



Dr. Alejandro.- Can it be transmitted through breast milk, mother-child, semen via sexual intercourse, saliva, kisses, sprays, close cough?


Anéeka of Temmer.- Definitely yes. It can be spread in these ways and also from the air, however, it seems that it has a range of two meters, directly, as far as direct exosome is concerned.


Dr. Alejandro.- Is Graphene formed only by hexagons or penta-exa-hepta graphene?


Anéeka of Temmer.- Graphene is nanotechnological, it proceeds to form within the body as it is remotely programmed or pre-programmed, taking the necessary structures for each job that it intends to carry out. We see that this confuses human researchers who apparently want to catalog it in a fixed structural way, cataloging it with and as the variants known as heptagrafen, when in reality it has the ability to adapt to many forms and change its exact molecular or atomic composition or shape. Adapting to the requirements of the moment. This is done with structural programming of Graphene at the atomic level.


Dr. Alejandro.- Can Graphene self-assemble in our brain tissue and be used to manipulate us?


Anéeka of Temmer.- Yes, as will be seen later.


Dr. Alejandro.- Can electromagnetic pulses deactivate them permanently?


Anéeka of Temmer.- In our last experiments it is only deactivated momentarily and while the electromagnetic pulse is activated, when it is turned off they will return to normal.


Dr. Alejandro.- Can Graphene enter our body, through the air or through the digestive tract?


Anéeka of Temmer.- Yes, nanotechnological Graphene is being introduced to the general population in industrialized food, in hygiene and cleaning products and through the use of aerosols such as chemtrails.


Dr. Alejandro.- I apologize for asking this question, but I wanted to ask most of my doubts so that I could later transmit them to other doctors and scientists on Earth. Unfortunately I will not be able to reveal who has given me the information because they would take me for crazy. I will use the information to search for terrestrial information to substantiate the information you give me in a way that is convincing to terrestrial ones.


Anéeka of Temmer.- On the contrary, thank you, Dr. Alex, for working together with us. Your questions are very precise and necessary, and they help me personally to visualize and have a clearer idea in which direction I should focus my research efforts on this topic and how to present everything to the public.


Dr. Alejandro.- I can only give infinite thanks for your work, support and love for humanity. For me you are older brothers of light and knowledge to whom I ask for help. I know that you contact very few people on Earth directly, and I don't think I deserve it, but I still wanted to ask for the possibility of some kind of direct communication with you, even if it was very punctual and occasional. If this is not possible, I would like to keep open the possibility of asking you questions through Gosia.

That alone is an immense honour and that I interpret as such. My only intention is to use that information for the benefit of humanity. I send you all my love, respect and admiration. Alexander.


Anéeka of Temmer.- On the contrary, thank you for your enormous effort and for getting closer to us. Communication with you is still open by these means. A big hug. Anéeka.


Anéeka of Temmer.- Another thing that was missing in the report, but it is that it was already too much and it came out or was missing, Graphene sometimes takes the form of sharp things inside the body and is thermo sensitive. Those forms are not there and suddenly they are there because

Graphene forms them like broken glass crystals. They cut the blood vessels inside. And another way in which nano graphene ignites is when it comes into contact with body heat, at degrees of human body, that is, between 36 ° and 38 ° C.

* * *



Covid Vaccines Analyzed by Taygetan Lab - Complete Report - Graphene, Nanotechnology, and Transhumanism


October 19, 2021, spacecraft Toleka, low Earth orbit.


Laboratory report of substances found in bottles labelled as SARS CoV-2 vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca.


Dr. Anéeka of Temmer.

Dr. Surgeon Senetre of Erra.

Dr. Dhor Kaal'el of Temmer.


Star Ship Toleka Medical Laboratory TPT-001, October 2021



Main equipment and methods of observation and study:


- Optical bifocal microscope, Mag x1500 max.

- Optical microscope, Mag x1500 max, computerized.

- Electronic microscope, Mag x200,000 max, computerized.

- Molecular and subatomic emitted frequencies Spectroscope.

- Gravitational electronic interferometer microscope with mass-specific-gravity mapping capability, with subatomic component detection capability, coupled with medical quantum-holographic computer with high-definition hologram data monitor. With the capacity of reading materials at nuclear-level capacity and of classification of substances, samples and biological tissues and the capacity of mapping or reading cellular DNA of such samples.


- Quantum holographic computer with Medical program with detailed simulation of the entire human body with all its biological processes, for prediction of progressive development with time frame. Same for other non-human species studied.


- 150 human tissue cultures grown in Medical Pod to study reactions in real time.


- 30 non-human tissue cultures grown in Medical Pod to study reactions in Lyrian, Andromedan, Arcturian-Dieslientiplex and Urmah species.


-50 bottles of Pfizer COVID 19 Vaccine, 5 doses of 0.3ml.

-50 bottles of Moderna Vaccine COVID 19, 10 doses x 0.5ml.

-50 bottles of AstraZeneca COVID 19 Vaccine, 10 doses x 0.5ml.



Large mass of particles of substance congruent with Graphene with an atomic and molecular structure partially in disorder and partially ordered in crystalline form of synthetic artificial origin found inside all of them.


The mode or method of production of such particles exceeds the technological level of present human civilization, since for their production what is needed are the replicator devices based on technology of creation of matter from energy with the use of controlled frequencies and harmonics. Congruent with matter replicators used at the technological level of highly advanced non-human races, members of the Federation of United Planets.


It involves arranging individual atoms to form particles with crystalline order. In such order lies the magnetic capacity or frequency and electrical properties of the remaining molecule which on Earth is being called Graphene. It involves the technological ability to create an intelligent particle with variable, size but which is only about 10nm in size, made with less than 60 atoms, that is 10 times smaller than an average virus-exosome.


Graphene as a material is extremely resistant, flexible, with transparent properties if grouped in the right crystalline form, it is thermally conductive, electrically conductive, and highly magnetic or magnetisable. By grouping its molecules in a single plane, a Graphene structure or sheet can be only one atom thick. It is probably the strongest material known to the human race.


A single atom of Carbon, the basis of Graphene, consists of 6 protons, 6 (or 7) neutrons and 6 electrons (666).


**Images not supported**


Atomically programmed Graphene is capable of forming any structural shape combining many of its molecules. This is achieved by activating or deactivating attachment points or bonding points on each molecule using an electromagnetic response at a specific frequency of each group of bonding points of the artificially prepared molecules.


The electromagnetic frequencies that control the Graphene can be programmed and transmitted over airborne microwave frequencies including the shape itself which the Graphene will take, down to the smallest detail, in progression until the desired structure is formed.


The Graphene in the vaccine bottles has very low magnetism until it is introduced into a living tissue where it is activated and begins its pre-programmed process. The moment it enters the body, Graphene becomes highly magnetic. The same field of electrochemical and biological frequencies of the body triggers the programmed Graphene by turning it on. This is achieved by re-clustering the molecules in the Graphene to the structure necessary to generate magnetic polarity, it is ignited by contact in close proximity to a living organism and its bio electric properties.


The Graphene travels through the bloodstream to the whole body adhering to the tissues in the process, it is found in a higher concentration in the tissues where there is a higher concentration of Graphene molecules per ml (milliliters) of blood, i.e., those close to the point of entry of the inoculation, which explains the magnetized arms that are reported worldwide.


Upon reaching a living tissue, Graphene will adhere to the cell walls and enter each cell by filtering through the cell membrane due to its very small size. Once inside each cell, the Graphene moves between the organelles and penetrates the cell nucleus where it will adhere to the cell's DNA.


Graphene forms nano-tubule-like structures around the cellular DNA and in direct contact with it, sequestering or caging it:


**Images not supported**


Right away, each nanotube segment will react to the electromagnetic-bioelectrical properties and specific electric resistance of each component of cellular DNA; Adenine, Thiamine, Guanine, Cytosine, or A-T-G-C. And its reaction between the pores or openings of the Graphene lattice will create an exact copy of the DNA structure, but with magnetic properties, inside the nanotube structure that envelops the cellular DNA, and with this procedure the Graphene can decode the DNA inside each cell and is able to be read or transmitted in a technological way, similar to that of a computer hard disk, same principle.


Once the cellular DNA is decoded the Graphene will react in a pre-programmed manner or by remote activation using microwaves congruent to 5G frequencies between 3.4 GHz and 29.8 GHz, but not only.


With specific genes decoded or found, the Graphene segment in question will attract a Graphene counterpart that has a corresponding sequence-frequency and that is also found in the blood of inoculated people. This Graphene contains mRNA sequences which is RNA programmed and coded for a specific protein, with a view of changing a particular DNA sequence.


