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Ukraine - Flight Report - More about the War - Athena Swaruu


Originally in Spanish - March 19, 2022


Robert: It came very strongly to my mind today... that the Ukrainians are using the civilian population against their will.


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, that's right. The Western media disinformation is monumental in Ukraine. Basically, nothing they say is true.


Let me inform you. I flew three days in a row in the area. What I saw is that around Ukraine over Poland mainly it is plagued by NATO machinery. Tanks, armored vehicles and so many planes that it looks like a hornet's nest, but nobody is allowed to cross the border or court martial. So many Western fighter planes make my job much easier, they get confused among themselves and don´t even know who is who in the air, a lot of disorganization.


What I saw is a lot of anti-aircraft ammunition, SAMs (missiles) M270 MLRS which are armored vehicles that put out clusters of rockets to destroy a whole area. In the Black Sea there are US NAVY and Royal Navy ships. At least six submarines. In the Baltic there is only one submarine, from Hampton. But the submarine is a fighter, not a missile carrier. Although it carries Tomahawk. It can hit a population inland. It is a Los Angeles II- class.


Romania has 10th mountain division of the US ARMY. Complete a division, 1 100 men. Helicopters but in swarms.


On the Russian side I can't see from air. But unlike my last report that there were no planes in the air, the Russians are also swarming. I'm talking about thousands of planes on both sides. And there have already been incidents of near collisions with each other.


Including me. As I flew low, I passed dangerously close by a T-6 Texan II taking off. We went right past each other.


Robert: And you filmed all that for the Toleka to see?


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, and it was on the Gun Cam. But it was very disturbing because we passed virtually at about two or three meters. The tail of the Texan II passed grazing my rear stabilizers. The mountain was blinding me and we were both at about 90 meters AGL altitude. She was flying inappropriately for the location and altitude, I was in approach position, on my ILS path by instruments.


Robert: That means they bring in inexperienced pilots.


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, and that's my point too. They brought in everybody. Greens especially. For example, if you look on the internet, the T-6A Texan II is the USAF's primary trainer aircraft. What is it doing in Poland?


What's going on there is a powder keg waiting to explode. Anything happens and it's the Russians' fault, worst time I've ever seen.


Now, part two. This is no longer reported by me because I can't see inside Ukraine because I can't fly there. We know it by other methods.


You don't see fights as they tell you in the news. You see Russian positions at key points like nuclear plants and bridges, as well as airports and military bases taken. As if Russia has already taken Ukraine almost completely. ALMOST.


Because what you do see are many refugees in large numbers. Walking towards the borders with Russia, Poland and Romania. Thousands and thousands carrying what they can. Scenario comparable to the Second World War. And many villages and towns destroyed and burning. It looks like arson attacks. It looks like the Ukrainian Army is the one attacking the people, as Robert suspected.


The West is pushing an absurd narrative. Completely fake news. What you do see is that they are attacking Ukrainian civilians and for sure making them think it is the Russians who are attacking them. But at the borders and in some refugee formations or convoys Russian wheeled armored vehicles have been seen escorting people


What is being said here, by the military analysts of Taygeta, Dhor Kaal'el and Khila mainly, that they are pushing the narrative of "heroes" of the Ukrainian army and the Ukrainian air force and of ordinary people who have remained to fight against the Russian invasion... to not only manipulate the Western perception against Russia but also to encourage the Ukrainian people themselves to fight, thereby exploiting their courage and their impetus.


Robert: So they are afraid that the civilian population of the West will see that all these atrocities are done by mercenary commandos who are surely from the US.


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes. We cannot say whether or not they are "mercenaries" as such (paid army) nor can I be sure that there are US or NATO Special Forces inside doing the atrocities, but knowing how they operate, and based on what history has shown us, I am convinced that Ukraine is full of American SOC soldiers (Special Forces, Delta Force, Navy Seals, Marine Pathfinders and so on). And more than mercenaries, it´s the Ukrainian armies themselves working for the West.


Gosia: One thing I don't understand. You said that you haven't seen the fights but on the other hand that everything is destroyed, in flames, and people escaping. How is that possible without some form of combat?


Swaruu X (Athena): We don't think it's combat, more than anything an army arrives, whichever, and takes out the people and then sets the houses on fire. Also a lot of mortar damage. They can also come into already evacuated villages and destroy them.


CIC reported to me just a moment ago before I came in with you, that they can't find a single real Gun Cam type footage showing combat between Russian forces and Ukrainian Forces.


For example, there is footage of a Russian APC Armored vehicle of the BMP type painted with a Z like the Russians have it in Ukraine that they are destroying and burning. It turns out that that type of BMP is no longer used by the Russian military since the 1980s. It's a farce. So yes, we see that there has been combat between Russians and Ukrainians, there must have been, but since the Russians surely dominated, there is no footage.


So what we see is that the Russians came in, dominated almost everything and the West pushes another narrative.


Robert: What can happen with the President of Ukraine? It looks like they came to some kind of agreement.


Swaruu X (Athena): This is where, in my view, the Cabal's larger plan that controls both sides comes into play.


And yes, we believe there was bloody combat and deaths on both sides, but not as pushed by the Mass Media. CIC also reports plans that YouTube will stop working in Russia imminently. Don't know if this is true or not, but it doesn't surprise me.


Gosia: And another question...how really is the status of this war then? Is Russia winning? What do you see possibly happening?


Swaruu X (Athena): Street level - Russia is winning and overwhelmingly so. The Western Mass Media will never say that. Whether they win, however, does not depend on whether they have better strategy, technology or armaments. It depends on what the controllers want. If they decide so, tomorrow Russia can lose the war, and they would justify it with the same rubbish that they have been publishing against it.


Gosia: And what do you think they might want here? Just for the war to spread, right? To cause problems all over the world.


Swaruu X (Athena): It only depends on the Cabal's plan that controls both sides. Yes, a big false flag Gulf of Tonkin (Vietnam) style is possible and for it to start NATO war against Russia. Because I DO see everything in place for that. All in their positions. Whether it happens or not, I don't have the answer. Thinking about steps for civilization reset, war between NATO and Russia would be a good option. It would collapse economies, motivate people to fight and work hard, and to accept new oppressive norms.


Robert: And a good excuse to cover up the side effects of vaccines.


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, that too, exactly. They would say it's because of Russian chemical weapons or radiation. I see that as a possible narrative, yes. I don't see anybody dropping dead from vaccines anymore, because it's not even reported in the conspiracy media anymore. And that's very dangerous.


Robert: Once Russia takes Kiev what will happen? I think they are already surrounded.


Swaruu X (Athena): Russia, according to my reports, already took Kiev. Maybe there are some places of resistance left, isolated, because Kiev is big.


The Ukrainian Army didn't stand a chance against Russia, that's why they went against the civilian population to make the atrocities fall on Russia (false flag) and thus get more Western support. Because the Cabal's agenda is to demonize Russia, and has been doing so for years now, not counting the Cold War. This is to create two strong sides for population control.


Robert: Well, I mean the parliament.


Swaruu X (Athena): Directly on that, I have no data. I am talking about military positions around and inside most of Kiev, at least. I don't have that specific detail.


Robert: And this fake news, Tina: "Russian astronauts board the international station in the colors of Ukraine". How if there is nobody there?


Swaruu X (Athena): Everything is rigged. The ISS is not what people are told, the filming is done in the green screen studio or underwater. That is false. What happens on the ISS is not given to the public.


The only real thing about the ISS is that sometimes they do transmit some real remote camera shots back to Earth, only sometimes, not all, because most of them are re-runs of the ISS itself. But few times, if it happens, it is real but not live. It goes through censorship first and then it is transmitted. Never in real time. We know this because from the Toleka we see the clouds and places as from the ISS and they don't match.


Gosia: One question, going back to Ukraine itself. The false flags made by Ukrainians in Ukraine... do you see it done by Ukrainians paid by the West, or by Ukrainians themselves looking to be seen as victims to get more Western support as you said? Or both?


Swaruu X (Athena): Both.


Yes, they happen and that is what we see that is driving people out of Ukraine, civilians. I don't doubt that there have been Russian atrocities, they always happen, but the evidence that we have now points to the fact that it is the very Ukrainian armies and mercenaries and US special forces infiltrators who are doing those atrocities and destruction.


Robert: So could Russia formally accuse the President of Ukraine for war crimes?


Swaruu X (Athena): Street level, definitely YES. As you told me today that you were suspecting that. Which also explains the media censorship and everything coming from Russia.


Robert: And what is the purpose of burning all the houses?


Swaruu X (Athena): To create refugees, resentment against Russia, to accuse Russia of war atrocities, of attacking civilians, and thereby gain support from the Western population and governments (street level). Expanded level, create destruction and suffering in the Ukrainian people who are key.


Gosia: I have a question. Matias told me how people, his family here in Finland for example, are scared and all that. They think they have to prepare food and so on. I myself have seen people in Finland FB groups talking about where the bunkers are positioned to hide. What could be said to people at this level? Is there a possibility that the war would spread to other countries like Finland, for example?


Swaruu X (Athena): If it does, it will spread to the whole world. If NATO starts fighting against Russia, yes. Finland would be in the middle. Between the Russian bases in Kola and the NATO bases in Norway. We don't have the exact agenda, but it doesn't look good. Still, there is not much that can be done, but if they can prepare it would not hurt anything. I don't want to cause panic though.


Gosia: Matias also asks me about the Agenda 2030 PDF document. He asks if this war has something to do with that, and if that document has to do with the Cabal's real plans?


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes. It is part of the Agenda 2021, now 2030 depopulation. That document, of which I am aware, does say a lot and they are obligated to tell people what they will do so that the blame will fall on them. But it does not mean that things will happen exactly as in that document. But it does contain elements that we see as real. It is a very serious warning. But it is not possible for us to know with what certainty they will do this or that or how. We do not know what is coming. But don't be alarmed yet.


Also, the lack of military presence in the Baltic shows us that there is not much action there, which strikes me because there are the Russian bases in Kola. However, there is a lot of activity in Norway and the North Sea, mostly from the English Royal Navy.


Side point: At the moment the quietest place in Latin America as far as agendas are concerned is Mexico. East and South, North NO. Far from the narco zone and US influence. Rural Mexico, which is Chiapas, Oaxaca, Veracruz, Campeche.


I am referring only to issues related to the Covid agenda. Because Mexico is plagued with problems of drug trafficking and Mafias and corruption. However, even so, we see that comparatively it is not so bad in terms of Covid agendas. For now, tomorrow is unknown. Because they do have very strong plans for Mexico, to destroy it as using a "Balkanization" or fragmentation into smaller independent states, among other things. And I have no reports from Peru or Bolivia or Venezuela. So they could be better off, or worse off, but I don't know yet.


I feel that the Mexican people have defended themselves, but not by waking up, not by protesting. But by their own internal disorganization and ignorance. With all due respect to the Mexican people. Making it very difficult for them to impose measures as in a first world country, however it depends on where in the Mexican Republic. Because Mexico is very big.


Another thing now in favor is that Mexico is surrounding the "eye of Gaia" or major energetic point, as "pineal gland" of the Earth (The Gulf of Mexico). So it is full of mystics, shamans, and very advanced people, of strong paranormal phenomena. These people, whatever they feel and whatever they do, they distribute along the ley lines to the whole world. Comparatively to the Ukrainian people, also sitting on a very large energy node.


The Mexicans themselves, I think, would accept that the very chaos in which they live, so much poverty, extremes of social classes, all that causes them to be difficult to manage as a population. And I see this as an example that passive resistance does more harm than overt demonstrations which the Cabal is prepared to deal with.


Whether Mexico defends itself because they simply do not obey but because they are disorganized, corrupt and ignorant, the result is the same: they are difficult to control because they are not inside the system as much as they are in other countries. I speak of mass of population, because of course there are populations, groups and cities completely Matrix in Mexico, but I speak of population that in general the majority is very poor little educated.


Gosia: Ok. And another question. How can the West be pushing a narrative so opposite to what is happening if all these people, thousands of them, who are coming out of there, can now tell the truth of what is really happening? I mean the civilian refugees. Unless for some reason they too, even having been inside, were manipulated and can't tell who is who. But I doubt it. How do we explain that?


Swaruu X (Athena): Because for the refugees it was the Russians who did the atrocities to them, being that the overwhelming likelihood is that it was Ukrainians, or mercenaries posing as Russians to accuse them. Then the refugees will go and say it was the Russians.


And I haven't seen a single interview with refugees, and if there are any they could be staged, meaning those they are interviewing are not refugees but paid crisis actors. If it comes out in the Mass Media you can't trust it at all, they never tell the truth anymore.




"Holographic" - HOLISTIC Society - Transitional Societies are Possible - Yazhi Swaruu


Originally in Spanish - November 2021


Yazhi: The subject of the Holistic Society has a complicated element to be discussed at this point. We have said that the basis of the Holistic Society depends on the spirituality, ethics and morals of a people. But spirituality, ethics, and morals, that´s sort of super compressed terms so that we don't have to explain that in detail while talking about the main subject of the Holistic Society. But if we do turn our attention to look more closely at these three points, we find strong problems of definition and description.


It turns out that in defining spirituality, morality, and ethics we find that they are not even the appropriate words or one more than the other, because all three carry a load of meanings that turn out to be relative to each person or group.


For example, morality vs. ethics. It turns out that morals that´s something pertaining more to religion. While ethics is more expanded. However, there are whole books just to define those three things. As for spirituality, 90% or more of the Terrestrial population takes it as part of religion, as in it goes hand in hand, religion is spirituality. Or religion is to get spirituality. As for ethics, and this goes for morality as well, what is ethical for one person or group of people will not be ethical for others, and furthermore that changes with the passage of time.


So we find that it is not possible to define ethics, morality and spirituality based on how they are seen on Earth. It is worth mentioning that I do not find any translation or equivalent of morality outside of Earth so it seems something inherently associated with religion. Off Earth you do have ethics, but not morality as such.


So it is quite difficult to define those three things for the public since each one will understand the message according to who he is and his cultural and personal background, thus creating distortions of our information. So this would end up forcing us to define what spirituality, morality and ethics are for us who are describing and writing this.


However, even here we would then be imposing a series of norms to follow that would only end up destroying the very concept of Holistic Society by turning it into a rigid structure based solely on our perception and definition of those three points. So I have no choice but to go deeper.


So going deeper, I insist that mentioning ethics, morality and spirituality is describing things in a simplified way in order to describe a point, the previous one, but the very basis of the Holistic Society would come from the total mentality of a people.


The new society that "will inherit the Earth", they already have it. That is to say that they are destroying the present human society at planetary level, but they have already made and structured and formed and in operation the new human society that will follow.


It´s already there, they already have it, it's not going to be formed by changing the normal people on the street, because they are unpredictable even with nano-Graphene and all that, that they will only use to lead the society to destruction.


Robert: And how would that society be? Total slavery?


Yazhi: Total slavery, yes, but formed from below, where even as total slaves they will not see it, because they do not know any other form or social structure than the one they were born into. That is why it is not feasible for them to want to transform modern society towards transhumanism and tyranny as many say. Because for them it is easier to form a new social structure, with a new controlled human mentality, than to change an already existing social structure and human mentality, like the one that is on Earth now.


So what they have done is to form a human mental structure that fits into their controlled New World Order society, and already having that in hand and functioning, then destroy until completely erasing the current human society on a planetary level, and then inheriting the Earth to their previously prepared and controlled society.


And the present society and all their agendas of transhumanism and social control turn out to be only measures to control said population, while they destroy it, using them all, and in all countries, as a test laboratory to develop and perfect their new society. They already have the new one. Now they just need to destroy the current one. Remove the unusable to introduce the new. That is what I see them doing.


Gosia: But who will be left in the end? I know, yes, those they are interested in, but what kind of people are they interested in? Not the unvaccinated, right? And the vaccinated ones are useless. So which ones will they keep?


Yazhi: They have people who have already been genetically changed by them, and who have never lived outside of that kind of slavery. They have secretly prepared cities to populate with them. Those people are already there. Many of them in already controlled places but some of them, as a test, walk among the normal population. But they are fewer. And I'm talking about the number of inhabitants that the Earth is said to have as written in the Georgia Stones.


Robert: And in Egypt they are creating a great city that is now empty.


Yazhi: And in China, and in various parts of the Sahara, and the subterrenean bases, and I don't doubt that in some other parts of the world that we haven't seen. But most of those pre-prepared cities are in China, in the north.


But that transhumanist, ultra-repressive world they talk about is NOT what the controllers are aiming for, it is not what they are looking for as an end product. That is only one step or series of steps to be taken for the total destruction of today's society. Necessary steps to prevent people from organizing against them since the people are many and they are few.


The final product would be an ultra-modern almost utopian society, where the inhabitants are super controlled at the genetic level and at the level of thought, to the degree that they will not know they are, because they do not know another world, another way of existing. Very technological, but with a government that from our point of view will be repressive and tyrannical.


But the inhabitants of that post-"reset" society will not know it, nor will they have any memory of the current society. And they will again be given a false history of humanity, prepared by the controllers, and perfected without the old holes of modern or current religions and mind control systems.


They tell you this, all of you, but you have no eyes to see. When you are told that you will have nothing, nothing will be your property but you will be happy for example.


That would be the end result, the one they are seeking. A totally controlled society that does not know any other way to live, that sees this repression and total control as normal and accepted, and with a false staged past that the controllers invent for them.


But the important thing to say here, and I don't think anyone is saying it online, is that this super controlled tyrannical transhumanist world that you see coming is NOT the end result. Because it turns out that just as we can't implement a real Holistic Society because of the current human mentality, the controllers can't implement their super controlled utopian New World Order world either, because of the same mentality of the current people. This is a super important point.


So what they must do is cultivate people with the genetics and mindset appropriate to their interests and plans, and then introduce them ready-made into a society they have by design.


In the same way that we, for example, also cannot introduce a real Holistic Society, without people progressing mentally and in consciousness towards the right direction first. That is, developing spirituality, morality and ethics that I spoke of in the previous article, using those words for lack of better ones, as I have already explained above.


So, stated clearly and without measuring myself or worrying about if I look socially appropriate or not... in both cases, either to introduce a New World Order or to introduce a real Holistic Society, it requires the destruction of the current terrestrial society and the transcendence (death) of most of its inhabitants. I know it sounds horrible... but it is the sad and disturbing truth.


However, unlike a New World Order and its plans, what we can offer or say is that a transitional society with a view to an improvement in the quality of life of people already alive can be given, without resorting to genocide.


But this would depend on a restructuring of the current society in small steps, but in the direction of empowering people and not destroying them. This is where Taygeta's proposal to the local Federation comes in, a proposal of 2021 that was promptly denied. Knowing that to implement such a proposal or any similar move, the Cabal on Earth, the misnamed "Elite", would have to give up their power systems. And that they will not do. Leaving the situation as one of survival choice: of the "Elite" or survival of the Earth population.


This situation causes the Federation to be exposed as permissive and as supporting the "Elite", as mentioned before. Causing innumerable problems and frictions between the very races of the Federation especially between the Lyrian races and the non-Lyrians because of complex cultural differences between them. Of perception of reality, such as empathy and perception of emotions, which are not equal between the very so-called positive races.


But yes, it will be possible to implement progressive societies or political systems with a view to implement a Holistic Society in the future.


But for me to say that a real Holistic Society cannot be implemented on Earth is because of the very mentality of the people on Earth. At present they do not have the mentality, or base of consciousness, necessary to form a Holistic Society. And since people do not really change, as a rule, then they would irremediably return to form the same conditions that caused the present disaster. Because people shape their governments and their reality. Whether they like it or not.


People would only change if they were immersed in a dominant frequency. That is to say, introducing a minority of normal minded but good humans, they would adopt or follow the rules and norms and mentality of an existing Holistic Society as happens when human people are extracted and introduced to another culture on another planet like Taygeta for example.


However, yes, a transitional society can be implemented on Earth. How advanced it is will depend on the people themselves. So will how long it will take to develop a real Holistic Society.


You see, what people outside say about a "Holographic Society" is NOT a real Holistic Society like the one that already exists but on other planets. And it only looks like utopia, but it is not, it only depends on the mentality and the level of consciousness of its inhabitants.


Robert: I understand, thank you. What do you mean by this above: "cultivating people with genetics." Like human farms?


Yazhi: Yes. This brings us to another point that I want to clarify or make very clear to the public.

It is not that there was no genetic manipulation to the human body, for example in Sumeria and later, this is happening even right now. It´s just that in addition to the artificial genetic change, a mentality of perception must be introduced in people that sustains such artificial genetic change.


Or else people will revert their genes to reflect their "souls", for lack of better words. As is also happening today with the so-called Great Awakening. And what is also causing people to be genetically changed again today with vaccines and nano graphene which is basically Black Goo, because nano graphene is component of Black Goo or some Black Goo because there are many, or 3 major groups, positive, negative and natural.


So the genetics must be artificially altered, and then a perception of reality must be formed in the changed individual for his mind to sustain the artificial genetic change. Two steps. Artificial change sustained by change of perception.


And this brings us back to the above. They will not be able to execute their ultimate utopian transhumanist New World Order Society, with the mindset and perception of reality of the current world population, which causes them to have to exterminate them. Because the "new" population they have ready to replace the current human population, already has, by design and necessarily, a changed and controlled perception mentality that is in accordance with the artificial genetic changes they have already made to them.


Robert: It is all well orchestrated. And people will have no way or means to differentiate what their thoughts are from those that are imposed with artificial telepathy? And there is no way for them to see that their perceptions are being influenced?


Yazhi: They are not going to realize it because they have never lived outside of that social paradigm. And this is exactly what already happened on Earth with controlled perception for thousands of years, accentuated in the last 200 years, because it is more of the same.


People were already artificially altered and then sustained with mind control to guide a deterministic and limited perception of life to sustain the genetic changes applied on them. Being that initially no artificial genetic alteration was necessary but mind control and perception of reality was sufficient to sustain a world as desired by the controllers. But I do accept that there have been artificial genetic alterations to the human genome in the past.


This is where I do differ somewhat from the information given by my predecessor Swaruu of Erra, who I recall had in mind empowering the human race over having to accept that they were artificially altered. Because as she said, it is not an impediment nor are they limited, because if the mind is liberated, it controls and changes the DNA of the individual and returns it to reflect their consciousness - Original Source.


Robert: I understand that they will "give" technology to the population to guide their perception to another reality, yes.


Yazhi: Basically, all the base reality information they give to humans is false. And so they will give it again, more lies, that´s how they will give it to the inhabitants of their New World Order.


And again I insist that both the Bible, Old and New Testament, and the Sumerian Tablets, Books of Enoch and so forth, are nothing more than more bibles made with a view to control the perception of reality of the inhabitants of Earth.


Gosia: Quick question, Yazhi. You have said here that the creation of a Holistic Society also requires the destruction of a large part of the population. What do you mean here? That genocide is then also necessary for that? But we are fighting against genocide. Or are we really not fighting against genocide but for some starseeds to survive with whom later new societies will be implemented? Anéeka said that she sees other options that the Cabal does not see, instead of genocide. Restructuring everything with non-human mentors. Could you please clarify this part a bit? What do you mean by also needing population elimination to build positive society?


Yazhi: You cannot build a truly Holistic Society with the people who are in mass majority on planet Earth today. People do not change enough and they will go back to the bad attitudes they caused. So to implement the Holistic Society you must evolve and that means that, one way or another, you must, or will have to... cause the destruction of the current Earth society and culture. You cannot fill a glass with something new if the glass is already full.


But that does not mean that you should exterminate those who are alive today, it does not mean that genocide should take place. As I was saying, you can and must provide a progressive new social base toward the right direction toward Holistic Societies. But you must evolve in that direction at your pace without the intervention that keeps you trapped in deterministic and victim mentality that keeps you locked into the so-called 3D Matrix.


Gosia: Good. It was necessary to clarify that the destruction of society to implement the new one does not have to mean killing.


Yazhi: It is never necessary to "kill" and it is never an option. But the fact here is that we know that as a mass, the people, the population that determines the dominant frequency of consciousness and thought on Earth, will NOT change in, or during, a single incarnation, the present one that concerns us.


As we have said before, you cannot force people to change, you can only offer them a better choice. But people on Earth, yes, they have mentality bases that they should change and that I will explain later, but good luck with modifying the whole society, their mentality, in that direction, as they are already programmed and with a fractalized and broken or fragmented mind-consciousness because of the mind control they are subjected to with the trauma base - MK Ultra.


It is possible to evolve within the same incarnation, of course it is, and many souls achieve it. The problem is that the social mass will not be able to. What concerns us here is the mass or majority that forms the current human society, and those will not evolve in such a short time. This creates the need to cause a social dynamic that will lead them in the right direction. The first step is the elimination of negative interference.


Because I see that if the human being is not interfered with, he has a tendency to gravitate towards a positive direction. Proof of this is that everything that is causing a lag in human development is of artificial intervention origin, such as the economy, the religious bases that dominate and control spirituality, ethics and morals, and also all the manipulation in the media in the form of mind control that dictates the mass of the general population how they should live and what values and aspirations they should have.


Not to mention false flags and all that which is more trauma based perception manipulation, with a view to impose MK Ultra characteristics, trauma causing mindset change to the direction the controllers desire. It is all mind control. However, the Matrix or the database that shapes and governs life on 3D Earth is totally artificially manipulated with a view to perpetuate agendas and interests of the few.


Another example of this is the direct manipulation by the controllers through governments of everything concerning human trafficking, drugs, and organized crime among others, which is not a direct consequence of the human mentality as such, but is a social response to the manipulation of the controllers, with a view to impose fear (MK Ultra bases) in order to control society. Many times also with a view to simply stop the progress of human consciousness.


Just by withdrawing that kind of intervention we would have the basis for humanity as a mass to move towards a direction that corresponds to a truly Holistic Society.


It is not necessary to disincarnate to evolve, because sometimes you evolve a lot in the same incarnation, and many other times you can live many incarnations without evolving, as is quite common on Earth with its loops of reincarnation to which its population is subjected.


Gosia: And how does this having to intervene in this way fit in with what we always say that they have to help themselves without interventions?


Yazhi: And so it would have to be. They should evolve as a mass at their own pace because we cannot impose a way of being on them.


However, as I said above, even with their character flaws common to all humanity, yes, they have a clear tendency to develop in a positive direction if the regressive intervention is removed. So just by removing the Cabal, the controllers, they would begin to move as a mass towards the positive.


However, this is also a theory, because seen from a more expanded level or point of attention of consciousness, we see that they are not a single race, only from the point of view of the biological body, because inside what manages them turns out to be a whole range or zoo of entities or species using the same bio-suit, which increases the difficulty of what we wish to achieve.


So the withdrawal of the intervention of the regressive forces, Cabal-Controllers, should also include the withdrawal of humans or entities in human bio-suit of regressive tendency. To remove those who are considered regressive hybrids from the human population to prevent them from continuing to intervene with their destructive mentality.


And this can be achieved with the influencing the awareness of the human population, over time, of what truly makes up or forms a race or species, and this, coupled with the new positive progressive trends, will create a toxic environment that is not conducive to the life of such regressive hybrids. But this again requires several generations. Or at least one more where the entire population of human bio-suits will be completely regenerated.


Gosia: But the Cabal comes from the people themselves, doesn't it? Forcibly withdrawing it will have short term results only, won't it? Then it would come back if people's mentality doesn't change.


Yazhi: As I have explained before, the Cabal, the controllers, whoever they are and at whatever level they are, are an Egregor formed by the mass-mentality of the human population. Change the mass mentality, and: those Egregors cannot remain.


All the mind control that the human race is being subjected to is for self-maintenance in power, in existence. That is the famous Lush, it is creative attention based on suffering that causes the attention focused on the feeding of these kinds of entities and organizations.


Now, mentioning what I said above, the things that the human population must change that I consider as attributes that only cause problems for everybody, is that they always have a mentality of determinism, of victims and suffering, of only seeing what exists in the material world as the real thing.


Also the fact that the human being has a great tendency to stay in his comfort zone, if he is not forced to move forward because his comfort zone is no longer so "comfortable" caused by... a whole host of reasons, such as the very consequences of wanting to stay in that comfort zone, which causes them to delegate their power, and causes other regressive minded people who encourage the creation of other Egregor-entities to take control over them under the promise of continuing to feed their comfort zone, and end up dominating and controlling all their lives. It ends up forming the controlling Egregor-like Cabal that reflects the average human mentality.


Having studied and observed the behavior of the human race over the last 3000 years, how they react to what stimulus and what causes them stimulus (controlled historical events), I see clearly that the mass of the human population even with its faults has a strong tendency towards progressing in the right direction. They have an enormous tendency to want to be in peace, calm, enjoying life and the simple things, without wanting further complications.


But that same mentality of seeking to be at peace is the result of their perception of not being at peace as a consequence of having delegated their power to members of their society who get stimulated by power of all kinds, and that is because of what they have lived through before, their personal experiences, often traumatic, that form that egocentric and unemphatic predatory mentality, which in turn generates the Egregors in the form of regressive entities without connection to the Original Source, who for that reason depend on the creative attention of the human being based on the perception and feeling of the average mentality of the mass of the human population. Creating a vicious loop circle which must also be broken, and which humanity must transcend.


So this means that the mass of regressive entities in the form of hybrids of races like Maitre and Reptilians (called by others Vlash hybrids (description from the Karistus point of view)) is reduced in comparison with the rest of the mass of souls (for lack of a better name) in human bio-suit. So by dominant frequency or by mass human attitude or mentality, life on Earth will no longer be compatible with the appearance and existence of hybrid entities of regressive races.


This can be clearly seen in Taygeta, which on more than one occasion tried to be invaded in multiple ways, such as the importation of agendas and mind control with a view to dominate the population. These efforts will create disturbances in the society but they do not stick, they do not remain, and they will be eliminated by the same mentality and level of consciousness of the mass-population of Taygeta or any other society with strong Holistic Society foundations.


Gosia: Yes, but how to change this mentality if we also agree that it is super difficult because there are so many species in humans? And how many generations would that require?


Yazhi: At least one or two total generations. That is to say that the members of the previous one that have not been able to evolve in life in a satisfactory way are no longer alive. That is to say, to remove the influence of attitudes and values that previously were the source of the 3D human Matrix feeding it.


Robert: What I don't understand is that if we are a reflection of those above, how have they solved it being a zoo of races too? Just not focusing on the regressive?


Yazhi: Because the zoo of races, or within it... there is a progressive majority, with all their differences, creating on Earth a reflection or micro cosmos copy of the Federation or the dynamics of relationships between races and species of at least this quadrant of the Galaxy. All compressed and summarized on Earth.


But being that the positive races are the dominant ones in quantity on Earth, it could be summarized that there are two great groups of beings that form the Terrestrial 3D Matrix:



1.) The positive ones as a mass set

2.) The regressive ones, also as a mass set


Today with the appearance of an enormous amount of starseeds (coupled with other complex causes) a separation of two worlds has been created on Earth, those who desire the positive and to progress towards more Holistic Societies, and those who desire to perfect the dystopian regressive transhumanist Matrix.


So this is the nature of the struggle from the soul level, two very large forces clashing right now. Where the vast majority are under the control of the regressive tendencies, either actively or just as pawns for following the system. As explained in the movie-documentary Matrix, anyone still connected to the Matrix will be an agent of the system and with it, will defend it.


But although in a minority of numbers, there is another large progressive mass that desires the development of a more just Society with Holistic tendencies, mostly due to the influence of people-souls (for lack of a better name) in the form of starseeds that, although few in number, their planetary range of influence is much greater than that of the regressives, creating now a real and strong struggle between 500 sheep-zombies controlled by Cabal-Controller Egregors against 5 Urmah lions armed to the teeth (excuse the simile). So even if the starseeds are at a numerical disadvantage of 10,000 against 1, the strength of the fight is very intense, not to say balanced.


The battle is more than anything spiritual, of consciences, of mind against mind. And it is only reflected in the physical world with the current chaos. The action is on the spiritual side. But it is fought also from the physical side as we are doing together now It looks like little, IT IS NOT.


It is everything. The struggle is of minds, of knowledge. Remembering once again that those against whom you fight is against yourselves, which is then reflected as Egregors like the Cabal. This is of utmost importance.


Removing that defeatist, deterministic human mentality, the mentality of small children who depend on authorities to solve their existence, will automatically eliminate the Cabal and the rest of the Egregors that afflict humanity today. They are only their reflection. This is noticed and seen simply because the Cabal depends on humanity to give them power. If they do not cooperate then nothing will feed the Cabal and it will have to disappear.


Those who support the Cabal are more Egregors, and personal Tulpas, which we can also describe as regressive hybrids, which are just more arms of the Cabal which, I insist, is only a reflection of the human mentality.


When people say that there are those with a lot of power who are repressing them, mostly old decrepit mummies who only live by taking adrenochrome... I will tell them: Who gave them that power if not the people themselves by obeying? What in their minds they regard as authorities but are only a product of their mentality of delegating their own power.


Gosia: Thank you Yazhi. And one question. You said that humans have positive tendencies. Positive tendencies yes, but they have still created and manifested the existence or closeness of these hybrids and negative entities. They came out of them and their subconscious, right? So they not only have positive tendencies because they have also created circumstances and environment to be parasitized. Or at least that's what I have understood so far.


Yazhi: Yes because that is another layer of all this. The creation of loops or vicious circles, where the dark fragmented parts of the human psyche are created by trauma that they have inflicted on themselves because of the same mentality, either personally with defeatist attitudes when they know it should not be so... up to the formation of strong Egregors such as governments and Cabal, which in themselves are a reflection of the internal chaos of each human being that is reflected outwardly, giving once again example to the saying that people have the governments they deserve because of their mentality.


So once again I will say that the key is to change themselves. Work on themselves as I have said many times before, and ideally everyone en masse should work on themselves. And in the eradication of personal and self-thought forms that are keeping them in victim mentality and in determinism destructive to personal progress and with it to the progress of society and planetary culture. Resulting in them moving in the positive direction and towards the development of a Holistic Society that is appropriate for them and by unique and proper design that corresponds to them for each step or level that they have as a mass population.



"Holographic" - HOLISTIC Society - Spiritual and Ethical Preparation is the First Step - Yazhi


Originally given in Spanish in November 2021


Yazhi: The term "Holographic Society" is not something we started to use ourselves. This term is already used on the net on a large scale. But looking at that word with a critical eye... talking with Dhor Kaal'el here, we saw that it is not a good word to describe advanced societies of many non-human cultures including Taygetan.


"Holographic Society" comes from the Greek: Holos - "Complete" and Gram - "Message" as Anéeka once said. Here the word Holos is correct, but Gram doesn´t fit and only lends itself to confusion.


According to Dhor Kaal'el, giving him credit, the correct name should be: "Holistic Society". As in complete society that includes all its members actively on equal terms. That is the adequate name. So I see it as a very good idea to change the name we use to "Holistic Society".


Because in this way we leave behind other people with their definitions of the name "Holographic Society", in favor of a correct name that better describes our concepts that will also help to distinguish us from the others since the information does differ drastically. So the name of these societies and the topics we will give below will be "Holistic Societies".


How does a Holistic Society work? My description is based on the fact that a society and a culture will always be a reflection of the people that form it. From the point of view not only of their conscious intentions but also of their collective unconscious. People are their society, they do not live in a society. They are also their life and their experiences in it.


If a group of people in power installs on a people a Holistic Society by way of imposition, even if the people say they agree, it becomes Communism or something similar to it.


A Holistic Society arises and is born out of the mentality of a people. Each people will reflect their own mentality in the governments that govern them. If the people are disinterested in taking part in the resolution of the problems and structural dynamics and in all that is necessary to sustain a culture, only people with their own interests will emerge among them who will begin to dominate over the people as can be seen in detail in the book 'Animal Farm' by George Orwell, 1945.


You can see there the degradation that occurs when a people is liberated from the oppressors (in this case the farmer) and some animals take control over the farm little by little until they become as or more tyrannical than the farmer himself (the pigs in the book). I recommend reading it to understand in detail how a people by being permissive and believing in demagogies fall back into the same mentality they had before being "liberated" which in turn forms a new tyranny.






Now why does this happen?