The mRNA is extracted by the same nano-Graphene with the above procedure from the cell base-traces of organisms present in the vaccine. These include Stem Cells from human fetuses, apes fetuses, bovines and other vertebrates and invertebrates that we have not yet been able to fully identify at this point, including cells and DNA from Hydra vulgaris that Graphene has been able to isolate and with which Nano-Graphene, either in a fully pre-programmed manner or remotely controlled by 5G signals and the like, will take its genetic sequences as a basis or resource to form mRNA strands with which to proceed to replace the original DNA strands of the human cells of the inoculated subject.


The Nano-Graphene particle is attracted to a cell and groups of cells that form specific tissues by means of corresponding electromagnetic micro-frequencies and contained as properties of the Nano-Graphene structures themselves. These particles in the manner of artificial viruses with their mRNA content will perform any genetic change within the cellular DNA using the reverse transcription procedure but guided by these artificial particles.


Likewise, vaccines already contain Nano-Graphene encapsulating mRNA sequences from the factory, specific mRNA to replace particular genes within the cells of exact tissues within the body of the inoculated persons.


Nano-Graphene as a pre-programmed smart dust is capable of altering the human genome either in part, specific genes, such as those controlling the reproductive system or parts of it, genes controlling neural processes in the brain of the inoculate, or completely changing the entire human genome. And this process can be controlled remotely. Turning the human body into a biological puppet at the mercy of the decisions of whoever controls this technology.


With this technology, a population, a small group within a population, or a specific individual can be rendered sterile. The latter appears to be a pre-programmed process within the smart Nano-Graphene independent of outside instructions. It can also activate specific genes or deactivate them causing the effects desired by those who control this technology, such as the appearance of all kinds of diseases and medical conditions associated with genetic problems, as well as cancers. The emergence and control over so-called viral diseases in a group of people or specific individuals can also be achieved.


In different reactions, the Graphene itself is enough for the inoculate to develop systemic inflammatory problems with a cytokine storm that will cause adverse body reactions such as the development of thrombi and blood clots, without the presence of any protein called Spike as it is being called in many circles, and some of the first places that will be affected by this will be the lungs and brain.


We see the very concept of the Spike Protein as an attempt of a terrestrial explanation to a process that is much more complicated. It is true that there are protein capsules that could be categorized as Spike Protein, or as synthetic viruses, but as I have described above, these proteins are being assembled by the mRNA contained in the Graphene particles, i.e., normal human science will only see the Graphene micro particle and not the mRNA content which in turn changes the DNA of the cells with which it comes in contact with. In other instances, human science will only be able to find specific mRNA molecules and not the Graphene that controls them from inside.


Likewise, these proteins, many of which can be catalogued as Spike, are the raw or prime material for the Graphene to have genetic resources to make subsequent changes to the DNA of the subject. Although not all inoculated subjects will be given or will be caused the same changes, Nano-Graphene will have the ability to have the option to resort to it, at least as a latent potential, as an option.


With this technology, the controllers of all this are given a complete DNA database of the entire human population, at least the inoculated one.


The nano-Graphene itself reacts to the stimulus of a specific signal in the 5G range by bouncing a signal back to the sender and containing the complete database not only of the entire genome of each inoculated individual but also of the progress of the mutation.


This nano technology forms and establishes an internal reaction to auditory stimuli or sounds, which means it has the ability to transmit and receive audio as a microphone within the inoculated subject itself, as well as the ability to transmit vibrations that the individual would interpret as voices in his head, also stimulating specific groups of neurons, taking synthetic telepathy to a broader and more efficient level with a view to mass manipulation.


Taking this a step further, as Graphene nanotechnology passes with great ease through the blood barrier of the human brain, due to its small size, it then lodges between neurons and between their dendrites, effectively controlling the Axiomatic depolarisations and the timing and quality of neurotransmitters, as well as the exact bio-electrical frequency of each individual depolarization. This creates the ability to not only read the depolarisations and interactions between brain neural networks and transmit it to the 5G network, but also has the ability to implant thoughts and ideas by controlling the dynamics of bio-electrical and chemical-neurotransmitter frequencies in the brain. This kind of neuronal control by electromagnetic frequencies, Artificial Neuro Modulation, or ANM, and also by altering the DNA of nerve cells, will generate an effect of apoptosis or cell death, severe loss of neurons.


Parasites found in vaccines:

-Microfilaria: In Pfizer brand, in 15 out of 50 dose-bottles, Moderna 35/50.

-Toxoplasma gondii: In Moderna: 28/50, Pfizer: 8/50, AstraZeneca: 32/50.

-Trypanosoma brucei: In Moderna: 12/50, Pfizer: 38/50, AstraZeneca: 22/50.


In other words, not all visible parasites, in any of their different stages of their cycle or in genetic traces, were found in all vaccines of the same lot, and content will vary from brand to brand. But evidence of parasites was found in all the vaccine samples from the 150 dose bottles that were tested, in 3 boxes with 50 each one of them, and from each brand. We find it highly likely that other types of parasites may be found in other different samples that we simply did not have available.


**Images not supported**


We found observable parasitic variants that are not within my database and we have not yet been able to catalogue them or relate them according to any current human classification. And it is highly possible that some of them are genetically engineered, i.e., vaccine-specific, genetically designed for vaccines and not found in a free, or natural state. These were found in all 150 samples.


We also found highly magnetic crystalline-transparent Graphene structures with worm-like shapes due to their inter-particle bonds that under a microscope may be mistaken for parasites. This does not exclude the presence of all the detectable parasites described above. This also includes the presence of black Graphene in a worm like, or thread like shape that are congruent with Morgellons disease.


It is also worth mentioning that the content of the inoculations is not uniform even within the same lot and box of a single brand, but varies from bottle to bottle, which supports the fact that they can be used to give a specific dose to each person at the will of those who control the Plandemic. This at least in the 150 samples we had available. So contents of other samples and of other brands may differ from ours.


Spike Protein: Spike protein is understood as the virus envelope itself, the parts of the virus that attach to cell receptors.


We found no evidence of Spike protein congruent with SARS CoV-2 or any SARS-type virus within the inoculations which unequivocally rules out the contents of these as a vaccine since they contain no biological substance with which to manufacture or cause antibodies.


However, since a true zoo of organic and inorganic material was found inside each bottle, the presence of proteins in a state or size smaller than 100 nm can be interpreted as some kind of virus or exosome inside the substance but as a result of the biological chaos inside and not congruent with any SARS virus. However, I do not see this as justification or excuse that these may be the antibody-causing reagents as they are of a very wide and chaotic variety and none correspond to SARS or SARS CoV-2 and are just the Spike proteins one would expect to find within a soup of biological material.


We believe that the adverse reactions attributed to the Spike proteins that many researchers report are not coming from this class of proteins per-se, but are being confused with the highly toxic reactions caused by the Graphene itself.


I must make it very clear that the Graphene in the inoculations changes shape and molecular composition or particle composition at will because it is nano technology, and in addition to black Nano Graphene there is a high content of crystalline Nano Graphene present which is transparent, and because of its molecular size smaller than that of any virus it is undetectable inside cells, even more so inside a tissue or inside a blood clot being studied by human medical science with a view to finding its cause. Also, Nano Graphene will not react to the chemical reactant used to detect and classify the biological content of a tissue or blood sample. It will not be found under optic microscopy and under electronic microscopy at best it may be seen as a series of translucent fibroids as long as the concentration of the Nano Graphene allows it.


In other words, what is causing the clots is the Graphene itself and not a Spike protein.


Nano particles of Lipids, and heavy metals: steel, iron, barium, strontium 38, titanium, gold and aluminum in traces found in the structural interlacing of the Graphene found in the inoculations, which cause blood clotting reactions: The formation and appearance of blood fibroids by red blood cells is instantaneous when a normal blood sample is contaminated with the substance in the inoculations at the observed studied amount of 1/100 parts. This clotting reaction was observed in all tissue samples and also in the predictive computermodels alike with results congruent with each other. Substances in inoculations cause blood clots, period.

Yet I do not rule out that the sea of biological material can also cause clots as it causes all sorts of adverse bodily reactions. This in itself is the very purpose of the presence of such genetic and tissue material as well as providing a varied source of non-human and human DNA-strands to supply raw material to the nano technology to form mRNA/pRNA polymerase so that it can make changes to the DNA of the human cells of the inoculate as required and commanded through 5G networks and the like.