I mention it because it is the very reason why a group can't come and impose a Holistic Society on another, even if those people so desire, because they will naturally degrade to the same tyranny that oppressed them before, as described in absolute detail step by step in that book. A book that I read I do not know how many incarnations ago and I still remember it. I don't even know who I was back then, I think Swarupapapriyananda (Swaruu 2).


This degradation of a people liberated from oppression and with all its members on equal terms, towards falling back into the same, or worse, is due to the mentality of the people themselves. Being that attempts to impose or establish positive political models to the interests of all, of the masses, on Earth, end in the same, absolute tyranny.


Examples of this are:


- Rome: from Republic it becomes Empire with the assassination of Julius Caesar by Brutus who was working for Cleopatra and Mark Antony.


- French Revolution: which comes out of Monarchy, to fall back into something similar with Napoleon Bonaparte.


- American Independence: which establishes a constitution with clear and firm rights for the people that gives them abilities to defend themselves from the formation of new tyrannies with the second amendment which is the right to bear arms with a view to prevent new tyranny which degraded into a capitalism where those who controlled the companies began to dominate over the financial market until in 1913 the Federal Reserve is established, which basically takes away all power of the Democratic Government over the Treasury Department, thereby causing, at the same time, every person in the USA to become legally a Corporation that is and can be absorbed by other larger ones, thereby creating a totalitarian tyranny.


- Bolshevik Revolution of 1917-18: the implementation of the Communist political model based on Marxism, where a government establishes total control over the assets of the people and administers the resources to give each individual what that same government believes he/she needs and deserves. This model degraded to State Capitalism where those in the Ruling Party take all the wealth at the cost of total and tyrannical exploitation of the people, with its apogee during Stalin's government.


The list is long and I only mention a few of the many examples of the same problem. Since it seems to show that the peoples, the normal people, are destined to always fall under some kind of Totalitarian Government, without a truly equitable political model.


What I perceive on Earth is that the basic mentality of life there is that of scarcity of resources which in turn creates the need for something or someone or an institution-government to manage those few resources with whatever political model. Being that on Earth nothing is ever enough. Whether there are enough resources or not, the perception is the same, that there is a lack of things, food, new objects that make life interesting and worth living.


I see that this is not only caused by the imposed mind-controlled mentality that favors the consumer society, which fuels the profits of the companies that manufacture or manage such consumer goods but is mostly based on the mentality that people need something external to them to justify, enjoy, and make life itself worth living.


People needing something external to them to fulfill their existence is a direct consequence of the concept of materialism and determinism, where only the material exists and has value, and cause and effect as an inevitable consequence - victim mentality.


This worsens when a monetary value is added to the material, because the very values of the people will revolve around this material value, blinding them to the other points without material value, thus creating that life itself is worth little if it is not destined or used to produce goods or services that produce more monetary value.


With this the whole spiritual part decays to just being used as another method of control over the masses to guide them to behave in ways that are productive for those in power. Which ends up destroying the very life of people and the animals and plants around them. An example of this is animal suffering, where pets, such as dogs and cats, or free-living wildlife, have no value to society, other than what is given to them as monetary utility.


I emphasize the dogs and cats as the most direct example that comes to my mind that suffer abandonment and cruelty in the streets of the big cities because being many and useless, they lack any value, blinding people to their needs and their great suffering.


In the same way everything alive becomes cheap, therefore without value, without importance, and the material things manufactured industrially increase in value. As a consequence of this is that the whole spiritual part of people is degraded in favor of materialism, which in turn, as a direct consequence, will only bring much suffering that will perpetuate the perception of lack and scarcity.


But as the materialism-determinism in which they live as a mentality dictates that only what is real, tangible, and with monetary value matters, the only way that such people will have to seek relief from that feeling of lack in their lives is with the acquisition of more material goods that will give them a temporary satisfaction through a feeling of achievement-acquisition, but that will inexorably create the need to acquire more material goods again to feel that sense of achievement-relief again. Mentality entirely programmed by those who wish to continue perpetuating the society of consumption, materialism and determinism.


And this leads me to declare that the only way to transcend the vicious circle described above is with the spiritual, ethical and moral advancement of a people.


For a people to seek existential satisfaction within themselves, in what everyone has inside, the happiness generated by self-satisfaction in cooperation with their loved ones, community, would completely replace the need to seek happiness in material things. As a first factor or step towards forming the necessary mentality for a Holistic Society.


The Spiritual, Ethical, and Moral development of a people, their level of consciousness, is the very basis of a Holistic Society and without it simply will not be generated, will not appear.


A truly Holistic Society generates itself, no one has to impose it, no one has to dictate how things are or how things should be. Rather, the very social and cultural dynamics of a people will be born by itself as a direct reflection of its consciousness, spiritual, ethical and moral mentality. Especially a truly Holistic society.


So a Holistic Society cannot be implemented upon a people, nor can it be given to them as base information to form one, because it will only reflect the same mentality of the one who provides that information, which will not be applicable or appropriate for the people who receive it.


The truly Holistic Society will generate itself, without the need to learn anything about how it works, nor to give classes to the people from the angle of giving information as one would give a descriptive class about how a Democratic, or Communist-Socialist, or Monarchical political system works.


The only thing that generates a true Holistic Society is the spiritual, conscience, ethical, and moral advancement of a people, where they first develop those bases, and already with a mentality of ethics, morality, and very advanced spirituality, the members will begin to relate to each other with those three bases, and the result is a Society or political model perfectly in accordance with the level of advancement in those three areas.


It is the result of everyone within that society reaching the same high degree of advancement, or at least similar in terms of their personal variations, but always within the same framework of understanding that makes them cooperate with each other. A people will reflect its degree of ethical, moral, and spiritual advancement directly toward its political model.


From a non-materialistic point of view based on the models of mind, thought, integration, love, cooperation, understanding that cooperation and mutual support is what generates a personal and cultural advancement of a person and a people is the basis of Holistic Societies.


On Earth, much is taught, to the point of abuse, that one should live in a mentality of service-to-others and not in a service-to-self. Even very 'advanced' spiritual teachers and contactees claim this. It is said that progressive non-human races live in service to others and regressive races live in service to themselves.


It is not that simple. Not on Earth. Living in service to others must be an inseparable part of seeking service to self. On Earth imposing or forcing or teaching people to live in service to others has become one more method used by spiritual teachers and contactees and people who claim to have high consciousness, high above the average people, for the exploitation of those who wholeheartedly desire to implement a new, more equitable society on Earth with a view to the development of a new Holistic Society.


That is to say, living in service to others within a society where the whole dynamic of interaction between people on average is one of service to themselves and their survival, will only generate slaves with good intentions who end up working for free for the benefit of those who claim to be more advanced, or have more convincing power over them. They end up being told that they help the cause when they are only mind-washed and controlled slaves exploited for their good intentions.


To be able to help in a service to others mentality you need to have a full understanding of what it is you are helping, why, to what end, with what dynamics and reasons. All with a framework that such help does not interfere in the lives and primary needs of those people providing service-minded help to others. Otherwise they will only be exploited by people who call themselves Spiritual Masters, Ascended, or people supposedly with much spiritual advancement.


This point above is an example of how forcing only one part or one aspect of the mentality of people living in Holistic Societies on people living in other socio-political models will only bring chaos and exploitation again.


A Holistic Society is what comes out as a result of the interaction between each other of a group of people with a high spiritual, ethical and moral advancement. Under the principle that a people will have the political system that reflects its own mentality.


If a people, like the people of Earth, live in a victim mentality, in determinism and materialism, they will only create, form, or manifest the opposite concept to themselves. A people with an oppressed and dependent mentality will create those who oppress them and on whom to depend. One side will create the other.


This is the very mechanism of the formation of governments, regressive entities and races and systems of oppression that are formed in the manner of Tulpas and Egregores reflecting the human mentality. If a people feels exploited, it will create its exploiters.


The only method of creating a Holistic Society is to move forward the spiritual, ethical and moral advancement of a people, to expand their consciousness. What people should be focused on is those three elements and not the forced implementation of a new political model, because this will only degrade into Socialism-Communism with State Capitalism. And that is NOT a Holistic Society.


When a people develop a sufficiently advanced ethical, moral and spiritual advancement, naturally, without any problem, they will inevitably form a society and culture perfectly in accordance with their level. If the level is sufficiently advanced, it can be said to be a Holistic Society. Being that I must make it clear that it is not a political model to follow, but only is and can only be the result of the ethical, moral and spiritual advancement of a people, of its personal and collective consciousness, its direct and inevitable reflection. The total of their collective unconscious.


The first step to follow to form a Holistic Society is the ethical, moral and spiritual elevation of a people. And this in the first instance is achieved with the direct and unrestricted access of the people to all the information available to their group or culture. Learning all subjects, whatever they may be, is the first step. That is why one must study everything, learn as much as possible, listen to all opinions and angles equally, with the formation of one's own responsibility for one's own personal advancement, and for the formation of the personal concepts that each one takes in as true, as what is real and what is not.


This means that equal importance should be given to studying all points of view and then forming one's own opinion. Therefore, you should not follow anyone who imposes or wishes to control or form a monopoly of truth, for that will lead you away not only from spiritual advancement, but from the formation of a Holistic Society.


You must manage personal resources, time and energy, to filter the information that is useful to you from that which is not, thus filtering the people you listen to from those who do not nourish you. Remember that the framework of reality, of what is true and what is false, and the very values of ethics, morality, and spirituality of each person are and will be the result of the average of the ideas of those with whom they live, talk to, and listen to. One should develop the individual responsibility to decide with whom to live.


Robert: And how do you promote "the spiritual, ethical and moral advancement of a people?"


Yazhi: As I started to say, they must learn everything they can learn, but for that they must first have the interest and the intention to do that. To learn all that can be learned, continuous and objective learning, without the formation of attachments to information models. That is, with the flexibility to incorporate new ideas to the framework that forms the personal reality.


Reality must be approached using the best data available to each one, with the mentality that nothing is fixed, and that such descriptive models of reality, parts or as a whole, are only temporary until better data is available and one´s own better mental models are developed. Not having fixed ideas. Or only have as a spiritual model to embrace the constant incorporation of new data, which form and change our perception of reality.


That is why you should never follow the advice of anyone, with or without authority of any kind, who dictates that you should NOT listen to other people or sources of information. Because it will limit you to a fixed data base and therefore manipulated to the interests of those who claim to have greater spiritual, ethical and moral advancement. Stopping the formation of your own and personal base.


A truly Holistic Society will be the result of this free-thinking mentality of a people. A highly educated, ethical, moral and spiritual people become impossible to be controlled by external agents, and at the same time will create a social model according to the exact and particular needs of that society, creating harmony and not chaos.


A people with high ethics, morality and spirituality will defend itself. And it will create its reality according to what it is as its own entity. Thus it will manifest it. Its society will be its own Egregor.


Within the framework of understanding why a Holistic Society or any ethical, moral or spiritual model cannot be imposed, is that no person can understand anything that is outside the contextual framework of his own understanding and the limits of his own consciousness. That is to say, for a person to understand advanced concepts he must have in mind and fully understand previous elements that give him a support and a basis from which to start to understand major concepts, whether metaphysical or technical. Therefore, it is not possible to explain something complex to someone who does not have the necessary previous bases for its breakdown and subsequent incorporation into his person and consciousness.


Each person or group of people must first develop these foundations, therefore they must advance in consciousness, spirituality, morality, and ethics before they can aspire to form a truly Holistic Society. This means that they must form a series of societies according to their current level but have the flexible foundations that allow them to move towards a Holistic Society without stagnating in previous stifling and militant models such as those known on Earth.


First develop spirituality, ethics and morals, then the society according to your level will emerge on its own. So the main focus is on developing those three critical elements and not on forcing a political model that cannot be implemented on a people because when a Holistic Society is imposed it automatically destroys itself as such. It ceases to be.


Gosia: Thank you Yazhi. I have a question. You said above that on Earth there is this mentality of scarcity, materialism etc... but I feel that, by the mere existence of the system as it is on Earth now, with money, having to work to survive, it will be impossible to eradicate this mentality from human society. Because it is one thing to implement ethics and all this in the society that has everything and replicators at home, and free meals, than in the society that has nothing if you don't work for it. So is the eradication of system based on money and work for money the requirement to have a really advanced Holistic Society?


Yazhi: Yes, because you enter into a vicious circle, circle that you are in as a planetary people. So we enter into the realm of what I am trying to describe in my last words, the need to develop political transition models with direction and intention towards the development of a real Holistic Society.


This means that in order to get out of a vicious circle such as the one that afflicts humanity, there must necessarily be an external agent that changes the direction or dynamics that cause such vicious circle. Which again leads us to the need for non-human tutors, members of real Holistic Societies, and formed by anthropomorphic beings and with high empathy and understanding, especially with respect to the human situation and condition.


However, such mentorship does not necessarily have to be given directly, overtly, but as spiritual intervention, under the table. As it is already happening or has been happening in the last 70 years on Earth and accelerated since the year 2000 with the arrival of whole new waves of Starseeds and Step Downs in all their modalities, degrees and variants.


As for the monetary system, while the need for a new, fairer system for all is evident, there is a danger that the dynamics of George Orwell's "Animal Farm" will be generated again. Being that I do see the eradication of money possible, with some transition, and only because I recognize that most people on Earth do not understand how it is possible to function without it. But yes, it is possible.


But it is possible if you change the base mentality that forms the need for money, and that is the mentality of lack, that there are not enough resources for everyone, and this is formed by the idea or need to satisfy needs in a material way and not in a spiritual way. That is, people need a lot of things to be happy, and not much inner wealth.


This would then be one of the first things to change. Like, for example, that people are truly happy because they learned a new language, and not because they have a late model car as an aspiration of satisfaction and purpose in life.


Robert: But there seems to be little effect of that outside help.


Yazhi: Because they have countered that form of outside help with direct methods of control over the population with a view to stopping this spiritual breakthrough that many call the Great Awakening.


So there is no longer time for the starseeds to develop influence over the Earth social Matrix, and so again we get into the topic of some form of direct intervention being necessary. Even if it is still 'under the table' but in a more direct and expeditious way. Because if there is something we do not have today is time. And this is difficult to understand for non-human races living in other time frames of perception.


Even though such intervention or external inspiration is necessary, the people of Earth should not wait for that to happen, nor should they hope to receive such help which, as I have described above, whether or not it is sufficient, is already underway in the form of incarnated starseeds and other variants of subtle extraterrestrial presence present there.


Gosia: I feel that ethics and morals must be well defined. Because there are different types of ethics I imagine, and they change according to levels and interest etc. Also, what do you recommend practically for people, that they should not create models, political and social structures of such a society yet, but focus on developing spirituality, ethics and morals first?


Yazhi: Yes. I know that they should strive to create a transitional political model that will allow them to work out the necessary components while those three elements of the people mentality develop. But that political model is not a Holistic Society, but only a stopgap, temporary.


The problem here is that any transitional political model that is formed will again be under the conditions described in the text above, in that it will only reflect the average consciousness of the people themselves. The model that many would think could serve as a transitional method would be Socialism, which we have seen does not work, because Socialism or Communism is definitely NOT a Holistic Society.


Remembering that the moment a group imposes a socio-political structure with the idea that this is a Holistic Society on another group of people, it will cease to be a Holistic Society immediately, destroying the concept.


So the only way to defeat these problems is with the advancement of consciousness, ethics, spirituality and morality of the group of people in question. Those three points are so critical that without them a Holistic Society simply cannot exist.


That is another problem I have to talk about. Spirituality, ethics, morals are just words and their meaning differs from person to person, so a basic framework should be made to guide the definition of these three points. So here it would already be intervention on my part or on our part because I would be imposing my own definitions of ethics, morality and spirituality on the human race. Which opens again to what I also said above; the need for some kind of mentoring from a non-human but anthropomorphic and highly empathic race.



Ark of the Covenant behind the war in Ukraine? Short chat with Sophia Swaruu (Yazhi)


Originally in Spanish


Yazhi: They go around saying that the Ukrainian War is because Putin wants to take an Ark of the Covenant that is under Ukraine. And that this is the real reason for the war. It turns out that there is some truth to it.


As we have already explained, there are three arks and it is known where they are. One in the Pentagon warehouses, one in the Russian Vostok base, and one here on this ship. The purpose of them is the same: to safeguard biology and to be a weapon. However, other races could have built similar devices, or it could be a lie or a code that signifies all the technology they will loot or looted from a DUMB.


As I had said, the reason for the war has a strongly extraterrestrial element because of its location, because as I have said before Ukraine is ancient and full of old and new bases and DUMBs. What I don't know is whether or not it is an "ark". Considering that an "ark" could be several things, or it can have been made by more than one culture or people. So I don't see an "ark" as a straightforward "ark", possible yes. But to me that "ark" would be a word that encompasses the concept of: looting an ancient DUMB.


And, why haven´t they done it when it was the USSR? Perhaps they put it there recently. Or they didn't know about it. For me all this means that the extraterrestrial reasons of that war are filtering out. As it happened also in Iraq.


Robert: And all the arks contain the same?


Yazhi: Of course not. However, looking at things from a broader context, those who are pushing that ark angle, also push the narrative that something is happening in terms of wars taking place for specific reasons and not for the simple fact of the war itself as part of a reset plan. As Tina (Athena) explained well So to me it smells more as a distractor, as Tina says as well. More of "They're coming to save us."


It's the same structure of disinformation, exactly same one. It's not that I don't want to give hope, it's just that that's not the way things work. Alex Collier himself explained in the 90's that the Andromedans and the Federation will not and would not intervene because of Karma reasons and because they would only make Earth's problem bigger and that the only way is for humans to learn to solve their problems on their own or they will never learn because they will repeat the same mistakes over and over again. That still holds true.


Back to the ark thing, yes it is possible, and very, very likely, but it is not the reason behind the war. Things are not just for one reason, they are for many reasons, especially wars. People like to hear that because it reassures them as they go on with their lives while the controllers are resetting everything. Isn't that what the Cabal wants? What we are telling people is the annoying and raw truth, but only people with ample mental resources can recognize it.



What Are Wars? All Humanity Should Know This - Athena Swaruu


Originally in Spanish


Swaruu X (Athena): Last time I described why during a conflict you cannot know what is going on, nor what the truth is, since both sides will impose their disinformation as part of their means and strategies with which to manipulate the perception not only of the public, but also of the enemy. It is an important part of how a war is won.


So everything that is published during a conflict will be manipulated and exaggerated to the convenience of whoever is publishing it. This is war propaganda and has been around basically as long as there have been wars. So even if you see everything and form your own criteria, you will not be able to have a clear picture or idea of what is really going on.


But yes, there is one thing that you can know with complete certainty. And it is the most important thing to know during a conflict involving major world powers specifically.


It is true that when there are regional wars involving small nations of little world political power or influence, these clan or quasi-clan wars can arise out of disagreements and power interests among their members. This triggers a local war which the controllers will watch closely and then send their agents to manipulate and guide the outcome according to the interests of the deep Cabal. These agents will be sent in before, during or after the conflict as they see fit, and will be under the guise of being analysts, military advisors, UN observers "to keep the peace", or more openly be secret agents who make deals with the leaders of such places, or in the last case send in Special Forces units.


In many occasions the Cabal will send agents to both sides making believe that powerful nations under the name of their organizations like the United Nations or NATO, among others, are on their side, being that they are making agreements with both sides of the conflict, agreements that only end up benefiting the deep Cabal.


And the same will happen with an endless number of variants and methods that they apply depending on what is necessary for each situation. This is nothing new, but I should mention it as context for the following.


While, as I have stated above, small wars or wars between nations inconsequential to the controllers can have a real element in them, I should also mention that the deep Cabal can also start a local war against a nation when they have realized that their leaders are not playing by the rules imposed by the Cabal itself, rules they impose using organizations such as the United Nations, up to those imposed through their secret Masonic and Illuminati lodge organizations, which in turn exploit the goodwill of their low grade members who for the most part have no idea what they themselves are doing or who they are really working for.


In those cases they will intervene with a local war to then impose a puppet under their control, as the new "president" or leader, always using the imposition or excuse of being liberators and saviors of nations to implement "Democracy" for the benefit of the civilian population. Benefits they never see as it is only manipulation and propaganda as I expressed above.


Moving on to a larger conflict.

When a conflict of whatever nature develops between nations that are clearly under Illuminati deep Cabal domination and control, the wars are of a different nature altogether. And that nature is obvious to those who have eyes to see and minds to analyze.


And this from an outsider's point of view is painfully obvious, painfully obvious because the population of Earth should be able to take this into account and know this not only for their own sake but for their own survival because what I will say next is not a "theory" nor is it a "guess" nor is it a conclusion based on logic, but it is already considered a firm, constantly repeating and unquestionable fact.


When the deep Cabal controls both nations in conflict, or both groups of nations, everything is preplanned, everything obeys a previous agenda that they have in mind and in preparation sometimes years ago, decades, and sometimes even hundreds and thousands of years ago.


This is inconceivable to the average terrestrial population that lives from day to day, from fortnight to fortnight and for whatever they can afford and without being able to plan what they will do the following week, much less have a life plan.


Also, having a finite temporal perception, the majority of the human population will not understand why or how a group can make plans for so many years, even generations into the future, because they think that the people "in power" will not see the benefits during their lifetimes.


This is where the non-human elements that control the deep Cabal come in, who have a longevity far greater than humans.


So a conflict between large nations and under their control will have no element of real political, economic, or strategic interest as the civilian population is told. All discussions of geo-politics, economics, and dominance of trans-national corporations over the monopoly of natural resources is just propaganda by the very controlling Cabal to divert the attention of the human population.


They control both sides to the supreme level.


It is a psychopathic game they have been playing for thousands of years, and the real reasons I will give later in this same text, although they have been mentioned before but I must fit that in here for the sake of clarity of all I am trying to explain.


They just make the population believe that two nations, or more, that are large, have disagreements with each other that have resulted in the loss of diplomacy resulting in war as the only and last way to resolve a dispute. And the people, the human population, will believe it because that is how they have them programmed and that is how it is set within the framework of their understanding of their reality.


Example, disputes between unruly and annoying neighbors in their neighborhood or colony where they live. The average human population will transfer that way of thinking about conflicts to the geo-political realm and that is how the deep Cabal controllers want them to think.


But the reality is very different.

The controllers with a view to energy, economic, and Lush exploitation of the human population, mass control and population control, by way of population geo-engineering will impose a war between two or more nations that they completely control. And I mean completely.


This is the case of countless wars in the past, but as more direct and recent examples we have the First and Second World Wars, the Vietnam conflict, and above all the Cold War.


During the Cold War the world population was led to believe that there were two great power blocs that wanted political and economic domination over the Earth, with a constant latent threat of mutual annihilation with the use of nuclear weapons, which is known as “MAD” threat, which also stands for Mutual Assured Destruction.


With this system of imposition of ideas-mind control over the planetary human population, they would be kept in constant worry and constant suffering that kept them under control. Also this extremely dualistic bilateral model provoked a Good-Bad, Black-White mentality in the minds of the human population. And in terms of the economic realm, it would maintain the weapons industry which is huge, as well as the economic competitive machinery in operation.


With this system they also make use of systems of imposed religions that also help to guide the human population in the manner of livestock.


So during a war of this kind, as an example I will say World War II, the Illuminati deep Cabal controlled (and still does) both sides, the Allies and the Axis. Where the same bankers financed both sides, where Ford Motor Company, General Motors and Chrysler production plants, among others, manufactured engines and engine components to supply both sides. And meanwhile they had the people in the factories, mostly women, working from sun up to sun down under the mind control and war propaganda of crisis effort to "win the war", exploiting the courage and life force of human beings.


The outcome of military operations in that kind of conflicts is already planned and already agreed upon, and the leaders of both sides who are the masks and puppets of the deep Cabal know it and only play a role imposed by their superiors. All controlled from below using the communication systems, the economy, and the rules and laws of the Secret Societies.


The reasons for a war of this nature are completely pre-fabricated and are imposed by means of war propaganda in the mass media. The reason for these wars are the wars themselves with a view to population control.


Wars are real, suffering is real, deaths and struggles are real. The effort to beat the other side is real. But the battles are already decided, as are the wars. They are already planned, it is already known who must win and who must lose and when and for what purpose.


This stems not only from the strategic aspect of a war (strategic as major situational planning) but also from the purely tactical aspect (immediate in the fight). Because not only wars are already planned, and it is already known who wins and who loses, but also the same happens in the battles over regions or parts in and of the same war.


They will pit an army defending a region against an offender with a view to invade. They already know who should win. And they know the stakes of which side has more strength, where then it is here where they begin to anticipate the outcome.


But as the struggle and the human spirit is unpredictable sometimes things do not turn out as the Cabal wished.


It is in these situations where under the orders of the generals who in turn will take orders from their Illuminati puppets and these from those of the Cabal:


An army that is in the lead and is winning an important battle but was not supposed to win, will be given an irrational and even foolish order to retreat under any excuse that will return the balance of power in a battle to the side that was already pre-planned to win that battle.


Thus returning the narrative and the correct pre-planned outcome to how it should be in the minds of the deep Cabal controllers.


These kinds of orders that turn the situation during a battle into what can be seen as counter to the very interests of the side that carries them out are later taken by analysts and military historians as simply mistakes of war, tactical and strategic errors, and are not analyzed further by not understanding what is really going on behind them.


An example of this would be the advance of the German forces during the invasion against the Soviet Union, where they stalled trying to take the city of Stalingrad. Where modern historians only think that Hitler's need to take that city was only because it bore the name of Stalin (leader of the Soviet Union at that time) for the moral blow that it would give him.


In reality, this stalemate that lasted 5 months, one week and 3 days (August 23, 1942 to February 3, 1943) was only to decimate the German forces, reduce their advance capacity and strength and turn the war in favor of the Soviet Union that they had already prepared as the one that should be the winner.


And that is repeated later again in the upper part of Russia with the battle and siege of Leningrad (September 1941 to January 1944).


And it should be the winner because Russia was and still is under complete control of the deep Cabal, and they needed it as it was and extremely strong in every way, militarily, economically, and social-ideologically, to execute the next phase of the controllers' plans: The Cold War.


So, no matter the enormous effort of the soldiers on both sides, no matter the type and efficiency of the war machine, no matter who has the best tanks, no matter who has the best planes. No matter who the best pilot is, no matter how many die, how many get mutilated, how many families are destroyed, how many people are left with post-traumatic stress disorder, no matter the human spirit and their passion to defend their own, to defend their families, their home, their nation. Because everything is already planned in advance, who wins and who loses, why, when, and how it fits into the events that follow.


Wars are very real, as are the consequences for the general population, military or otherwise. But the reasons for these kinds of wars are not.


This has been going on for thousands of years, it is nothing new. And added to this is the fact that later in "history" something else is described that has nothing to do even with the propaganda used to motivate soldiers and the civilian population to justify a war.


The real motivation, the reason for creating a war will always be the same: geo-engineering of population, numbers control, and exploitation of the human spirit at all levels.


Who is causing all this?

Those who benefit from human suffering on all levels, those who "eat" Lush which is nothing more than creative energy of manifesting realities coming from beings with connection to the Original Source, real humans.


These beings cannot exist on their own, because they are egregores of human creation, manifested directly as a result of the concentration of creative attention of human beings.


Fear concentrates all attention on the object of that fear, blinding reason and vision all around. This is Lush. It is not a substance per-se as Adrenochrome would be although it is of course related. Or it could only be seen to be interpreted as a substance when viewed from the etheric side point of view.


The creative concentration of reality manifestation formed from fear is very strong, precisely because of its blinding concentration. Without this such entities would disappear, for they cannot sustain their existence alone. They need human suffering to sustain themselves, because they are a product of the human mind. Direct manifestation of all the fears that they have, focused in a single entity form. If you stop paying attention to it, they will dissolve.


Where are they and who exactly are they?

They are not local, they are all over the world, they are energies that only manifest as something at certain times when conditions are propitious, and they will always be propitious only by the direct intervention of the creative attention of humans. When they come together to fear a single thing in a specific place, visible entities can emerge in the form of what they call demons, apparitions or whatever they want to call them.


And by pinpointing as much as possible where they are:

This comes from just the point where the human becomes the non-human. That threshold of mutual interference, of difficult interaction. It is where the humans behind the Secret Societies merge with the dark entities egregores of humanity, which they, of the deep Cabal, worship.


So this problem is of a purely human nature or genesis in that they are being victimized by their own creations for not being able to control their own mind.


At the same time keeping in mind that humanity as such, as a race seen as souls with connection to Source, is not really just one race but a whole soup of "souls" (without religious connotation) of extraterrestrial origin.




Do Not Be Fooled - Discern and Be Cautious - Advice from Athena Swaruu


Originally in Spanish


Swaruu X (Athena): Don't be fooled by the news, or the newscasts, because they are twisting what is really happening to levels never seen before, lie after lie, such as the event of the Electric Nuclear Power Plants takeover where it was far from being in danger and Russian forces took over the site to prevent a disaster, not to cause one.


The news is pushing a single narrative using all sorts of tricks and traps, including photo montages, crisis actors and old footage from Ukraine or other conflicts including Iraq, and even video games.


The West is censoring everything coming out of Russia to push a single narrative in order to control the perception of the Western public and turn them against Russia, which is neither the good guy nor the bad guy here but part of the same plan they are developing from the controllers´ level.


I just flew over Russia and listened to the RT narrative and what is broadcast in Russia and I must give the Russians something: they are not censoring news from the West. Anyone in Russia can watch CNN, BBC, ABC or Fox. If anyone here is being transparent with their people it is the Russians.


I don't want to sound pro-Russia. But it is true that from the little or much that I have seen, they are censoring less in Russia than in the West who wants to control the narrative again just like they do with the fake Covid.


I know this because I have seen first hand how what RT says matches what I see on the ground with my eyes, either flying low over there or using the sensors on the Toleka. And the conflict is drastically exaggerated against Russia. All to produce fear in the general population all over the Earth.


This is not to defend Russia or Putin who I know are just playing a role agreed between and by the controllers, it is part of them controlling both the West and Russia and also China.


I want to make it clear that in a conflict the public will never be told what is going on. Neither from one side nor the other. War is won with deception and control over the narrative. Neither sides will tell the truth.


So at this point, everything in the media is either a lie or distorted at best. Pay no attention to either side, take everything with discernment and caution.


And finally, it is still a distractor


They talk all about that and not about the protests or the laws against the people they bring out all over the world. Distractor, Distractor, Distractor.


Thank you, that's all.



Time travel - They are not as they tell us - First Part - Athena Swaruu


Gosia: I have this question. When you mentioned Tartary in one of the recent videos about Ukraine, some people picked up on it and said, "wait, you said there was no data recently. Now there is?" Could you explain then how you have come to know what you know about Tartary and where are these new data from? Only this. Because many people have asked me.


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, it is that the new data comes from my investigations on Earth with data from Earth because Tartary is an Earth matter. And Federation does not have the data registered with the name of Tartary, but in translation they put it as HyperBoria of the South or non-Tsarist Russia, or Asian Empire.


And the dating is a mess so I couldn't place those "civilizations" recorded by the Federation as recent, as coming from Tartary. When I saw them, I placed them after the flood, and before the fall of the Roman Empire, with an error of two thousand years or more.


Another point to explain here that goes into the theme of Tartaria is what happens with the Sand Clock expeditions. Because you would think that we are just going to see and that's it.


And that is true, the problem is that once there we cannot easily place ourselves in a time frame. Because our ships do not have their navigation computer programmed as the inhabitants of Earth have been indoctrinated, as in movies like Wells's Time Machine or Spielberg's Back to the Future by entering a date into the machine, as in years , months, days and hours, minutes and seconds.


It is done by programming an energetic position, a frequency in an energetic map of frequencies. That is, the matter at that point of a stellar map by frequency is found in such or such a configuration.


Because the movement in time implies that the matter and energy of a place change the dynamics of interaction with each other. In other words, simply because at 09:15 minutes you have two things on your table, and at 09:16 you move a pencil from one place to another within the same table, there is a slight gravity displacement of the pencil's mass that is recorded as a specific moment in time. Comparative mass-gravity point map between as it was at 09:15 and as it was at 09:16. That is what is recorded in the navigation computers, not dates.


So it is only known that it was 09:15 or 09:16 by mass-gravity correlation and not by the time on a clock. Therefore, when traveling to any place in time, it is not known what the real date is unless there is another reference.


But this is not to say that if you ask someone on the street wherever you land and they tell you the date it will correspond to what other people on the other side of the same world think simultaneously.


In addition to this, on Earth they add or subtract years to things, they invent historical events and people. Creating an impossibility of understanding where you are within a time frame based on calendars and dates.


Because although you will register that you are going to see a character that human history places him in the year, let's say 1700, then you introduce the frequency map correlation with said year, so that later it turns out that the character either was invented to fulfill some agenda and narrative or simply said character lived on another date, which confuses your navigation computer.


This problem is made worse when two real people actually lived in the same year, say 1700, but the official history places them in very different years. Which makes the result an impossible-to-decipher date soup.


Only with data collected through multiple trips of many ships or the same one can begin to understand the time frame of the events. Again, by contrast or by correlation or comparison between the dates of an event and what the map indicates by frequencies and mass-gravity positions.


And what I've seen about it is that human history is totally made up just by using characters or events that they put at different times in history again to fulfill a narrative.


And not only do the times and dates not correspond, but everything happens in a much more compact time frame, meaning that what happened in the last 2000 years actually happened in less than 600 or even less. This mapping is in process.


It is said that history is written by the victors and that is not only the whole truth but it gets worse because said victors not only twist things to their advantage but openly and brazenly invent characters and situations that simply never happened, they also erase for I complete more people and events than if they happened but are simply uncomfortable for them or go against their narratives of population control and their agendas of imposing a belief system on the population with an eye to exploiting them.


This kind of data can only be found through the intervention of one or more spacecraft with time-jump capabilities that have been recording human history with frequency-mass-gravity maps. And the result is that it is now clearly seen that the entire narrative of where humanity came from, what happened, and what did not happen is totally false.


Robert: Sure. You would need the gravity maps of the area to be able to match the exact frequencies. Everything has gravity until us. No numbers and hours, all that is imprecise. wow!! Athena, nice explanation. Thank you very much. It's clear now.


Swaruu X (Athena): That's why the dates don't match, because everything is wrong.


Robert: The only thing that perhaps people wondered, with the Federation always here, how is it that they do not document the history of humanity with their drones?


Swaruu X (Athena): You have to go place by place in history relating a date with a frequency. And so you find that nothing fits, but nothing. Human history is false and is made of false writings and documents that have been introduced over time.


Gosia: That's why this hasn't been done all this time? I imagine the Federation would already have everything on record if they've always been here.


And a question somewhat linked to Robert's. But shouldn't there already be some markers registered on the ships to facilitate these jumps? Because I don't think that if you go, it's for the first time. Unless you want to go on some meaningless date where no one has ever gone before.


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, there are, but not enough. On which Swaruupapriyananda had relied, for example, to make his first Sand Clock exploration jumps.


The problem is that even if something is registered as from the year 1700, it does not mean that everything else that is officially registered that happened in that same year actually happened in that year.


Robert: Yeah, like energy nodes or something.


Gosia: You are not here exploring as novices. Nor they.


Swaruu X (Athena): Historians and "scholars" have the misconception that if a text is ancient it should be taken as true. But then they twist everything so that if something in an ancient text is uncomfortable for the official versions, they will impose the content as if it were "mythology" when they are real facts, or vice versa. They will invent stories and events that they documented to fulfill an agenda but never happened and that they impose as true.


If that's what they're doing today in front of everyone with inventions like the plandemic, what makes them think they haven't done it before? History is to control people with convenient lies.


Gosia: Ok, but look at our two questions above Athena. It's just that what terrestrial historians do doesn't matter. It is understood that they falsify yes. But shouldn't your ships already have records of previous jumps saved, or the Federation itself having files of everything that has happened?


Swaruu X (Athena): There are and they are used, but they only record certain important events and a crew then assumes the data is correct.


An example of this that does not correspond is a jump that I made with my mother when I was little, when we went to see the events around the construction of Hadrian's Wall, in Scotland, in Roman times, from where we only flew to other parts of Europe only to see that simultaneously what would correspond to Renaissance paintings or the Renaissance was being developed there, with an error of about 1500 years in the gravity maps and in the historical terrestrial ones since it does not correspond.