Another use we see for the presence of assorted biological material within inoculations: Human and simian stem cells, complex fetal tissue, inside the substance, i.e., multiple fetal cells, still cellular bonded, of human, bovine and simian origin, among other difficult to identify cells and tissues, are to cause an overload and collapse of the inoculated person's immune system in a progressive manner which in the first instance causes opportunistic diseases of all kinds to be generated, in addition to autoimmune conditions, the whole array of problems that are caused by a collapsed immune system similar to what is described in patients diagnosed with HIV, but very fast as in a few days or months, in some cases, only in minutes or hours.


We see this overloading of the immune system as part of the necessary framework to be provoked within each inoculated patient to occupy and weaken the immune system while the Graphene nano technology acts and performs its programmed internal changes inside the human body, and to maximize its efficiency.


There are human studies that assure that Graphene is not toxic and does not cause any reaction, but first of all, there are multiple types of Graphene, some are not toxic and others are. But I must emphasize that we are not talking about the presence of inert Graphene here but of nanotechnology that uses Graphene as the main raw material, nanotechnology made mainly of Graphene, but not only, because as I mentioned before, we have found different metals, described above, intertwined in the crystalline matrix of the Graphene itself, placed there because they give the nanotechnology flexibility in its reactions to different microwave frequencies emitted mainly by 5G networks, since 5G by its greater bandwidth or bandwidth capacity is suitable for control over the nano-particles of Graphene. As components to make this nano technology work.


These are intelligent nano particles, or nano dust, that are built using several elements, listed above, and Graphene is only their main component.


I use the term Nano-Graphene above because Graphene is the main component used for the fabrication of smart particles congruent with even nano-robots, but I stress that it is not the only material needed for such nanotechnology to work. Remembering that this kind of technologies are controlled by means of specific micro frequencies as exact energetic directions for each group of nanoparticles and also exact for each individual nanoparticle if necessary.


This can be explained by assigning each nanoparticle a number that represents the micro frequency to which it will react when it is received. This will cause the nanoparticle to turn on or off receptors on its surface that allow it to either attach to other nanoparticles to form more complex structures, or also attach to tissue or individual cells within the inoculated subject. These nanoparticles, or nano Graphene’s, move mainly in clusters with the same assigned frequency. Some of these clusters are the worm like shapes we described above.


Not all nanoparticles found in inoculations, misnamed vaccines, have the same structure or attributes and can be categorized into two main groups:


A.) Those of action or structure, which form more complex objects such as the nano tubules that read and decode the DNA in the nucleus of cells and…


B.) The containers which are the Graphene nanoparticles that contain and transport genetic material in the form of RNA and mRNA (m=messenger) ready to start the reverse transcription process, thereby mutating the original DNA at the request of the program that controls the nanotechnology. I also refer to these containers as synthetic nanotechnological viruses.


In the case of type A.), they can adhere to the receptors themselves or Spike proteins of a virus-exosome of organic origin and change their properties and their attributes of connection with the cellular receptors, according to their program.


In the case of B.) they not only carry RNA, mRNA but also enzymes necessary for the reverse transcription process. This mRNA, pRNA and their enzymes are produced within the original cells of the inoculated subjects and are transported through the bloodstream using natural exosomes controlled by nano-Graphene, and we also observed that this nano-Graphene type B.) is also capable of transporting mRNA and enzymes on its own.


**Images not supported**


Shedding or transmission-contagion:


In both the organic cell cultures and in the predictive human body model created by Holographic Computer, a strong body toxicity reaction was observed congruent with the presence of chemical poisons combined with invasion of biological material causing strong immune responses and sources of infection.


The body's reaction is that of alarm, with a highly toxic condition in the tissues particularly in the brain, lung, liver and kidneys, in that order, causing visible tissue damage.


This reaction is also caused by a change in oxygen carrying capacity due to reduced and interfered action of blood hemoglobin, coupled with a general impoverishment of capillary blood circulation affecting the entire body with especially noticeable effects on the eyes, brain, and reproductive system in both men and women, among other places.


This causes conditions of lack of oxygenation, hypoxia, and a lack of correct and nutritious cellular environment, which unequivocally causes cellular micro-necrosis to cellular necrosis, or apoptosis with the appearance of conditions of extreme toxicity in tissues which in turn will cause the production of cellular exosomes intended to alarm other cells, to inform them of the problem they have, and as a method of expelling contaminants and toxins that are invading them, the cells.


These cells in a state of alarm will go into survivalmode and not into a normal reproductive mode, and this is a state or condition in the tissues that highly propitiates the appearance of cancerous tumors. Appearance of Cancers.


The inoculation of this so-called vaccine causes cancer!


These exosomes secreted by the tissue in alarm state are excreted from the body of the inoculated individual through his body fluids and through his own respiration. If another non-inoculated individual is in the presence of the inoculated individual and presents a physiological state that corresponds to the code or message of one of these exosomes or viruses of the inoculated person, this other one will then present the corresponding symptomatic reaction.


And such symptomatology may or may not correspond to any viral diseases that may already be known, starting a chain reaction by way of contagion between inoculated and non-inoculated alike, but emphasizing that the inoculated will always have a much weaker immune system than a non-inoculated, thus reducing their expectations of good recovery.


Therefore non-vaccinated people are stronger and have a standing chance to survive this bioweapon attack upon the human race, than an inoculated person whose chances are close to none.


The inoculated individual presents a constant release of nano-Graphene that can be introduced into the organism of non-inoculated individuals, where on a small scale or in the measure of its quantity, it will begin to activate as it has been programmed, trying to make the corresponding genetic changes in said non-inoculated individuals.


Whether or not a non-inoculated individual presents symptoms or adverse reactions will depend on the degree of exposure to an inoculated individual or individuals and the strength or physical condition of the non-inoculated individual and the general state of his/her immune system. Being that the exposed parts of the non-inoculated individual, such as lung and mucous membranes, are the most vulnerable to suffer alterations and immunological reactions to the presence of natural exosomes due to extreme toxicity of the inoculated people’s tissues, and the artificial exosomes due to nano-Graphene being released and spread by the said inoculated individual.


Likewise, the first point where the nano-Graphene will act by its pre-programming is in the reproductive system of the individuals, leaving them sterile.


As I have already mentioned above, the Nano Graphene produces artificial viruses or exosomes using the very cells of the inoculated person. The nano Graphene attached to the artificial viruses it has produced is secreted and dispersed by the inoculated persons as exosome-viruses produced by nano technology which in turn contain that same nano technology in the shape of Nano Graphene from person to person, from inoculated person to non-inoculated person.


Another important point is that nano Graphene is not only found in vaccines but in countless processed foods, human contact chemicals such as cosmetics and creams, cooking oils and within other medications whether injectable or oral. It is found in pesticides and artificial fertilizers, in automotive fluid oils and lubricants, automotive oil, and hydraulic fluid, among countless other places. Nano Graphene is also found in the Chemtrails with which the Earth has been systematically sprayed for years.


This not only facilitates the spread of synthetic viruses between people whether inoculated or not but, causes abnormally high electromagnetic reactivity in all organic tissue, including plant life.


The control of both biological and behavioral responses by Artificial Neuro Modulation technologies has been going on for years, and the inoculation agenda using the non-existent SARS CoV-2 as an excuse only further accelerates the process of absolute control by use of specific frequencies controlled by highly advanced AI Computers beyond the reach and comprehension of the average Earth population. Process of Trans-humanism and assimilation of terrestrial Biology, especially the human one, to an internet-like control network of all things.


The most serious part of this is that the average person does not see that it is not only about how they will be able to access the internet but how the internet will be able to access them. The system, the Cabal that controls the Earth, will have absolute control over what they do and what the human population even thinks by implanting thoughts and feelings using this technology.


The Nano Graphene present in the inoculations will not only serve as a method of immediate control and extermination of the human population, but also functions as a method of controlled genetic change to adapt biological bodies, especially humans, to be part of a controlled information network-Internet.


Everybody, as is the case of the human body, is a complex biochemical-electrical system that needs a very fine and specific balance in order to function. Any alteration in body frequencies, such as those caused by nano Graphene, causes serious damage to the whole system, and such a sudden imbalance, as when someone has just been inoculated, is enough to cause loss of consciousness, fainting, and even death.


A biologically and mentally controlled human being, as intended, no longer has the slightest free will, although it is possible for such a being to believe that his thoughts and decisions are his own, and not imposed upon him with technology. His life experience will be, and is, totally diminished.


Due to frequency incompatibility, the soul retracts, leaving the body as a remotely controlled biological robot with a hive mind. This incompatibility of frequencies causes the original soul, a signal from Source itself, to no longer link or tune into the body. This technology alters the existential frequency of a biological body making it incompatible with the original Soul signal from Source, the field of oneness. And like this, the Controllers of Earth can push away the Souls they do not want inhabiting Earth and favor the ones they do want.


This technology has the ability to alter body frequencies to make them compatible to be inhabited, parasitized or used, by all kinds of entities, from the so called lower Astral, or regressive extra-terrestrial races which the Cabal wishes them to enter the Earth plane, also called physical plane.


Warning: It has been long said that dark and evil entities from the so called Lower Astral are always looking for a way into the physical realm, this is a perfect way to adapt human bodies to be used by them.


There are also countless cases of people being technologically attacked, or being caused unexplained physical or health afflictions or illnesses. The normal established Earth medical system and science cannot handle this kind of situations as it is completely unaware of this kind of remote-control technologies on the human body and biology, on the very thinking-process of a human being. It can be said that these are the so called “Targeted Individuals” we have been hearing of for years now.


This explains in large part the countless cases of unexplained illnesses, many of which are associated with a non-existent SARS CoV-2 or with mental or psychosomatic illnesses. It is highly probable that the system that controls the Graphene through Cellular Telephone networks, whether or not they are in the 5G frequency range, may be carrying out efficacy tests on individuals at random or on individuals that the very system or Cabal has labelled as dangerous or rebellious.


I insist that one does not have to be inoculated with the false vaccine against the non-existent SARS CoV-2 to be susceptible or victim of this kind of technologies, since Graphene is everywhere. Whether it is just normal Graphene or technological Nano Graphene, even so its mere presence in the organism increases the reactivity of biological tissues to electromagnetic fields.


Perhaps the most serious point is to realize that the average people will not have the capacity to understand all this happening, as they will take it as Science Fiction or exaggerations, but still it will affect them, and is affecting them, as their reactions of lack of awareness and denial about this have the hallmark of being mind-controlled in favor of the system, in a kind of mental lethargy state, to which few turn out to be immune against, those who realize what is actually happening.


Likewise, it has been claimed that biology, DNA, always returns to its original pattern, and this is still true. However, this nano-technological system causes constant damage to the biological system, to DNA, so it no longer functions under the same principles as before. Principles that use manifestation of subtle etheric energies on the organic matter or DNA, this is being changed by an electromagnetic system of specific controlled frequencies that prevent the original and natural process of DNA manifestation to work.


Needless to say, the consequences of all this are extremely serious.


This present document represents the combined effort of our crew towards the end of October 2021. By no means does it mean that the data is completely definitive, nor does it include all processes or things that inoculations cause. There will also be an evolution on our observations so we will give timely updates as they arise. We see that other researchers are coming to other conclusions that complement each other, each at their own level and ability.



20211101-Taygeta- Life- on-other-planets- The- Proceonians  





Cristina: The other day you told us about the planets Tau-Cete, GJ 667C -c, GJ 667C-e and

Kepler 296-e. And how are these planets? Are they planets similar in climate and temperature to Earth?


Anéeka of Temmer: Yes. They are M-class temperate planets, all very similar to Earth. They are 'Lands'. That is to say, sea, with parts of dry land with plants and animal life.

They have a soft atmosphere, mostly oxygen and nitrogen, with clouds that control the climate.

Planet classes according to temperature:

Class D: Planetoid or moon with little or no atmosphere.

Class H: Generally uninhabitable.

Class J: Gas giant.

Class K: Habitable, as long as pressure domes are used.

Class L: Marginally habitable, with vegetation but no animal life.

Class M: Terrestrial.

Class N: Sulfuric.

Class R: A rogue planet, not as habitable as a terrestrial planet.

Class T: Ultra gas giant.

Class Y: Toxic atmosphere, high temperatures.

But I have no range of temperatures. For me what is a rank on planets like Earth, Alfrata, Cyndriel,

Erra, or Temmer, is just the average of the temperatures on the planet.

For example, on Earth -80°C is a typical winter in Siberia. But it is not the average Temperature. Besides that the classification by letter of the Planets is a human scheme.




Cristina: And how do you classify them?


Anéeka of Temmer: We classify them simply by temperature range like humans, or by the degree of evolution of their inhabitants. But not because of its habitability like humans, because the problem is that humans assume that a very cold or very hot planet cannot support life. But it cannot support life like that of Earth or like that of Temmer or Erra for example, which is essentially the same biology or biological dynamics, but it can support another kind of life adapted to those conditions.

So again it is humans assuming that only exists biological life as it is known on Earth. And to a certain extent it is logical because for them there is no evidence that any other kind of life can exist. But for us it is different. An atmosphere of sulfuric acid with temperatures between 100°C and 200°C can support not only life but an advanced civilization. They just won't look like us.


Cristina: Thank you, very interesting, and how is a civilization in an atmosphere of sulfuric acid?


Anéeka of Temmer: There are many kinds of beings in such atmospheres. Their biology is silicon-based not carbon. They are insectoid-like beings like mollusks with an exoskeleton. They do not mess with anyone, and we are not compatible as for exo-politics. But there is mutual respect.

This is an example of an advanced race which is simply incompatible with ours by being extremely different. We do not understand well how they live or their culture for that very reason. But like the Lyran races, those too have thousands upon thousands of variants on difficult planets or hostile to us.


Estel·la: Truly tireless the variety of the universe, and who are the Procyonians?


Anéeka of Temmer: Procyonians, there are two ways of looking at that word.

1.- Inhabitants of Proceon, the solar system. Members of the Federation, human appearance.

2.- Inhabitants of Procyon, third planet of the Taygeta solar system. Same as the other Taygeteans. They are the same race, same culture.

Proceon/Procyon, I've seen you use both for the same thing, it shouldn't be like that. I do make a distinction.


Estel·la: Oh ok thanks, we were referring to the Proceonians then.


Anéeka of Temmer: This is an important note to clarify. Proceoneans are more 'human'. Active members of the Federation. Total human-like appearance, the type who can wear a pair of jeens and AC / DC t-shirt and they pass for human. They are positive and spiritual.


Estel·la: Are they from 5D, too?


Anéeka of Temmer: Yes 5D.

Procyon A and Procyon B. Binary system, distance 11.46 light years in the constellation

Canis Major. 7 planets, 2 inhabited, civilization with Patriarchal holographic political form. Kind and positive relations with the Council of Alcyone. They are present in

Earth orbit right now, fleet of 5 ships to this day.


Cristina: They look human but what kind of appearance? Nordic type?


Anéeka of Temmer: Of the Coppery Nordic Type. That is, with skin color like dark Copper with light colored eyes and blonde hair. They pass for humans, but towards the eccentric.


Estel·la: Is this what they look like?



Anéeka of Temmer: Yes, with light colored eyes, but yeah they look like this, yes.

They are from Canis Major, not Minor. I see on the internet that it says they are from Canis Minor.

But I clarify that my data shows from Canis Major.




Mars & Earth - What´s on Mars? - Extraterrestrial Information - Swaruu of Erra (Taygeta - Pleiades)



Swaruu: The next planet is Earth. I don't know how to talk about Earth without it being a monumental subject.


Robert: Talk about Earth as if Gosia and I were from Venus. And explain to us what Earth is like from the point of view of a race like yours or the Federation.


Swaruu: I don't know what to answer without it becoming a book rivaling the Encyclopedia Britannica. Seriously.


Ok. Earth is a planet composed of several layers of densities all intertwined in disarray and with a number of species living on each apparently separated by densities yet interacting or affecting each other.


The dominant species on Earth is the Kingu, but even within the reptilian hierarchy, there are other species influencing and controlling the Kingu, by far the most numerous. Those other species are the Usungal, the Naga, and the Draco, as ones with the highest rank. Yet, they are separated into 3 major clans: Vlash, Vlad, and Vrill. They control the Earth although they themselves are being controlled by other races that are not necessarily inhabiting the Earth (Draconians).


After them we have intra-terrestrial races such as the Agarthian also known as the Vulcan race, or volcanic intra-terrestrial... from which comes the concept of Vulcans in Hollywood, which in itself sells them by diverting people´s attention to Mars because of the morphology and color of their supposed planet.


The Agarthans are in trouble now, mostly by the reptilian races, although many, or many colonies are hiding deep inside the Earth and with a higher density, since the Matrix controlling the planet being emission of high energy electromagnetic waves, it has problems crossing large barriers of matter: layers of the Earth crust, therefore so called 5th density and other higher densities of consciousness, of some beings as well, dominates there.


There are a number of beings on Earth depending on which density, I will not name them because there are so many, but they are the ones that appear in the sagas of elves, trolls, hobbits, fairies, mermaids, tritons, among others.


The Earth is hollow but not in its entirety, but it does contain large internal vaults intertwined with large natural and artificial tunnels in smaller quantities. It contains animal and plant life with tectonic and photoluminescence illumination. In part it can be called an inner sun without being a sun.