What really happened is hidden in the basements of those who control Earth. That is why historically there has been the burning of books all the time, insisting that they do not destroy the information but only the copies and the originals are taken to the Vatican. Without doubting that in many cases the lackeys of the Cabal have destroyed books and documents for copying what their masters do, without first seeing if there are copies or without first sending them to the Vatican or their bosses.


Gosia: Why not? Registry errors?


Swaruu X (Athena): That adds to the problem making it worse.


Gosia: So maybe Jesus existed.


Swaru X (Athena): Noo that if not, there is no point more explored than that on Earth.


Gosia: It's just that you also have a temporary slip and all that. You don't have equal time progression. Everything is messed up


Robert: So you didn't see anything? But that wall does exist.


Swaruu X (Athena): We saw how they were building that wall. But at the same time in France the renaissance was happening.




Swaruu X (Athena): That wall, yes.


Robert: How strange. The Romans building the wall and the French in the Renaissance. That may be?


Swaru X (Athena): It is not strange, it is only testimony that history is not as they are told, nor did things happen in that order. That is my point here. From the year circa 120 to 122 that was built. Whereas if you go to Paris they were there with baroque music and renaissance paintings.


Robert: But how can that be possible?


Swaruu X (Athena): It's what I've been explaining here for half an hour.


Robert: No timeline of things?


Swaruu X (Athena): The chronology of things is wrong. I don't even have the "correct" one, but from experience plus what Yázhi says, I conclude that there isn't, even. Time is semi linear.


Robert: But weren't there commercial ties between "Great Britain" and France?


Swaruu X (Athena): There is only one sequence of events that transcends the lifetime of a person or a generation because they live it. Yes, it is recorded in some way, such as dated documents that preserve the linearity and sequence of events. But if these dates are misspelled, or falsified on the premise that no one will find out, then temporal linearity is broken. There can only be a temporal linearity to today's perception if there are documents or anything that indicates age or time by reference. But if you alter and lie in those documents, then all linearity is broken, because you have no frame of comparison.

Because time is a perception.


Gosia: What kind of reference? That's what I was referring to above... that a lot of references were not already made before, that they would already be registered? And what type are they?


Swaruu X (Athena): Documents that are taken for truth just because they are official. Whether or not they are ancient. As well as dating objects. But they are dating objects mostly using Carbon 14, a method that has already been shown on Earth to throw so many bugs that it is basically useless!


If the Carbon 14 dating method is known to be so inaccurate, why is it still used? Which makes me think that it is a kind of "PCR test" for historical objects to force them to enter -into- an official narrative!


If you refer to the records of other Federation ships, I insist based on the number of references of historical event-year correlation with frequency maps, I see that clearly there are not many points in history that have been recorded or "mapped" that lends itself to simple navigation errors.


Perception of those who live it, but if today's people did not live through the renaissance, or have no memory of it, they can only believe that what the documents tell them is true. But as I have already said above, they are almost entirely fake.


Robert: And everything to follow an agenda…


Swaruu X (Athena): Another thing I noticed is that according to my mom's records, most recent in Suzy's databanks, trips she took after the disclosure in her "line", she finds that the old testament and the Sumerian tablets that support it , Dead Sea Scrolls and all, were written and made after the New Testament written by Vespasian and his psychopathic son Titus.


But... How can you even believe that you can divulge that in a video?!


Robert: Yes, you can.


Swaru X (Athena) :Another example of this is the Holy Shroud that even humans find was made in the Middle Ages and not at the time of Jesus... unless, as I say, the person on the shroud, printed there, lived in the Middle Ages. Corroborating what I tell you.


Robert: Yes. Because of the pollen and all that.


Gosia: But the Federation does this? Because I mean the references of the Federation. Good analogy of PCR for historical objects. I find that strange, that this has not been done.


Robert: Sure. We would also have to define what historical events are.


Swaru X (Athena): Who does this? It is very difficult to know. But the problem may simply come from the same interests of the governments on Earth and their rulers in power at all times, each imposing their own narrative that interests them to fulfill their personal interests. With this, destroying the historical linearity that precedes it. And this without even having in mind to confuse the story, but simply that the things where he lives and at the moment in which said person with power lives are accommodated to what he wants at the moment.


An example of this is the addition of 300 years that the Vatican imposed on the Gregorian calendar, basically jumping from the year 700 to the year 1000. However, this is only one of many events of the same nature, some more serious, that have happened.

It's just the most documented. However, I must emphasize that other scholars of that event indicate different years to the sum, some saying that it was from the year 722 to the year 1000, others that what they added was longer.


But for whatever reason the end result is that the official story doesn't even remotely fit the sequence of events that can be corroborated in another way. Form that can also be wrong.


Robert: Do you know why they did it? I don't want to get off topic. That corroborates that the story is a hoax.


Swaru X (Athena): It is assumed that they added those nearly 300-”ish” years to the Gregorian calendar for reasons of economic convenience over inheritance rights to certain lands in Italy and France. Because a certain dynasty was supposed to have rights to those lands until the year 1000 and those in power for their own economic and power interests added those nearly 300-”ish” years to the calendar simply for seizing said lands.


It is also said that it has to do with population control where it was falsely imposed that the year 1000 was being reached, therefore the end of time, thereby altering and draining the population of resources. Because they thought the world was ending.


What "smells" again like an excuse to make a new reset, one of many that have been. Because they are not necessarily big resets, but many small local ones, which further confuses the linearity of the story.


Furthermore, if it is known that just for their economic convenience they added about 300-”ish” years to the Gregorian calendar, how can we not think that they have done it multiple times before and after, only it was not as noticeable because they did it "better " or with "more care"? And then you wonder why the story doesn't fit?


Robert: Sure. And people who don't even ask, only believe the official media.


Swaru X (Athena): The official story was only written and imposed to control people and give it a believable context. But it has nothing to do with what really happened.


Gosia: Ok thanks. And look at this last question : but if the events are falsified or not, why would you care if you operate with the above data on these events and according to the data on these events registered by the Federation? What I mean, that the information that these events are falsified is something important for humans, but for you upstairs would it matter?


You are not going to travel according to the events recorded on Earth but yours, recorded by the Federation right? I don't know if I explain myself. If I go to the Amazon, I am not going to go with maps that they have of the area, but with my own (not a very good example). Although I think you have more or less responded by saying that you do not have many records. Or the Federation does not have.


Swaruu X (Athena): It is necessary to take into account that for the Federation, that is to say for the races that compose it, the Earth is only one place of billions (without exaggeration) so to see and carry out the historical mapping of humanity - whether they care or not - ultra-detailed frequency maps are needed, which they simply don't have. In that case my predecessors were pioneers in this.


Namely, There are and always have been maps for frequencies of events on Earth, but simply not enough detail to see this problem.


That is, they will travel to see the construction of Hadrian's Wall in Scotland in the year 122. But they only go as they go and do not explore what happens in the rest of the world on that "date" assuming that everything is as they are told. officially, officially for the Federation and officially for or according to human records.


Then they arrive, they see Romans moving stones. And they assume it's the year 122 and leave.

Then they go to rebirth, let's say 1560. And they assume where they were before was 122 and they don't realize it happens simultaneously.


Robert: Sure because time is not linear. Everything happens at the same time.


Swaru X (Athena): That the temporary jump in the ship was not necessary, but only to move as a simple jet from Scotland to Paris.


Robert: It is simultaneous yes.


Gosia: Not that everything happens simultaneously, I don't see it that way, no (although from above yes). Simply because the sequence is not as linear as it is understood according to records. Or is it wrong.


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, but if you don't have memory of previous lives, as humans don't, they can only be based on documents to give meaning and linearity to things. And those documents are not reliable at all. If the official history said that the Romans were Renaissance, it would be accepted.


Robert: I understand that everything is simultaneous.


Gosia: From Yazhi level yes. But the fact that now I have Bongo and before I didn't, it's not happening simultaneously. You can go back to my life before I had Bongo.

So there is a certain chronology.


Swaruu X (Athena): It's that from higher up, yes, everything is simultaneous. Even so, from the perception of life, yes, there is a linearity.


Gosia: Yes. There is and there is not. At once. And that IS simultaneous.


Swaruu X (Athena): And the revival can't be at the same time as the Romans in Britain. Nor can it be that the old testament was written after the new testament. However, empirical experience demonstrates this.


Robert: So what is happening? You have already explained it above.


Gosia: Many things are captured... and then they are separated by agendas, or invented, or time itself shapes the events in everyone's perception.


Robert: Yes. But they weren't right?


Swaruu X (Athena): No, but it doesn't fit the story either. There's something else going on here and it's very complex, involving fractured timelines because it's just people's consciousness, and in this case who saw the existence of Romans and Renaissance simultaneously. The perception in this case of my mom and me.


It is believed that a historical progression is needed. There can be no Renaissance France without things having happened that have brought them to that point, going through the time of the Roman occupation of Gaul. And this is true. A situation or a time must come from somewhere, by inheritance.


However, these inheritances were not given as explained in the official history books. There are huge holes. Impossible to believe like the two I have described above.


So this brings us to the big question: What to believe then? What can be believed? What do we have left to believe? Because this affects both the inhabitants of the Earth as well as those of us who, not being human, visit and are involved in any way with the Earth.


The answer is that nothing can be believed, and that we fall into the same thing again.

They will have to be done at their own discretion, each one with the best available data.


Gosia: Perhaps that is why I was never very interested in history, as if inside I always sensed that all this is only in human perceptions, something imposed, something that is not really known if it has happened or not, and how it has happened. They say that understanding history is very important, well I don't know, for me it was never so important. All so smooth. And so many versions of realities, all coming together in the singularity of now, which is where it really matters. Everything is in the mind. The existence of everything and its non-existence. equally influencing. I find it hard to explain this feeling.


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes.


In short, just always keep in mind that history was not only written by the victors, but was also invented at the convenience of the people in power to fulfill their personal interests and agendas.


Robert: I understand, yes. When the Spanish arrived in America they also found another culture that seemed to live in another time. Like older.


Swaruu X (Athena): Now Singularity: Yes exactly. As Yázhi explains, all the past, all the temporal lines, or whatever you want to call them, the true, the false, what happened "in other lines", everything converges in a single point to form it, the whole set and the sum from all that mass it forms a single point, the now.


Gosia: Yes. That's how I perceive it. That's why even analyzing if something existed or not, it doesn't appeal to me so much. Just the uniqueness of now.


Swaruu X (Athena): And the uniqueness of YOU now. It is that you cannot know.


Robert: Yes, but that "past" whether real or false somehow defines you now.


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, however as Yázhi says, the sequence doesn't matter, everything adds up. 3+20+34 = 57 as well as 34+3+20 add up to 57.


Gosia: Yes, it defines, whether it is real or not. So, does it really matter to know? If EVERYTHING influences?


Robert: Knowing what really happened, how can this change you now? Or does it not change it?


Gosia: Yes, exactly! That's what I mean. This is my very deep feeling.


Swaruu X (Athena): The order doesn't matter. The Universe works mathematically, not by simple cause and effect.



Starlink Satellites - Are they Really Up There? Athena Swaruu Informs of her Findings


Originally in Spanish

Gosia: Do you know anything about Elon Musk's alleged Starlink satellites?


Swaruu X (Athena): It is said here that Musk's satellites are fake, put in place to cover the operations of Federation ships. I fly atmospheric, never see them, never detect them. They say they are tiny. I don't know, that's what they say and I believe it, I just know that my NAV doesn't see them, and it even informs me of a nut floating around as space junk. If anyone here would see them it would be me.


Robert: Some say they shot down quite a few of those satellites. That it was the deep state? That they were to create a quantum telecommunications network superior to what exists now.


Gosia: And it is also said that they were destroyed in solar storms or something like that.


Swaruu X (Athena): I insist, I passed by there on February 15 the last time and I did not see anything. My NAV gives me a detailed map of everything around me. On the 15th, yes, there was a solar storm. But I passed by twice on the 15th and I was in the air for several hours. That day is the day I spent the most time in the air.


Robert: And a solar storm could bring down those satellites?


Swaruu X (Athena): No.


Gosia: Maybe they were there before, they were shot down, is it possible?


Swaruu X (Athena): Look, the truth can't be known for sure, but knowing them, I don't think that's true. More fake stuff like the Mars rovers and the car that Musk launched. They wouldn't spend effort to give people anything. It's all theater to distract and make them believe a reality that is not the real. The agenda is the same, for nothing to be true, total confusion.


Yes, he comes up with his rockets, but I don't see Starlink anywhere. Being that I would be the first to denounce that this is for mental control using 5G high speed satellite internet to activate the graphene in the vaccines. Yes, very well, but where are they? I don't see anything and I pass by there all the time.


Gosia: Isn't it possible that they are in some area you don't pass through? Or height?


Swaruu X (Athena): No, because they must be in a low orbit. I have to pass through there and my NAV gives me a map of all the objects I have to pass through, satellites, space stations and garbage. And it never tells me anything about those little lights shaped as a train in space.



Another day:

Swaruu X (Athena): In air. Height 220 km, 2300 kt. I look to my left, I look to my right, I look at my NAV. And... there is no Starlink. I've been looking for Starlink for more than an hour. Unless they're camouflaged as space junk, there's nothing here. Just junk at this altitude.


Robert: Yes. They say they would be at about 550km.


Swaruu X (Athena): I searched from 1000 and below. They might be emulating them using normal satellites.


Robert: I thought that too. They are up to something.


Swaruu X (Athena): A lot of junk and that's it. The ISS is there. But there's nobody there according to the life sensors.


Robert: And the ISS China?


Swaruu X (Athena): Also. Empty.



Another day:

Robert: Hi Tina. About Elon Musk's Starlink, several people tell me the following:


"Hello Robert. About the Starlinks. I'll tell you something. I've seen them at least 3 times at night, rows of several dozen one after the other. I even managed to record them. There are even tracking pages that say the date and time where they will pass above your city. And following the indications they can be seen. Ask please, if they are not satellites as such, what are we seeing? Thank you."


What could be those lights that appear in formation?


Swaruu X (Athena): The average to major traffic of artificial satellites is above the orbital altitude of the Toleka at present, so I don't pass through that concentration, and the Toleka orbit is set so as not to interfere with those satellites. The same thing space agencies do with their stations, such as the ISS and its Chinese equivalent. That's why Toleka and Avyon01 have similar orbits to the ISS. I only looked from 1000 km down.


The satellites do exist (there are conspiracists who say they don't). However, Toleka itself knows about the position of all near-Earth objects. And I am not informed of the existence of anything with Starlink characteristics.


However, there are so many satellites in operation that it could very well be that what Starlink does is a product of other satellite technology.


As for what they filmed from below, I don't have the definite answer, just theories based on what I observed from here. It could be a Blue Beam, which is very likely. Or it could be that what you have seen are formations of Antaria and Centauri fighter crafts and their thousands of drones. Yes, they do that kind of operations which they call carpet covering everything, part of the blockade to Earth, but I don't know what that looks like from below. What I have heard is that it looks like a train of light dots, like this, passing through the night sky:



This formation is not very congruent with satellites because they would be in too close proximity, same orbit, they would need many computers and thrusters controlled by them to maintain that distance between them, always the same.


It would be more congruent if they were shown as a matrix of dots covering the sky.


The Cabal, governments, ending up saying that something artificial that is seen in the night sky is part of something of theirs, something of NASA or whoever, has been used for years, since basically the creation of NASA itself in 1947, if I am not mistaken, being that they use very tracking systems of the ISS as a cover or justification for when a non-human ship is so close to Earth that it is visible to the naked eye, as the Taygetans have discovered.


It has also been said that those lonely specks seen moving across the night sky for decades are satellites. It is true, some are, because there are large satellites with solar panels that reflect a lot of the sun, mostly during the early evening hours, rarely to never in the middle of the night. But the vast majority of such bright spots are non-human craft of countless races, but mostly Federation, traveling back and forth and sometimes visible when in low orbit or passing close to Earth in space but not necessarily in orbit.


Gosia: And how are these Starlink satellites supposed to differ from other regular satellites? If others exist, is it possible that those are some of those of Starlink?


Swaruu X (Athena): It is not clear to me even after research. I understand that they are nano satellites, tiny ones. The exact size is not clear to me. But they are like 90% of the satellites.


Robert: Besides, I don't understand what those at Starlink says, that they launched the satellites on the 3rd and on the 4th a geomagnetic flare affected those satellites.


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, there was solar flare, but it does not affect anything as they say.


Robert: So the geomagnetic storm is not possible?


Swaruu X (Athena): At best it will generate static to the systems.


Basically what I'm saying is that things in space regarding Starlink are not as people are told. There is something very shady going on there.


Gosia: They say it's these:



Swaruu X (Athena): I look at that image and I see a string of 110cm non-human drones about to move into their positions all over the Earth. I don't see any congruence with telecommunication satellites.


Another problem is that they would be in very low orbit and since there are so many of them, no one would be able to go up without crashing into them. Going up like Musk says is like shooting yourself in the foot. It's filling low orbit with junk and objects that will hit other projects and spacecraft and satellites they want to move up.


If the orbit is too low, then they will have atmospheric friction and fall off. Because the atmosphere is not a defined layer as they tell you there. Rather it is a gaseous layer that goes from very dense with the hydrosphere (seas, rivers, lakes and the puddle in the street because it rained) that becomes lighter with the atmosphere at sea level and from there it becomes progressively less and less dense until it disperses into space.


So even at the height of the ISS, it has atmospheric friction, it is not interplanetary space. That would only be reached by going beyond the infamous Van Allen Bands.


So there is a useful corridor for artificial satellites where they should all be, and that is below the Van Allen Bands but before reaching atmospheric friction that will gradually undermine their orbit until they fall to Earth as space debris.


But they won't be able to put anything in an established low orbit range, say the lowest possible without being unstable, because a maintenance "corridor" is needed for space access, a corridor that Soyus ships and the now defunct Transborders would use, otherwise space would be inoperable by having too many objects floating around to collide with. And Starlink is on that maintenance corridor. I mean, it's there because Musk says it is, I don't see anything and I won´t budge. I was in flight yesterday for 8 hours straight and I did not find them.


I'm sorry this is becoming controversial, but I don't have a reason to lie about it. They are hiding something shady there. It would be convenient for me to say that they are there because they are invasive and because of their connection to the inoculations. I just can't find them, that's all I know. But I am informing you of a lot of movement of Federation ships and drones that are spherical and glow with their electromagnetic plasma engines.


Gosia: Thank you! But there is one point that I can't understand. If they look like other satellites, how do you know you haven't seen them? Maybe they are like other satellites?


Swaruu X (Athena): For these reasons:


1.) Because they are not in the orbit said by Musk.

2.) Because there is nothing with those numbers, of 42,000, all the same.

3.) Because the orbit and the number is not congruent with the necessary corridor of access to space for the NASA itself, Space X or ESA or Roscosmos or whoever.

4.) Because that formation is classic of non-human drones.


They are stored in the Toleka among other ships, in a form of a little train, one behind the other, spheres stored in a tube. They exit like this, deployed in different directions to their surveillance duties. The Earth is plagued by non-human drones. If they are in space, they are "satellites", if they are lower down they are "weather balloons".


Robert: Astronomers already complain about light pollution.


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, I've heard it before. Well, it will be the Blue Beam or the ships and drones circling the Earth.



Well, that one does look like a "bird". That image is of a duck or a goose. But they have hit spheres. Even high tech drones are not perfect and sometimes they get their navigator confused.



There are hundreds of thousands all over the Earth. To me that's what people are seeing. But I can't know for sure. They run on a small zero-point reactor and electromagnetic plasma engines with gravity cancelers. They have interstellar capability.



That's how they are stored on the big ships, but many one after the other. Then they exit as a train and disperse or move as a group as needed. They are 110 cm in diameter (Taygeta's more common ones, but Taygeta has ones the size of a football to get into small places).



Very nice example Robert, notice the formations.


Elon Musk is supposed to have put a car into space. That makes no sense, it's just space junk. It's not affordable, no one will see it. For publicity, for people, better come up with something staged and that's it. He is a liar, why do you believe him now with Starlink?


Yes, there is satellite internet, yes Musk may be launching satellites, which he does, but it is not what they tell the public. They never tell the people the truth, so why believe them now? It all turns out to be cover for other things in space, things that the Cabal, the governments, have to explain with mundane things or otherwise their show is over.


Gosia: I didn't know about the car. Why the car in space?


Swaruu X (Athena): At least to cover up non-human operations.


In summary, I report what I see, I do not have the congruent answer. It is necessary now to connect the dots.


20220302-Taygeta- Is-Putin-Fighting-Deep-State-in-Ukraine-Levels-of-Cabal-and-Vlash

Is Putin Fighting Deep State in Ukraine? Levels of Cabal and Vlash - Athena Swaruu and Yazhi


Originally in Spanish


Swaruu X (Athena): I insist that I see here military attrition on purpose. I insist that the objective is to disturb the people, not only the inhabitants of Ukraine, but also those of Russia, because nobody mentions the Russian suffering, for the situation, for their relatives and friends on the front, because of the anxiety about a major war, even a nuclear one. And finally the suffering of the rest of the world, because it affects everyone and at all levels, from the psychological, to the economic because inflation will skyrocket, and there will be shortages of everything, among other things.


Now I know that theories are coming out in favor of Putin. They say that he is fighting against the Deep State, and that Ukraine was a nest of Illuminati because of the political and business connections where Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, is very involved, among other things.


The obvious truth to me is that all this is more Q-style or Q-tinged levels of disinformation. As the Cabal say: Never let a crisis go to waste. They will use it to push any agenda they can, including that of fighting the Deep State.


Deep State which I insist is not so deep, as it has controllers behind it which in turn has controllers behind it. Up to a clearly non-human level, of races that are not humanomorphs, Reptilians, Tall Greys, Orange and Malakak among other races that hide and use portals. In the end all egregores of the creative mind of the beings with soul like that of many humans.


What I can add is that Putin is not working against the Deep State, but is part of the Deep State itself that plays both sides, controls both sides of everything, as in WWII, among so many other places. Putin is just playing his role.


Although the Illuminati play both sides, there is a perverse game at this obvious level, and that is the proxy wars of the lower political strata of the Cabal, I refer in this case to the mafia control of the Biden family through Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden, who has majority of control and monopoly with his family over the Ukrainian company Burisma Holdings that manages and dominates mining, oil, and natural gas among other resources.


Where Ukraine's President Volodimir Zelenski, formerly a TV comedian, lent himself as a puppet of the Biden family directly through CIA handlers.


These are firm facts. What it means is that Ukraine under Zelenski is basically a CIA state. It means that Ukraine is Biden's since Burisma Holdings, (also a banking company among other things, since it is a monopolizing monster), basically dominates Ukraine economically and that is dominating Ukraine and everything it does, including its international policy.


Where Hunter Biden, who is known as a psychopathic lout like his entire family members, receives the amount of $50,000 a month as a Lobbyist, that is, for doing nothing, just because he has the shares of the company. Virtually all of them.


So this means that Ukraine is basically an Illuminati base of the criminal Biden dynasty on Russia's doorstep, which at these levels of the Cabal's perverse game, would alarm Russia.


So this is the basis for those who say that Putin is working against the Deep State, but this is not to help the people of planet Earth, but to protect his own interests and those of his club, which is expressly called "Russia", but whose interests do not include the civilian population of Russia, but only use them as an excuse.


This ends up being one of the basis of Putin's reasons to invade Ukraine, since it is a nest of corruption and expansion of the criminal dynasty Biden against his interests of his "Russian" club.


But as a final point, Putin is only playing his role, the one dictated to him from above by his handlers, as he is just another avatar to control a region and lacks real power to the degree that the people are told.


New conversation:


Originally in English:


Yazhi: Putin is Cabal... as he has always been. Karistus know he is Cabal, to a certain degree.


Russia is fighting against non-human factions in Ukraine. Does not mean Russia is "good". It´s just "human" so enemy is fighting enemy as in Cabal against rough Reptilian forces, known in that region as Vlash. They are at the top of Earth Cabal, but under Federation. But not directly taking orders from Federation, they think they are independent but they are not.


And Vlash are related to Ukraine through Biden and his monopoly that basically makes Ukraine become his property. And having license to be there, his hybrids and direct Vlash operatives, mostly underground, take residence or move to underground Ukraine and from there they dominate not only Ukraine but the whole region, placing a mayor threat to Russia itself. And certain factions of Vlash are working with certain factions of NATO. So that is yet another level of the fight, a lot of it underground, nothing being black and white, and it is the expansion of US based Reptilian factions into Ukraine, too close to what Putin feels is his backyard.


The war is at all levels, from simple gas line monopoly, and political and strategic positions, to a more expanded non-human skirmish for territorial control. In a way, Cabal is fighting against more rotten parts of more Cabal. So the situation is very complicated. Putin is Cabal, yes, but remember Cabal also has White Hats and Black hats. But he is totally Cabal, that's a given! But the very same person, Cabal member, can do good things and then bad things. Good things that look very bad and bad things that look good.




Swaruu X (Athena): Before we start, remember that some of my concepts are not the same as Taygeta specifically. Remember that I am not Taygetean, connected with them, yes, but different now, with a different mindset and thinking.


I see 3D-5D labels as human-created concepts that reflect the human mind and thinking reductionist. An attempt to turn something very large and unmanageable into bite-sized pieces. Reflection of a mind trapped in dualistic thinking.


I see it as a valid point of observation to understand that there is a physical universe that creates its opposite: "The non-physical universe". Especially while reasoning about these issues from within a current ongoing incarnation.


From the point of view of my and Yázhi's understanding, there is no such physical universe, since everything is astral (for lack of a better term). Where the agreements of perception are those that form a conceptual framework used to place a limit or a series of borders to be able to think in physical and non-physical terms. Therefore, the type of experience an individual will have depends solely on the frame of understanding of it.


Notice that I am using 'individual' and not 'soul' because that is another term full of problems. We could then see the so-called "physical universe" as seen from inside a body. Thought or perceived as composed of something.


But then, according to Yázhi and me, all the concepts that make up a 'soul', an individual being wherever he is, means that he has or holds the concept of 'I', of 'himself', or Ego. This means that it still functions in some degree of duality, which means that it knows that it is something and not something else. And that concept of "I" that the individual holds, we could argue that it would be a body in itself. Then the concept of Ego, of the "I", will be a body.


However convincing the physical may be, especially the physical body, to our understanding it is as real as any other concept of "ego", "I", body, being in the astral or wherever it is, and its solidity is only an illusion based on agreements.


Ok, density labels. This is how we see that:


For us and how we perceive things, both mentally and through instrumentation and also through direct travel and its characteristics, there is only one mass of reality. So immense that it collapses the entire capacity of each being to fully understand what it is. Anything that defines you does not fit your real nature. For example, the concept of eternity, of always has been and always will be, because it works outside of the known concepts of time and space.


Having said this disappointing sentence I can add how we see things:


A mass formed by gravity that is a flow in the ether. This causes a soup of potential energy that can be understood as being made up of frequencies that go from very low to very high, losing in both directions towards the unfathomable and the immeasurable.


So where we live is a soup of energy frequencies and what each individual person can perceive as reality is determined by their own frequency.


That is, people, individuals, do not live in a density as such, like 3D or 5D, but they live anywhere that they can perceive as a range of frequencies. So you could argue that each individual has or holds his own density, creates his own density of existence. And people who are perceived as coexisting in a density only share perceptual agreements that would be similar to those of the first individual, but never exactly the same.


The problem with explaining other concepts in a video, for example, is that this can be too complicated for most people to understand. So we've been wrongly using 3D and 5D as examples, but knowing it's wrong and we know it's time to evolve.


There is no 3D as such, no 5D as such. We simply share enough agreements that we can coexist to some degree. So you don't see any density as such, just a mass of infinite energy. And we understand that it is the consciousness and the mind of each individual who will form, create or manifest a density, a "reality" and all its laws and characteristics, but as a kingdom, it cannot exist without the individual, the observer.


You expand your perception and understanding of reality while working on yourself as a process. Only you can know which direction to go. The more you know and understand, the more you will perceive and then that will change your thought frequency, your mind, and your reality, but it is a long process. It would also mean that when someone is no longer compatible with a "place" (set of agreements seen by a collective (collective unconscious)), it is time for that individual to evolve...not return to said world in favor of a more compatible one.


This is all a case of multiple viewpoints. Because to affirm that everything is astral would be from an "expanded" point of view, but from another practical point of view to the Earth, the distinction between Astral and Physical can clearly be made. Both views are correct from one perspective or another.


The problem here is that people who understand why everything is astral can understand why others only see the physical versus the astral. And those last people can't understand why everything is astral from a more expanded point of view (generalizing, of course).


Learning for yourself is the only way to increase your perception and understanding of everything, thus expanding your 'boundaries' of the real and the unreal, and your own private density as a final consequence. All I have been doing personally is learning.


The only added problem to discuss all of the above is the undeniable presence of creatures that are not visible to all of us from the "physical" but are there. For example elementals, shadow people, crypto animals. That, in my opinion, is simply beyond the range of our perception, since we can't see everything there is.


Again, I think it's hard to pinpoint where they are. Because they are not there in perception, when you walk through a forest, however, they can throw stones at you. So they are physical.


And if it helps (or makes things even more confusing), a ship can see them using gravity imaging and render an image so you can see them. A ship's sensors can detect elementals, and even do CGI for you. And they look a lot like how they have been portrayed for eons. You can see the leaves and twigs under their feet bend under their weight as they creep cautiously thinking they can't be seen. And while the ship is detecting them with gravity anomaly sensors, therefore, you can see that they have mass.


I'm not entirely happy with this image here (shown image), but there isn't much to choose from. They are there in the 'physical' but outside of your body's ability and perceptual agreements to see them. But they can throw a stone at you, hurt you.


Yázhi can see them with the naked eye, I can't. Although he says that they are not clear, they are like shadows with some shapes and features in them. Gravity sensors give you much more detail.



China - Russia - Ucraine - New World Order - Athena Swaruu´s Thoughts


Originally in Spanish


Swaruu X (Athena): Considering things as a whole. Connecting the dots.


We have seen an expansion of all things Chinese all over the world for decades now. A preparation, engineered and manipulated from the level of the controllers. Fascist communist values taking over the entire Western world. The deterioration of the Western industrial machinery, centered in the USA also in favor of a total Chinese industrial hegemony. The deterioration of Western economic systems, and the deterioration of the national, regional, cultural and personal identity of all people in the West.


I connect that with people in China not being allowed to see Western culture with heavy censorship in the media. As if protecting them from the contamination of what is imposed in the West. As in isolating the Chinese population from the influence of everything Western, except for the parts that the very controllers want to be filtered out. The protection of values such as self-thought, freedom of speech, and even trans-gender are suppressed in China.


In short, the controllers with a completely inhuman, anti-humanity tinge, favor China, and its mass control systems, in every way. It is obvious to see that the center of attention of the new humanity, post reset, and the New World Order, will be in China.


Added to this are significant details, as connected dots, such as the emergence of large to huge cities in China, isolated and new, but empty of people, mostly to the north.


I also connect it with the fact that China removed the restriction on having children, from only one per couple to 3 per couple. It also goes together with the fact that hospitals in China do not offer vasectomies and soon the sale of condoms and contraceptive pills will also be forbidden without an official medical prescription and approved by the party. It is obvious what they want: they want many more Chinese. This points to an expansion of China in every way.


Going back to the Ukraine conflict situation, yes, I see the possibility of a long and bloody war, like the Balkans, like the Russian invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980s, and like Vietnam for the US. Because that would make a lot of sense to the controllers, clearly not human because of their extremely cruel and unempathetic reactions. What they want is to wear down Russia and the West morally, economically, and militarily, and what better way for that than to have a war in the middle of a plandemic!


Because it is now said that Poland is supplying arms to Ukraine, which angers Russia, this making the situation extremely volatile, where it only takes a simple false flag somewhere, much like the Gulf of Tonkin (Vietnam marking the beginning of the US intervention, August 2, 1964) to start a direct war confrontation between NATO and the Russian bloc.


To establish the New World Order, this would make total sense, because it would destroy the Western civilization they do not want, wiping out entire cities and cultures as we have already seen they can do and as they did with Tartaria. This points to a new reset, the "Calling" as they call it in English.


Because militarily speaking, the strategy that I can see here clearly is the following:


War between Russia and the West of attrition, never nuclear (because it can't be, and even if it could be it would not be in their interest for their purposes) where they wear down Russia's military, industrial and economic forces by confronting the West.


That is to say: Of the 3 power blocs in the world today: West-NATO/Russia/China, what the controllers want is to leave China in control and as the center of the New World Order, so what has to be done is to confront Russia against the West-NATO, in a war of attrition that undermines its personnel capabilities, and its military capabilities in every way, as well as the morale of its own people.


Then you would have two weak blocs, Russia and NATO-West, hurt and weak. And then China comes in as totally dominant, where either Russia and/or Western NATO would have little or no ability to respond, and would be quickly defeated by China's massive armed forces.


Looking historically at WWII, the reason Germany lost the war was not because they lacked discipline, or because their machines were bad. On the contrary, they were basically the best, with some problems, but the best, overall.


What caused Germany to lose the war was a combination of two main things:


That they were fighting on many fronts at the same time (as Russia would be if it became a conflict against the West) and because the industrial machinery, the ability to produce machinery and war materiel of the US-based West was simply overwhelming. In other words, it was US industry that wiped out German industry by draining its resources to the point of collapse.


Here I see the same thing, the decades-long systematic relocation of the world's industrial machinery to China. Plus the deterioration of the national, cultural and even personal identity of the people of the West.


It is clear: confront Russia with the West until both are decimated and then finish it off with China's military and industrial power. Leaving China as the only industrial, military and cultural influence on Earth.


This is in addition to the principle that people who, for one or more generations, (the more the better), have been under one political and reality system, will not be able to see or understand even the possibility of how to live in another way. That is to say, to do away with Western thinking of freedom, of individuality, is easy if the Chinese population expands and with it their way of thinking, as they have been conditioned and trained to be submissive and obedient.


I see sense in all of this. Connecting the dots. If you have two enemies, you don't fight them directly against each other. First you make them fight each other and then you annihilate the victor, since it is weak.


I don't think Putin and his strategists did not foresee what I clearly see, that they could not win quickly given that it involves breaking a large country with external support and in urban settings where massive weapons cannot be used, but you have to go door to door while exposing yourself to snipers and small defensive weapons, just for starters, which would point to a long and draining war.


I could be wrong but I don't think so, not with current data.


Another important thing is that the public should keep in mind that during a war, both sides will act by disseminating disinformation and propaganda on a large scale. So what you see on TV, news, and YouTube channels, online or otherwise, will never reflect the reality of what is happening on the ground.


No official media, from either side, will tell the truth, but only propaganda, both sides claiming they are winning. And if it comes from the West it is even less credible. A war is won with disinformation.




Video link.- https://youtu.be/vOwBNwV42U4 


"Sodium is good and necessary. It's not true that it causes blood pressure to rise from fluid retention and other biochemical processes. I see this demonizing salt as part of controlling sodium on Earth for the zombification or stupidification of the masses..." - Sophia Swaruu - Yazhí


Zombification of humanity and the Pulsa Denura – Sophia Swaruu-Yazhi


Sophia Swaruu – Yazhi. - I see things, I don't really sleep, my body does, but I remain conscious on other planes, but I can also lose consciousness at will, but it is never the same as sleep as you know it. I have visions all the time. They are not always relevant. I see salt. I see people on Earth being attacked with salt, salt in various forms, or chemical compounds derived from salt that end up not being the kind of salt that their nervous system, especially their brain, needs, leaving them with a sodium deficit of the correct sort, which opens the human mind to parasitization and zombification, Mind Control, closing them off to seeing the obvious. The zombie as it is known in Haiti, is made by bringing a person to the brink of irreversible death with the use of black magic. Everything that makes it up, complicated, where the doctors declare a person dead and even buried or on the verge of being buried, but this is a kind of magical ecstasy, real magic, but not like in Harry Potter. But something is something to that, and that is when people leave, the regressive magician recovers the body and partially awakens it.


I see a vision that, at least in part, this black magic composes or is composed of substances that desalinate (desalinate?) the body, leaving it in a state of low propagation or transmission of nerve impulses. In Africa and Haiti, where the zombification of people is common to this day, these people who are left for dead by their relatives are taken away where they are used as slave labor, mostly in plantations of all kinds, especially drug plantations. Vision again. And in itself, it is not the classic zombie of the movies where it is a rotten being animated by an entity from the lower astral that has never incarnated as a human, therefore, it does not realize that it is not a human, or that they need to clean and wash themeselves, or that their body is falling apart. This zombie is literally a living dead.


His body lives, but his soul-consciousness is at a minimum, it has withdrawn, and the body only remains alive, in a state of extensive brain and nerve damage. So this kind of zombie still needs to be fed. It is said in Haiti that a zombie of this kind, manipulable and walking, yes, receiving only simple orders from those who control it with black magic, should never be given any salt in its poor diet composed of food made of elements with minimal sodium or has all sodium removed. Sodium is an element without which the nervous system cannot function because it is what gives the nerve cells the potential for electrical transmission. Bodies are electrical, they don't run on calories, everything is electrical potential and its interplay of transmission and retention voltages between cells. If the system decays, a disease process enters, all depending on where the electrical problem is, because everything is psychosomatic, a process of consciousness, which manifests, which curdles, which agglomerates energy into something tangible called matter, this by nodes energy as explained in mechanics of manifestation. So, you control the sodium in the body, specifically the sodium-potassium cell pump effect, and you control the electrical impulse and potential of the electrical transmission of a body and the body on where or how much frequency of the electrical current can be achieved by changing the transmitter potential of the sodium type that predominates in the body.


Returning to the zombies of Haiti. When a regressive wizard controller is no longer served by his zombies, or when he feels like he's going to be found with them, whoever they are, shall we say, authorities, then what this black wizard will give each zombie food with sodium or give them a handful of sea salt in their hand and order them to eat it. It is said that is when they progressively wake up from that trance, from that lethargy or ecstasy quite quickly, in a matter of minutes or hours, the texts do not specify it, and the subject regaining consciousness even in a state of high confusion will wander through the field, through the streets, until he regains greater or sufficient consciousness. This sometimes already being caught by the police for being lazy and taken for drugged or drunk, and from there, if he is identified, it is when he finally reaches his relatives, I suppose.


At this time industrial table salt in all countries contains sodium fluoride. Sodium fluoride neutralizes the salt and changes its electrical transmission potential to a range of specific frequencies that the controllers already have, which in turn impose their black magic of Mind Control using multiple systems or methods, from mass media or direct black magic. Sodium fluoride is present in basically all industrialized foods, not just toothpaste. We also found the largescale presence of monosodium glutamate that demyelinates neurons by lowering their firing potential depolarization in its axioms hindering electrical transmission in general. Basically what MSG-does is like stripping or thinning the insulation off an electrical wire causing leaks and short circuits. Hence we find countless saline chemical compounds in processed foods that also alter the transmission frequency and electrical potential of the nervous system of human bodies. So, as the electrical energy of the human body is based on micro frequencies and combined with other technologies such as electromagnetic radiation and now the "banderillas (translator: code for vaccines)”, and this entire system is altered by the lack of salt of the correct type, the zombie effect, at least for me, is widely explained from an angle never seen before. Keep in mind that I saw all this from the astral side.


Gosia. - So sodium is good, yes, where is it found?


Sophia Swaruu – Yazhi .- Sodium is good and necessary. It is not true that it causes blood pressure to rise due to fluid retention and other biochemical processes. I see this demonizing salt as part of the control over sodium on Earth for zombification or stupidification of the masses.


Gosia. - But how do you know where the good sodium is found, apart from sea salt, I imagine?


Sophia Swaruu – Yazhi .- There is mineral salt from mines, basically it is old sea salt, it is not as good as sea salt in my opinion, but at least it is not fluoridated. You should take real, pure sea salt, or pure mineral derivatives of salt, such as Himalayan salt and similar, non-industrialized salt, and you should avoid the consumption of fluorinated salt at all costs.


Gosia. - Yes, people already know about sea salt versus industrial salt, but they don't know about zombification, what you mentioned.


Sophia Swaruu – Yazhi .- I see a connection between salt, industrialized salt that modulates the possible electrical frequency of the central nervous system, sodium fluoride, another kind of salt altered with the mental lethargy in which humanity finds itself, especially regarding the "banderilleada (vaccine)". As is known, sodium fluoride is used to make people sleepy, to make them docile and submissive. This is part of the spell I am talking about, of the black magic present, because there is black magic here, I see it, they use it.


Robert. -Cooking with sea water?


Sophia Swaruu – Yazhi. - If it is pure, yes, but I feel that the unprocessed one that you get in health food stores is enough.


Gosia. - Wow, ok, yes, it makes a lot of sense. Collective global black magic, of course, if it is used in small ceremonies why would it not work on a collective scale.


Sophia Swaruu – Yazhi. - They use it, and I know they use it because I realized that the rabbis use something called Pulsa Denoura* which they say is not ritual, but ritual it is. Astral parasites, yes, a bit of everything, because the modification of the frequency of the bioelectronic process of a body makes it concordant to the parasitization. * Pulsa Denoura ( פולסא דנורא" , whips of fire" in Aramaic) Pulsa Denoura is a kabbalistic ceremony in which the angels of destruction are invoked to bring about the annihilation of an enemy, preventing the forgiveness of their sins and attracting on him all the biblical curses. - Wikipedia


Robert. -Yes, it is clear that they are doing something with humanity. I'd say they're doing it on a collective scale, Gosia. This information is new, yes, and what is the final purpose, to dumb down the population more?


Sophia Swaruu – Yazhi. - Control of the masses with a view to global depopulation to avoid the great awakening.


Gosia. - What is the Pulsa Denura?


Sophia Swaruu – Yazhi. - Pulsa Denoura is just black magic disguised as divine will.


Gosia. - Same purpose as always.


Robert. -Avoid the great awakening. Nice battle.


Sophia Swaruu – Yazhi. - Pulsa Denura is a ritual although the rabbis say it is not, where ten holy men, pure rabbis, all must have families and children, all over 40 years of age, and after exactly three days fasting, they pray and read passages from one of their secret books connected to the kabbalah or from the kabbalah as hidden texts, where they ask for divine intervention to judge a person or a situation and put an end to the problem, elimination of said person or resolution of the problem in question in favor of the person requesting Pulsa Denura. The rabbis must be pure in mind and tradition, and what they ask for must be concise and clear, because they are supposed to be asking for divine intervention and for god to judge a person or circumstance-situation, and if god sees or realizes that what he asks is not justified by falsely accusing a person, for example, the Pulsa Denoura will be reverted to the ten rabbis by bringing down on them a curse that will scourge them and their families for four generations, that is to say that what the 10 pure rabbis ask against something or someone, if that is reversed, they will have over them for four generations, so they must be very careful with what they ask for. They say that it is not a ritual, however I realized that it is, since they use blood sacrifices from white chickens to enhance their ritual. Who says no to other animals and people, huh? It is said that the Pulsa Denura is not ritual and that it invokes the power of god, however, from someone observing this from the outside, it has a clear tint of ritual, even satanic. I don't see it as invoking God's judgment and divine intervention.


Gosia. - You said: They use it and I know they use it because I realized that the rabbis use something called Pulsa Denoura. But what does the black magic of the controllers have to do with the fact that the rabbis do it? Why did you make this connection?


Sophia Swaruu – Yazhi. - Rabbis are high priests of Judaism, it is the base of Egypt, the base of the Cabal, they are part of the Illuminati system, and simply if the rabbis themselves are capable of doing all that with the Pulsa Denura, which does work, imagine what the high illuminati regressive controllers can do. It is by logic. It is more of the same story of the god Yahweh, who asks for ritual sacrifices, 'scapegoats', which is to kill a boy instead of your son and who is ultimately supposed to have sent his own son, Jesus, to be sacrificed so that his martyrdom atones for the original sin of humanity, thereby saving the souls of all who follow it, ergo, they use rituals.


Robert. -Yes, but now rituals on a large planetary scale.


Sophia Swaruu – Yazhi. - That's why. Yes, that's why I say all this, that's why I assure you that people are under black magic aided by electromagnetic frequencies in turn enhanced by control of body sodium. They invoke all kinds of entities from the lower astral and who knows what else, to fulfill their purposes.


Gosia. - But why rabbis? How do they relate? Just as an example. And this you have seen in the astral vision, yes? What about sodium and zombies?


Sophia Swaruu – Yazhi. - Yes, I didn't even have this in mind last night when I fell asleep.


Gosia. - And were you seeking to know about that or did it come on its own?


Sophia Swaruu – Yazhi. - As I have told you, I have a lot of astral activity, I saw it together.


Robert. -But where is all this directed from, from the astral or from Earth?


Sophia Swaruu – Yazhi. - Higher up makes sense. It is a renewal of the Earth. Above, everything will change according to where each person is, whoever they are. Its frequency defines the person and vice versa, but many will die in the process and that cannot be avoided now.


Robert. -They will die because they are not consistent with this frequency. Who will stay?


Sophia Swaruu – Yazhi. - Basically nobody. According to the system, those almost without a soul, and many without a soul.


Robert. -Because it is clear that those who are asleep die and are in some way consistent with these events and those who are awake will live who are not consistent with the frequencies of these events. Do only those who have no soul leave and the rest stay for frequency compatibility?


Sophia Swaruu – Yazhi. - Everything is frequency compatibility. This is what I say: They must follow what they believe to be right and what they see as reality. So if you want protests, so be it. However, mass disobedience is the correct response, ignoring governments en masse. However, since there is not enough mass of the population ignoring the governments en masse, then, I see it valid to resort to any method that they see possible, except in doing nothing and folding their hands, and obeying, never that. The only thing that counts here is the fight for one's own souls and on a personal level more than anything, that's where this is won or lost. The moment they have waged a war, people versus Cabal, they lose, because for wars of all kinds, from weaponized to mental to confusion, they only exist when there are opponents. It's not even about beating the Cabal, per se, but about focusing on being genuine and true to yourself. All they have to do is follow the interests of their souls, not those of the Cabal controlled and manipulated Matrix collective.


Gosia. - And if giving resistance and fighting to the Cabal is what one feels as genuine and in accordance with oneself? Sophia Swaruu – Yazhi. – So, that's what you should do, remembering that, ergo, without clowns there is no circus. That is why we have always said that they should see, read and listen to everything within their reach in order to form a personal criterion about the nature of reality on which each one bases himself to govern his life, always keeping in mind that they must stick to systems of thought even if they are pleasing to them and always have the flexibility to adopt new ideas discarding old ones as things develop. It is that even if they die in the fight, if that is what they want, that is to win, because they were faithful to their principles, ergo, faithful to their souls, which brings about that surpassed incarnation.


Robert. -But to be faithful to your principles it is not necessary to reach this point, with saying: “I do not consent”, there is more than enough.


Sophia Swaruu – Yazhi. - It depends on the level of consciousness of each person and the capacities they have and what they are capable of. For example, a person who feels that they have no influence over others, like many seeds that not even their relatives pay attention to, just has to be completely faithful to himself and with that he is already doing his job and fulfilling his life purpose. But a person with greater responsibility, like you, must continue within their capabilities in the fight in more direct ways, since their power is much greater, range of influence, or whatever.


Gosia. - It makes sense. Yes. Each according to their range of influence and possibilities. And that, Yazhi, so with all this movement against the restrictions, what do you see that could happen there? Is there any hope? In other words, those who die will die, but in fact it is also necessary for the creation of a possible Holographic Society, and those who remain, could they organize new systems? Do you see that as possible?


Sophia Swaruu – Yazhi. - Yes, it is possible and necessary. The topic is very extensive.


Robert. -Implementation of a Holographic Society on Earth, is that possible, or would it be a substitute?


Sophia Swaruu – Yazhi. - In a non-immediate process, with the current human mentality, it is not possible. Not even with the so-called awake ones, because they are not. Everything is a gradient of consciousness and they are not at that level. Only a few. That is why it ends up being seen that the depopulation of so many millions of matrix-sheep is not only inevitable but also necessary, being that for humanity to progress towards a more noble and just social model with a view to a later Holographic Society, or for the creation of a tyrannical trans humanist society, in both cases, requires a depopulation. However, the murder of millions is not necessary, there are other ways.


Gosia. - Yes, but provisional societies can be installed, that's why I say, that all these people who are revealing themselves, they are the ones who would inherit new provisional societies, if it is done.


Sophia Swaruu – Yazhi. - That is why genocide is not necessary. And I recognize it, they must do more, because I also recognize that there is not enough mass of people for mass disobedience to occur. As there are not enough people for mass disobedience, there is only that, disobedience manifesting, but remember that these are scenarios for false flags and for the introduction of agents that move a peaceful demonstration in the direction of one with violence with a view to collapse public support for this demonstration that began peacefully.


Gosia. - Yes, like, and our job is ticket agents. It cannot be stopped for fear that someone will use it for false flags. We must continue without fear.


Sophia Swaruu – Yazhi. - It is very idyllic to think that if 90% or more of the people simply ignoring what the governments dictate, if so this would all be other, but that is utopian, it would apply to what a person who feels they have no power can do for herself. She has it on herself and that's a lot. That is what it is about, being faithful to your souls, preserving them and not allowing them to be taken away, be it with Mind Control as well as with vaccines, or with sodium made into a weapon.


* * *



Ucranian Conflict - Why? Athena Swaruu´s Short Commentary


Originally in Spanish


Swaruu X (Athena): It is all theater orchestrated from the controllers´ level. It all adds to the confusion and has multiple reasons, never a single reason as you are led to believe. The real purpose is to generate tension, distract and annoy the people of the region by creating more refugees and more pain and suffering of the civilian population.


While things are never simple, and there are many reasons, all of this could have been avoided if only the controllers wished. However, what they want is to exploit the people themselves at every possible level by taking advantage of their life force and their drive to survive and transcend adversity, because the truth is they control all sides and just move pieces and roles in a big perverse game that is designed to create a specific type of life experience on Earth.


But the scenario is complicated and things are happening that are not making the news at all. Also things are being censored, so the West controls the narrative, that said from the point of view of Earth politics.


Among numerous things that are critical to this war that the western public is not being told is that one of the objectives of the invasion is to take control of the Chernobyl nuclear facility, as radiation continues because the reactor's compromised containment vessel is cracked and leaking out. This fissure has worsened in recent months and no one is talking about it.


There is also a very strong element of non-human domination interests in the region because the genetics of the Ukrainian people, mostly Slavic, have roots outside the Earth. There are few places on Earth that are distinctly "ET" for many reasons, Ukraine is one of them. What they want is to compromise the inner creative force and spirit of the Slavic people of Ukraine.


There is also the factor of the existence of the DUMB bases and the need of both sides, Russia and NATO, to dominate the area because those DUMBs connect to Busegi, Giza, and others all over the world. Ukraine is full of ancient and modern DUMBs.


Moreover, Ukraine is on important ley lines which makes it a terrestrial energy point and node from where energy flows everywhere, energy that is generated from there, and with the war going on, they turn it negative.


But here the important point is the Ukrainian people themselves. What they want is the population. What they generate in comparison to other populations. That on many levels. So that's what they want, to target their spirit.


The mess is etheric too, for this reason. The wars are thought to be only for economic and strategic reasons which again turns it economic. The truth is that the real basis of all major wars is the population itself. To control, to destroy, to decimate, to plunge them into despair. Reset the memory.


 Plunge Ukraine into despair and that would drag the rest of the world with it, this being augmented because they are on ley lines, and because the Slavic people are very strong in their creative capacity, being one of the strongest, whether they know it or not, whether they seem matrix or not.


But I insist that, from above, this conflict is a distraction, that no matter how big this war is or how costly, it is still a distraction. Those who could finance a plandemic at that global level, can also even more easily create a war to distract the population, to make them afraid, so that they do not continue protesting against the plandemic, that is why they use Fake News to make the conflict look bigger.


I understand that it is hard to see or would not be believed that a war of that level, so costly to begin with, is just a distractor for plandemic. The human population itself can't see it, because they don't see the connection, they see everything separate when it is not. The cost of a distractor does not matter because on those higher levels no money is used. Meanwhile, the lower egregore entities feast on the lush that is generated by the creative attention based on fear and suffering of mainly human beings.


What they want is to create chaos, major economic trouble and shortages of all the basic stuff, to have people talk about this, about the war, and not the effects of the inoculations. It is part of exactly the same thing, the same system and agenda. They are all levels of the same perverse game. Don't be fooled.





Video link.- https://youtu.be/-1yAZfI9uvk 


Robert. -Today's live is a message from Yázhi Sofía Swaruu that I think I never made this video, because from what I remember she did this message in English, and I quickly translated it with the Google translator, and Gosia told me she said not to do it because Google translates it wrong, so once it was recorded (I recorded it wrong) it went to the corrected conversation, but of course I was too lazy to record it again and then I think I didn't record it, I didn't record it. and it is titled: 'The aliens will never come to save the Earth', I have titled it that way and it is really a message, but I have titled it that way. Yázhi's message is as follows:


Sophia Swaruu Yázhi. -You are experiencing very hard times, especially with regard to information. The regressive forces you are fighting hide the truth between the lies, they not only censor information with an even greater attempt to suppress and control it, but also use as their main weapon to bury what they cannot suppress or censor in countless other pieces of information. information that resembles what they are trying to suppress or eliminate, in this way the general public cannot know what is true and what is false.


You are simply suffering from a very real information overload where it is almost impossible to tell truth from lies, so as I have always said: Please do the work as no one can or will do it for you, no one! Research and learn as much as you can about the most important issues in your life to make up your mind about what is truth and what are lies, but you must do so by refraining from listening solely to so-called experts in any field, no matter how far you may go, be the said field of what you believe to be this experience or your framework of possible understanding.


Those who ask you not to listen to others, due to a number of reasons, seek to control you, seek to control your minds, your lives, and your very soul. Whoever asks you to blindly believe in whatever they impose, for very good reason, is basically negative because they are suppressing other knowledge that you need to make a decision about reality, your reality! All information in general and in theory is good for you, and even lies, even garbage, only within the framework of a given moment; and this is where you should watch, listen, or read, but the more you know about everything or any topic you're researching that concerns you, the better, including the crap about it, because it's all part of this topic and you have to be aware of it and from that space of responsible knowledge you must trust yourself to be wise enough to be able to filter what serves you as truth, because the way things are on Earth today it is impossible to discern truth from lies when they investigate controversial issues, and nowadays controversial issues are basically life-and-death issues.


Having said all of this, know that the reason we have been giving you so much information on topics that basically spell bad news is because no one is telling you this side of things, no one! so it's up to us on this side of the Van Allen Belts, and basically it's up to me mainly, to give you everything I see from here... It's not the absolute truth on the matter, mainly regarding the Federation and related issues, but it's my truth because I share with you what I see from here from my personal point of view and with my personal experience.


What I'm telling you here is what I see and nobody can say otherwise, because this is me and this is my interpretation of things from my point of view right here, sitting in a starship. It is up to you and only you to decide what works for you, but I will never ask you not to listen to other people. They are in the fight for their lives now because of everything that is happening on Earth today, but listen to me and listen to me well: Nobody is coming to save you, and it is even too late for those who have been inoculated, so do not come to tell me that the Federation is "on the verge" of coming to save them, always just around the corner... never happening, never coming to their rescue; no one will rescue them, not the politicians, not the religious leaders, and certainly not the Galactic Federations. Governments and religions won't do it because they are not meant to do that, they are the ones that cause the problems and they don't solve it, all they want is for you to depend on them more. They are causing the problems to sell you solutions.


The Federation on the other hand is not going to come to your rescue because that's not how they work, I've been trying, doing my best to describe, to tell you how the Federation works, and it's an extremely complex situation and complex dynamics and interactions, but knowing that the Federation has not been invaded or infiltrated by negative forces, the Federation is not negative either, I do not see it as a negative institution, nor as one that is working against humanity. The Federation simply is, as it always has been, but some things in it as seen through the lens of what humans need today, of real human needs and desires, can be seen as negative, as I have done everything as much as possible to explain in other messages.


As has been seen in history, as has been seen in other events in the past, what is happening today is nothing new for the Federation, nor is it something especially terrible, it is terrible because it is happening to everyone now, today, and that is what matters to all of us here today, that is what matters to us. I need you to evolve and open your eyes to know that what people are telling you about the "savior" is nothing more than another level of mind control, manipulation of you. What those in power want you to do is to do nothing at all, because you feel too diminished to even bother to think that you can make a difference in the world.


The mission of every awakened soul now is to take control of their lives now! Before it's too late, because the fight awaits you not only for your life, but also for that of your species. In all this confusion there is only one person you can fully trust, one! And knowing that he or she has the best for you, just one person! Who can decide what to do next and what is the truth for you, that person is YOU and only you! From the soul level, the star level, the starseed level, this is the nature of the dynamics of what is happening on Earth and what is expected of you, to take control of your destiny despite all the odds, adversity and all obstacles, because they are mental obstacles, only mental, no power or money, which in itself is a form of power, resides in your mind, in your creative capacity.


Another big mistake that you must remove from your mind is the notion that waiting with high frequency of thought and denying the existence of problems is the way to raise your frequency to rise above all your problems and difficulties. Although this is correct on the higher planes of existence on Earth, and it is Earth that we are concerned with here, it is necessary to maintain a high frequency of consciousness, mind and thought, and also to take action with any opportunities large or small that can arise and be at your disposal at all times. I say that because I see over and over again that in communities and spirituals they are pushing the idea that maintaining a very high frequency is enough to dissolve problems, and it just isn't like that on Earth, it isn't like that. If they do this, nothing is achieved, the negative forces that control, all they want is to stagnate people into waiting for others to do the work for them.


Do your research, listen to all the people who you think might have something you need, or might be of use to you, then be responsible and prudent and have the best information available to you at the time, and then take action in the direction you need to go and at the same time maintain a high frequency of thought in all meaning and in all definition of having a high frequency.


The only ones who have the key to solve all the problems of the Earth are you, the people. Since I have done my best to describe why, remember that if you create your reality, both individually and collectively through your thoughts and actions, I know and realize how hard it is to see it as true, but it is true, and probably the most recorded law in this Universe in which we all are. It is now or never, it is the fight for your life and that of your species. You are being exterminated and I am not being negative because I am telling you this, I am being completely realistic, someone must tell you the hard truth, and yes, it is me, it is I who must tell you.


* * *



Alfratan (Centauri) Ship Attacked - Weapons - Aneeka of Temmer explains the Incident


Originally in Spanish


Anéeka: Because of the Valery, Alfratan spacecraft, incident, Toleka will move to high orbit temporarily. Estimated height 400,000 km, which may disrupt telecommunications with the surface and with you. Repositioning the spacecraft in 40 min 0200 UTC. Confirming effective connectivity from altitude 420,000 km, high orbit. Toleka stable at half a million km.


Incident report:


Today at about 0100 (1 am), one of the main or "mother" Alfratan spacecraft was attacked with directed energy from Earth. It pierced its primary and secondary shields and severely damaged the hull in two places. No injuries are reported fortunately, lucky that no one was there at the impact site when it occurred.


Damage to their ship included hull and systems overload causing them to lose all of their onboard computers. The ship was left adrift. They are now towing it to higher orbit to repair what they can.


What concerns us is that this large Alfratan ship was passing only a few kilometers from Toleka, being that the weapon or group of energy weapons (many small ones) from various focal points come together to form a single larger directed energy beam. That is, the weapon beam basically skimmed past us.


Now Toleka, and as of yesterday, is on condition 2 or what you would call yellow alert. And we are anticipating possible attack. Avyon01 is also on condition 2 yellow alert since the incident. Avyon01 is the Urmah mothership escorting us.


Robert: Do you think you can withstand one of those attacks?


Anéeka: Toleka is far superior in all kinds of technology to the Alfratan ship Valery.

It is noted that the attack was complex, each individual beam fired from different points of the Earth had a different frequency, which, when joined into a single main beam, makes an energetic frequencies sweeping effect.


Nothing new, but it is known that it was a faction of the same Cabal fighting against another faction of the same Cabal and although we do not understand why, it seems to be a settling of scores against those specific Alfratans. Because for sure they have to do with one side of the Cabal. And the other one felt attacked or offended.


Robert: And how did you know about the damage to the Valery ship? Who informed you? The Alfratans themselves or the Viera?


Anéeka: The Alfratans themselves reported the damage to us, they sought us out and we talked to them.


We were never the target. But yes, we were kind of in danger, so we moved to high orbit. We were at 490km, now we are at 420,000km. That's farther than the moon, which is 360,000km. This is high orbit. For safety. It is temporary.


High orbit but since we triangulate with the Viera servers and it's by Muon, I don't see a difference (in internet), so it doesn't concern you.


Kaal'el went to see the damage to the Valery ship, he was there in person. He went there to show solidarity from us and from Alenym.


If it had been an attack on the Federation, Toleka, or Avyon01, they would have been easier targets. Given that Toleka was only 490km high and 1734 meters in length. Or the Avyon01 which was at 600km altitude and measures almost 2 kilometers, compared to the Valery which is 1km long and was at 5000 kilometers altitude when it was hit. Just look at the difference in targets.


Robert: In what language did Kaal'el speak to them?


Anéeka: The Alfratan language is a mixture of terrestrial languages, plus the main ones as if blended in a blender. In itself we see it as a destruction of the beautiful human languages as they are. The Alfratan is a mixture of all but mainly Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, English, Russian, French, Portuguese and German.


So it´s irritating because when you hear them speak it's like they jump from one language to another and just when you are about to understand something, they say something else that you don't understand, annoying.


Robert: So the Alfratans wouldn't use telepathic language like you and other star races?


Anéeka: They have it but they are more... lazy, so they are very talkative. They hardly use telepathy when they could, but that's cultural.


Robert: It must be something to see Kaal'el go into that mothership with his ship and everything.


Anéeka: He used shuttle only.


Robert: Shuttle? That sounds like NASA like the shuttle Columbia. What does the shuttle look like? Do you have any pictures of anything that looks like it?


Anéeka: Yeah, it's like a van. The Star Trek ones are almost the same.



There are various sizes. Yes, it's as big as a small bus.


Robert: I could camperize that ship.


Anéeka: It is possible, it opens at the back with a ramp and a car can fit inside. It can be used for extractions, but it is not recommended, since these shuttles are not combat ships, so they are vulnerable. That's why we use fighter craft that are powerful and well equipped for combat.


Robert: And what kind of power do they use? Plasma engines? And antigravity?


Anéeka: Generally, they use only gravitational. The big ones do have plasma turbines, powered by one or two small zero-point reactors. The big ones yes, they have interstellar capability.


Robert: Yes. That ship is more for going around Taygeta's solar system.


Anéeka: They're used for that, yes, a lot of traffic on Taygeta with those kind of small ships. They are everywhere.


The discoid ones are not used so much because they are not practical and they are even seen as old technology since they still need the disk shape to distribute the magnetism through the hull evenly, which is no longer necessary today with the advances in engines and propulsion.


Robert: Yes. Those already look old. They're the kind of ships that maybe the human elites use to get around the Earth. And some people see them and think they are ET craft.


Anéeka: It looks nice but it's old:



This is what is used today:



Robert: Do they have command panels and all that? Or are all those panels holographic and tactile? The screens on the ship.


Anéeka: They have holographic panels and actual controls, as well as holographic and thought command controls. Yes, that's the most used here in terms of holographic controls. But they still have joysticks and pedals.


Robert: And to think that all that technology is already on Earth for only a few, it's irritating.


Anéeka: Yes, it is. And no. The mind-computer interface on Earth is very poor and invasive, not like here. A lot of things are similar but not the same. Because the way to get the results is different. For example you use WIFI, here we do not. But the result of having an internal network is more or less equivalent.


For example, your holographic controls, I don't know how they work, on Earth. Here you basically generate or materialize or manifest a part that you touch or move when you are doing whatever, the knob, the handle that you touch. And that part, whether it's apparently solid, it's just a telepathic projection computer mind, and it's just there as an image, or a solid piece that's temporarily in your hands. At the end of its use the computer dematerializes it, so to speak.


This is convenient because if a large pilot such as Kaal'el or Raguel arrives, the controller is the right size for his big hands, and the very ship or mechanism would adapt to a small hand such as Athena's, or Yázhi's, even smaller.


Robert: Yes. It's super practical. Telepathic computer mind projection, wow. For that you need to have the use of telepathy, right?


Anéeka: Yes. So, for example, the Alfratans who have telepathy but for cultural reasons don't use it as much as we do, have a lot of problems if they try to drive or pilot a Taygeta machine. You would have to either drive in manual mode with the joysticks and physical pedals or leave the ship entirely on autopilot.


The panel off looks like a table, slightly tilted or not, made of black glass. Like the one I'm leaning on right now, I have it under my digital keyboard.


Robert: That's why a lot of your technology here on Earth is incapable of working. That's why there are technology trade limits as well.


Anéeka: Yes, but also because certain things or technological aspects are for or adapted to the needs of one species or race and do not apply to others. And also because other technological aspects are kept secret, for the security of the race that invented them.


As for Taygeta, for example, there would be the ship's shields of multiple harmonics and changing polymorphs that absorb both kinetic and energy impacts only getting stronger with each impact. That is, the more you hit it, the very energy of your weapon becomes what feeds and potentiates the shield.


Robert: What a detail, "the black glass panel"... those are the ones I like. Those kinds of points.


Anéeka: Yes, for example, our "table", of Holographic and Holistic Computers use, you can see it as a piece of black opaque glass when it is off. If you found it turned off on Earth, you would think it was something inert or part of a random opaque window. But there are also elastic ones.


Robert: Yes. I think it's a very good idea to keep all that technology secret for Taygeta.


Anéeka: Yes, for example, in 2009 this ship, the Toleka, absorbed a direct hit by a thermonuclear missile. There was only minor damage from relay overload and vibration. And it is the only ship in the Taygeta fleet to have "eaten" a direct hit by a nuclear weapon in the 40-megaton range, that is 80 times Hiroshima.


This incident on Earth is known and happened at the same time as the well-known lunar missile impact. The one that caused the Moon to rumble like a bell, well known. That was part of an attack against the fleet under Asket's command at that time.


Robert: And the Toleka didn't notice anything with that impact? The missile didn't explode? You didn't return the missile to its starting point? And what were the consequences on the Moon? Big damages?


Anéeka: Yes, everything shook, dishes broke, lights went out, overloaded relays, melted computers, broken lamps, broken objects, some minor injuries, no structural or ionizing radiation contamination. It was repaired soon after.


But you have to take into account that a ship like this has several levels of shield power, and it was hit when they were in medium power or SQ-02 condition as I am now, compared to SQ-01 or Red Alert condition, but for that condition the big plasma engines must be running "burning", as we call them. That is to power the shields to the maximum. If at the time of impact the Toleka had been in SQ-01 condition, there would have been no damage. Nothing.


Robert: All thanks to the shields absorbing the impact. But wasn't there a flash? Like an explosion visible from Earth? Didn't you return the attack?


Anéeka: Yes, there was a flash, and it was visible from Earth. Yes, they repelled the attack, there was a lot of movement at that time, Space Wars movement. But remember that it was Asket in command back then, with a different mentality, and the Tayegta fleet was the Federation's strong hand, what the Alfratans and the Antareans do today.


Taygeta today has another philosophy, ever since Alenym is in command. And it is worth mentioning that this Asketean psychology was only during her presence and did not dominate the Taygeta culture, but only the local movements around Earth.


Robert: "If at the time of impact the Toleka had been in SQ-01 condition, there would have been no damage." Yes I understand, because otherwise you would always have those shields at full power, yes.


Anéeka: We can't have the big plasma engines on all the time. Plus, they're so big that you hear their afterburners on the ship like a huge jet turbine present all the time.


Robert: I can imagine, yes. But it is logical to defend oneself Anéeka. That's why I would leave that area where that missile came from... totally charred.


Anéeka: The problem is that there are civilians around all the time. And that missile came out of a submarine. It was an ICBM from an American Trident Submarine, I think. I don't quite remember.


Robert: Who gave the order and all that?


Anéeka: Obama and his Pentagon.


That missile strike leaves a lot of questions for us, Robert. Because it was a missile and the CIC command bridge of this ship would have detected that approaching the Toleka well in advance. Also, for a missile traveling at Mach 10 or 12, that's like seeing one wanting to hit you, you just get out of the way.


Robert: Also, how could it go out into space and not be disintegrated by one of those "energy waves"?


Anéeka: Yes, they can go out, they have that capability, they just don't tell the people. But those missiles are slow for all the space dynamics. I mean, that missile, it took about 17 hours to get to the Toleka. And the Toleka could have detected it at launch. A lot of questions.


Robert: Strange, yes. Capability and targeting, I imagine they go by the heat given off by your ships.


Anéeka: In the vacuum of space it would not be detected, heat is not seen as such. You see radiation, or light.


Robert: Ah, thank you. And on Earth do they have a record of all the Federation and non-Federation ships that are around the planet?


Anéeka: The governments, of course they do.



Robert: But what exactly is that?


Anéeka: Directed energy weapon of great power.


Robert: A beam weapon?


Anéeka: Yes. With several of those firing at the same point, the Valery, it makes a very strong beam because it combines the power of several ships equipped with that.


Robert: This is already high technology. And what kind of energy does that work with?


Anéeka: That's top secret on the part of the humans, but we suspect it's being powered by a zero-point reactor or a plutonium charge.


Robert: Zero-point reactor? Is that free energy? I mean inexhaustible?


Anéeka: Yes, it is free energy, but most likely, in my opinion, it is a plutonium charge. Zero point is the same as free and clean energy.


Robert: Ok. But now your pilots cannot be very calm and relaxed knowing that those people have that type of weapons and others.


Anéeka: That´s why, back to the shuttles, they are small and handy, but we can't use them to Earth. That's what fighter craft are for, which do have energy absorbing weapons capabilities and so forth, but that makes all atmospheric flight a whole military operation having to take into account factors like these, like locations or emplacements of guided weapons on ships and in fixed military installations or in armored and wheeled vehicles, like the Russian guided weapons models.


Robert: It is increasingly dangerous to be ET and walk the Earth. Do they use plutonium to achieve zero-point energy?


Anéeka: No, it is one or the other. Plutonium is re-dirty energy.


Directed weapon energy impact:



Directed energy weapon mounted on the side of a Seahawk:



Robert: And does it have recoil?


Anéeka: No recoil. Same or similar system on wheeled mobile unit:



If it penetrated the hull of an Alfratean combat ship 5,000 km away, it can sink a battleship or an aircraft carrier easily. It depends on the power of each weapon. But the beam can be combined among several by adding up the power, as they already did.


All the latest generation weapons are already going in that direction.


That is in the case of a zero-point reactor powering it, not if it's a plutonium charge, but it turns out that each charge is probably enough for thousands of shots. It can also be powered by a nuclear reactor such as on an Aircraft Carrier or a Submarine.


Robert: They also seem to be very clean. They don't leave traces of any material. They don't leave residue like gunpowder or things like that. They don't leave radiation?


Anéeka: This Stryker has a small one on top in sand color:



Generally no, but it depends on the weapon that produces it. Yes, they can leave radiation traces contrary to popular belief.


Robert: They wouldn't leave traces of plutonium?


Anéeka: Not plutonium but it does ionize the impact site (radiation).


This M-977 HEMTT has a big one:



Mounted on a small, cheap vehicle like this Humvee chassis:



Robert: And what is the range of that?


Anéeka: The range depends on the power of the weapon and the distance. Laser and guided weapon tend to blur and lose focus with distance.


Robert: And what is the speed?


Anéeka: Speed is close to that of light or light.


Robert: And is it only the US that has that or more countries? I imagine the Russian Federation has that too. And the Chinese?


Anéeka: Russia, USA and China, India, Japan and several European countries have it, but also Israel has great advances in this area. Also in defensive energy weapons that destroy a projectile before it reaches a battle tank or an armored vehicle.


Robert: So if you are attacked with this type of weapon, and at the distance you are from Earth, it is easier to be hit.


Anéeka: Yes, that is why I am telling you that it is no longer easy for "ET" to walk on Earth.


Israeli Merkava tank with defensive toroidal shield:



System on a US M1A2 Abrams:



On a Bradley M2A2:



Robert: Is that real or CGI:



Anéeka: I don't know if the image is CGI, but I know those systems are real and working.


Robert: So you can't walk across those energy domes? Would you get burned or what would happen?