The shape of the Earth is like a toroid with holes at the ends, the one at the North Pole smaller than the one at the South Pole, and it is non-uniform in shape, i.e., it is irregular, not perfectly spherical. Exaggerating the scale, with bumps and protrusions on one side and hollows or sinks on others. This also causes a non-uniform gravity when viewed from above.


Planet Earth is under a Matrix imposed by frequency manipulation technology mostly for population control. Its satellite, the Moon, is not natural, it is a medium sized spherical spacecraft, discarded due to combat damage during the Tiamat wars 12,500 years ago. (Note that we are in the year circa... 1721 and not in 2019).


Gosia: Why are we in 1721?


Swaruu: In the year of 700 or so, lands were disputed around the Vatican's zone of influence, mostly Italy. By seniority of possession some disputed to be their owners, so those with power in the Vatican claimed that the year was 1000 and not 700, this in order to appropriate them. As at that time they did not count and did not have how to count the years right, normal people were easy prey. It was also used as a distractor, claiming that the year 1000 A.D., was coming and the end of the world, the return of our Lord Jesus Christ... yada, yada. And it has stayed that way. They added 300 years that do not exist.


It is estimated that the actual date may be the year 1719, but it could be as late as the 21. It depends on when was the year zero... that in itself is another problem because nobody agrees (this because it did not happen).


I think the logical date is 1719 by rounding of 300 years. Forget 1721 although it also has a basis.


Gosia: Then 2012 of the Mayan calendar has not arrived yet. As little as this date could mean.


Swaruu: True, they only calculate the year, but the Mayans did not use the Catholic calendar, so other modern people have calculated it.


Robert: Ok. How can it be known when a planet like Earth is already invaded-colonized without its inhabitants being aware of it? I understand that the Earth has been colonized for about 12,500 years and the citizens take as normal certain patterns of behavior that would otherwise indicate that we are already colonized, such as currency, religion and governments.


Swaruu: Rather, the Earth has been colonized for 40,000 years. 12,500 with this lunar Matrix configuration alone.


Apart from piecing together clues and information, thinking outside "the box", the normal citizen cannot know. While from one point of view they are invaded, from another, that of the people who still believe in everything official, they are not invaded because that is their reality. The Newtonian world. From the inside it is not easy to know. It is necessary to have a parameter of comparison that they do not have or few have.


Robert: And the AI is in all this solar system or only on Earth because it is in 3D?


Swaruu: Again, the AI has layers and you would have to define them. Moon control of frequencies is something unique to Earth. And there is AI outside the Earth, it is everywhere, but regarding the one that controls the Earth, it is only found there. It would be necessary to define what type of AI.


Gosia: Going back to 3 factions, or clans... you mentioned Vrill. Does it have to do with the Vril society?


Swaruu: Vrill and the Vril society: The Vril society was the one that was the link between the Reptiles of that faction and the human puppets or "relatives" of these... that is to say, the Nazi. The Vrill Reptiles were the ones who were manipulating the Nazis underneath with Hitler as the organic portal.


All Vrill, Vlad, Vlash are related and work in coordination with each other, but some are stronger than others in various parts of the world.


Robert: Can Earth be called the Reptilian human farm or the planetary prison of the Federation? Which name would be more appropriate?




Swaruu: It is not a Federation prison planet. Prison or prison planet... that is only from one point of view. They don't send anyone to Earth as punishment.


Robert: But it is a Reptilian farm, isn't it?


Swaruu: It is used as a human farm by the Reptiles, yes. But the souls enter on their own and stay because of mind control.





Swaruu: Mars is another book. It is a planet whose surface contained a major planetary civilization, Lyrian base. Completely devastated by Tiamat's wars 12,500 years ago. Ruins remain all over the surface. Contains breathable air but with less oxygen than on Earth. Comparable to trying to breathe on a high mountain range over 4000 to 5000 meters. It is possible but with difficulty and respirators are sometimes necessary. But you can get used to that altitude.


Mostly desert surface with wooded areas, with scrubland on most of the surface. Contains lakes and rivers, some dry, others active. Volcanic activity present and strong, always a factor, as well as multiple earthquakes. Contains much wildlife on the surface, but not even close to how it was before the war.


Mars is inhabited by 3 dominant species and is divided into 3 heavily militarized sectors. They contain strips of several kilometers of mines, machine gun nests, killer robots, electrified barbed wire, motion sensors, plasma turrets and the like.


The 3 species are: Reptiles using human containers working for the Cabal on Earth. Humans - families of said Reptiles, working for them. They move by portal almost exclusively from DUMB on Earth to DUMB on Mars, exactly as shown in the movie Doom. This area is an advanced military base, area of presence of US Marines Space Force. Bastion of the Cabal SSP. Cabal base farthest from Earth at this time.


Next sector is dominated by Maitre. Or Tall Greys. Negative invasive or regressive species allied with the Reptilians in control of Terrestrial Cabal although they are known to fight among each other all the time, they can't agree. Zero empathy. They take feelings as weakness.


Maitre is a race of the secondary type, which is manufactured by another. It was a failed bio experiment by the Draconians to amalgamate their genes with those of some Zeta Reticuli Greys. Resulting in a much larger and stronger species of Greys, with the peculiarities of cruelty and coldness of both species. They got out of control dominating the planet after killing their Draconian (not Alpha Draconian) creators. Shortly thereafter a Lyrian expedition landed there.


Robert: But how do these Maitre reproduce?


Swaruu: They reproduce by test tube or cloning only.


The Lyrians encountered problems with that species which at that time had not yet organized. As the Lyrian expeditionary ship had many problems and many casualties among the crew, they got out of there and no one bothered to look for the Maitre's afterwards, until it was too late. Now they have spread throughout Zeta Reticuli and have made alliances with the regressive races of sauroid origin. They have come to this solar system with their largest forward base located on Mars. They are also found on Earth in DUMB bases mostly as in Dulce New Mexico.


The next sector is dominated by a species of insectoid origin called Aethien Mantis. They call themselves "neutral" but are more of a problem than something "neutral". They have starseeds on Earth like the well-known Simon Parks, among thousands of others.


They are not really or objectively negative. But they just follow their agendas and think very differently than the other races or those in the Federation. They have a hive mind, and a queen who dominates others. They are dangerous and do not hesitate before killing. They are not all love as people are told they are, but they also contain that side. They know they have to be very strong and aggressive when sharing a planet with two other hostile species.


As with so many other species, they are not all as they are talked about in various places. They are also invasive like ants. They defend themselves and step over those who get in their way. They can justify their actions with metaphysical arguments conveniently altered to their needs.


Robert: Are they interstellar? I also have several questions about the face of Mars and all those Cydonia ruins. And whose artificial satellites are on Mars.


Swaruu: The Maitre are interstellar yes.


Satellites on Mars: Of multiple races including human-Cabal.


Also Mantis: They are interstellar.


Colossal face of Mars: It was part of the civilization destroyed in the great war of Tiamat. There are also pyramids everywhere used as zero point power plants.


Ruins: They are all over the surface, in several areas there are major concentrations.


Robert: But where did the Maitres get their technology from? And what degree of consciousness do they have to pilot these ships?


Swaruu: It was donated by the Draco for the Maitres to be their servants, but that did not go as they planned.


Low degree of consciousness: their ships need star portals (wormhole). They cannot modify and shape the ether like more advanced races do, like us.


Robert: Ok, thank you very much. What political system do the Mars Reptiles, the Mantis and the Maitres have? I guess none of these three races are Holographic.


Swaruu: Mantis: Hive mind: Queen and family. Below all the others. Maitre: Invasive hive mind, pyramidal power organization. Reptiles of Mars: 7-level pyramidal (as on Earth because they are the same).


Gosia: Then they are interstellar but of lesser degree. Because it has been said that to be interstellar you have to have high spirituality.


Swaruu: Yes, I have said that. These races use propulsion and star portals. This is not being fully interstellar and they don't have warp, Hyperspace, like we do.


Robert: Thank you. 7 Levels?


Swaruu: 7 Levels or social strata from highest power, cleric, military, corporate nobility, workers. I don't have the names right now.


Gosia: Ok. So... there was the Mars Lyrian race, and it was devastated.


Swaruu: Yes.


Gosia: And so there are no more native Martians? The race is dead?


Swaruu: There are no more natives exterminated all by those 3 races.


Gosia: And the souls? What do you think happened to them? Did they go to the Source and wherever?


Swaruu: All over the cosmos, as you would expect.


Robert: I'm sure they ascended in the absence of the Van Allen belts.


Swaruu: Yes.