Anéeka: You walk through and you don't even feel them, but a missile can't get through.


Robert: Wow, why doesn't the missile go in? Because of frequencies?


Anéeka: Focuses a beam of directed energy on the missile and detonates it. It uses a system of sensors and radars that guide the guided weapon in fractions of a second and destroy the incoming missile or anti-tank projectile.


In the case of the shields, it is a high energy toroid that is not at frequencies of the human body and others but yes at speeds of a projectile. It is an effect similar to that of water, that if you enter it at low speed it yields, but at high speed it becomes like concrete. That is why kinetic bullets do not penetrate the water, or only centimeters, being that the more power and higher the caliber the less it enters the water. But a simple elastic bow arrow can penetrate water. The movies lie, once underwater a diver is immune to anything shot at him, as long as he is one meter or more deep. The only movie that actually observes this phenomenon is John Wick.


Robert: Because it loses a lot of strength you mean? When it enters the water?


Anéeka: A bullet enters the water with too much velocity and doesn't give the water time to separate to let it pass. The water tries to compress at the tip of the projectile and because the water does not compress it becomes an impenetrable solid. The factor is velocity and time of the projectile. An arrow, on the other hand, is slow so when it enters the water it separates its molecules penetrating deeper than a large caliber bullet.


Also a person who dives into the water can dive at a low altitude, but at a higher altitude which translates into terminal fall speed, which for the human body is about 225 km/h, when reaching the water it is the same if the person falls on concrete or on water.


This same principle applies to toroidal energy shields for the protection of spacecraft and armored vehicles and even of personnel on foot with the equipment.


For example, on a ship like this, the Toleka, you open the hangar doors to let a ship or shuttle in or out. The shields are not removed to let it through, simply the approach speed is slow relative to the Toleka which allows it to enter through the shields as if they were not there.


Of course it's a little more complex in the case of an advanced shield system like the Toleka, which also observes frequencies and IFF identification of the incoming ship and adjusts the specific shield frequency at the location where the smaller ship is approaching the hangar area.


Robert: So you can be in the hangars with the "doors" open but it's okay because those energy shields won't let you out unless you're going at high speed against them.


Anéeka: That's right, the hangar area can have the huge sliding doors open and you're just looking at the empty space outside. The shields contain the air because they vibrate at exact and specific frequencies to prevent decompression, and to contain people or objects that come too close to the edge.


This is because it is not a single shield, but several in different frequencies (harmonics) one on top of the other placed like layers of onions. Each with a specific use.


Robert: Interesting. Only non-terrestrial minds can come to know all that.


Anéeka: It is cultural, you grow up with what I am telling you today. It's natural and everyday. A person like me has to deal with those shields on a daily basis.


What happens is that since I know my shields and they are more advanced than the ones humans have, it is easy for me to draw conclusions on how they achieve that. Since I know how those systems work.


For example, I know that for a large human-made energy weapon, a plutonium charge would be the simplest form of power. But I also know that quite a bit is accomplished with just a capacitor charge or similar powered by a conventional electrical system from a warship like an Arleigh Burke class Destroyer as in the one in the pictures that is powered only by gas turbines.



I notice my Andromedan internet much better than I had at low altitude. That's not fair. It is faster. I can even send heavy images that I couldn't at low orbit. I haven't had internet this good in months! The opposite of what I expected at this altitude. It's just that from here to Earth it's Muon. Whereas in low orbit it was all digital signal direct to satellite.


Robert: Do you have any pictures of what the Alfratan spacecraft looked like approximately?


Anéeka: It's discoidal like Victor C. Like a dinner plate but big with details at the equator. About a thousand meters. More like this one, it's almost the same:



Another day


Robert: Athena, do you know anything more about the incident itself? Why were they attacked?


Swaruu X (Athena): The whole area is full of warring factions at all levels. The dynamics are complicated. That is to say that there are subgroups fighting for power, both within the Federation and on Earth among the direct controllers. We could say that even Taygeta with the Urmah and Alcyone are one of those groups or factions.


So when something goes against one's interests, they can strike when the dialogue breaks down. This indicates to us that there are fractures within the high Cabal itself, the part that talks with the extraterrestrials. But it is very difficult to know what the motive for the attack was or exactly who it was.


Robert: But what could the direct controllers want with the Alfratans?


Swaruu X (Athena): It could be a local grudge, a settling of scores as Anéeka says. The truth is that we can't know exactly.


Robert: Besides, it seems that these Alfratans are tight-lipped about why they were shot.


Swaruu X (Athena): They claim they don't know. Or that they are the parties that do not want them to help. Or the Cabal parties that cooperate with regressive Reptilian factions and the Alfratans are the 'cops' who prevent them from flying or circulating on and near Earth with their ships hindering their particular agendas.


Robert: I understand yes. But what do the controllers want? More power? What are they asking for now... the Moon?


Swaruu X (Athena): The entire solar system, to be exact. I mean it. And beyond that for sure, since it is also known that they want to take Cyndriel, since according to them it belongs to them, and if we go in that direction, Taygeta, and the rest of M-45 has always been their target. Cyndriel or Aldebaran - 02. Since the Nazi era, they wish to take that planet. And on the way, to take Taygeta. Hence the manufacture of the Haunebu ships. According to their ancient records, Cyndriel is the cradle of the Aryan race. But it connects to Taygeta for the same reason, and it's easy to see why, just look at Anéeka's face, what she looks like. She couldn't be more Aryan!


Robert: What planets are there?


Swaruu X (Athena): Several planetoids, about 8 to 10 depending on how you catalog them, but only one has life comparable to ours and that's Cyndriel.


Anéeka´s update:


Anéeka: Toleka descending to low Orbit again. February - 07 - 2022. Height and orbit will remain CLASSIFIED for safety.




ETs navigating Natural Portals - Sun and Wormholes - Athena Swaruu - Extraterrestrial Information


Originally in Spanish


Robert: There is something I don't understand. The Earth would be in the Taurus constellation? To be more precise in the Taurus´ butt?

What would it mean that the ships access through Taurus to Earth through a "portal"? Thank you.


Swaruu X (Athena): This can't be known, or I can't say or I don't have the answer because it depends on how you consider the constellations. How you define each one of them and that is very subjective. From Earth the constellations are seen in the sky, so the Earth is not part of any of them, it is only the point of observation. But if some scientist or astronomer says that it is part of Taurus for X or Z reasons, then that is subjective.


From the point of view of space maps of stellar navigation, the Pleiades have nothing to do with the Earth, nor Taurus either, as in the Earth belonging to that constellation.


For those who live in M45, the Earth is not part of Taurus since it would be closer to the Hyades, where Aldebaran is. No constellations are observed as on Earth from the point of view of M45, or only some like Triangulum, Taurus, Pleiades, Orion, among a few others, but as the point of observation changes, also the interpretation of the constellations.


Robert: So the Earth would not "belong" to any constellation, only by approximation it would be Hyades? No Taurus?


Swaruu X (Athena): The constellations as they are known on Earth are terrestrial interpretations and concepts. Yes, it is true that some ideas of giving shapes of people or animals or objects to the constellations are common outside the Earth, but not to indicate from where to where they are or which stars are included and which are not. That varies a lot. As Swaruu said, yes, it depends on what culture you ask about constellations, it will always vary.


As for portals... a natural star portal is not going to lead to one place, ever. However, it does have one or two dominant locations that it will usually take one to. And under that definition the portal that is in the "anus" of Taurus will lead to the Triangulum portal and to this region where Earth is.


A natural portal, with entrances of multiple kinds, be it gravity holes or shafts, (classic portal) black holes, and suns, can be seen as a set of entry and exit points, and some only entry points (black holes) intertwined inside touching one another, like a huge tree full of energetic ramifications, all existing within low vibrational energy strata within the ether field (because even there, there are levels).


So it can also be seen as a layout of destinations or portal roads, like a subway train map of a large city. Or as a vascular system in a living being. All from the ether side. Where a spacecraft using this system will be able to modify its internal frequency using its engines, to adjust which branch of the energetic web of portals it is compatible with, thus "steering" or guiding where it should go and where it will exit from the available exit points according to its spatial maps.


This type of navigation is very common among the vast majority of races and cultures with low interstellar level. Being that if a spacecraft were to enter a natural space portal and just pass through it without any frequency control of its own, it would just be "carried by the current" to where most of the energetic flow of the very portal system of the ether side goes. This can also be seen as a river system where there are main rivers that carry most of the current and other secondary branches.


If this is the case, the "drifting" spacecraft, with no energetic control to steer it, will only pass through the most dominant branches of the energetic flow of the portal system. This energetic flow is nothing more than a vectored gravity motion or flux.


With this description a spacecraft entering through the anus of Taurus will exit in Triangulum by simple association of gravitational flux quantity, being that to steer a spacecraft towards the Terrestrial sun an output frequency modulation of the toroidal engines of a spacecraft is needed. Although minimal, it is necessary.


Other civilizations such as Taygeta and most of the advanced ones within the Federation itself, do not need to use this natural space portal transit system, because they simply manufacture their own "wormholes", for lack of better words, with total precision and freedom, as this will take them directly to their destination immediately.


However, the use of natural portals can still be used for navigation in case of ship to ship combat tactics as it does give advantages of being able to hide the energetic signal before each jump into hyperspace making the detection of this energetic footprint minimal or impossible as it is masked within the very huge energetic flow within these natural portals.


Natural portals are also widely used to facilitate or expedite the transit of ultra-heavy classification spacecraft, sphere level or biosphere level, where such craft have so much mass that it is more comfortable to traverse great distances using a combination of the energy flux of the large natural portals and that generated by the engines of such craft to steer or guide its direction and exit position out of this elaborate natural portal transit system.


This is the reason why it is common to see large size ships exiting from Sun 13. It is wrong to think that they take energy from the sun. They do not need it. They only use the natural portal current to save their own energy, as would a large container ship on Earth that would commonly use the natural ocean currents to save fuel and time as they are extremely heavy ships. It is the same but in space.


Remembering that the huge spheres that are seen coming out of the sun, do not represent the real contour of the outgoing sphere or biosphere ship but of the gravitational field and its shields that surround them being that the biosphere ship is much smaller.


Large classic ship coming out of the solar portal (above)




This is what I mean.


That what you see in black is not the ship, but the gravitational disturbance caused by the engines and shields of the outgoing ship. Being that the hull dimensions of such a ship are much smaller, about the size of the Earth's Moon for example. Such a ship would be in the center.


The "black tail" would be its wake energetic disturbance moving and altering the solar plasma, like the wake of a large ship leaves foam behind it in the sea. Being that the sun is not a thermonuclear ball as terrestrial science says, but it is a gravity node flowing in your direction. It is light, it is gravity in high vibrational density. That's why a spacecraft can go in and out of the sun with no problem, because it's just energy, it's not like trying to ride a bicycle through a bonfire.


As has been explained before, it is the complex and varied range of radiation in many energy bands that hits the Earth and causes a reaction where the result is heat, and this is mostly and especially near the surface and not in the upper atmosphere.


Now, I should make it clear that from one natural space portal to another there will be main flows, as I said above, movements of large amounts of gravity in a specific dominant flux or direction. But ultimately all natural portals, and artificial ones for that matter, connect to each other on the ether side, no matter how large or small.






And the one above explains the energetic dynamics of the sphere ship. That toroid is its shield and its energetic flux. I made this image to illustrate the topic above.


Note: from the image I sent you, I left the sphere ship visible in size, but it must be said that the size is or can be merely illustrative as it should be much smaller. It´s just that if I make it to scale it gets lost and no longer looks like a sphere ship. I would need a much higher resolution image of that solar disturbance.



Another day


Robert: By the way, I don't remember us talking about the composition of the sun. It's not a thermonuclear ball. But what is it made of?


Swaruu X (Athena): It is gravitational electromagnetic plasma in a complex cluster of varying frequencies, the output of a much larger energetic machinery or pump that is in the ether and is only seen from a low "density" perception with the lens of one's understanding.


It is an exit, the exit pole of a complex compound energetic toroid. It is an exit hole but because it is of high densities and dimensions, it is seen as a sphere. A hole in 3 dimensions is a sphere.


Robert: But we only perceive the sun on "one side" and the black hole on the other. But we cannot see it in full with our perception. We cannot see that toroid with our perception. It is difficult to represent that in a graph.


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes. The energy comes from behind the sun, from other planes. And all suns are connected to each other from the ether side, and these connections are used as wormholes for spacecraft navigation.


Robert: I understand, yes. And someone asked me: "Does the sun have more connection to the Source than a human? Or do we all have the same connection?"


Swaruu X (Athena): From the total point of view, everything is the Source. Everything is or has the same connection because it just is. But from a certain point of view, a sun would have more connection than a person, a human, or whatever race.


Robert: And look at this question: "Why do suns manifest with the counterpart of black holes? Because is it a toroid?"


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, of course. It seems that the toroid is the base energetic dynamics for the formation of nodes that manifest what is later perceived as matter. Passing first through the energy state, although they are the same. Everything is a toroid, from an electron, to a galaxy or super cluster of galaxies.


Robert: Yes. Even us in some way, right?


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, from the toroidal base, the consciousness is "sculpting" something that does not seem toroidal at first glance, like a sculpture of Michelangelo. Because from that block of matter, you have turned the leftover pastes either into smaller pieces of matter, or into energy, leaving the creative intention of the sculpture. But it is still a toroid.


So the suns manifest that way simply because that's the energy flow of a big toroid like that, a point of entry and a point of exit. Black hole entry, sun exit. In simplistic terms. Because in reality a sun can also be an entrance if you have adjusted the frequency of your ship to be compatible with the parts of the same toroidal pump that move in reverse, depending on what density or existential frequency of matter it is seen from. Black holes can still be exits. The problem with that is that the amount of energy to use the reverse flow part in a black hole is too much for a ship to emulate with its total toroidal immersion engines. It is almost impossible or impractical at least. That is why it is said that a black hole can only be an entrance.


In the same way there are super massive suns that for the same reason can only be exits being impossible to enter them by the high flow of energy in countless existential frequencies, densities, dimensions, which is, or would be, like going up a waterfall with a rowboat.


And there are also low energy noble black holes that although they are black holes, they are entrances and exits, and those are the most common. But they are called by another name, or names: gravity wells, or simply space portals.


Robert: Quite an answer. Thank you. Look at this other question: "As the sun is radioactive, as there is a greater flare wave as they want to call it, being radioactive, in the same way it would affect the electromagnetics of the Earth and human beings?"


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, that is true. However, it is not something that happens all the time. It is possible yes, and I know that for a fact. But believe me, in this day and age where the Cabal sows chaos and distractions everywhere, that is not on the table nor should you worry about it. Even if they tell you that it happened somewhere, because of an electrical failure, local or massive, rest assured that it was planned and executed with an agenda behind it, with technology, and has nothing to do with the Sun.


Considering that they could use a large flare that may be more or less unusual, (they can be predicted) to justify the blackout or electrical problem, blaming it on the sun.


Robert: And they would have nothing to do with birds falling to the ground or dolphins becoming disoriented and airplanes having problems with their electronics. That would be more 5G, right?


Swaruu X (Athena): That is clearly technological, because of artificial microwave frequencies. It's not because of the sun, and it's not because the Earth is reversing poles. That is artificial. Like what happened in Chihuahua Mexico.


Robert: Because biology is already adapted by design to not be affected by the sun in this way.


Swaruu X (Athena): And not to so much artificial electromagnetic radiation.


Robert: Ok, thank you. Look at this other question. I would say no: "Robert, can you land on the sun? What would happen if a spacecraft landed on it? Can you traverse its surface?"


Swaruu X (Athena): You can't, there is no surface, it's just energy. If you go in the direction where you can you just enter the wormhole that feeds the sun from behind, from the ether.


Robert: It would be something like a "gas" sphere or not? In density I mean. Or like a sphere of water?


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes. Or a welder's plasma torch, but in 3D going out in all directions.


Robert: Ok, I have more questions. "If the Sun is a living being, what does it feed on? With whom does it communicate? With other suns or with the beings in its system? Can it communicate with us?"


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, but it does not communicate with you or us or whoever as you would expect, but as an energetic symbiosis that holds a common density or a common frequency, because here, whether we are from outside this solar system or not, we are under the direct influence of the dominant frequency of Sun-13.

Yes, it communicates with other suns, but it does so with energy, and it does so using those energy flows that form, and are, the wormholes that connect all the suns that exist.


That flow or flux of energy is gravity and it is a flow of creative attention at high frequency. It is consciousness, ideas, ultra-complex thoughts that escape our comprehension because they are so vast.


The communication network between the suns on the ether side can be compared to a network of neurons in a brain, but taking into account the principle of non-locality, everything will be a single sun, and everything would be the Source. What separates into many suns, and planets, and people, are the ideas that hold each of those things and concepts.


And you can navigate that neural (dendritic) network by using it as a means of transportation or wormholes for the transit of ships. Because it is here where my not given topic yet would come in: Distances as they are said on Earth, that of astronomical units or AUs, or light years and all that, that is only from the human point of view and understanding.


For an advanced interstellar civilization distances are very short in perception. I could compare the perception of distance as seeing a whole Galaxy as a small country where it would take hours at most to travel from any point to any other point. Leaving distances as a perception limited to human understanding based on the limitations of their science. Being that the measures of travel of a ship are by frequencies and in perception by "SIT" time (Ship's Internal Time) or internal perception of the crew of a ship.






Video link.- https://youtu.be/yTjYs1TsyDY 


Anéeka of Temmer. - To clarify, remember that this is an interpretation you publish about us, because we are so much more, always more. It is not to make you less. It is because you must realize that you do not know everything, that there is more, and that the reason why we talk to you is because the others have a broom stuck in their butts that reaches to their brains. I'm sorry to be rude, but it’s because you listened and the others didn't, and each of us only reflects what they are with their theories about us, theories that are nowhere close to what we are. The theory that I like the most is the "government plot" one, that says that we are a strategy to dismantle the spiritual ascension of the Spanish-speaking world. I was able to dismantle that in a moment, the elite already does that with more efficient strategies such as filtering videos of certain topics and creating trolls and entire channels to transmit misinformation, as well as control over the mass media.


Inventing ourselves would be an inefficient and costly strategy, as well as very difficult because an entire civilization would have to be invented and be consistent, and on the other hand, in general, not so many people listen (to us). Point the finger at the expansive Hinduism controlled by the Cabal, because everything comes from there. We are just more people, yet we are not human either.


Robert. - The point is that humanity is not used to talking to other races, that is the point, and when they see someone to communicate with they forget that they are extraterrestrial, it is as if I could talk to my cat, there would come a time when I wouldn't be seeing a cat but someone else.


Anéeka of Temmer. - The truth is that we are not human, it is not a question of superiority or anything like that, it is just that deep down we are different, but here it is normal to know that we are different and still truly respect each other. That is why I say “we are more people”, I do not say we are more human. As we have already said, they only see the most human part of us, the other part is more difficult to see or understand. I know they see us as crazy, as unlikely, so we must also keep our distance from them.


Robert. - I wouldn't say as much…


Anéeka of Temmer. - Not you, but most do.


Robert. -I imagine that most continue to associate aliens with ships and being able to go out for a walk with them, things like that.


Anéeka of Temmer. - Before you could, but times have changed, you just see that almost every time Dhor Káal'el goes on a mission he has some kind of altercation with humans, it's no longer safe or sensible to fly around just because. I have not lived through that time, not really, I am very new here from 2016 till now. They chase him with advanced radars or send planes after him; he's already been shot with some kind of energy weapon. The ‘karmic shield’ protected him because the energy returned to starting point, other times he has been denied entry into airspace "chewing" no longer from the transponders, but it is no longer safe.


Robert. -Eh that the Federation does not experiment with humans, it only observes?


Anéeka of Temmer. - They say no, but how do you know? Without wanting to cause alarm, I would say that of course they do experiment on humans, we should also define what "experimenting on humans" is, if Robert knows that they do.


Robert. - Not genetics, right, is it more on a metaphysical level?


Anéeka of Temmer. - Of course! All kinds of experiments.


Robert. - So here and there is no longer free will, and are the Alphrateans aware of all that they do to their terrestrial family?


Anéeka of Temmer. - There is no free will, there is only a distorted version, excuses to explain what is and what is not free will, but the truth is the truth even if it hurts. It's not a free will planet, Alphratean family? I do not know.


Robert. - Is there no free will and no time line? Is everything an idea of an illusion, and is it true that all this is limited by the consciousness of each one?


Anéeka of Temmer. - Free will is only observed from what a soul desires, from its points of view from higher densities, not considering the desires and needs and someone experiencing the limited life of the 3D, just observe how the unconscious dominates over the conscious, there you can see it, how unfair it is, you know that something is wrong or that you need to change something about yourself, but it continues to react without logic just because the programming in the unconscious is triggered. That is not free will, the Cabal fighting against yourself. And yes, there are time lines, but not as they say there, but what composes them is only the consciousness of each person; you don't live a timeline or are in a timeline, you are a timeline, you are it, what you live, what you think... And the collective lines are illusions based on perception agreements that will never be the same. You have the agreement with Gosia and with Matías to interpret a particular object as a chair, there is the perception agreement, but it will never be the same. ‘Chair’ has a different personal interpretation for each of you, as with everything. It is apparent that there are agreements and therefore the conflicts are there as well.


Robert. - You're right, you know something is wrong… nice answer, I like it: it's a timeline. Yes, I have realized what you say we have a different perception, I have verified that myself.


Anéeka of Temmer. - Yes, it only appears to be the same.


Robert. - Yes, we can all walk through the same forest, but experience seeing and hearing different things, but not the same.


Anéeka of Temmer. - That's right, the forest is different for everyone.


Robert. - Yes, and the same with the city and the people, that is what makes us different from living in different densities, although sometimes it seems as if we coincide.


Anéeka of Temmer. - Yes, density is only the series of agreements and what people can see depending on their more or less expanded experiences.


Robert. - Imagine! Yes.


Anéeka of Temmer. - Being expanded simply more experience, more memory, and understanding of more places, of more things… The understanding of what is or is not real is abysmal and never before could one see so clearly the concepts of starseeds versus humans, and them versus us, to the degree that there is already friction…


Robert. - Especially in the way of thinking and seeing life.


Anéeka of Temmer. - Before you could walk unnoticed as a seed, today not anymore, they point at you and turn against you because you are different, in the name of everyone's safety, I mean muzzles(masks).


Robert: Do you keep seeing this civilization disappear? If they are all sterile I only give them 100 years.


Anéeka of Temmer. - They don't make it to 2030, Robert.


Robert. - By 2030? So here there is no ascension as some say, I know that all this is individual.


Anéeka of Temmer. - Again it depends on the definition of ascension, because dying and returning en masse all to their original sources is ascending.


Robert. - Yes, then what does the ‘Age of Aquarius’ mean, all that? But I don’t see them all returning to The Source.


Anéeka of Temmer. - I couldn't interpret it, I don't know how to connect it to the Age of Aquarius in that way.


Robert. - How do you see it then?


Anéeka of Temmer. - I only know that they are in serious danger and they don't see it, they believe that the danger is a virus when it is their governments. I only know that millions will die in the next ten years if things continue as they are today; They don't want to listen to me due to negativity.


Robert. - Anéeka nobody tells me that you are negative.


Anéeka of Temmer. - They believe that the Pleiadians should only speak of love and give hope. I only speak the truth, and that is the truth even if it hurts. I prefer to tell the truth rather than spread empty hopes, thank you. And I'm always waiting for something to change in people's favor.


Robert: There are no more remaining of those ‘unconditional lovers’, they are more realistic and believe in integration. People are beginning to see that they have to do things. Don't wait for the big solar event.


Anéeka of Temmer. - That won't happen. The sun is doing absolutely nothing unusual, nor will it.



* * *




Conflict in Ukraine - Direct Extraterrestrial Perspective - Athena Swaruu


Originally in Spanish


Swaruu X (Athena): The conflict in Ukraine, from my perspective, is a distraction to counteract the attention being given to the anti-vaccine protests. Although just because the Russia-Ukraine war is a distraction, doesn't mean there isn't shooting and killing.


What they say officially is never the truth. Putin is on the same side as USA and NATO. Same controllers behind them all. The problem here, when saying this about Putin and Russia, is that the Karistus support him, saying that Putin's hands are tied. But I am not buying that.


But yes, it seems like a distraction to me. Because it does distract attention from the virus to the possible "atomic" war. Making people not able to see the real danger. If it's not Ukraine, it's Korea. Or Iran. Or an energy crisis. And even if there are dead in the war, it will still be a distractor. Or all together.


Robert: Yes. They want people to forget that they were vaccinated. So that they don't relate what's to come to that.


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, and for them to continue to vaccinate people while they have their attention and fear placed on the possible atomic war.


It's something called “Aggro” in war. During a battle, one soldier will have his attention on the other enemy soldier. Until an enemy tank shows up. Then the enemy tank will have all the "Aggro" and the soldier will forget about the other enemy soldier in the presence of a greater danger.


So the world population will no longer have their attention on something that is unclear to them, vague, like whether or not vaccines are dangerous. Because their fear will be on a concrete, clear and understandable threat to humans, such as a war. So for me, this Russia-Ukraine thing is just a maneuver, part of the plan. Even during the Cold War, both sides were friends from above, the controllers. Same today.


Another day


Swaruu X (Athena): I have looked and yes, there are things happening near the border. Limited shooting. Lots of chaos. Shots fired. A lot of movement of armored vehicles. I don't know what they are saying on the news. I am not surprised there are dead already.


The Russians had no aircraft in the air when I observed the area, I was very taken by that. For a conflict zone there were almost no aircraft. Weird and strange. Lots of SAMs (surface to air missiles) too. The border is extremely militarized.


Another interesting thing I saw during a flight I took is that 5G antennas were interfering with avionics. With the radio altimeter. Military and civilian. 5G frequencies use a range that overlaps with avionics. Especially with ILS systems. I found this by chance. Instrumentation fails and gives erroneous readings. This is serious, it can cause accidents. I don't know how many pilots have noticed this by now. ECM (electronic countermeasure) computer indicated that the interference is coming from civil 5G cell phone antennas. Radioaltimeter is the most affected, then Nav.


So, again, all this may be a distractor, something I sustain. If it escalates into regional war, I will still maintain it is a distractor. Yes, the zone is militarized, yes there are sporadic conflicts over the border, yes there has been shooting between the two sides, with small weapons. It is a powder keg waiting to explode. World nuclear war, it will not happen, not by a long shot. It will be regional and this is not new, Russia and Ukraine have already come into conflict in the 90s.


What will trigger open war, if there is one, will most likely be an aviation incident. Including civilians still flying in and out of Kiev and Odessa mainly. They can say what they always say, that the Russians shot down a commercial airliner. That will make the public support the NATO invasion. Considering this from the Matrix perspective... from the local geo-political point of view, NATO is the aggressor. Russia is only protecting its borders. They will say it's because of pipelines, because of oil, or it's because Ukraine wants to become a NATO member. And the latter is the closest to the truth. From Ukraine Moscow and Western Russian military bases, all of them, will be at the mercy of NATO short-range missiles.


Strategically speaking, Russia cannot show weakness and allow the installation of SAM anti-aircraft batteries and all kinds of NATO bases so close to Moscow. So the scenario of this conflict is an almost exact copy of the Cuban missile incident in 1961, if my memory serves me. Same thing, but in reverse. The USA could not allow the installation of bases and missiles in Cuba, because of the proximity to the USA. Same thing here but this time it is Russia that defends itself.


Robert: Then it would have to end with an international blockade of Ukraine, wouldn't it?


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, following the same pattern of the Cuban missile crisis, the problem here or the difference is that Cuba is an island, Ukraine is not. More difficult to block. Plus, a whole different Geopolitical context that makes the same blockade measure not at all feasible or strategically convenient.


Robert: And how does NATO get involved in all this knowing that Ukraine is not a NATO member as of today?


Swaruu X (Athena): Because we must not forget that Ukraine has a US puppet government. And it has had it for years. That is why it is asking for NATO membership, it is not Ukraine who is asking for it but the Cabal headquarters, the Pentagon and the CIA who is asking for it.


Robert: But in Cuba the same thing happened with Fidel.


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, the other way around, Fidel being Moscow's puppet.


Gosia: But does this conflict interest you in any special way because you had a colony in Ukraine before? What importance does it have for you or none at all?


Swaruu X (Athena): It is basically the same as Giza, old base, same era towards a little more recent one, big DUMB. Connected to others like Busegi nearby, and Giza among others. What is left of that base is under southern Crimea, that is Russian territory. For Taygeta there is really no reason to be particularly interested. Only as in trying to understand the nature of this distractor.


Gosia: And what is Putin's role here, having ties to Karistus?


Swaruu X (Athena): Karistus says that Putin is theirs and that his hands are tied and that he does not control all of the Kremlin, much less all of Moscow much less all of Russia. And that he does what he can. Karistus have not issued a statement on the ongoing incident.


The evidence points to him being part of the same Illuminati and Cabal. The evidence is based on many things, such as his support for plandemia, among other things, and his attitude regarding his relationship with Taygeta.


Again, if he is not of the Cabal let him prove it. At the moment the evidence points to him being more Cabal. You can easily see this because the Cabal would not do a large scale, False Flag operation the size of False Covid, without someone the size of Russia cooperating with them fully. Their plan would crumble if Putin were to oppose the plandemia. Therefore Putin is of the Cabal. The cooperative relationship between Russia and Taygeta ended with the appearance of plandemia.


You already published before that Taygeta was in contact and cooperation with Russia since the time of Nikita Khrushchev which ended badly because the contact itself destroyed his life.


Robert: But how did it destroy his life? In what way?


Swaruu X (Athena): It's a huge topic, but the Soviet Polyburo accused him of giving Taygeta too much control and influence over his government. And they sent him to voluntary exile, house arrest in his hut. Also because he was seen as weak before the USA because of the Cuban missile incident. Note that this means cooperation between Taygeta and Karistus as well. It goes hand in hand.


From the top, those who control USA/NATO and Russia, they are all friends and this is all carefully planned to fulfill an agenda. Distract from the magic doses of vaccines and riots against plandemia.


Gosia: But the vaccines have already been given anyway. That is irreversible.


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, but worldwide there are a lot of people who still haven´t gotten it, and also it is so that there is no opposition against the measures and restrictions. Measures and restrictions which even many vaccinated people are against.


They want to create more chaos and desolation to break the human spirit. To hurt humanity more. To break them down. And they wish to continue with their extermination plan. Nobody can see how they crush them with restrictions and vaccines, because they are looking at Ukraine, biting their fingernails.





Robert: We talk about the sun.


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes.


Robert: But I don't remember us talking about the composition of the sun. It's not a thermonuclear ball. But what is it made of? I don't remember that we ever talked about what it's made of.


Swaruu X (Athena): It is gravitational electromagnetic plasma in a complex cluster of varied frequencies, the output of a much larger machinery or energy pump that is found in the ether and is only seen from the perception of a low "density" with the lens of the understanding of each.


Robert: Yes, you said that. Yes I remember. Now it is better understood. "It is only seen from a low 'density' perception through the lens of one's understanding."


Swaru X (Athena): It is an output, the output pole of a complex composite energy torus. It is an exit hole but since it is of high densities and dimensions, it looks like a sphere. A hole in 3 dimensions is a sphere.


Robert: Yes. But we only perceive the sun on "one side" and the hole on the other. But we cannot see it completely. By our perception. We cannot see that toroid by our perception. It's hard to represent that on a graph.


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes. It is that the energy comes from behind the sun, from other planes.

And all the suns are connected to each other from the ether side, and these connections are used as wormholes for spacecraft navigation.


Robert: Like a big Gruyère cheese. I understand, yes. And someone asked me: “the sun has more connection to the Source than a human? Or do we all have the same connection?


Swaruu X (Athena): From the total point of view, everything is the Source. Everything is or has the same connection because it just is. But from certain points of view, a sun would have more connection than a person, a human, or whatever race.


Robert: Because I would have more energy somehow, to put a name to it. I understand, yes.

But a question. It can be silly. And a whale or an elephant, would have more connection than a human?


Swaruu X (Athena): It is said that yes. Yázhi assures him.


Robert: Or in this case the volume of the being doesn't matter.


Swaru X (Athena): And in the end that is true and true. It depends on each being and each mind.


Robert: Yes. But a whale and an elephant are very wise animals.


Swaruu X (Athena): For the interests and particular points of those species. Also a cockroach is. For cockroaches, of course. A swallow is a lousy elephant, and an elephant is a lousy swallow.


Robert: I understand, yes. And look at this Question : “Is the sun the sum of consciousnesses or is it the result of consciousnesses?”


Swaruu X (Athena): I don't understand what you're saying.


We are all the sum of other minor consciousnesses, less expanded, and at the same time we join together to be or form a larger and expanded one in all senses. We are one person, like the sun, and at the same time we are many people. It's not one or the other. This is not elaborate metaphysical madness, I just explain how it is that we are all really one. Don't they say it everywhere?


And it is only the sum of many due to the level of understanding and awareness that each person has, whether or not they maintain or have a similar physical body or not.


Robert: “Why do suns manifest with the counterpart of black holes? Why is it a toroid?


Swaru X (Athena): It seems that the toroid is the base energetic dynamic for the formation of nodes that manifest what is later perceived as matter. Going through the energy state first, although they are the same. Everything is a Toroid, from an electron, to a galaxy or super cluster of galaxies.


Robert: Even us in a way, right?


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes. From the toroidal base, consciousness "sculpts" something that does not appear toroidal at first glance, like a sculpture by Michelangelo. Because from that block of matter you have turned the remaining parts, either into smaller matter or into energy, leaving the creative intention of the sculpture. But it's still a toroid.


They manifest like this simply because that is the energy flow of a large toroid like that, an entry point and an exit point. Black hole - entrance, sun - exit.

In simplistic terms. Because actually a sun can be entered as well if you have adjusted the frequency of your ship to be compatible with the parts of the same toroidal pump that move in reverse, depending on what density or existential frequency of matter it is viewed from.


Just as black holes can be exits. The problem with that is that the amount of energy to use the reverse flow part of a black hole is too much for a spacecraft to emulate with its full toroidal immersion engines. Remaining as something almost impossible or not practical at least. That is why it is said that a black hole can only be an entrance.


In the same way there are super massive suns that for the same reason can only be exits, being impossible to enter them due to the high flow of energy in countless existential frequencies, densities, dimensions, which is, or would be, like climbing a waterfall with a boat. of oars


And there are also low energy noble black holes that although they are black holes, they are entrances and exits, and those are the most common. But they are called by another name, or names: gravity wells, or simply space portals.


Robert: Wow, what a response. These kind of answers are the ones I like. So technical and detailed. Thanks.


Swaruu X (Athena): Thank you. You're welcome.


Robert: Only someone who lives that can explain it that way. Look at this other question.


“My question is, since the sun is radioactive, since there is a greater flare wave, whatever you want to call it, since it is radioactive in the same way, would it affect the electromagnetic of the Earth and human beings?”


In short, it says something like whether those "flares" when they hit the Earth affect electronics in some way as they affect biology? If they affect it.


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, that's true. However, it is not something that happens all the time. It is possible yes, and I know for sure. But believe me that in this time where the Cabal sows chaos and distractions everywhere, that is not on the table nor should you worry about it.


Even if they tell you that this happened somewhere, due to a local or massive electrical failure, rest assured that this was planned and executed with an agenda behind it, with technology, and has nothing to do with the sun. Bearing in mind that they could use a large flare that can be more or less unusual (they can be predicted) to justify the blackout or the electrical problem, blaming it on the sun.


Robert: Yes. And they would have nothing to do with birds falling to the ground or dolphins getting disoriented and airplanes having problems with their electronics. That would be more 5G, right?


Swaru X (Athena): That's clearly technological, because of artificial microwave frequencies. It's not because of the sun, nor is it because the Earth is shifting poles. That is contrived. Like what happened in Chihuahua, Mexico.


Robert: Because biology is already adapted by design so that the sun doesn't affect it that way. Yes.


Swaruu X (Athena): That's right, yes. And not so much artificial electromagnetic radiation. But I know what that is, because it is already very common for it to happen.


Robert: Look at this other question. I would say no: “Robert, can you land in the sun? What would happen if a ship lands on it? Can you traverse its surface?