Gosia: It is possible that we have people here with this experience in their past lives.


Swaruu: Yes, many are known to be on Earth.


Robert: And the regressive Reptilians who die on Mars, where do their souls go?


Swaruu: They go wherever their personal frequency dictates. As with everyone else.


As a final comment: There is no robot on Mars. They lie to you through their teeth. That is theater. What they see and the rocks they look at with a magnifying glass are either on Canada's Devon Island or in the Mojave Desert. They don't launch anything to Mars. It's all done by portals. They are brainwashing people.




Van Allen Belts, Shumann Resonance, Memories - Athena Swaruu - Extraterrestrial Contact


(Originally in Spanish)


Temporal Slip


Swaruu X (Athena):  Those are current time slip numbers. In 2009 it was 2.5 days on Earth to 1 in Temmer. Today, in Temmer, what you perceive as a normal day with normal duration as you perceive it on Earth today in terms of duration, is equivalent to almost 5 days on Earth. In other words, you live your day in Temmer and at the end of it, almost 5 days will have passed on Earth.


Robert: Would it be the same on all Taygeta planets? 5 Earth days for one Taygeta day globally?


Swaruu X (Athena):  Yes, exactly the same with only minute variations, being that the slowest planet is Dakoté, then Procyon, and the two Erra and Temmer the same. But I am talking about minutes of difference.


I know some people who say that the data are not congruent, that because before we said 2.5 and now 4.7... but they only seek to find faults, they do not realize that the time slip problem is getting worse. In other words, the gap is getting bigger.


That said, there are places or planets orbiting black holes where the time slip is decades on Earth for 1 day there.


A good example of this is shown in science fiction in the recent movie: "Interstellar". Time is not something like a phenomenon, it is not something tangible, much less a wave or particle. What produces it is consciousness, as something inescapable from it.


That is, you cannot be a person or creature that knows itself to exist, "I think therefore I am," without generating a perception of the passage of time, which is just the progression of your own thoughts and perceptions and how you process them.


Robert: So this gap that's getting bigger and bigger... "of time" between Earth and the rest of the planets is due to people's time-consciousnesses (to one's own thoughts and perceptions) that are going down as in "state of mind" because of what they are observing ultimately in this year?


Swaruu X (Athena):  The time-slip gap occurs between Earth and the other planets in other solar systems, i.e., not only does that happen in, or with, Taygeta, but with virtually all places with planets in the same circumstances as those orbiting the star Taygeta.


And yes, yes, it has become more pronounced in the last two years, and strongly so. That is, the gap has increased enormously since 2020 and worsened in 2021. In 2019 the gap was 4.5 to 1, and we are already at 4.7-8 to 1.


Robert: The Earth is going "backwards" then?


Swaruu X (Athena):  In terms of consciousness level, yes, it can be said it is going backwards. But we are talking about collective consciousness which in turn forms the Collective Unconscious which in turn generates the average temporal perception of a planet.


Robert: Is this serious? What are the consequences for humanity? Or does it affect all terrestrial biology?


Swaruu X (Athena):  It is a clear indication that humanity is not progressing. It is a much better and more accurate indication than the Schumann frequency, which in the most recent experiments conducted by the Toleka shows that it has little or nothing to do with the average level of consciousness on Earth. In other words, the Schumann resonance going up means absolutely nothing.


It used to be thought to illustrative how the collective is doing, and many still maintain that. For in collective meditations there has been an extra measurable peak. However, we believe that it is temporary and returns to its usual state after the meditation as the same people who participated in the meditation return to their usual state of living in fear and determinism. Or it may also be that the measurable peaks in the Schumann resonance are simply coincidental.


It is said that the Schumann resonance is like the frequency of the toroid that envelops the Earth and determines its frequency as in its position with 3D, 4D and 5D (except that we have already explained why these "D's" do not exist and are a human mental construct).


While yes, it is a frequency that envelops the Earth, the frequency of the Ionosphere (ie: Schumann resonance), it does not have a full effect on the frequency of the Earth because it is below and within the strong energetic toroid of the Van Allen bands.


The frequency of the Van Allen bands are the ones that determine the existential frequency on Earth and not the frequency of the Ionosphere. By "existential" frequency we mean the cycles per unit of time of the molecular oscillations that compose the matter on the Earth. Being that the time unit part, whatever it is, is relative to the observer and is not a universal constant.


Gosia: Question: You said above that it is the frequency of the Van Allen bands that determine the existential frequency on Earth and not the frequency of the Ionosphere. But it has also been said that Van Allen bands do not matter, that it is the human consciousness that determines its collective existential frequency.


And another point, but then the Van Allen bands do play a role in determining the existential frequency of the population? And I say this also because it has been said that when people are extracted, memories and other functions are activated. But if Van Allen bands don't matter, then why couldn't they be activated already from Earth? As Yazhi says, Van Allen doesn't matter, only the mental state.


But if memories and other things are activated just or shortly after crossing these bands, then it indicates that they DO play a role in the frequency and functioning of the individual, don't they?


Swaruu X (Athena):  The Van Allen bands are the base frequency of the misnamed terrestrial 3D. They generate the psychic sludge that gives the illusion of separation with everything else. But that frequency is very low, it is as if it only reaches the 50 frequency level as an example. And the average human consciousness is 35 and the awakened are at 45, but still below 50. However, if they worked harder, they would go up to say 55, and then the Van Allen bands don't matter. (The scale was just made by me as an example).


So people who have not yet reached a certain level of awareness are invaded by the sludge of artificial 3D, but people who exceed the point or maximum frequency of these bands, escape. They no longer see things as they did before and will never be able to go back to the way they thought before, to the way they decoded reality. So even though the Van Allen bands are there bothering them... people have the ability to transcend them. So they don't really matter.


And if the people would just agree to collectively perceive things more positively, they would make the average human collective thinking ascend beyond the "50 point" escaping that reality. It's not like humans are at 35 points and the awakened are at 45 points when the Van Allen bands are at 500, as in unreachable.


That artificial 3D mud is very superficial, only those who do not understand that all they have to do to see reality for what it is, is to get their heads out of the muddy water get confused and lost. The Van Allen bands are there and at the same time they do not matter, they are not the reason why humanity does not wake up. It is not an excuse.


Gosia: I understand. But they seem quite an obstacle if even none of us here remembers anything, nor do we have more advanced functions activated. If we can't get activated, how will more normal people achieve that? Although I understand that in my case at least not remembering is part of my pod program setting. Not of the state of my consciousness itself.


Swaruu X (Athena):  It is not measured in remembering or recalling data, as fixed memories. Rather, it is measured by remembering who you are inside of you, knowing yourself.


You do not have active memories because they have not been translated into your physical body, but they are what you call astral. It is like dreams. You don't remember them because they are experiences from other realities, and they need to be actively processed by the physical brain to be memories when "back" in the physical.


The brain is the translator. If you don't process them, they are lost, but only from when you are conscious in the physical. That is what the body is for. Without the body you are gone, you are astral. You need to somehow contain a set of ideas that form memories in the physical-brain that will in turn determine a person's ego and self.


If I go down there, to Earth, or anyone else from outside the Earth goes down, we don't forget anything from here. Because the experiences are already contained in the physical body-brain. It is as if dreaming was a streaming video. Signal from the astral entering the physical body, but if you go out of the necessary frequency you lose the signal because you have not "downloaded" the video. I would not forget the life here because it is already in my mental "hard drive". It's just a matter of frequencies, that's all.


The Van Allen bands determine the Earth's average frequency, and at the same time they do not matter for people's awakening. So if the frequency of the Van Allen bands is 50, and being on Earth and from Earth you have lived all your life in level 35, you will not remember anything new, only dreams, dream world. And if you wake up spiritually you would be, say, at 65 of 50, 15 above. Even so you do not remember because you have not physically translated what is not of that 3D frequency to your mental "Hard Disk". So whether you remember or not does not determine your level of consciousness.


Gosia: But if it is not on my Gosia hard disk, why would it suddenly "activate" if I was extracted? I will have the same hard disk. Gosia body. What is there behind the bands that activates these memories? I think that, by logic, if the memories are activated there in my current body, and the memories are something from another "higher reality" that you can translate or not, then by being beyond Van Allen, you must be then in "higher frequencies" that are compatible with these memories... that's why your brain can translate them. ERGO: what is beyond Van Allen is of higher frequency itself. I don't know if I make myself clear.


Swaruu X (Athena):  We have also said that you will not necessarily get your memories back as is, but you will be in a place where it can happen. And also, from the immersion Med Pod you already have hard drive inside the skull of your 5D body, and that would be passed on to you, because you no longer have that memory suppression, and, more importantly, you no longer have the mental programming to block those memories.