Swaru X (Athena): You can't, there's no surface, it's just energy. If you go in that direction you can only enter the wormhole that feeds the sun from behind, from the ether.


Robert: Would it be something like a sphere of "gas" or not? By density I mean. Or as a sphere of water?


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes.


Robert: Gas. Okay.


Swaruu X (Athena): Or a welder's plasma torch, but in 3D going in all directions.


Robert: If the sun is a living being, what does it feed on, with whom does it communicate, with other suns or with the beings of its system? Can you communicate with us?


Swaru X (Athena): Yes, but it does not communicate with you or us or whoever as you would expect, but rather as an energetic symbiosis that holds a common density or frequency, because here, whether we are from outside this solar system or not, we are under the direct influence of the dominant frequency of Sol-13.


Yes, it communicates with other suns, but it does so with energy and it does so using those energy flows that form, and are, the wormholes that connect all the suns that exist. That flow or flux of energy is gravity and it is a flow of creative attention in high frequency. It is consciousness, ideas, ultra-complex thoughts that are beyond our understanding because they are so vast.


The communication network between the suns on the ether side can be compared to a network of neurons in a brain. But taking into account the principle of non-locality, everything will be a single sun, and everything will be the Source. What separates in many suns, and planets and people, are the ideas that support each one of those things and concepts.


Robert: Very good example. "The communication network between suns on the ether side can be compared to a network of neurons in a brain." Thanks. Yes.


Swaru X (Athena): Yes, and you can navigate that neural network (dendritic) using it as a means of transportation or wormholes for the transit of ships. Because this is where my ungiven topic would come in: distances as they are said on Earth, that of astronomical units or AUs, or light years and all that, is only from the human point of view and understanding.


For an advanced interstellar civilization the distances are very short in perception. Being that I could compare the perception of distance as seeing an entire galaxy as a small country where it would take hours at most to travel from any point to any other point. Leaving that of distances as a perception limited to human understanding based on the limitations of their science. Being that the travel measurements of a ship are by frequencies and in perception by time "SIT" or internal perception of the crew of a ship.







Gosia. - It is this part of Anéeka’s that I would like to expand on.


Anéeka of Temmer. - Out here in terms of material things there are few or no shortages, what matters is what exists in terms of consciousness-manifestation of realities and control over these two things.


Gosia. - As a manifestation of realities? Up there they also manifest and control realities, why be interested in the Earth for that?


Athena Swaruu. - Because the Earth is not independent and never has been, it is just one of those many realities that are created from up here and from above.


Robert. - And why control over that, does it provide any benefit?


Anéeka of Temmer. - It means everything, the control over what you will experience as a race, as a species and as a culture, your future, what you can call your reality. That's what they get as profit.


Gosia. - I did not understand this either, are the extraterrestrials interested in the Earth because it gives them control over what they will experience as a race, their future, in what way?


Robert. - I imagine that it gives them control over their seeds as human experiences on Earth.


Anéeka of Temmer. - Well, I don't know what Anéeka meant, but I suppose that spiritual advancement will give souls, for lack of a better name, more control over what they will manifest and experience in their next lives.


Gosia. - But that's the point, is it just one of those many realities where realities manifest and control, why so much interest on Earth with that?


Anéeka of Temmer. - I think that you are only seeing the interest that is shown for the Earth and not the interest that is shown for all the other places, it is just that they have the attention here from you and from this group.


Gosia. - Ah! So there is also interest in other places as well.

Anéeka of Temmer. - Yes, or not the same, some more than others, but that is something enormousand subjective, see it as a shoppingcenter, the Earth is full of activity for better and for worse, controversy and fighting, but there are other shoppingcenters full of similar and not so similar people, also buzzing with activity.


Gosia. - I understand, but I still don't understand why there is an interest in the Earth for the manifestation of realities, why don't they look at other planets, or their own, for that? Realities manifest anywhere, Earth or not, right? You can be in Erra and be manifesting realities, what does Earth have in this aspect?


Anéeka of Temmer. - Seeing it from the point of view of the spiritual progress that one has by

having incarnated on Earth, as a school for souls as has been said before, as a school to advance with those experiences as there is a greater expansion of consciousnesses, later outside of the terrestrial incarnation you will already have greater control over what you wish to experience and what worlds to create, but I must also clarify that it is not only those who incarnate on Earth as such, it is not something defined and rigid, but rather there's a whole range of in-betweens between completely weird aliens on distant planets, having nothing to do with Earth, and completely classic humans, if there is such a thing, excusing that it's all ultimately connected of course.


The terrestrial experience, or the experience that the Earth offers, is not only for those who incarnate as humans, but also for others as a role play. Humans as such are not just one thing either, as has already been said, there are star seeds of countless races, some similar others not, old souls who have incarnated as humans for countless lives, aliens who enter there with no memory, only 1 or 2 sometimes or rarely, other entire aliens who are just visiting, or who move to live there knowing what they are, like a walk down, because they dress and act normal and pass for humans without being humans.

The list is very long and the variants of having a human experience are many, and that I only do

the level of human experience, it would also be necessary to add the experience that the Earth gives to souls, to people who get involved with things of the Earth without being human, the experience of the extraterrestrials who have their attention here with all their variables and variants, races and ideologies; all of this offers the Earth as a game of errors seen from high densities, of course where someone non-human plays at being a guide for humanity in countless ways, and others not so much, with a complex range and intermediate gradient.


This is an important point that my mother always emphasizes to me about humanity, about being able to explain this class of concepts that turns out that the average human mind, the people, the bulk of the population does not handle complex things well, they always want the simple explanation that everything has a reason, not many, that things are clear, not that they need a lot ofpower and mental resources to understand everything. Then they see long and complicated explanations as coming from someone who does not know, and they hang labels on them as far[1]fetched explanations or strange explanations, but the truth is that there is no absolute truth, everything is relative, to understand something you need a framework of understanding of any previous class that gives it a necessary framework so that from there more complicated things and concepts are understood, there is not a single reason for things, everything is extremely complex, and if they want to impose a simple explanation it falls into reductionism, like the big-bang, that never happened whether or not it was mathematically feasible, which by the way it is not, remaining in only religion imposing a concept on science, the Yahweh or creative explosion. In short the Earth gives souls their own and others an enormous variety of enriching experiences withwhich to increase and promote their spiritual advancement that from then on will manifest better things.


Gosia. - Ask what is said above, many human seeds want to get out of here because they see it as hell, but are there step downs with full memory that move here? What interests them so much here, the cultural variety? (I speak of those who are not guides).


Anéeka of Temmer. - Note that everything is a matter of focus, where you have your attention.


Robert. - Yes, and he is still the creator of everything.


Gosia. - But the step downs who know what they are, their souls, no longer take from the experience the same things as humans, why do they move?


Anéeka of Temmer. - They don't get the same experience, but they get other experiences.


Gosia. - What, cultural experience? like when I travel to the Amazon?


Anéeka of Temmer. - As I said above, it is never all or nothing, but a whole gradient that the Earth can offer.


Robert. - But coming to Earth is a danger for them, although they continue to be the creators of their reality, they can stay in this loop, in this world.


Gosia. - So with all that explained, it is clear that no one out there is interested in the Earth becoming interstellar. What the Earth now offers would be lost. What interests you?


Anéeka of Temmer. - Each person like this will have a different reason, some just because they like being there, because they like it? Well they will have their reasons, adventure, the exotic. Why is an English lord going to India at the end of the 19th century? He was in England with money and position, a big house and luxury carriages, he goes for the experience of the exotic, for the adventure and for the need to return to show off to his friends that they were there to annoy a tiger,or what do I know. The same here.


Gosia. - Yes, I understand this well, obviously.


Robert. - The Earth has to be as it is, if it doesn't lose grace.


Anéeka of Temmer. - Very good point, yes exactly and unfortunately. It's a jungle, it's India in the

19th century, like going to India back then, you go there because there are elephants and jungles full of tigers.


Gosia. - Then why was it being advised if humans were ready for open contact then, that would break the terrestrial experience.


Anéeka of Temmer. - That is the argument of many here, that is what they say, that we are wasting time, to which my answer would be because we also want the experience of trying to help, if they do not like that they return to Temmer, to do whatever they want.


Gosia. - But help as in making them remember who they are, yes? But official open contact with extraterrestrial races would somehow break it all at once, so why the First Contact project, what for? That would break everything if direct official contact is made.


Anéeka of Temmer. - Ultimately because it is another experience for those who are here.


Robert. - Perhaps it is to give some hope to the seeds that are having a bad time here, to tell them

that this continues, that it does not end here on Earth.


Gosia. - Do you mean you here?


Anéeka of Temmer. - Yes, because it is another group of experiences that you have during a life or incarnation, that is why I tell you the Earth is not only what it offers as a place to incarnate as a human, but all the other variants of interaction and of experiences that the place offers to nonhuman people, and to humans alike.


* * *




Extraterrestrials and Earth´s Resources - Direct Extraterrestrial Perspective


Originally in Spanish


Robert: Some people say that the ETs come here for the resources.


Yazhi: They can also go to Erra, also to Temmer, to Procyon, to Cyndriel, to Pitoya, to Alfrata, and so on. That is Geo-Earth-Centrism, humanity´s ego. Earth is beautiful, but it is not the only one.


People believe that the ETs desire Earth because it is an orchard of life and that the other planets here are not. That's not what happens here, what they want is the people themselves. Ok, also Earth, but for interstellar beings, whether the Earth or some "M" class planet is in Alpha Centauri, or in the Hyades at 60 light years, or in Canis minor, doesn't matter, because in Hyper Space, the way all the ETs move, no distances are observed.


And the reasons why the ETs are interested in Earth are not that. They are interested in Earth because they are themselves there, they are family, they are themselves in other timelines, mirrors, incarnated friends, the motives are personal. Again human mentality shows here, thinking in resources as limited. As in riches, not in spirit, not in life, not in consciousness. That's why we, or other ETs, are interested in Earth.


Robert: And what would the ETs want the people themselves for? As energetic slaves?


Anéeka: From the simplest explanation point of view, yes. For energetic exploitation because they need it to exist, because those beings and entities are egregores of humanity itself. They eat creative concentrated attention of the kind that is generated by fear.


Although I know that this reason escapes the simple minds that think in a human way: that what matters are the tangible material resources. Simply because there is so much out there to mine from, that is NOT the reason. The fact that they see that as the reason why Earth is desired is a reflection of their own lack mentality, which is the mentality experienced on Earth.


Out here materially there is little or no lack. What is of interest are the matters of consciousness, manifestation of realities, and control over those two things.


For example, do you want gold? Asteroid belt. You want water? Asteroid belt. Rare foreign matter, chemical elements? Asteroid belt. And if they have enough technology, they can have matter, element, or material they want with a replicator. That's not what´s desired here. It is something else more complex.


Robert: And why control over that? Does it bring any benefit?


Anéeka: It means everything, control over what you will experience as a race, as a species and culture. Their future. What they can call their reality. That is what they get as a benefit.


The fact that it is believed that spirituality and matters of consciousness are a poor or little reason to generate so much interest on the part of extraterrestrials, generalizing, is again a reflection of the same human mentality that the benefits must be in material things or power which boils down to control over resources, energetic or material again. Because that's what is coveted on Earth.


However, as an interstellar culture, any race advanced enough to navigate among the stars will have more than enough resources as such. What they will be interested in is control over reality itself.


Spirituality on Earth is a topic as an aid to cope with the harshness of life. As a defense mechanism against the difficulties of being alive. This is reflected even in the most advanced religions that almost... tell it like it is, like the Buddhist one. And even that is based on the concept of being able to face life wisely and not have it destroy you in the process.


But here among the extraterrestrials, spirituality is much stronger and more defined, remaining not only as a crutch to survive, as a defense mechanism, but it is also the very basis of everything there is and everything that is desired.


So with a certain level of technological advancement, enough to navigate the stars, coupled with a sufficiently high level of consciousness, the real resources you want to obtain are not material, but are those of the very manipulation of densities and existential realities.


You have to think like an ET to understand their true intentions for and with Earth.


Your gold, your minerals or your water, are little to advanced ET races. They are respected. But they are not something to covet.In other ufological circles on Earth, there is talk that what the ETs are interested in is DNA. This is partly true and is a step closer to the truth than thinking about mere physical resources. But one has to look a little further, being that the advanced ETs know that DNA is only the physical reflection of the manifestation of the memory that makes up what characterizes and defines the soul-attention-consciousness attached to that DNA.


Now, going back to that topic of controlling material resources on Earth. This part is also valid, because this is a very complex dynamic that happens around the Earth, being that the difference between the ETs and humans are not so defined, it is a gray and blurred border that separates ET from human.


So yes, there are levels or parts, whether human or semi-human, working on Earth that do wish to dominate the physical and energetic resources of the planet.


However, that does not reflect the mentality of the full extraterrestrials who are not on Earth in human form. It does not reflect the extraterrestrial culture as such and what defines it among the cooperative races or species.


Because the border between ET and human is gray. And from the ground level it is easy to confuse the interests of humans with power, Cabal-Enterprises, with the interests of truly non-human extraterrestrial races. It just, again, depends on the level of the entities we're talking about.


Robert: Yes, it's very clear.


Anéeka: However, even as an ET myself, I can only see my world, what surrounds me at the limit of my understanding, like everyone else. However, my point of attention yes, it is from the outside, so for what it's worth I am reflecting or sharing another angle of the same problem.


Again, on the idea that extraterrestrials wish to dominate Earth's resources and energy, as a reflection of the human mindset that observes the issue, it is valid, but they confuse the resource and energy domination interests of the Cabal-corporations and hybrids on Earth with the interests of fully interstellar ETs with such levels of technology that they already master the power to extract matter from energy. This is an important point to understand.


Robert: But most, if not all Federation members here would agree with you, wouldn't they? About what you have stated above?


Anéeka: Local Federation members and advanced races, the known ones, yes, they would agree with me. What I have just said is not only my personal opinion, but I am giving it based on what I have observed and understood by living with the rest of the civilizations and friendly races with which mine maintains cordial and friendly relations.


Robert: Ok. Anéeka, when you talk about hybrids on Earth, they are human beings in biological suits, with any type of beings inside, right? Those are hybrids. It's just that people consider it differently.


Anéeka: The term hybrid is very broad. A hybrid could be anything from a starseed that has a completely human body, of those that do not change if they are extracted, for example Suriko for not going further, or also entities or technologically altered bodies splicing genes of a non-human race with the human one. Or the result of a natural cross between a humanoid species genetically compatible with the human, and a terrestrial human person, such as the Alfrateans among others. All of that would include hybrids as a broad term.


Robert: But not a hybrid between a lizard and a human, those cannot reproduce and, as we have already said, species are not created that way. And if they were created like the Maitre they would have to reproduce artificially, right?


Anéeka: Yes, or they would have limited reproduction. This also gets worse because the one who genetically creates a hybrid also wants to control its reproduction. All this is already explained in our articles about DNA.


Robert: And another thing. Those ETs that are interested in resources are human creations? Just to clarify. I would say yes.


Anéeka: Yes, or they are subject to the same problems as humans being part of the same Earth dynamic, like the intraterrestrial Reptilian races that reflect on the outside with treaties with Cabal world leaders. This level does wish to control material and energy resources as well as the human mind.


But even though they are not human per se, they still have the same "human" mentality because they are subject to the same existential dynamics. However, this does not reflect the mentality of off-Earth ETs with high technological level.


And the level of such high technological advancement is measured by two things:


1.) Their efficiency in their interstellar capability.


2.) Their ability to generate any material or physical element from energy.


If you observe carefully the consequences of these two previous points, you will be able to understand that both result in them not being interested in the material and energetic resources of a given planet, in this case the Earth. Because they have already mastered and solved that. Being that only a reduced group with low technology would be interested in the resources as such of the Earth.


And they are interested in Earth-specific resources because it reflects the fact that they are Earth-dependent or Earth-confined. So this is yet another argument for understanding that extraterrestrial civilizations with a certain high level of advancement are not interested in the material or energetic resources of any given planet, but in the consciousness and spiritual implications of those planets.


The technological level of any interstellar race or advanced species depends on its population. It is a direct reflection of the spiritual and consciousness level of such people. So all desires for domination over material and energy resources are still motivations that come from those on Earth. It is still a direct reflection of the Earth mentality.


In fact, on Earth the materialistic side has supremacy for many reasons, and there is lack of contact with the spiritual side. Because it is not useful, for the primordial reason that is survival. That is the key, the materialism promotes survival there. Leaving the spiritual as a secondary luxury. But the key is to balance both sides, or to have the spiritual base first, without leaving aside the material survival.


Basically, they make a good argument that the ETs want to exploit humanity for resources and power, but it's not just that, there are levels here, and that's just a low level. Beside that, there are other levels which I explained above.




Another day


Gosia: Hi Athena. Could you elaborate a bit on this part, something Anéeka said above:


"Out here in terms of the material stuff there is little or no lack. What is of interest is what can be found in the matter of consciousness, manifestation of realities, and control over those two things."


Manifestation of realities? Realities are also manifested and controlled up there. Why be interested in Earth for that?


Swaruu X (Athena): Because Earth is not independent and never has been, it is just one of those many realities that are created from up here and above. I guess what Anéeka meant is that spiritual advancement will give souls, for lack of a better name, more control over what they will manifest and experience in their next lives.


Gosia: But that´s the point. If it is only one of many realities where you manifest and control realities, why so much interest in Earth?


Swaruu X (Athena): I think you are just looking at the interest that happens to be shown for Earth, and not the interest that is shown for all the other places. It´s just that there is attention - here - from you and from this group.


Gosia: Oh, I understand. So there is also the interest for other places as well.


Swaruu X (Athena): Yes, some more than others, but that's huge and subjective. Look at it as a mall. Earth is full of activity, for better and for worse, controversy, and strife, but there are other malls full of people, similar and not so similar, also boiling with activity.


Gosia: Yes. But I still don't understand why they are interested in Earth for "manifesting realities"? Why not go to other planets or their own for that? You can manifest realities anywhere. Earth or not. Right? I can be on Erra and manifesting realities.


Swaruu X (Athena): Looking at it from the point of view of the spiritual advancement that you have by having incarnated on Earth, as a school for souls. As has been said before, as a school to advance with those experiences. As there is a greater expansion of consciousness, later on, outside of the terrestrial incarnation, you will have greater control over what you wish to experience and what worlds to create.


But I should also clarify that it is not just about those who incarnate on Earth as such. It is not something defined and rigid but there is a whole range of in-betweens from complete aliens, strange ones on distant planets that have nothing to do with Earth, to entire classical humans, if there is such a thing (being that everything is ultimately connected of course).


The Terrestrial experience, or the experience Earth offers, is not only for those who incarnate as humans. It is also for others as role play.


"Humans as such are not just one thing either. As already stated, there are starseeds of countless races. Some similar, some not. Old souls who have incarnated as humans for countless lifetimes, ETs who go in there without memory only once or twice or a few times. Others complete ETs who are just visiting or who move there knowing what they are. As step downs, but who dress and act normal and pass for humans not being human.


The list is very long, and the variants of having a human experience are many, and I am only talking about the level of human experience.


It would also be necessary to add the experience that the Earth gives to the souls, to the people, who get involved with matters of the Earth without being human, the experience of the extraterrestrials that have their attention there, with all their variables and variants, races and ideologies.


All of that is what Earth offers, as role-playing as seen from the higher densities, of course. Where someone non-human plays being a guide for humanity in countless ways and others not so much, with a whole complex range and gradient in between.


This is an important point that my mom (Athena talks to her mom, alternate Swaruu 9) always stresses to me about humanity, about being able to explain these kinds of concepts. As it turns out, the average human mind, the people, the bulk of the population, don't handle complex things well. They always want the simple, for everything to have one reason, not many.


That things be clear, not to need a lot of mental resources and power to understand things. So they regard long and complicated explanations as coming from someone who 'doesn't know' and they hang labels on them of being far-fetched explanations, or 'pilgrim' explanations.


But the truth is that there is no absolute truth, everything is relative. To understand one thing, you need a framework of understanding of all kinds beforehand, which gives you a necessary framework so that from there you can understand more complicated things and concepts.


There is no single reason for anything. Everything is extremely complex, and if you want to impose a simple explanation you fall into reductionism, like the Big Bang. That never happened whether or not it is mathematically feasible, which by the way it is not, leaving only religion imposing their concept on science, the Yahweh or creator explosion.


But in short, the Earth gives the souls, its own and others, an enormous variety of enriching experiences with which to increase and boost their spiritual advancement that from then on will manifest better things.


Gosia: Thank you, incredible. I understand. Question to what you said above. Many starseeds/humans want to leave the Earth, because they see living here as hell, but you say that there step downs with full memory that move in here? What are they so interested in here? Cultural variety?


I'm talking about the ones that are not guides or anything in particular. The step downs who know what they are. Their souls no longer take from this experience the same as humans, why do they move then?


Swaruu X (Athena): They don't get the same experience, but they get other experiences.


Gosia: Like what? Cultural experiences? Like when I travel to the Amazons?


Swaruu X (Athena): As I said above, it is never all or nothing, but all the gradient that the Earth offers. Each and every person will have a different reason.


Why does an English lord go to India at the end of the 19th century? He was in England with money and position, big house and luxury carriages. He goes for the experience of something exotic, for the adventure, and for his need to return to brag to his friends that he was there and touched a tiger or what have you. Same here.


Gosia: Yes, I understand. So with all that explained, it's clear that nobody out there would be interested in the Earth becoming interstellar. They would lose what the Earth offers now.


Robert: Of course. The Earth has to be as it is, otherwise it loses its "purpose".


Swaruu X (Athena): Very good point, yes exactly. And unfortunately. It's a jungle, it's India in the 19th century. As with going to India back then, you go there because there are elephants and jungles full of tigers.


Gosia: Then why did the First Contact project even exist? Why were they even assessing if humans were ready for open contact before? It would ruin everything if direct official contact was made. That would ruin the Earth experience.


Swaruu X (Athena): That is the argument of many here. That's what they say, that we are wasting our time. What are you doing this for, they say. My answer would be because we also want the experience of trying to help. Ultimately because it is another experience for those who are here. If they don't like it, they can go back to Temmer to do what they want.


It is another set of experiences that you have during a lifetime and-or incarnation. So I am telling you, Earth is not only what it offers as a place to incarnate as a human, but there are all the other variants of interaction and experiences that the place offers to non-humans and humans alike as well.



Taygetan Ship - Why Are We Here? - Update for the Newcomers - Meet a few Crew Members


Originally in English


Gosia: Hello Yazhi! About three years ago when we started, I already did the video about the reasons for you as a crew to be here, but I know a lot has happened since. A lot of things changed as well, and you understand things in a different light yourself. So please let´s go into it again and let´s use this opportunity as an update of the situation. Why, you Yazhi Swaruu, but also your Taygetan crew friends, are you here around Earth?


Yazhi: (Disclaimer) Before I go any further, I'm speaking (writing English) so I must use English terms and English concepts, so specialized words are human terms and the best translation we can give you, not necessarily meaning we use the same concepts. Your language is all I've got to express any ideas or any information to you.


Situation now:

One large starship classified, using human terms, as a heavy cruiser. Also known as the Flagship of the Taygetan fleet. She is 1734 meters long, hull length and 2023 meters long total. She is not a disk, she is long and slender, bridge and living quarters at the bow and engines aft, dark carbon black in color. May sound to you as a craft with lesser technological advancement than a classic disk but very much on the contrary. She is very much state of the art and above many other disk-shaped spacecrafts. The disk shape in a spacecraft mostly has to do with distributing around the hull the electromagnetic force the engines create in a uniform way. This ship does not need to be a disk as she uses superior technology.


As in Feb-02 2022:

28 Taygetans on board. 2 humans, 3 Swaruunians, total 33 people. Ugly number just by chance.


At first, and in general back home, Taygetans were told that their presence would be necessary around Earth to help enforce the Federation's efforts to liberate the planet from negative control, oppression and exploitation. But as we already explained in many videos, things on Earth are not so simple. It is a very complex situation.


Taygetans have been or visiting Earth for at least 12 500 years, but probably since even further back, and have influenced countless societies and cultures on Earth ever since. For example, the Egyptian, Sumerian, Scythians, Cimmerians, Eskimo and Native American cultures among others. Sometimes alone, and sometimes in cooperation with countless other races not from Earth. Other times only visiting in small numbers.


Very recently, in the year 1919, a larger detachment of Taygetans came to Earth as an expeditionary force to observe and to try to influence the course of human society towards a positive direction. After World War II and being able to see the development of further problems on Earth a second larger wave of Taygetans arrived around Earth, in 1952, also with the desire to guide and foment a more positive future for humankind.


In general, the wish or the mission of Taygetans has always been that of furthering, seeding or guiding spiritual, moral, and ethical development on Earth.


After those two missions, that were more inclined to try to influence governments directly, even working with them to guide and influence them in a positive way, the Taygetans noticed that it was not the right way as the governments basically ignored them or just exploited them to learn or to obtain technological advancements, especially for military purposes.


The first and second expeditions, 1919 and 1952 were led by Rashell of Temmer, trying to work directly with governments. Both failed.


So in the mid 1970's a new approach was sought after. It was supposed to be a slow filtering of information using a civilian contactee to seed information and spiritual concepts on to Earth that would in theory serve as guidelines for a more harmonious and just social structure on Earth. Although some of the objectives were achieved, it was clearly not enough, and it met with failure again due to the distortion of the information the very contactee made, or did, only thinking of how to gain financial benefits and notoriety with his story. However, we do accept that many good things came out as the result of that contact or project.


There was almost no Taygetan presence on Earth other than small expeditionary or reconnaissance craft since around the year 1980 to the year 2008, when an entire Taygetan fleet arrived in Earth's Orbit. The intention of the fleet was planetary liberation. And they were ready to intervene directly, even in a military way if necessary.


The concept was that the situation on Earth was a planetary hostile takeover by a regressive race invading helpless humans. Also, it was said that it was a time of change and of awakening for the human race, where they all were to realize that they were free star-people themselves and they would ascend from the 3D density to the 5th density.


As time went by, and from 2008 to 2016, the Taygetans started a Federation experiment called Project First Contact where they would enter social media using replicated or copied human digital computers, sometimes even some original machines "abducted" from different places, and also used to copy them for the use of other crew members.


This project was supposed to define and establish how ready humans in general were for any kind of direct contact. This as a race or a culture, not assessing individual people. It was cancelled in late 2016 as the team only encountered problems in a large scale, with very few exceptions. People, generalizing, were simply not ready, and even worse, not even interested.


From 2016 to the end of 2017 the Taygetans were in a period of re-evaluating the situation and how to proceed next. It was found that a large fleet was not necessary, only a waste of time and resources. So it was determined that only one ship should stay near Earth, and all the work would be done through it. And only one flag ship remained under the guidance of Alenym of Temmer.


Now, although having contact with some Earth Governments at one or another level, Taygetans returned to the initial strategy of seeding information and spiritual concepts to aid and foment a global scale spiritual awakening, working through civilian people.


Taygetans and I no longer can see the situation on Earth as simply an exploitation problem, of the powerful over the weak. On one level that is so, undeniably, but the inner causes, the root of the problem is far more complex.


We feel that spiritual guidance is the key to a positive growth of any social group, culture or race. So seeding information and concepts is still our common primary role. We are well aware of the principle that states that the higher in spiritual development, ethics and morality a people is, the lesser government they need.


But we also stay here for our own personal reasons. Because we feel we can help with the situation on Earth in general. Whatever small our contribution may be, we are happy with it. We help because it is the right thing to do, the only thing we can do because we feel we are already involved as we have been here for long talking to people we care about. Not only the ones that we talk to directly, but also those who we touch indirectly. We stay here for them fully knowing that not everyone will or even can listen to us. We cannot simply go away and turn blind eye towards the problems happening on Earth. It is simply not right and not concurrent with our principles.


Part of how so-called positive races alter a civilization like the one on Earth that has a lot to learn and develop, especially spiritually, is with the advent of starseeds, that is that be it from higher realms over which Taygetans don't have control, or with the use of complex immersion avatar like technology, people's consciousness’s are inserted into the planet to work from below as a human being a not-human. Some are conscious of the fact, others aren't, some remember, and others do not. This depends mostly on the wishes of the person incarnating on Earth. This is said to be one of the most efficient ways to influence a culture from within also still observing Cosmic or Federation rules and laws like the one of no intervention or the now infamous Prime Directive.


The concept of law called Prime Directive has been exploited in Science Fiction on Earth, but is based on a very real one, operating and governing nearly all stellar races outside Earth and on Earth. I also must state that the concept of starseeds is not exclusive of Earth and goes on extensively throughout the entire Universe as one of its basic principles that forms it all. The immigration of souls is widely spread and natural all over the known universe.


Some starseeds are tagged and are followed closely by the races they represent, others not so and are basically on their own. They may have a precise mission to accomplish while on Earth, and others may only be there on their own for their own reasons. Most of the time the mere existence of a starseed on Earth is enough to alter its environment in a positive way. Not needing to do anything other than follow his or her life as they wish.


Another primary role of the Taygetan ship in Earth's orbit now is to monitor and support in whatever way possible the population of starseeds of the Taygetan people. And if possible, also give support to other starseeds of whatever culture or race. The help is mainly through guidance as the no intervention laws forbid other kinds of direct help.


Gosia: Yazhi, thank you! Are the reasons for which you are here the same ones why other ET races are around too?


Yazhi: Each race will have its own reasons, but most share the same ones.


They are not created equal and there are many disagreements among the races even though they all call themselves to be positive.


Another problem related to this is the fact that the concepts explained on Earth about densities and planes of existence are mostly wrong and we do not agree with many of them having another kind of understanding. This also prompts disagreement with other races who hold their own ideas and cosmology. But the intention is the same one. To help, to guide growth. To lessen suffering.


Gosia: Is one of the reasons to propel the human race into the interstellar existence, together with all of you, stellar families? What about disclosure? Isn´t that something you are here for as well? To become more open with the people as a race? More officially?


Yazhi: At first the First Contact Project was meant to establish how ready people on Earth were for overt Disclosure, where stellar races would come out in the open and all the public would suddenly realize that they are not alone in the Universe.


This was a very naive way of thinking for us all here.


Humans in general are so mind controlled and so programmed into thinking a very precise and controlled way that they simply would dismiss us and wouldn't even see our existence as of any relevance.


What humankind understand as possible, as fiction, as anything real, is carefully imprinted on them since a very early age by the powers at be on Earth for their own control and power retaining reasons.


The mere fact that any stellar race or races would be understood or seen as real would cause a chain reaction that would destabilize their power structure. The simple fact that other people exist outside Earth would mean that the theory of Evolution of Charles Darwin is false. And the realization that stellar races are around Earth now also would render Earth's physics as false as well.


Also, if stellar races exist then so does free energy, as that is what they all use and that logically would also cause a collapse of the power industry on Earth and with it just about all excuses to create scarcity to control the population.


That would mean that the humankind would be free as a direct consequence of a complete Disclosure, so we seriously doubt that any government on Earth would ever acknowledge the existence of any stellar race, advanced or not, much less of the ones already in Earth's Orbit, and even less the ones in contact with some people on Earth.


And they would do everything in their power to maintain the status quo, to keep control as it is or, as we have come to see recently, to destroy all possibility of contact with all races from outside Earth.


What I clearly see today is that in general all is moving in the opposite direction to a Disclosure event of official nature. What the powers at be want is more control, and Disclosure would give them much less control even to a catastrophic level.


Gosia: Ok. You said that one of the reasons for you to be here is to help, to guide us, to lessen the suffering. What do you think would be essential, most essential, for people to understand in this process? What is it that would mostly liberate their minds? 


Yazhi: What they most need is to realize that the governments, all of them, are not there to help them much less to protect them in any way. They only care about themselves and their own interests. People should realize that governments, all of them, are a direct reflection or mirror of how people are. So the only way to transcend Earth's problems is to change the mentality of the entire population, increasing its empathy, and its level of ethics and of spirituality. All to be able to take control over their own lives and full responsibility over their own thoughts and actions.


As long as people on Earth delegate their power and control to other people, their problems will never be solved. They are stuck in a childlike mentality where everything must be solved for them by a father or mother figure, religious leaders, spiritual gurus, prophets, politicians, schoolteachers and so on. They must grow out of that mentality into a mature mental structure.



Originally in Spanish


Gosia: Question from the outside source: What it the most essential information to give people to propel the humanity towards the positive timeline?


Swaruu X (Athena): The most important information is impossible to pin down in a few words. Basically, it is everything that can empower normal awakened people. Above all things, to stop depending on authorities, be they political, spiritual or of any kind.


They must learn to stand on their own two feet in matters of decisions of what is expanded and personal reality. They must take control over their lives completely without delegating and without giving the power to anyone to think for themselves. Any subject of knowledge that develops the human mind into a complex holistic thinking mind with the ability and confidence to master any subject at hand, from advanced mathematics applied to engineering problems, to advanced medicine of non-pharmacological origin.


Any information that will make them non-dependent on the current system and open their minds to realize that there is no objective reality and only the reality that they form for themselves can exist. Thus also fostering the concept that there is no firm truth and no firm lie, but that both are facts, or depend on the point of view and the context in which the situation or concept or idea is looked at and analyzed. Thereby validating the rights of others. By deeply understanding the root of apparent differences between people, differences that would no longer be grounds for disputes or wars, but for mutual enrichment.


The realization that nothing is fixed and reality, the valid, the true, is always changing and evolving with the expansion of personal and particular consciousness that will at the same time form the collective.


Any kind of information that enriches and promotes holistic and integral knowledge, which in short is all the information that can be given freely so that it is there without prejudice of being valid or not, since from different perspectives everything is valid, but not always relevant or convenient for one or another individual or group of individuals.


That's what I think is the most important thing to give. What frees the mind to stop relying on all kinds of authorities and experts and to develop the ability to take the responsibility to think for themselves.



Spiritual Talk with Minerva Swaruu - First Chat - Welcome aboard!


Originally in Spanish




Robert: Hello Minerva! Are you coming to say hello?


Swaruu Minerva (11): I don't know, hihi.


Gosia: Curious about us?


Swaruu Minerva (11): Maybe, yes.


Gosia: Wouldn't it be enough to get the information telepathically about us from Athena or Yazhi?


Swaruu Minerva (11): No, because Yazhi plays tricks with that and I don't know what is real anymore. She fuses the real with the not real, making everything real, for her.


Gosia: She plays jokes? What do you mean? About how we are?


Swaruu Minerva (11): Yazhi plays jokes with what she shares with you mentally. You ask her to describe a house in detail and she sends you the house but with windows in the shape of a cat's head and a huge bow on top. And she laughs. She's able to give that in block. It's hard enough to describe something entirely with telepathy, but Yazhi alters the mental images with a kind of cerebral photoshop. And she does it in such detail that it's confusing. It's something that can only be understood with full telepathy.


Gosia: Sounds like fun, yes. And how does she describe us then? Do tell.


Swaruu Minerva (11): I don't know how to describe that, because they are concepts. But she loves you very much.


Gosia: How does she paint us?


Swaruu Minerva (11): Having loyalty and understanding towards her. Having commitment of achieving something important together. Of importance to continue, and of what is achieved.


Gosia: Aww. How beautiful! Thank you for sharing. And how are you?


Swaruu Minerva (11): Still adjusting to being here, I'm trying to be happy. It's Yazhi who is always leaving, but me too. I mean, we are in thinking mode a lot of the time. Not quite here. Not entirely in the physical, even though we have bodies. It's hard for us to be in the physical, we leave easily.


Robert: So you have one foot here and the other there.


Swaruu Minerva (11): Rather we are on the other side, and we have a little toe in the physical. That is what Yazhi does, she lets the cork go up, goes through the wall, then forces the cork back down to be someone with a physical body again.


We love the Taygetans very much, but sometimes we need to live in our own density. Being with them is fun, they are nice, but they envelop us in their routines and with it in their existential density.


Gosia: I understand. And what do you think about Earth and all that is happening? Yazhi says it is still winnable. Do you think so?


Swaruu Minerva (11): I see everything, people winning and not. In the end it is a win-win, as a tremendously eye-opening experience for the expansion of the human mind, for the release of attachments to self-centered concepts that have caused them to manifest in self-reinforcing circles creating all the chaos. I feel it will cost a lot in lifetimes to stop all this. A lot in lifetimes.


Gosia: Yazhi said recently that she even sees the people taking control in the not so distant future. And 5G antennas could be used for bird's nests. But she also sees us losing. Nothing is fixed yet.


Swaruu Minerva (11): That is one outcome of many. It will be up to the people with minds to determine what the outcome will be. The others that follow the accepted system basically do not exist.


Robert: The reality as of today is that I think 80% of the population is vaccinated.


Swaruu Minerva (11): Then as a minimum 80% of them will die. You can see this happening as a maximum test, Boss level video game. What matters is not even surviving. It's what everyone takes away with them, what they managed to keep from their stay in life. Everyone will die, all of us will die. What matters is what they achieved in life. What they kept. Their souls.


Gosia: But the thing is that many will not keep their souls. The vaccinated ones. Souls will leave, and others will be AI robots.


Robert: Where will their souls go?


Swaruu Minerva (11): They will be assimilated into the Source consciousness soup. Also the fact that they are vaccinated means that they will no longer be able to enter those bodies, because little by little the vaccine will take them out of their bodies. Slow and progressive disconnection. But it is the same as death in the end, and they will all go to wherever it is that they are destined to go being who they truly are.


Gosia: But will they go off Earth to other places or will they come back to Earth? Or wherever their frequency dictates? But their frequency could not be very high to be vaccinated in the first place, in most cases. So they will come back to Earth? But on the other hand it was said that it is a mass exit of souls from Earth.


Robert: Yes. Their frequency couldn´t be too high if they got vaccinated, if they did not re-think things and question what they are told by the media.


Swaruu Minerva (11): Where you will go will always depend on who you are. But remember that you are not going anywhere, you are only living the reflection of who you are. So it is not only impossible to know where they will go, but it is simply not for us to say, because each person will make their own world, because they are not going anywhere, they ARE their world. Their souls do not go anywhere, they simply are, and they live what they are, not what they want.


Gosia: Although what one wants is always linked to what one is.


Swaruu Minerva (11): Yes, as a guide of possibilities to choose. But it does not have the power to determine who you are. I can think of going to throw coconuts at Tina (Athena) who is outside. But I won't do it because I don´t want to hurt her. I thought about it though, but the thought still doesn't determine who I am.


Gosia: Yes, but if it's some kind of a very strong desire, I think it does reflect who you are. In my life, whatever I wanted strongly, I did it... and I think that's what defined me too. Like, for example, I wanted to come to Barcelona, so I did. And it defines me at the same time, it's who I am. Nomadic, changeable. Explorer. But yes, there are types of passing wants too. Those don't define, or not very much.


Swaruu Minerva (11): Yes, these are others. When it is a desire that defines you strongly, if it is really strong, then it will manifest in what you call your life, and by force.


Gosia: Mari (as they call Minerva), speaking of non-linearity of souls... I have this question: Yazhi said that many souls will be very angry and will go after the controllers. But then, all those who will "die"... they could already be here because there is no time! So those who die now and will die in the "future" should already be here fighting from astral levels etc. Is that right?


Swaruu Minerva (11): That's right, many of those souls that were there come back to fight in different ways. Sometimes they are the ETs, sometimes they are other people who call themselves human. You see that also in the phenomenon of mirrors, people who look exactly like you, but they are on Earth. It's you down there, your past life so to speak, what remains as an echo of who you are today. Your reason for coming back.


Gosia: But I mean not only those who were here, I mean those who are still here but will die in the future. They could be here already, at the same time, hahaha! Because from the astral they could be entering "back" in time - now. So their human bodies still being here and them here fighting in other forms at the same time. No?


Swaruu Minerva (11): Exactly, because in itself everything overlaps in the now. And that explains why all the souls that exist are the same person from above. They are just imagining themselves to be one person or another. All simultaneously.


There is no time, that's just a very malleable perception. All souls that exist only exist because of slight attachments to what defines them, but they are ideas or characters within a great mind that has imagined them all. Just imagined beings. We all are that.


Robert: So, good has to win because otherwise it would self-destruct?


Swaruu Minerva (11): There is only good and it is only defined by evil as a concept from the point of view of beings who need it. Above, there is no more need for this duality.


Gosia: We have to want to be in these lower planes for something then... because we are still within good and evil. Why do we still need it? This self-definition of good versus evil? To fight against evil. Why does it define us? What if I no longer want to be defined by something like that?


Swaruu Minerva (11): You are within good and evil, because you have attachments to needing to explain things with those concepts. They are not necessary for everyone.


Gosia: That is what I mean. Why do we still have this need?


Swaruu Minerva (11): Because of attachments to what defines you. What you think defines you as an individual person is threatened by what you feel is going on around you.


Robert: I don't know what those attachments might be.


Gosia: That's what I mean. How do we let go of these attachments of what defines us?


Swaruu Minerva (11): Overcoming the Ego.


Gosia: Robert, attachments to the idea that we are liberators of the worlds against the dark ones, for example. Attachments to the ideas that we fight for justice. Etc.


Okay. But if you overcome the Ego, is there anything left that defines you? Because the Ego is just what defined you. Your self-identity. If you let go of ego, you are already Source itself, or almost.


Swaruu Minerva (11): You will no longer be you. You will be defined by other things. But you will be more expanded.


And how? By letting go, not needing to defend who you are. And that does not bring about your destruction, but defines you even more but with a more expanded set of qualities that allow you to live in a more expanded density-world, which is your self-reflection. You let go of your attachments to what defines who you are, and you expand, and with it what you call your life experience.


Letting go of who you are not only does not destroy you, it expands you. Because you insist on maintaining who you are inside a jar. You break that jar and you stop being who you are. That's scary for many. But because you have broken the jar, you are now free. Like a fish in a clear jar filled with water, which is under water, that breaks and now the fish has more room to swim.


Robert: It is understood, yes. The attachment to this "body", seeking eternal life in this "3D".


Swaruu Minerva (11): Trying to perpetuate your 3D physical body as the millionaires do, only locks them into the same circle of suffering that is being incarnated inside the 3D, being that they lock themselves inside their own prison, their Ego.


Gosia: But Mari this, the Swaruus, and not even Yazhi, can achieve at the moment, or she can but she doesn't want to. Because she's still here and kicking ass.


Swaruu Minerva (11): Yes, Yazhi can, I can, and Tina (Athena Swaruu) can. That's why we are not in the physical so much "time", but we go to other lighter realities. We only keep the concept "Yazhi", and the concept "Mari", and the concept "Tina", to be able to interact with other beings who need to see us as someone.


My face, I chose it, what defines me best, as what I want to be. So do you. But it's just something to be able to place us as someone, being so much more. It's for you, not for us.


And that's why you exist, that's why everyone exists, because you do the same as me, as us, the Swaruus. You are somebody today, so you can be with more variants of "you" who get to say that they are "other people".


Gosia: Fascinating. Yes, but coming back here to interact or do whatever for the Earth is also born out of the same kind of attachment. Attachment to something.


Swaruu Minerva (11): Yes, it is attachment. But you can also have attachments and not. Just turning your attachments on and off at will. When attachments become obsession, that is when they generate a problem of limitation.


Furthermore, it is not only attachment to the concept of who we are, but with a certain level of mastery over this, you can be several very different people at the same time. This is what Yazhi has wanted to explain you many times, why she is everywhere. Why I am everywhere. But being "everywhere" does not imply that we can know everything, although we try furiously to do so.


Gosia: I understand. Although wanting to turn them on, the attachments... this wanting, is also something that defines you, wanting to turn them on. Then it is also some attachment to something, so it seems that we are never totally free of Ego, of self-definition, and attachments and ideas, of wanting something, until we are the Source itself in the pure state (although we are always that). And, in fact, even Source itself wants something. For if it did not want anything, nothing would exist.


Swaruu Minerva (11): Turning the attachments on and off, knowing why. I am the same being that is Yazhi and that is Athena, but I manifest to you with a series of temporary attachments that define Swaruu 11 'Mari'.


Gosia: Yes, knowing why, could be the liberating factor here.


Swaruu Minerva (11): Same for all of you. Attachments are not bad. It would be wrong to say they are. They serve a purpose. As today I am 'Mari', today you are Robert, you are Gosia. But that is not all you are.


Gosia: Yes, but I still don't know why I have the attachment to the idea that I like to fight the controllers. And Yazhi likes it too. Why do we like it? How to get rid of this attachment? Not that this attachment is bad, though. It's just another experience.


Do you mean that because we want to help Earth, in this choice to help in this war, we are not free? Doesn't this sound like passivity of so many ET races then? They are "free" then because they get don't involved? This subject is not easy.


Swaruu Minerva (11): It is not one thing or the other. Like Yazhi, she is a warrior, the most warrior-like of the three Swaruuneans. But at the same time, she knows that it is not necessary from above. It is not passivity, it is acting on several levels simultaneously. Travel the astral of pure love and light, but knowing that you have a body in a lower density, take your Katana with you. And learn to use it well.


This is reflected in 19th century Japanese Zen practices on Earth, where the Katana is a spiritual instrument, which helps you enter into trance, which defines and protects you, it is not a weapon of war only, it is part of you. There is no weapon of war more spiritual and more advanced than a 19th century Japanese Katana.


Gosia: Ok. And yes, I also feel this kind of "schizophrenia", and very strongly. Wanting to fight, but also knowing that it's not necessary. Just that... knowing that it is not necessary, why from "below" I perceive it as necessary? From where this self-definition of warriors, and not carrot gardeners for the community, for example?


Swaruu Minerva (11): You are everything, you are not just one thing. Getting your attention onto planes that need your fight, and at the same time from above seeing that you no longer need it, you dissolve what to fight against, nothing to bounce against, no heads to cut off with your Katana, yet it keeps spinning around you in motion while you are in trance, while you meditate in motion.


Gosia: But not everyone is born to be a warrior. Others cook like Iror. Why is one this way, and another a different way?


Swaruu Minerva (11): Because of attachments to who we are. That is always the answer.


Gosia: But why the attachment to be a warrior and not a gardener? I do not understand. Because of previous experiences? Why I have no attachment to being a gardener?


Robert: Gosia, maybe up there you are a gardener. And here you come to experience something else. The opposite.


Swaruu Minerva (11): Even among the Swaruus, you will see the difference between the three. Athena (Swaruu X) is very down to Earth, and at the same time she flies as high as the others. Yazhi is the warrior, the one who can handle everything from all angles at her convenience, the chameleon, the one who encompasses them all.


And I am the most etheric in the sense that I don't need to fight in that same way, not because I can't, but because I choose to dissolve everything with mind, from my points of view, always from other planes.


And yes, Gosia, from previous experiences. By a series of chains of attachments to concepts that define you and have defined you incarnation after incarnation. What you accept as you today, and what you do not accept as you equally. Even if you are not interested in ships and their mechanics today, it does not mean that you were not interested in them yesterday. You outgrow that, you no longer need it, you let go of that attachment. But it still defines you.


Gosia: Yes, it's true, I'm not as interested in ships and mechanics as I was supposed to be before I got into immersion. So how is that? If it used to define me...


Swaruu Minerva (11): Because you already understood it at another time. Because today that doesn't define who you are or serve you, although it still defines you.


Gosia: Ah, not needing it, I let it go, okay. Interesting.


Robert: I am interested in ships and everything from other planets and species.


Swaruu Minerva (11): Because it defines you. Because you, whether you like it or not, you are still within what defines you with interests according to your gender. All that about ships and everything is more masculine, that's why Gosia moves away from it and you move closer to the subject. Because everyone is working inside a jar that can only include a certain amount of ideas to hold on to. You have to break the jar.


From here, we Swaruus, can treat any topic, without it defining us, or bothering us, or depending on gender or age.



Mini Topics - Extraterrestrial Information - Gathering with Gosia


Originally in Spanish




Why are there so many blood groups here on Earth and is blood transfusion done in Taygeta?


Robert: In Taygeta there are so many too?


Anéeka: In short, because the human being is an enormous mix of different races and souls, which manifest themselves in this kind of variables. Short answer.


In contrast, the Taygeteans are all blood type O is - or + and no, it does not cause genetic problems that when reproducing, but that here. And the Swaruus, all of them, are A+ blood class, another indication that they are NOT the same race as the Taygetean. They are clearly another.


Robert: And it does not cause problems to have all the same blood? Can't children go wrong? It is as if the same relatives had children.


Anéeka: On Earth it can cause problems, not always, in Taygeta it is not a problem to have the same blood type.


I know there are cases, but the causes of each case should be studied in detail, I don't think they are just because they have the same blood type since there are not that many and the fact that they reproduce between people with the same blood type is extremely common and without any problem.


Saying that a problem that the baby presents is due to having the same blood type, for me it is a very simplistic 3D explanation that does not cover all the possible causes, whether or not with its partial 3D genetic explanations that do not cover everything that happens in genes or how they work.


Robert: And another thing. Do you do blood transfusions? Or not, for what that entails metaphysically speaking?


Anéeka: Yes, it is done in extreme cases. Here a machine grows more blood for the injured in a few minutes from stem cells already pre-prepared within the same medical system. This device is exactly the same one that also feeds stem cells to the regeneration Med-Pods, which we have already talked about.


Yes, it compromises in terms of the metaphysical. It is a more compromising step between two people or just as compromising as having sex. They become that other person. In the case of transfusions in one direction affecting the recipient.


Yes, it can cause behavioral changes and soul entanglement, it happens on earth all the time, but it's never talked about. It is that in itself it is more important to save the life of someone than to be thinking about esoteric consequences.


I feel that on Earth you should donate blood when necessary. The affected person is really the one who receives it, being the minor the one who donates it. The problem with this is that yes, links are created from both sides. But on Earth, or wherever, there are always etheric links. I feel that it is not so serious to donate. But if the receive. However, there is a reason for receiving blood and if you are in that position, the etheric links would be an inconsequential problem compared to the medical condition that caused you to need to receive blood in the first place.


-------- Robert


Photon Belt :


Anéeka, and what do you know about this: "According to several researchers, this interstellar cloud was observed for the first time in 1961 around the Pleiades constellation and was called a "photon belt", due to the white halo it projected. One of the Proponents of the "photon belt" was Noel Huntley, Ph.D., who wrote an article in 2010 titled "The Photon Belt Encounter," where he described its existence and great interest to extraterrestrials: "What is this electromagnetic cloud , this golden nebula, which aliens sometimes call the radiant nebula? Its most universal designation is 'photon belt' or 'photon band', which consists of many bands, and any encounter with this belt is recognized by the aliens as being of great importance?


Anéeka: Again, that is information distorted or taken in another way, but I do not invalidate it. It turns out that the Pleiades as a group of stars placed close together have their own energetic dynamics between them, as would any other nearby star cluster. It is the gravitational-energetic dynamics and the balance between all of them. It is what forms or makes the nebula glow with its distinctive blue light.


Photon belts are the toroidal dynamics of the place, of course it is of interest to those of us who live there. But nothing new.


But in that graph they put this sun too close. Again they include it in the Pleiades, but that depends on the definition of Pleiades, from where it goes. Not for us, since it is 440 light years away. The sun is something else, the Pleiades is another, and between the Pleiades and this sun are the Hyades where Aldebaran and Cyndriel are and all that.


Robert: And it's not even bringing up the frequency of all the biology that's there.


Anéeka: That's relative. Again, it has to do with the influence with the energy that emanates from the center of the Galaxy, like any other Galaxy emanates energy.


Robert: But he's talking about Alcyone.


Anéeka: In the graph above they put this sun too close, as part of everything. And of the stars in M45, it is clear that Alcyone is the center of gravity.


Robert: Come on, what do you mean that before SOL-13 there are many, many more solar systems, right?


Anéeka: Thousands.




Steven Greer - "There are no regressive races"


Anéeka: Steven Greer recently said that there are no regressive races. And they called him irresponsible for saying that.


But from the point of view he meant, it is true. It's what we say too. That everything is being generated in the minds of humans, and that the Federation dominates this entire sector, only that it is permissive to what happens on Earth for very complex reasons. So if it is true, speaking from the absolute there are no regressive races per se here, on, or outside the Earth.


Only that it is necessary or necessary to say to Steven Greer that regressive or not, is something related to another person and their interests and goes hand in hand with living in duality, and if a person has race, culture, gender, identity specifies then you live in duality in one way or another. Therefore there will be a conflict of interest at one or another point or moment. What is interesting or important here is how these differences are dealt with. That is important.




Transplantation of a genetically modified pig heart into a human


Robert: "First successful transplant of a genetically modified pig heart into a human". How do you see that of genetically modified animal transplants to be adapted to the human body? What are the mental, physical and metaphysical implications? Or do you see it as crazy? Or as a solution?


Anéeka: I see it as a low-tech desperate app, having Med Pods that are not that hard to do. Furthermore, genetically modifying a pig is far more difficult than making a Medical Pod.


Again, they only see the body as a machine, not that everything is connected to each other. So yes, there will be metaphysical implications, but it is almost impossible or impossible to know which ones. But yes, the pig's life is crossing or intertwining with that person's.


Robert: Would that person have pig memories?


Anéeka: I don't remember, but in the astral they will have to do with each other at the level of souls, if they are clear about them, because that other aspect would be missing.


Robert: But the Med Pods are coupled with great holographic technology that isn't on Earth, but it would be easier to clone separate organs.


Anéeka: Yes, it's holographic technology (high-definition holograms) but Med Pod doesn't need that much high-definition to make it work. Yes, it is true that the ones here are already very advanced. But there are levels upon levels of Med Pods that even rudimentary would work very well.


For example, in the ones here you can alter the DNA configuration of the subject in seconds to change the color of the hair or the eyes. Or something more extreme. But that is not necessary for it to function on Earth as a damage repair agent in the body. But if it is true that it needs to have a certain level of high definition and a certain type of frequency control of the energy output of the hologram in order for it to work on the stem cells of the Pod that will be used to repair the damage.


And then there are the supporting secondary parts of the Pod, like the stem cell replicator, and the life support systems. But it can be done on Earth with what is known and available there, only the Cabal politicians keep it.






Robert: There is a Taygetean Colony in Cyndriel, right?


Anéeka: It is the only Taygetean colony outside the Pleiades. It is a passage base for ships as well. And tourist center.


Robert: Why there?


Anéeka: There is Aldebaran, with many consequences of metaphysical learning there, and the planet is very strange, fun and exotic.


Robert: Is it like Temmer?


Anéeka: No, Cyndriel is a desert planet, it's more like Tatooine. But not even that catalogs it well, because its biology is very strange and so is its terrain. Just to begin with, the mountains are almost all on their sides like fallen books one on top of the other, and they are grullere cheeses, full of wide caverns full of light and strange life.


Aldebaran is an Orange Giant. It is said that he opens your mind to see other densities. That you go there and you are no longer the same. Swarupapriyananda began his transformation into a Swaruuneana there.


Robert: And the biology of those planets is dangerous?


Anéeka: Not for all of us. However, it has a dangerous appearance, and almost everything. Then the place provokes intense fear. More with giant Aldebaran on top dominating the entire sky.


Robert: But there are no animals like the Yeti and all that... carnivorous animals, right?


Anéeka: Yes, there are but small ones, they don't hurt you.


A lot like little lizard there but they are not reptiles, they just look like reptiles. Many plants have thorns, but if you touch them, the thorns are soft and do not go through the skin of your fingers. So the place looks dangerous but it is very difficult to get hurt there, unless you fall off a cliff, for example.


There are plants that float in the air almost all their life. About a couple of meters high only. They have a ferrite core and when they grow they wrap their roots and stem around the soil full of magnetic ferrite. Then they break off and are carried by the wind.


And they accumulate in the valleys near the lakes and rivers where there is moisture and they remain floating due to polarity inversion with the super magnetic ground. They are balls of long green leaves with yellow and orange growing in all directions. Like up to 3 meters in diameter, but usually they are about 80cm in diameter. There is nothing like it. Just an orange Mexican Maguey that grows like a ball would be the best description.


Robert: And the Taygeteans meet there to do activities like hiking, camping and all that?


Anéeka: Yes. That's exactly how it is.


Robert: And inside those caves there are no traces of some ancient civilization?


Anéeka: If there is, from the Amelies. But they are no longer, only as energetic beings. It is an ancient race of Cyndriel. Similar to the Yena of Alcyone.


Robert: But did they leave any "ruins"?


Anéeka: Yes, there are cave ruins similar to those in New Mexico in the USA.


Very similar.


Robert: And that civilization collapsed or transcended?


Anéeka: She didn't collapse. Transcendence.


Robert: But they didn't leave modern constructions?


Anéeka: Your civilization did not go in that direction. From simple life they jumped to spiritual. Without going through the high-tech era like Taygeta.




Photo sent by Mikko. What is in the photo?


Aneeka: Well, in that photo it seems more like the sun is reflecting off that cloud, and the reason it reflects so much may very well be because of the chemicals that are in that cloud, bearing in mind that the Earth's climate is artificially controlled by middle of chemtrails.


Another point is that it is a thermal inversion. In other words, sunlight reflects off a layer of denser cold air below, creating a mirror effect like ghost water on a highway in full sun. This happens even though the reflection is not seen directly below the position of the sun. This phenomenon is well known by pilots and by us since with height it is easier to see.


Now, global temperatures are also being controlled by means of the same climate engineering system. They can be connected with agendas of control over drinking water, or to make believe that there is climate change.


The climate on Earth is almost entirely artificially controlled. This must always be taken into account. It only seems that the climate is natural when it agrees with how it is supposed to be in each place according to the season of the year, but even then there is great control over the climate. But it is not complete yet. That is to say that with the technology available now, they will not be able to make it hot in Finland in February. But if they can guide the weather more towards the equator between the 33rd parallels.


Between the red and blue lines, control over the weather is almost 100% and the degree of control decreases the further north or south you go.


Between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn climate control is 99 to 100%. The reason is that they don't have to deal with extreme weather on Earth that is totally out of their control, as is caused by the natural tilt of the Earth's axis.


Gosia: Europe does not control then, it seems?


Anéeka: Yes, they control Europe but not 100%. However, even if it is further north of the Tropic of Cancer if they have their attention there primarily, then their control is greater there than elsewhere on the Tropic of Cancer, with extra effort using Haarp-type microwaves and chemtrails in large numbers. .


It would only be very difficult or almost impossible for them to completely control the weather already at the poles. Even so if they can control it to a certain degree, as to facilitate their military operations in those places.



Transformation into Crystalline Silicon Based Bodies - True? Minerva Swaruu - Extraterrestrial View


Originally in Spanish


Swaruu Minerva (11): I'm supposed to explain Silicon and Carbon, although it's not a big topic.


Robert: Well, the topics get developed based on the questions. I just heard that the DNA, I imagine of humans, was going to change to Silicon as we ascend. But I didn't understand it clearly because you are Carbon based.


Swaruu Minerva (11): Yes, there was a lot of debate about it here and even a fight. But regardless of what others say, I see it clearly. I just can't type 50 million letters a minute like Yázhi or Anéeka.


I do see a lot of truth in that statement that Carbon turns to Silicon as it ascends. However, it is a matter of points of attention or from where you observe this process or from where you observe or study the base or material that makes up DNA (Carbon).


So what I see is that the base of DNA is seen as Carbon from the point of view of the one who studies it in its own density. So from Earth the base is observed to be Carbon and from here it is still seen as Carbon. But if you were to look at the DNA base here from Earth you would see it more towards Silicon.


So what I understand is that humans, who explain or say that you will go from Carbon to Silicon with ascension, are calculating and theorizing it as hypotheses that they push as truth, seeing only the aspect that Silicon is basically complicated Carbon. And that with Silicon you can incorporate more light or energy, but they say light into the ascended body. That is what they say on Earth.


What I do see as true is that as you ascend in existential densities you expand in complexity. This was already explained by Swaruu of Erra in genetics being the reflection of something more complicated above. Carbon would be like the reflection in a lower density of something more complicated in a higher density, Silicon. The shadow, as explained by Swaruu of Erra.


Carbon and Silicon are in the same part of the Periodic Table of the elements, group 14. Carbon within that group has the number 6 (6 atoms) and Silicon has the atomic number 14 (14 atoms). So Silicon is basically twice as complex as Carbon. So it is easy to take Silicon as very complex Carbon. As it would happen as one expands in density with increasing complexity.


But another difference is that Carbon is a non-metallic material and Silicon is a quasi-metallic material called a metalloid because it has properties of both the metal group and the non-metal group of elements.


Both crystallize at high pressure, but crystalline Silicon is very brittle while crystalline Carbon is very hard and less brittle (a diamond).


I see that those who say that the human body will become Silicon as it ascends still think that there are existential densities as if they were separate things, like different shoeboxes. You are either in one or the other, and it is not so. We have already explained that it is a gradient that depends on the perception and mental capacity and consciousness of the person observing.


Explaining in my way the densities, they only exist in the mind of the one who observes them, and they only have as a limit the mental capacity, knowledge, understanding, and level of consciousness of each person. But you are not in one density and not in another. You only accumulate more perception and understanding as you learn and experience your expansion of consciousness.


Using the example of a tape measure, it could be said as an example that an average person on Earth can only see up to measure 30, but everyone will be able to accumulate the ability to see beyond that, 31, 25, 44, whatever the measure is.


So a person who is in what from Earth is perceived as 5D, includes let's say the point of the tape measure 50, and the ability to understand and perceive everything below that, including the 30 of the average human. So a person who can only see up to 30 will not understand the person who can see 50, but the other way around yes, as explained before.


So speaking of Carbon and Silicon, it is logical that as we ascend we increase the complexity of the base material of DNA. And the known material on Earth that would correspond to one more complicated than Carbon and that still maintains DNA creation or sustaining capabilities is Silicon. That is correct. But that is as far as human understanding goes.


We have also explained that the star races, like us, do not observe elements in a periodic table. It is not that the elements are wrong, nor that more are missing, nor that they do not exist. Yes, they exist, only that this is only one way of classifying what humanity understands matter to be, with their mentality. And their mentality depends on their level of consciousness which, using the example above, is only 30 on the hypothetical scale.


From here yes, we see those elements and use them with their understandable names assigned to the same, Carbon, Gold, Hydrogen and the others. But within each of those so-called elements we see that there is a virtually infinite variety of variants of each of those elements as they are described on Earth.


As an example, if we look at Hydrogen, which is the simplest human element, and compare it to the next simplest one, Helium, we don't see a direct jump, but rather there is a range of variants of Hydrogen becoming progressively more towards Helium, being that there is a smooth transition with a huge number of flavors of Hydrogen becoming other flavors of Helium towards Hydrogen.


Helitized Hydrogen, and then Hydrogenated Helium, through "pure" Helium... and then Helium sliding into Lithium, (the next one with atomic number 3), as Lithitized Helium until it becomes Helitized Lithium. Then it is "pure" Lithium which then becomes many variants of Beryllium, atomic number 4 as in Berylized Lithium into Lithiated Beryllium... into "pure" Beryllium and so on.


I mean that we observe an enormous amount, perhaps infinite, of possible variants based not on the number of atoms per molecule, as it is classified on Earth, but on the exact energetic frequency of each atom composing a molecule of an element.


So we do not observe elements as in a table with boxes one apart from the other, as they also do with the densities on Earth. Only materials when they are obvious and of common or daily use, because already in use of understanding matter, we only see energy frequencies.


That is why we do not catalog elements as they do there. Everything here is energy frequencies and their dynamic interaction between those frequencies and the final result of those interactions in the form of something "material".


We do not catalog matter as elements, because we do not see matter, we only see energy and with this approach we understand and manipulate what you call matter much more efficiently. To the extent of artificially manifesting any matter of any kind or "molecular" composition at will.


So, although the change from Carbon to Silicon as seen from Earth has some truth to it, it is again somewhat simplistic in its explanation. Being that the base Carbon that you know will be sliding, with ascension, towards becoming something that is more congruent with Silicon than with Carbon. But it will not be the Silicon that you know there. It will be another proto-Silicon not understood on Earth that is more compatible with supporting DNA and thus what is known as organic life.


As for the DNA, what we can observe, and from the Toleka Medical Laboratory, here where I am, is a change in the DNA towards becoming more crystalline when we studied three samples from three different races: the Human, the Taygetan, and the Swaruunean. Being that the human has 23 chromosomes on two strands. The Taygetan has 24 chromosomes in 12 strands, and the Swaruunean has 24 chromosomes in 24 strands.


The balance between strands and chromosomes indicates an evolving movement toward crystalline, which is a uniform and mathematically ordered molecular structure that lets in more light, becomes transparent.


Humans: 23 chromosomes 2 strands opaque because without numerical matrix balanced by the number 23 which is not even and collides with the two strands forming a more chaotic structure.


Taygetans: 24 chromosomes 12 strands opaque but becoming clearer as it is already mathematically congruent.


Swaruuneans: 24 chromosomes 24 strands 24/24 strands forming more chromosomes by their aggregate complexity 12 times more complex than the human strands, forming 48 chromosomes in a single crystalline mass.


Studying this with human bases and criteria, using the periodic table of the elements, we find that Swaruunean DNA is crystalline congruent more with Silicon than with Carbon.


I did not want to give this topic because it pushes a notion of clear genetic superiority of the Swaruunean race over the others. And it is not a question of superiorities. I do not wish to dis-empower anyone. But our DNA is already crystalline.


Being crystalline, this explains why energy flows differently in Swaruuneans, as if it were superconducting DNA or cells. Which in physics explains why Swaruuneans have the ability to alter their own physical state. What a non-Swaruunean observer will perceive as teleportation, temporal fragmentation at will, dematerialization and re-materialization, how to pass through walls, and super speed by temporal fragmentation. Among other things.


Robert: Great, thank you very much. It's understood. The thing is that at first I was confused because there are those regressive beings from the movie Alien that are Silicon based.


Swaruu Minerva (11): Yes, it's a variant of Silicon that is not understood yet. Because even using the human criteria for classifying elements, humans still don't know all the elements that can be there. Depending on what criteria, the periodic table could be infinite. It's just one more example of how the human mentality wants to reduce everything to manageable bits and pieces by their intellect, all catalogued as if they were file cabinets.


Robert: Yes. I understand. So this being would be a variant of "Silicon"?


Swaruu Minerva (11): Yes, and we enter here another problem. Just because a being is of "Silicon" does not necessarily mean that it is of pure love. Because although there is the transition from Carbon to Silicon with an ascension, and with it greater mind and consciousness, there is also another way of formation of beings that use Silicon as a base, without having much consciousness. This is important.


And as I explained above, there are many variants of Silicon. And those beings, and those that are like him, could only have as a base a non-crystalline chaotic Silicon. Because what that being is interested in is not light and higher consciousness, but using other properties of Silicon, such as its metallic capabilities. What interests this being and his "evolution", for lack of a better word, is the resistance of materials. Not the ability to be crystalline.


Robert: Thank you, that is well understood. So now, on Earth, do you know of any being with that Silicon DNA?


Swaruu Minerva (11): There must be, at least in part. Maybe some deep sea beings, or mollusks. I really don't know. But I do want to make it clear that although the DNA does turn more towards the crystalline, towards Silicon, there are other reasons for that, being that there are many kinds of Silicon. And that Lurker is not very advanced in consciousness although it uses as a base "a" Silicon, but not the same one as that of beings of more light, who have another mentality.


Robert: And also, it´s just that when we talked about Silicon a while back, it reminded us a little of transhumanism, but as you say there are many kinds of Silicon.


Swaruu Minerva (11): Yes, again it depends on the point of view and the mentality of the person who observes the problem and studies it.


Because with transhumanism in mind, yes, you can interpret it that human DNA is becoming more Silicon or will become Silicon as a direct indication of the amalgamation of human biology with computerized biology, with transhumanism agenda that connects even with Covid vaccines.


Dhor Kristil y D´Jedi - What do those Titles Mean - Swaruu of Erra (Taygeta - Pleiades)


Originally in English


Swaruu (9): "DK" or Dhor Kristil is another title assigned to people who help or work towards the liberation of worlds through enlightenment. It can be translated as "One who gives Christ energy". Christ consciousness, as some say.


Dhor Kristil, with a K, DK, is a title given to people who have a distinctive type of energy. Of healing, or guidance, or renewing and seeding positive thought, concepts, and energy into a place or a planet. It's a very old concept, preceding the creation of the UFoP itself as is the Jedy or D'Jedi that are also the same, but with the difference that they do so alone.


Alone as in no one like them to help at their level, and alone as in no one else around. It's called Christ energy or Christ energy holders. But contrary to what many think there isn´t just one "Christ" as it's a state of mind, not a title for one person.


So, in fact, there are several "DKs" in existence from that point of view, although there is always a search for an "ultimate" DK who can never come. In fact, every person is that as DK energy is an inescapable part of all creatures, real people, as fragments of the whole, of the one, of oneness. You don't even know you have become this until some high official comes and pins that on you.


Gosia: Is this an Earth term?


Swaruu (9): DK is not an Earth term and neither is D'Jedi. DK on Earth is known as Christ, or Christ energy. D'Jedi is also a very interesting topic as it means a lonely enlightened being with psychic powers mentally altering the field. Working mostly alone, no master, only the mission to do what is right. Often battling dark forces. If not always.


DK is a universal old term, of which its origin has been lost in time. The modern human explanations about the term, the Kristil/Christ part of DK, for example, is more of a modern attempt to make the term fit into what is known. Not the original term. Same for D'Jedi and for P'taal. Old titles and names. So old it's lost in time.


Gosia: And you feel Christ energy term is the appropriate term for this? Because Christ term would be human.


Swaruu (9): I have no other word, but I do not like it as it's religiously loaded as you can imagine. It looks like it's directly related to Jesus Christ when it's not!


Gosia: Yes. However, I think Christ Energy and Christ Consciousness is used here in a different way, so I think it´s ok.


Swaruu (9): I still think it's related and it goes back to Jesus Christ again, therefore feeding the Matrix.


Gosia: Yes, ok. I have some questions. You said it is a different type of energy that this person emanates. Where does this energy come from? Who is this person really then? (And yes, I understand there are many, not just one).


Swaruu (9): When you are enlightened, you realize what you are. You know deep inside yourself that you are consciousness and a fractal of the Universe and of Oneness with all its attributes and capabilities. From your personal point of view you know that you are the creator. At the same time you know all the (apparent) other people are also you so no narcissism exists, as all you want is your own welfare and you know the only way to achieve that is to help others... that are only you again.


This gives you a unique perspective from the point of view of others. So they tend to stick near you for your company and for information. In essence, it's for you to give them spirituality - answers. That is, tools and coping mechanisms.


As you hold so many answers, and you are not invasive or narcissistic, you do give off a peculiar energy signature (so called DK energy or Christ Consciousness) because of many factors like the ones stated above, or others like simply having no fear.


Also, as you know what you are and enlightened, you have mental control over things others do not or cannot. Altering reality, physical reality, with thought alone. This is the part attributed to the D'Jedi as they are capable of handling the so called "Force" that is nothing else but a mastery over mirroring principles of this Universe also known as Law of Attraction. You can control matter with mind alone. You can alter time with thought alone as well.


Gosia: That goes for D´Jedis too, yes?


Swaruu (9): D'Jedis and DKs.


Gosia: What´s the difference between them? D´Jedis work alone and DKs not?


Swaruu (9): DK is a state of mind. D'Jedi is an applied DK doing something with being DK, not only sitting under a tree feeling "enlightened". D'Jedi is a warrior. Like a Samurai. No boss, no one to respond to, knowing that you are DK... you need no one else. Samurai warrior with no master... hence a Ronin. Ergo: D'Jedi Ronin


Gosia: Ok. Are both from beyond 5D, or that has nothing to do with that, and anyone, even a 3D human, can become one?


Swaruu (9): Anyone can become that as consciousness can transcend and always transcends all densities.


Gosia: How do you become a DK or a D´Jedi really, practically? Does it have to do with the so-called Kundalini awakening? Is it just going through some kind of enlightenment, and you begin to embody that energy?


Swaruu (9): We must first define Kundalini awakening as I've seen many variants of what it is.


Gosia: Yes, please. People talk about it a lot. Some kind of spiritual awakening. Oftentimes accompanied with the awakening of certain psychic connections.