Gosia: Hmm... interesting, thinking. And if being here on Earth I transcend the frequency of Van Allen to 65 for example (Van Allen being 50)... in theory then the memories should be activated because that is equivalent to being extracted, isn't it? And now let's not talk about my pod settings, but about any starseed that is here. From the Source.


Swaruu X (Athena):  You will then be in a position to receive those memories but there is nowhere to draw them directly from. Or if the frequency is much higher yes, you should remember more. However, your body itself, the 3D, is manufactured and programmed to contain you within that 3D perception.


Gosia: Why is there nowhere to draw them from? From the Ether. The memories are not in the body, but beyond, in the Ether, aren't they?


Swaruu X (Athena):  Yes, but you must be compatible with each of them, draw them. And yes, downloads do happen.


Gosia: Ok. You say, "However, your body itself, the 3D, is manufactured and programmed to contain you within that 3D perception." 3D body... has to do with DNA? That we are already born into the "limited" body? Limited by collective agreements since millennia?


Swaruu X (Athena):  3D body is made with DNA. DNA that reflects your life plan. And that is due to more advanced agreements from afterlife. And yes, they are contained as code in the DNA.


Gosia: It reflects the life plan, but we are also born to bodies that already have some kind of collective programming too, don't we? Collective genetics that has been built and cemented over the centuries? And I guess that's also why we don't know certain things.


Swaruu X (Athena):  Yes, that is also contained in the DNA.


Gosia: Wow, what a complicated subject.


Swaruu X (Athena):  Yes, and all the answers do not exist, there is still a lot of speculation even here. It is not easy to investigate this.


Robert: Ok, going back to what you were saying before. Schumann frequencies and all this. So neither rays from the center of the galaxy, nor so-called "positronic" particles and all that, do nothing to the collective being "asleep-dispersed" and distracted?


Swaruu X (Athena):  These rays affect every planet and its total frequency by increasing or reducing the frequency in which the planets are immersed in general in the whole quadrant. That is, if the Earth has a frequency of 7.9Hz for example, it will increase the base frequency of the galactic environment. It is raised by an energetic wave coming from the center of the Galaxy, but will return to the original readings as the wave leaves.


Those galactic waves that are also the cause of "storms" in space, of charged particles, are nothing more than a spiral wave of gravity that follows the same spiral motion of the galaxy.


In any galaxy the arms can be observed to rotate because they are the points with greater concentration of matter, i.e.: stars, suns, planets and all that, because they are zones of greater galactic gravitational concentration, so it is there in the arms where matter and energy (being the same thing) are concentrated, formed, or manifested.


But that does not mean that in the points between the arms observable to the naked eye of the galaxy there are no gravitational waves that basically follow the same energetic dynamics, flux, or motion vector, as the rest of the observable arms.


And it is these arms that cause space storms of a transient nature. And as happens with the points of highest concentration of matter-energy in a galaxy, these minor waves will also form, manifest, or also attract particles and gravel, or space grit, that as these waves are formed by gravity, will concentrate on them and follow their vector of motion causing the space storm that we all know, and that is perceived as a spacecraft being stoned by gravel and grit at high speed.


(This also causes spaceflight as NASA tells you to be unfeasible since a delicate and unprotected spacecraft with no energy shields like an Apollo would not survive such an event).


Robert: You said earlier: "The most recent experiments conducted by the Toleka". What experiments are those?


Swaruu X (Athena):  They are experiments of monitors of Earth's ascension from 3D to 4D and 5D as previously explained and believed. These experiments are base or normal for the crews of Federation ships. But Taygeta and we already realized that they are useless since the "D"s do not apply, it is not as they are called on Earth.


Here even without the "D"s it was still thought that there would be ascension, but we understand that there is not, because the Federation itself understands and wants to keep Earth as it is.


Or it holds strong regressive ideas, such as that the Earth cannot ascend with so many inhabitants, therefore the vast majority of them must be gotten rid of. (Strong suspicion against the Federation, which Yazhi and I see).


Robert: But when the "wave" leaves, the frequency will always be, even if just a little bit, higher than the old original reading or so I understood.


Swaruu X (Athena):  Yes, the Schumann resonance is supposed to be a little higher when the wave leaves. We see that it does happen, but then it goes down more, the assumption that it stays up "a little bit" more each time is seriously questionable.


Robert: Super interesting everything you say. And what´s that about "the Age of Aquarius"?


Swaruu X (Athena):  That is mostly human Astro-Theology indicating an era of about 2,600 years (varies) where observable from Earth it is in procession inside or from the Aquarius constellation. But those constellations with the exception of a few, like Orion or Taurus, are only human interpretations.



Taygeta (Pleiades) - Mix of Scientific Questions and Answers - Extraterrestrial Contact


(Originally in Spanish)


Robert: Wormholes... it's what's inside a black hole that will take you to the exit then, which is a sun, right?


Swaruu: Yes, it is generally a sun, but not just one, the internal "transit" system of a wormhole is complex and erratic. It also has exits through portals on distant planets, not just suns. As with everything, it's just a matter of matching frequencies.


I know this is boring by now, but that´s how it is. This universe works with frequencies and vibrations of harmonics. In the end, it all boils down to that.


Robert: Can you go inside a star? And if you go inside a star through the star, not through the black hole, you would come out in another star, right?


Swaruu: Entering through a star is not as simple as entering and that's it, but you have to wait or understand how it works, its rhythms, its cycles, to be able to see its entrance and to be able to more or less predict where its portal will go.


You enter through what is known as sunspots.


And with the frequency of the ship itself you can modify the total frequency inside the wormhole so that you can alter the exit point by matching the frequency of the wormhole with that of the ship so that it results in the exit frequency corresponding to where you wish to go.


-Stars: Entries and exits by sunspots.

-Black holes, entries only.

-Portal planets: Entries and exits.


Robert: Once a ship enters a black hole, can it communicate with other ships?


Swaruu: It cannot communicate with other ships. The statics and frequencies and energies inside are such that it is impossible to communicate with other ships or with the base, because what is used is neutrino in the Lepton Muon band. This is manipulation of gravitational waves encoded within the ether. They do not escape the black hole. Reason why these transit systems are not used anymore, at least not by Taygeta.


Robert: Is that correct? "Most physicists agree that Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity predicted black holes because they link space-time with gravity. That has direct implications for the death of stars, according to Live Science."


Swaruu: No. Black holes are gravitational concentration points. Points of enormous attention within the ether. Because in themselves they are like the compact form of another whole point in the universe as seen from that of the observer.


I don't like to use these words but for reasons of making everything clear:


It is like having an entire universe at a specific point of the observer's perception, within his Universe, in which he lives. There is no space-time as such to link with gravity. In fact I can argue that gravity is everything. Since gravity is nothing but attention of a consciousness or consciousness itself. Gravity is ether in motion. Ether is consciousness. Gravity in motion is ether having consciousness of its own existence.


These are ideas... The flow of gravity in a sea of potential energy, are ideas within the great mind... of Source. Unified consciousness.


Stars from one point of view or another, yes, they are born, live and die, for they are beings with consciousness. From their reference they have linear time. And they share agreements of perception with other lesser beings like us. That is why they can be perceived as born, live and die.


Einstein is only correct within the framework of his own self-contained mathematics in a numerical universe. The Universe... the Whole, the Source is very simple. It is the human mind that complicates things.


And in the process of trying to understand and explain everything, it seeks answers by parts. And because people are creators, they find those parts, because they manifest them themselves. Law of the Mirrors of this Universe: You cannot look for something without finding it. But in the end... nothing is more than an idea. Simple, beautiful and peaceful.


God particle... they find all that because they create it, more with particles. They manifest very quickly. Including manifesting their why..., their mathematics that fit their expectations. But they're the ones that create everything. Scientists who believe in a deterministic, only observable universe. They search, so they find.


Einstein's Spacetime. 3 of volume 1 of time. It confers entirely 3D formulas with an unalterable fixed time linearity rather than in theory by approaching large mass, or velocity. Ignoring all other factors. Such as the very fact that apparently empty space also has mass... so that at large distances alone it alters its 3D linear time equations, which from that perspective alone, renders the calculations inaccurate. Not reflecting the objective reality.


It is said that the universe is expanding because human observatories see the light coming from distant galaxies, in a range of photon frequencies towards the red spectrum... infrared. So they suppose that this is due to a "Doppler" effect proving, as they think, that they are moving away. Because at high speed, or observing an object moving away at high speed, such as a galaxy, the wavelength of light lengthens. Explaining according to them that the universe is expanding. Because galaxies are moving away from each other.


Yes, they are moving, some are moving away from each other, some are moving closer together. But what you are seeing is not a doppler effect with the light from those galaxies. Rather, as the light travels great distances, it travels as neutrinos near or between the ether and the material... is being filtered by the mass of gravity, of potential energy of ether flow in the apparently empty space.


And so, as through a lens, as the atmosphere filters the light of the moon at certain times, leaving only the spectrum of red... thus creating the phenomenon of the Blood Moon.


It´s the same here. The light is filtered by distances because it is not vacuum, it is ether. They do not take this into consideration in their equations. Their formulas are wrong.


Robert: This would then answer this question, wouldn't it: was Einstein's entire general theory of relativity a fraud?


Swaruu: YES Why? As with Darwin among others... Einstein's Theory of Relativity was imposed as the basis of all physics (until the advent of quantum) to limit the advances of other researchers who were coming perilously close to discovering that the universe is entirely potential energy being guided by gravity... consciousness. Bohr, Heisenberg, Tesla, being the most important. All their work fell by the wayside. And Einstein became "the law".


Even promoting that he was a genius with a "high IQ of 185". It makes a fool of anyone who dares to question him, trying to compare himself with the "Great Genius of Einstein". Who was a Jew... Freemason... Jesuit. Illuminati. From the "club".


Gosia: Someone asks me: “is human quantum mechanics a copy of Einstein's relativity?”


Swaruu: No, it is something else entirely. Quantum mechanics itself is an attempt to put everything that is "consciousness" into a shoebox of socially accepted mathematics.


In itself, the two camps are in conflict with each other. Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. And there is the problem of the famous Unified Field. Which is basically an attempt to make the formulas of Relativity compatible with those of Quantum Mechanics. And so far it has not been possible. Because both are erroneous and exist only within their own reduced mathematical world. Incompatible with each other.


For me the problem of the Unified Field is one of the greatest proofs of the falsity of human science. Many have said that they have succeeded. Only in part. If anything, but if they compare with other major problems, again their mathematics falls down.


That is to say that they succeeded only because they succeeded in making a side or color of a rubix cube. Anyone can solve a color. But not the whole cube. Because you can't solve it color by color, side by side. Rather, all at once, the whole cube, all the colors. At the same time. The same here. Relativity and Quantum Mechanics are intrinsically incompatible with each other and both are human creations.


Doppler; With velocity, from in front of the moving object the sound or light waves are grouped in short frequencies... behind the object in long frequencies (like infrared).


Gosia: Ok, another question I have from someone: “Is the existence of an "electron" real as it represents quantum mechanics?”


Swaruu: Again this is different from one point of view or another. Strictly speaking there is no electron. It is only potential energy that is more concentrated in a specific range or orbit of the nucleus of an atom. Only by being observed by someone. By a consciousness it acquires a particle quality... ergo electron (negative charge). This is known as the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.


Short answer: Does an electron exist or not? It depends if they are looking at it or not.


Gosia: Now, we know that the universe is not expanding. Why would you say it doesn't? Apart from the fact that time does not exist, and that everything is infinite. Any other arguments?


Swaruu: Because all motion confers a beginning and an end. Even if it is only from the point at which it began to be observed, and the point at which it ended to be observed.


That is to say... everything already is and the Universe is only observed from a unique and limited position of a temporal line created by the observing person. That is to say that from the point of view of a linear life it could be perceived as having expanded.


But when jumping to another line... it will be perceived in another position, more or less expanded. It only expands from the limited point of view of an observing consciousness and does not confer an attribute of total expansion of the entire Universe as it is composed of elements, forces, densities, which are not being taken into account or observed.


The expansion of the universe is relative to the observer. Yet from Taygetan science... there is no evidence of total expansion of the Universe. Only of motion. And the very act of trying to observe motion at those distances is self-defeating. Because light behaves differently just by observing it and by crossing large distances, because of the effect already described.


Robert: What would happen if the Earth's magnetic fields were reversed?


Swaruu: Total chaos, both with electronics - obvious, and with migratory animals. There would be a large number of animals that would die, species in extinction. Human society would not be able to function either, power grids would collapse. There would be changes in the ocean currents and consequently in the climate, for many years there would be storms in strange places. The Earth would never be the same again. We do not see this as imminent.


Robert: But it could happen if the Matrix is diluted. Quickly, right?


Swaruu: The most likely scenario is that the Matrix was "diluted" without the change of polarity. I know they say that the cycle is over, that it is imminent, that it is inescapable, but we have no sign that this is true. Yes, polarity shifts happen, but it is not imminent. It is more fear, fear, fear, fear. There are other more important things to worry about than that. For us it falls into the same category as Nibiru, which I'm tired of saying is Tiamat and it's not out there stalking the Earth.


Robert: Can we have the high Schumann resonance like 5D and still have the Van Allen bands? Or are they intrinsically incompatible with 5D?


Swaruu: Van Allen Bands... it is possible to have them in agreement with 5D but as soon as the frequencies match those of 5D they are no longer relevant, so it makes no difference whether they are there or not. In other words, the Van Allen Bands as they are known are incompatible with 5D.


Robert: Ok. Someone asks me: “why do a feather and a hammer fall into the void at the same time?”


Swaruu: Because there is no friction on the part of the feather to stop or slow the fall. This in a vacuum. The weight/mass of an object is not related to the speed at which it is pushed by the gravitational current. This is basic Newtonian science. Within a medium such as an atmosphere, yes a feather falls slower, in a vacuum it does not. The velocities are equivalent.


It is about gravity - The Principle of Equivalence.


Just that none of that applies as it is more empty self-supporting mathematics amalgamated with Relativity, Hawkins and Newton. Basically you have to throw all that out the window.


Sure it sounds logical what they say, but it applies only to 3D and gravity as one force in the universe among many. It's another point where something has or can have more than one explanation depending on the parameters. Although some will always be limited.


Gravity is not bound to mass as they say. It is mass that is linked to the amount of gravity a point in the Universe receives. Basically what they say is that the more mass an object has the greater its gravity will be. They have it backwards. An object has a lot of mass because it is a strong concentration of gravity or gravitational waves.


Robert: Question: “Does gravity have anything to do with the intention - manifestation of a consciousness?”


Swaruu: Yes, it is directly related. Or rather, that's exactly what gravity is.


Robert: Ok. Climate change is our fault as humans?


Swaruu: It's the Cabal's fault. Yes, there is climate change, but it is not how you are told. For starters global warming is a complete scam. CO2 has nothing to do with it and it is an essential gas for life especially that of plants which ultimately manufacture everything.


Climate change is directly due to artificial climate engineering programs and chemtrails. To the next degree it is due to deforestation and the destruction of ecosystems caused by the enormous extensions of land used for agriculture.


In the next degree it is due to industries and their waste. And lastly to the human population with their vehicles. The Cabal makes you believe that you are the polluters, but cars and even diesel trucks have little or nothing to do with climate change because their effects are very local, in a city for example.


Robert: Why is the night sky dark?


Swaruu: The night sky is dark because of the absence of light, I do not understand the question.


Robert: The paradoxical statement says more or less that in a static and infinite universe the night sky should be totally bright with no dark or unlit regions.


Swaruu: Light gets tired. It loses power with distance because there is refraction in space because it's not really a vacuum. It is a fluid, it is water at very high vibrational frequency. From the 3D space is a vacuum, a valid perception. But not from the most expanded point of view.


The concept that space is water is not new, it is found in the Bible... but the concept that it is WATER AT VERY HIGH VIBRATORY FREQUENCY is new.


Gosia: Does this water look and feel different?


Swaruu: That water changes as everything changes as you raise the frequency, it is still water, but you do not see it or perceive it if you are not at a matching frequency. If you are a fish under the sea, everything that is water is just the normal medium, because you are there. You are still affected by what is not in your existential frequency because everything is connected and is part of a whole fractal frequency fabric of everything there is. Gravity is nothing more than waves in that medium of water at high frequency. All energy propagates through water because everything is ultimately water.


Robert: What is this theory of the evolution of Parallel Universes?


Swaruu: What I see or have observed with or from ship: Everything is intertwined in frequencies like a great cosmic fabric, there are no parallel universes in themselves, not as separate entities but as subtle variants and not so subtle variants of everything and which in turn make up the whole.


Gosia: Is it true that galaxies collide?


Swaruu: Yes, they collide. They come together. But from the point of view of isolated people it takes so long that it is not within their reality, only as a concept. This is something between galaxies, from their very energetic interaction with each other.


Robert: Do you know why the Earth's rotation is accelerating? Does it have something to do with the Van Allen bands? Thank you.