Swaruu (9): Ok, Kundalini. It's part of awakening and they say it's a snake energy that climbs up the spinal cord, from the base chakra to the crown chakra. Giving you a re-birth with new psychic powers, and knowledge. That's what I've seen so far on Earth. I do not find any real energy surge like that, not from here. Something peculiar to humans perhaps? I believe it's more of the New Age spiritual amalgamation with Eastern Zen and Buddhist doctrines. I don't even adhere to the chakra ideology or ideas really. Not like that. I tend to be all inclusive.


And how do you become it? You just follow your path and when you realize it, you are that. Usually it's someone else who will say that you are one. Most of the time you do not even notice what you are.


Gosia: What does their presence and energy do while on Earth practically? How do they differ from other starseeds?


Swaruu (9): They are like a guiding beacon. Order in a world of chaos, a hope to cling on to. The biggest difference is the connection to Source. To so called Akashic Records (Akashic Records - another can of worms to discuss). Mental powers also may set them apart. Many fear them. The change they may bring on to a world or a planet is huge. Profound changes will follow the presence of one.


Gosia: You said there were many of them, right? Is it known how many on Earth?


Swaruu (9): We know one special DK is on Earth now, but for political and inter species reasons we cannot reveal that information. We know that for many there is a special person who is "a" DK now on Earth. But in general, I do not hold a number. Any way it would be changing day to day!


Gosia: How does it relate to the Second Coming of Christ and all that?


Swaruu (9): As a man, as said Christ returning to Earth... it´s a myth! Unless you refer to the mass awakening on Earth as the return itself.


Gosia: Yes, some people frame it that way.


Swaruu (9): I once heard that quote: "Christ would return in mass the second time. Not as one man, but as a mass of countless individuals holding that Energy."


Gosia: Does this energy have a specific source? Or is it purely a mental state?


Swaruu (9): Yes. It's Source. Return of the knowing of what we all are. Not only DKs. Everyone is that! That energy doesn´t come from one density... from all at once. It's Oneness itself manifesting from everywhere at once as everything is Source.


It cannot come from one place and not from another or the nature of the energy itself would not be what it is. It must come from an all-inclusive Oneness. Or else it would be non-inclusive, therefore selective, therefore not enlightened. Would also bring the concept of that energy and - not that energy. Ergo: Duality again. Ergo on Ergo: Not from higher realms and then not enlightened at all.


Gosia: I see, yes.


Swaruu (9): As I said yesterday, I accept to be "a" DK, but not the DK as I do not acknowledge the existence of only one. I insist we all are that. Every conscious soul is that. Not exclusive of a few people let alone of only one person.


Gosia: Even Crockett my dog is a DK?


Swaruu (9): Yes! And his fleas as well if he has any!



Karistus - Enigmatic Race from Jupiter - Information from Yazhi Swaruu and Aneeka of Temmer


Originally in English


Yazhi: Karistus are mostly 6D people. As I have said before, whatever is in a higher density will have its mirrors and equivalents in all lower densities. They appear with wings because they like to be seen as angels, the concept of angel on Earth partially comes from them.


I know they are very peculiar in their beliefs. According to Karistus mythology, all Lyrian people, now all over the Galaxy, are Karistus hybrids. That means you and I as well. They refer to this from a soul level, not just biology. And from their point of view I think it can be, or is perfectly valid. So they interpret what is going on on Earth in a different way as how we see the problem.


For them it is simpler. It is simply duality playing out there, and it is two groups of souls competing for Earth at all levels. All levels of existence. I underline it because they see that statement as very important. For them it is a simple a fight between Vlash people and hybrids, and Karistus people and hybrids. The Vlash, for them, holds all negative races, Reptilian, Gray or whatever, and the Karistus are the positive side. They call hybrids, what we call starseeds, no less, and the same.


The Vlash invaded Earth, a Karistus world according to them as this is their solar system, as they are quite arguably the most advanced race and culture of this entire solar system. So to them, Earth belongs to them. They argue that it is their property. The whole solar system was their turf, until invaders came along.


Gosia: Why so much struggle for Earth? Aren´t there enough planets out there?


Yazhi: It's not about Earth itself. It's about who lives in it (and ultimately because Earth's consciousness is indeed the result of all those consciousnesses in it).


Gosia: What about Reptilians and all that being a human manifestation?


Yazhi: Humans would be Karistus as well, then Reptilians and everything negative is a Karistus manifestation. For them all Lyrian species are variants of Karistus or Karistus hybrids.


About everything being the manifestation of a consciousness, and being that there is no negativity, only what a soul makes for itself, manifests according to its thoughts.


Gosia: But wait a second... apart from Lyrian races, there are thousands of others, non-Lyrians: Andromedans, Sirians, etc. Where did they come from to this solar system and why don´t they have the right to call themselves the owners?


Yazhi: The Karistus feel they are the rightful owners because they have been for eons of time and it's right on their doorstep. All the other races are just... whatever, trespassing?


Gosia: Do all those other races agree with this view? What does the Federation say? I mean the Federation was constructed to fight those invaders. So they were here too for eons.


Yazhi: It was only after all the fights and the Tiamat wars and then even more recently when countless souls from countless races entered Earth as starseeds, hybrids to Karistus. Although I feel it has always been like that!


I don't know what the Federation says about Karistus owning Earth. I doubt they validate that. Because as the Federation goes, or thinks, a place belongs to whoever lives in it! But owning Earth is a Karistus concept, not a Federation concept.


Gosia: So where do the Karistus stand regarding Federation´s plans to "step up the game level for humans" and all? In what way do they intend to help?


Yazhi: They don't like it. And they openly say so. And that's why they agree with us and back us up.


Gosia: Do you agree with their statement of ownership of the Earth?


Yazhi: No, we do not. But they are positive creatures. So Earth would be in much better hands if they would be the ones taking care of it. But ownership, like that, does not go with us.


I'm not sure of what they want to do, or doing, about the problem. But they are backing us up, they are on our side, and on your side. They watch your videos and they respect you a lot, so I've been told.


Gosia: Hihi, ok. Thank you, that´s nice to hear. How many in numbers are they?


Yazhi: Together with the Alfratans (Centauri), they are the most numerous non-human species working here in favor of Earth.


Karistus are not Federation.



Originally in Spanish


Anéeka: Karistus claim the Earth because it used to be theirs, before the arrival of the Lyrians, I am talking about 200 000 years ago. Another point is that Karistus see the Lyrians as them, that is to say that the Karistus, according to their history, legends, and beliefs, are the origin of the Lyrian race, therefore they see invasive what the Federation does being so permissive with what happens on Earth. That is why the Karistus do not agree with the Federation.


That is, for the Karistus, all races of human appearance in space are variants of them or are Karistus themselves. That means that Humans are Karistus, Taygetans are Karistus, Swaruunians are Karistus, Engans are Karistus, Antareans are Karistus, and Ummites are Karistus.


They have very protective ideas, they claim Earth but not from an invasive angle but to return Earth to the way it was with them.


They dress like Andromedans, very much in long ornamented tunics. It´s just that they have very long necks. Almond eyes, light - almost white, but I think they also have dark eyes. Very slow and paused movements.


They cooperate when they want, but are perceived as someone outside, as "superior" to the Federation. They are from 6D but live in all Ds below six. In themselves they are the most advanced civilization and race in this solar system. They see themselves as great mentors.


We disagree on some points, but we don't see the case for antagonizing them when it's not like they want Earth for themselves invasively. It is not their style. Rather, they say that if the Earth had remained under their control, none of what is happening now would have happened. And I know they have many starseeds on Earth.



More recent conversation


Originally in English


Anéeka: We do have the Karistus quite close to us lately, cordially. They are on our side and not on the Federation's side of this mess. Taygeta and Karistus have cooperated throughout the years.


And thanks to Karistus we know that all those meetings in, on, near Jupiter, people on Earth are talking about are false! The Karistus declared to our queen, Alenym, that those alleged Federation meetings are a lie and that they would know about that, and that the Federation would never conduct such kind of meetings on Karistus soil. They also said that they know that certain Exo-Politics groups are false and under direct CIA control.


Gosia: Why could it not be done on their soil?


Anéeka: Because Karistus and Federation have ruptured cooperation. They still talk but the Karistus does not want anything to do with Federation law or Federation interaction due to bad handling of Earth problems, and because the Federation has been permissive towards races that are against Karistus interests, namely the Vlash and Maitre that we call Kingu reptilians and Tall Greys.


Karistus have been helping since before Taygeta, perhaps. This problem with the Federation and with the regressive races on Earth, including hybrids, has been going on for thousands of years. Safe to say Karistus is one of the most active races fighting in favour of humankind.


Gosia: In what fashion are they active?


Anéeka: Mostly direct confrontation. Like what Taygeta does not do a lot of any longer. I mean, Karistus does get close dirty and personal, in a shoot-out, or a knife, or sword fight against regressive agents or hybrids. But since Alenym came to power, and guided by Swaruuneans, Taygeta has stopped fighting in that manner, or only with some localised skirmishes, not as in direct combat.


Gosia: They do that in their human forms... or you mean starseeds?


Anéeka: Both, direct step downs and starseeds and hybrids. Karistus is a very noble and well-intended race fighting for humankind. They suffer great loss of Karistus life engaging in this war, because it is a war and people should start to realize it is a war, or they will lessen their chances of survival.


The problem is that they have been also under the boot, and the law of the Federation that lays claim to Earth as under Federation Space and control. So Karistus have been fighting legally, in kind with Taygeta and Alcyone Council (and Council of Lyra and Avyon (Urmahs) for that matter as well).


Gosia: Thank you. I have a bit different question. If they exist on higher than 5D level... I imagine they can´t come in through immersion? Or can they? They have immersion pods in their density?


Anéeka: This concept is broken or was broken by Yazhi. We were saying that Karistus are 6th density beings. Well, according to Yazhi, no. They are at any level like any other race and only depending on the spiritual and consciousness level of their inhabitants, but without placing them, or any other race, at any numerical density, as that's New Age. So Karistus are Karistus at whatever level they may be, and each one may be at!


Gosia: Ok I understand that but for example then... if you travel to Jupiter, will you see their crystal buildings? Because Swaruu said she needed a special ship frequency adjustment to see them.


Anéeka: Yes, but you need a special frequency to go there any way, and to Taygeta, and to Alfrata, and to Cyndriel and to Pitoya. Also they do have some kind of energy field protecting and hiding them, but that's not so high tech.


Gosia: So what do you see when you look at Jupiter when you are close?


Anéeka: That's the problem, I've never been there. Toleka Class Heavy Cruisers like the ones I'm always on, exit hyper space between Mars and Earth, so I never get a chance to look at Jupiter close up.


Gosia: Do Karistus regard as their own only Lyrian races? So not Andromedans etc?


Anéeka: No, not Andromedan as those are another branch entirely. Karistus see and understand the genesis of the Lyrian race in a different way the Federation does as in coming from the great expansion and all that. For Karistus the genesis is more of a spiritual manifestation, and in that case they could be more right than the official Federation "Great Expansion" story.


Gosia: So all the other starseeds on Earth who are Sirian, Grey starseeds etc... would not be theirs?


Anéeka: They see those as variants or hybrids of their own, but only if coming from what we call a Lyrian race. So Sirians perhaps not as they are more in kin with Andromedans and Arcturian races (as in aquatic and semi- amphibian).


Gosia: Swaruu said Karistus are bioplasmatic energetic beings.


Anéeka: Yes, that's true, but many races do that when not incarnated, even humans, not just Karistus. And also, look at Yázhi! She can be viewed that way too. She claims she can manifest herself as a weasel! Karistus, the ones I know, have bodies like the rest of us. I mean, I've talked to them and they look... well... Lyrian!


Gosia: Maybe we are referring to different "levels" of Karistus.


Anéeka: Well yes, exactly, but then that applies to any race, levels of existence, and of consciousness. I am describing them my way, so it may differ from how Swaruu 9 described them, but in the end, we are talking about the same beings.






Anéeka: All that noise of exopolitics that the "experts" bring is false and is a narrative imposed by the CIA-Cabal.


Robert: It's just, Anéeka, we're already far away from all of them. At the level of exopolitics of any information we are very far from all of them. I even allow myself to say that I can speak of advanced exopolitics at the "god" level. Not stupid wars on Ceres.


I think they don't believe that we are the creators of our reality.


Anéeka: No, because they only see the deterministic, and within a particular point of view yes, existence is deterministic, from another it is not, and it becomes less deterministic the higher your consciousness.


Robert: Yes. They are unaware of all off-Earth "energetic" dynamics and this is by design. Although I am very clear that we are the creators of reality.


Anéeka: Yes, and being that doesn't mean that we don't perceive things in a deterministic way many times. You don't fight one thing with the other.


Robert: Yes.


"A large fleet of spacecraft belonging to highly evolved aliens has recently entered our solar system according to 'Such a Person', who has over 35 years of contact experiences. He states that these positive aliens along with higher dimensional beings are here to overseeing a fundamental change in the way our solar system and planet work. Discuss the collapse of the Deep State and regressive aliens in this interview."


Anéeka: None of that is reflected here. It is not that simple and that is a clear reflection of human thought. Conveniently put today with everything that happens on the planet. No "positives" are going to come because they have been "already here" for eons, they have never left. Whether they are "the positives" or not, is just points of view according to what interests they have.


The Earth, even in its state of suffering, is like a school, like a test for souls. From above they don't see what happens there as real.


Nor are there high densities that reason in a way to have concepts like revolutionizing the way the solar system works. Those are concepts that would be either human, or what they themselves would call low densities like 5D which has nothing to do with the idyllic 5D consciousness imposed by so many New Agers.


Robert: A few days ago something came to my mind. Before having contact with you, I was in BCN in the real estate agency with Gosia, and in one of my meditations I thought about what my life in Finland could be like. And now I see that I had the ability to change my point of attention.


The problem that there is now is "this one that we see today". But I have the contact too. We are the creators. And as we say, you are the one who will determine by your level of consciousness how your "Movie-Life" will end. Each one from their reality. But many go to disaster.


Aneeka: Yes. Because they fall into the spiral of perception and mental control, creating all that a few are interested in creating.


But having fallen into that is also by their own hand, by decisions that it is more comfortable for them to go with the system because they want to continue with their interests, therefore they follow the rules at a destructive level.


Robert: I think that now we will have time to calm down so that people do not relate this to what is going to happen in 2 years that will be a consequence of today. Yes. Voluntarily. If I wear the banderillas I can travel and enter restaurants and entertainment venues. They become compatible with this situation.


Anéeka: And that's why they say they "have" to follow the narrative.


Robert: Yes, correct and they don't come out of there. Religion, Politics, Economy, and the most media.


Aneeka: There is something that defines the bulk of humanity and that is that they have no thought of their own, but rather a hive mind. That's the problem. Many even believe that they have a single thought and it is not so. They still follow pre-established parameters and put there by the controllers, for example the official narrative about history in general or science and the scientific method.


Robert: Correct. "They have no thought of their own, but a hive mind." "Many even believe that they have a single thought and it is not so."


Anéeka: Yes, very seriously. That is why truly awakened people cannot make their fellow human beings see the falsity of the plandemic, because they are talking not with a person but with the Matrix itself. They can't see it because they think it's Uncle Jorge, or the mother, or the daughter, Doctorcita Matrix.


Robert: Right, "because they are talking not to a person but to the Matrix itself." They are talking to the Matrix. They are the Matrix. YES. "For example the official narrative about history in general or science and scientific method." That is what these "authorities" that dictate what is real and unreal are based on to impose the collective unconscious


Aneeka: It is that as we have said before. Everything is false, everything they say and explain and I mean EVERYTHING. So, to know the truth, the only thing left is to have a lot of willpower and mental strength, and study everything there is as information, and thereby form an idea or cosmology of one's own reality with the best data available at any given time and with the important quality or nature that must always be changing as new data is incorporated. Not only contrasting data in the investigations but processing them with a view to forming a changing and unique logic. That's from a strong mind.


Robert: Yes. It is what we always say, "the nature of which must always be changing as new data is incorporated." Do not stay with what is socially accepted when new information arrives. Because in the end that is what will define you.


Anéeka: But if you need a lot of IQ, a lot of mental resources.


Many people would say that they don't have the time for work or taking care of the family, but that is only a little limiting but not entirely, it is only an excuse not to do it, since with enough mental resources you can be thinking and processing data while working on something else.


Robert: Stay with what really interests you. If you "don't have the time for work or family," it's just excuses and more excuses. Yes.


Anéeka: But another point about humanity is that they are trained not to think, because to think is to face themselves, their person, their shadows, everything that characterizes them, the good and the bad.


As Michael Tsarion says: "The human being will do everything possible not to think, not to be in front of themselves."


And this can be seen in the need for humans to constantly be with their noses buried in the mobile playing basic silly games (better a console, right?) or even putting on cheap parasitized pop music and with agendas blaring even further of the device's capacity, all in order to obscure their own thoughts. "It is not going to be that they begin to think".


Robert: Yes. For not facing his fears that he will spit as a reflection of the one he will have in front of him. Exactly, "overshadow their own thoughts".


Anéeka: Even the fact that on Earth someone who appears to be doing nothing, in a state of contemplation, is asked, "What are you doing?", and his answer is "thinking", that thinking is taken as something negative because in mind of the human Matrix community to be thinking is equivalent to plotting something "bad". They already associate it.


That is why many ask if one is the creator of reality. Why are my wishes not fulfilled? Well, because from where you generate that reality is from the unconscious, from all those things that you repress and don't dare to face, like your deepest desires.


Robert: Yes. I always say that I am thinking. And everyone wonders why I always answer the same. It is that if I am thinking of everything, not something fixed but everything. That's why I'm not bored.


Anéeka: Sure.


Robert: "If one is the creator of reality, why don't my wishes come true?" Yes. Many ask themselves that question. And they don't come out of there. They are in the collective unconscious.


Anéeka: Yes, exactly.


Robert: Where not even his thoughts are his own.


Anéeka: Exactly.


Robert: They think what they want you to think.


Anéeka: They're not yours.


Robert: And to think is to create right?


Anéeka: Yes.


Robert: Yes. They just want you to believe for them not for you that you are the Source.


Anéeka: It's like a "plan", a planning (of making plans,) and a planning about what you want to form and create.


Robert: Yes. That's why you will always be generating Lush while you don't wake up.


Anéeka: Sure.


Robert: And they don't come out of there. Until something makes them re-impact. Like your info that stimulates the brain to see another vision of reality. Not the same as always, that's why we have been criticized so much. Because they don't want people to wake up. Those who criticized us are regressive. But because?


Anéeka: Yes, many are, but I think others simply believe that they are doing the right thing with or according to their level of consciousness.


Robert: Yes, of course. Your info changes us and we share it and everyone is grateful. And they also say that this changed their lives.





Graphene Does not Degrade - it Assimilates - Aneeka of Temmer


Originally in Spanish


Anéeka: We saw something about graphene. And it's a delicate subject.


We found that there is an apparent degradation of active graphene in the body. But we don't know to what degree. According to other researchers that we saw, looking for reference to what we saw here in the computer model, at three months the graphene degrades, which is why they are pushing for more doses.


The problem is that if people see this, they will say that getting vaccinated is not that bad, and the problem here is following (and this is information from our lab in Toleka, not from human sources):


It's not that there is a degradation of graphene, as the terrestrial data indicates, where they even share a body mechanism by which it is removed (wrong by the way, according to our data). It is not a degradation of the injected graphene, but the material or the amount of graphene injected has been assimilated or has found its place among the tissues of the human body. So they need more doses to provoke the total change of the DNA in a more accelerated way and not with the normal process of cell duplication.


So graphene is not degrading, it has only bound to the tissues and they need to give more to the people so that there is a saturation of the material in the cells.


Then young people will have a better chance of being able to assimilate the genetic change and become remotely controlled, soulless biological robots. While older and weaker people or those with genetic or physical problems will be destined for extermination.


With this, the type of biology or the type or human genetic variant that can assimilate the trans-humanist change is filtered. Filtering them from the rest of the human-Lyrian population.


In other words, the vaccines are intended to find those who have certain genetic traits that are useful to the controllers. And those are the ones who have affinity with the Reptilian races and Maitre, among other variants, and with other names like Vlash for example, turning people into their hybrids and under their control.


It is a filtering system to exterminate and remove from Earth the starseeds of the so-called positive races. And leave only the "human" components that are genetically attuned to them.


To say that the body eliminates graphene is irresponsible. I do not doubt that it will eliminate it to some extent, the body tries to do that from the beginning, and yes, a portion will be eliminated, but not all, and what is left is what has already been adapted and has entered the cells. And the surplus that would be detected as being eliminated by the body, is the one that has already done its job. Vaccination is NOT an option.



Jupiter - Solar System - Information from Swaruu of Erra (Taygeta - Pleiades)


Originally in Spanish:


Swaruu (9): Jupiter, another long story. Notice how invasive the Cabal is. How it takes and dominates everything using Saturn as Satan, as an emblem of negativity. Why not take Jupiter, the king of the planets? Impressive as he is alone. Why? Because it is not theirs. Because they think in duality always, although they give attributes to things, attributes that things in themselves may not have. An example of this is Saturn. Nothing to do with Satan or anything, it is just another planet.


But they don't touch Jupiter, because in their minds, thinking in duality, Jupiter is the antithesis of Saturn. White squares and black squares. Jupiter is the white squares, Saturn the black ones. One charged with negativity and the other with positivity.


Jupiter is the abode of a race which on Earth is known as Karistus. This is a very "heavy" subject that even we do not fully understand. The name Karistus is used in Templar, high-ranking Masonic circles, and among other secret organizations, but mostly English, Portuguese, Italian, and German Templars.


Karistus is linked to the concept of DK, Dhor Kristil. Karistus comes from Christic/Christ/Krist. Positive energy (with Illuminati Templar Masonic point of view).


In those circles it is said that the being Jesus Christ, or DK for the Illuminati Templar Masons, comes from the race Karistus, inhabiting Jupiter and its moons.


Karistus are beings of the sixth dimension of high frequency, and above. Karistus (terrestrial name given to these beings who have no name, only concept of themselves. They have no names of themselves or race) inhabit Jupiter and its moons.


Very often they look like angels, flying, and are so taken on Earth. Along with Taygeta, both races are conceptualized as angels.


Robert: And what do they come to do on Earth?


Swaruu (9): The best source of information about Karistus is the DS AHK channel. Like any other race, Earth has several thousand starseeds of that race, but yes, they come to Earth in original form too. They come because they are guides, because they see what is happening on Earth, they also want to help.


Gosia: How in original form if they are starseeds?


Swaruu (9): Many times they have been seen as light beings captured on video, angels captured on video flying or landing somewhere. They are as starseeds and in their original form in a bioplasmic state.


The concept of "angel" like Taygetans refers more to biblical archangels With names and all. Gabriel / Miguel / Raguel / Zadkiel etc. They come down and talk to humans or have talked to humans face to face.


Karistus is more like you see something strange, you see a being or an angel of light, because they do seem to have wings, and then something good happened or a disaster was averted. So the concept of "angel" we share with that race, but as you see in a different way.


Robert: What other races are there on Jupiter?


Swaruu (9): As I said yesterday, there are also water vapor races or so it seems. They don't have names as such either, just concepts.


Jupiter has no surface like other planets. It just goes from a gaseous state progressively to denser and denser as you go down in the atmosphere. It gets to the point where the pressure is so much that it is denser than magma rock or steel, but all progressively.


But there are strata between the gaseous state and the solid state in which strange beings exist as animals. Like fish in water, they spend their whole life from birth to death "flying".


Some animals are like jellyfish with the top part being a natural balloon that gives them buoyancy in that atmosphere, and they catch other small beings with their dangling tentacles below. Some can be huge. There are parasites that live inside these beings, and also other species that live among their tentacles, eating the leftovers of what was eaten.


There are other flying species like birds or half bird and half tetradactyl that also have to spend one hundred percent of their lives flying incessantly. These species go out to hunt at higher levels of the atmosphere, where it is less dense, and come down to denser strata to rest since the effort of flying is not as great. They are carnivorous and often prey on jellyfish. They have a spur at the back, climb on top of a balloon jellyfish and dive in reverse, piercing the balloon at high speed and killing the animal.


Jupiter, as I have said, has no surface and is a gradient from less dense to progressively denser, but having said that it does have currents within the density strata, as ocean currents also have thermal and salinity barriers beneath the sea, on Earth or any marine planet. These barriers or strata are used as buoyancy beds by countless species. These currents or barriers can be clearly seen on Jupiter by looking at its colored strata.


Robert: And what is that red spot on Jupiter, and what are the hexagons that appear in the north and south? Is it toroidal in shape?


Swaruu (9): Yes, it is toroidal, and yes, it is a big storm. Just because they tell the truth once in a thousand doesn't mean that NASA can be trusted. It is a hurricane.


Gosia: Have you been in Jupiter to experience it?


Swaruu (9): Passing by countless times, watching. Never entering Jupiter. There have been Taygeta ships documenting everything there too. Me just watching it as I pass by. I do not wish to disturb the inhabitants.


Gosia: And back to the Karistus. So how exactly do the Illuminati know about them?


Robert: I mean, on Jupiter it is impossible to establish bases for the Cabal because of the nature of the planet? We will talk about the moons of Jupiter later.


Swaruu (9): Going back to Karistus, Jupiter looks full of aerial life from 5D with traces of what happens in 6D and above. In 6D Karistus has an entire civilization there, with tall crystal building shaped all pointed upwards. Vast constructions. I'm just talking about the planet itself. From another point of view Jupiter is a portal of positive beings coming from higher densities.


Gosia: But how do they, the Illuminati, know about them why do they worship them? If they are bad and the Karistus are good, generally speaking.


Swaruu (9): They know because Karistus shows up on Earth from time to time, always solving something or averting calamities. For example, the Black Death was stopped after the appearance of several of these beings, as said on Earth in Jesuit (Illuminati) documents.


So they have been given positive attributes of goodness, of beings of light. They are the opposite of the concept of Vlash or Mothman who bring misfortunes wherever they appear. Duality here is very noticeable. But the Cabal will never tell you about this, about the "Anti-Mothman".


Gosia: These constructions of theirs in sixth density you cannot see, can you? You cannot access 6D physically.


Robert: Swaruu, can you see those beautiful crystal cities?


Swaruu (9): Not directly. To see them you have to modify the frequency of the ship with the engines (technological solution). It is easy to do, and it has been done.


Yes, I have seen the vast Karistus cities from the air. They are technological too and recognize a Taygeta ship and know we mean no harm. We are their sister explorers, more so as we share the concept of angels.


If I tell you how to access the 6D with a ship, I would be giving you warp technology.


Gosia: I only ask because it has been said that the lower density does not contain the higher density and that is why you cannot see it, but I understand this. Okay, thank you.


Swaruu (9): Sure Gosia, but you go up in density with your ship technologically. That is part of the warp. In itself, it is that too, as I said before it is portal for beings and energy of higher densities.


Robert: Was Jupiter once a star?


Swaruu (9): Jupiter was never a star, probably never will be. Although it has more attributes of a star than a planet. It is something else though, another category.


Jupiter is a very, very high frequency planet. It radiates much more energy than it receives from the sun. Its moons receive that energy in the form of radiation that is translated by them into heat. Jupiter emits that energy like a sun. It reaches them.


Suns do not emit heat, that is false. Stars are not thermonuclear bombs as they say, they are energy portals. It is energy in various forms, including measurable radiation from 3D (but far from being just that) that is translated by the planet into heat.


Let's go to the Mojave Desert for the moment. It is almost summer. Temperatures are soaring in the high 40s Celsius and above. But on any given day at midday with the surface at 42° the higher you climb in altitude, say in an airplane, the cooler and cooler the outside temperature will become. Even in full sun at 10,000 feet altitude (3km) the temperature is already well below zero, below freezing.


Solar flares are energetic pulses. The heat comes from the translation of energy received by the sun, not from the sun. The sun cannot radiate heat to the Earth because from a 3D point of view space is a vacuum and the laws of thermodynamics do not allow for heat transfer. No matter how hot a sun is, no heat energy will ever reach the Earth.


Ok, the sun burns higher up, like over the Alps. You go skiing and the sun burns your skin. But it burns you not because of heat because you are freezing. It burns you because of radiation.


Robert: That is, the famous solar flare would never reach the Earth.


Gosia: And what does it radiate?


Swaruu (9): A long list of energy kinds, from what is accepted in 3D as ultraviolet, to white light and infrared, radio waves, to X-rays and then to high energy gamma rays. It also transmits other frequencies and energy that humans are unaware of, energies of other densities, because the Sun is in all densities, logically.


Those energies, from the Tachyonic, Muonic, and many others, that are only known on Earth as "cosmic rays" or "solar wind". It emits energies of frequencies that come from other places, from high densities translated to lower ones. The Sun as a repeater of energies coming from the center of the Galaxy, which activates the DNA.


It can reach because it radiates very strong electromagnetic energy. Yes, it can affect telecommunications etc, but as the flare that "cooks" life on the planet leaving everyone roasted, that is fear, fear, fear. Just garbage, that will never happen.


Gosia: But let's see, how do they activate the DNA?


Swaruu (9): That is another topic, but yes. It's not that they activate it as in they weren´t before. They are just transmitted frequencies and, by the principle of the dominant frequency, everything that is under the influence of a higher one will change frequency to match the higher one. The consequence of that is that everything that was on a lower frequency (and therefore on a lower existential plane) will irremediably have to raise its frequency as well. Principle of dominant frequencies


Gosia: Is it good to expose yourself to the sun?


Swaruu (9): Sure! There is nothing wrong with the sun. You just have to accept that you have certain body limits or tolerances when it comes to radiation exposure.




Another day


Robert: Ok. We can move on to Jupiter's satellites.


Swaruu (9): These are the main moons of Jupiter. They get 99% of their heat from Jupiter or their own geo-thermal means. The Sun takes a back seat to them. They are all in the life-forming stage. This means that they are places that the positive races watch and respect with utmost care because of the Prime Directive. If places or planets like Mercury or Pluto, (and Sun 10, Sun 12 and Sun 13 as well), are planets going downward in decay back to potential energy, these four moons of Jupiter are going upward. They are in formation with life beginning in them, and with that life also the moon's consciousness.


All from the holographic point of view. The forming consciousnesses of the planet function as neurons of a larger whole, (and so on upwards). The inhabitants, plants, and animals add up the energetic field of consciousness soup to form a whole, the moon or the planet.


Also human beings are the sum of cells and microorganisms living inside them. The cells of the body are the population, the body is a community not a unit. So it is the same way with the most basic things to the most complex. It is composed of smaller pieces of consciousness, all interconnected in an energetic field of consciousness. This field is misunderstood, and it is something quite tangible, it is gravity. Gravity is the flow from a point of observation of a consciousness to the observed point, or of concentration.


Robert: So, there is no advanced life on those moons? The consciousnesses of the moons, as living beings, are forming? Are there settlements of other races?


Swaruu (9): Yes, those moons are forming, they are babies. They must be taken care of, they must be given what they need for their development, mostly respect and patience.


There are no settlements, and the negative races are driven away by the guardians of the area, the Karistus. This the Cabal knows and has filtered into Stanley Kubrick's 1968 film “2001 A Space Odyssey.” And even more clearly in 2010 Space Odyssey. Part 2 with Roy Schneider.


Look at the final message, "All these worlds are yours to explore, except Europa, don't try to land there."


Robert: Why Europa?


Swaruu (9): For the reason I am telling you. Because it is in formation, it has life beginning to develop. Nobody has the right to interfere. Just that in those movies something has failed them, it is not only Europa, Ganymede and Callisto too.


However, Europa is special or stands out among them. It has an ocean inside, under the ice. It is the one in the most advanced development of life state of the four. It contains a Sirian base civilization of Triton type beings in primitive pre-industrial stage.


It comes from the same name from which Europe was named. It is not Europa in honor of the continent. Europa was the daughter of Tyre, who was one of Zeus' mistresses in Greek mythology.


Robert: Ok, it is good to know all this information because many contactees claim to have visited these moons and seen cities and civilizations.


Gosia: But who has named the satellite Europa?


Swaruu (9): It would be necessary to investigate who. For us, it is not called that, Europa. It is Sun 13-5-2.


Robert: Why sun if it is a moon?


Swaruu (9): Sun 13 = Source solar system. Sun 13-5 = Source solar system plus planet number, 5 = Jupiter. Sun 13-5-2 = Second moon. Although it is not according to the distance to Jupiter, it doesn't correspond, but that's what it is called.


Robert: But another question Swaruu, are they moons without any settlement of any intelligent race? It´s just that some alleged contactees claim to be taken to those moons to meet the civilizations living on them.


Swaruu (9): Sorry to be a party pooper, answer: NO, there is no one there with civilization, only some Sirian based tritons, but in a primitive state. These moons are new and in formation. In a few thousand years they will have their civilizations, but not yet. There is no one there, not even bases. Only the Karistus who look after them positively, as well as grey gardeners, for that is their job. Perhaps they confused it with the advanced Karistus civilization on Jupiter. As you have been told it has no surface, there could be no civilization on Jupiter, and they mistakenly pass it on to their moons.


Jupiter does have large buildings and spectacular cities, but not in 5D, they are above 5D, lower 6D specifically. I know what frequency or density because that is what the spacecraft computer tells me when matching the frequency as a necessary procedure to even see these cities. A 3D or 5D zone would only see a gaseous ball full of 5D animals as described yesterday.


Robert: I just have one question to this. Is the Earth also now in 6D? I mean you see the cities of Jupiter 6D in the same timeline, right?


Swaruu (9): All places, including Earth, have their points or their lines or their corresponding aspects in all densities.


About timelines, yes they are always different as they change with densities, as expected. It is difficult to define where one ends and the other begins, because a timeline is basically one that represents a consciousness, but that consciousness is present in multiple densities as well. And aspects of the same consciousness may or may not be perceiving those other densities, although it affects it directly.


To this problem is added another one: that we would have to define when a consciousness begins as a unit, because everything is composed of smaller consciousnesses that form a greater one, and that, in the case of a human being, for example, would be each cell of the body, since the human body is a population, not a unit. These individual cellular consciousnesses form the greater, the anthropomorphic person. Which in turn forms a community, which forms a planet, which forms... and so on and so forth. As you can see, the variables to consider are many.






Robert: With everything we know about human creations like tulpas and the various levels of play, "Draconian Empire, Orion Alliance" would be another level of play. This would only be in our little heads? I want to know if that exists for the United Federation of Planets. Or are they effectively the fears of the "lower zones of the Federation passed to Earth and on Earth distorted by humans?"


Yázhi:  Yes, they exist on the outside. The problem is that the concept or the idea of ​​how they are, are specific to the Earth and do not reflect the external reality. Being that the Earth itself (as the human collective unconscious) will reflect and interpret these concepts of negative alliances, meaning of evil,


So the idea is totally distorted and humanized and does not correspond to what really happens. It is here where the human collective unconscious will reflect or shape its own fears in the concepts of extraterrestrial regressive races. And since the human race as a collective is totally separate from the extraterrestrial collective, it will generate egregores specific to the human race. (Except for unconscious filtration by seeds and the like).


The concept of egregor or tulpa does not mean that it is a fantasy. It is part of the total mechanism of manifestation and formation of a collective reality (I have individual but I speak of the collective here).


So what countless New Age ufologists reflect, of those who think they know about Federations and Exopolitics, will only reflect what they have accepted as a community among their acquaintances. This is why your Galactic Federations of Light are so dual, good and evil, dark fleet and light fleet.


They are unable to see that such dual concepts, all white or all black, is just a reflection of their own brain structure divided into two hemispheres. And other races can't see it that way since they don't have split brains.


It is worth explaining here that the so-called unified non-human brain, that of many non-human races based on Lyra, does contain laterality in the structure to keep systems functioning within the body. However, the cortical part, also called gray matter, is not divided by a physical ditch as is the case with the human brain. Rather, it communicates with total efficiency between both hemispheres, since it is this "thinking" part of the brain that is not divided.


This goes beyond simple "CPU" efficiency but reflects another understanding of reality, plasma for the being having the experience in a body equipped in this way something completely different from the human experience. Things are clearer, without so much need for constant comparison. This then generates another existential reality by having another understanding that conflicts with that of the human.


This is not to mention control agendas on information by the Cabal through its 3-letter agencies that impose a trend with the information that the UFO "investigators" will then follow.


For all this above, we can understand why what some scholars explain with their Exopolitics differs so much from what we say. Realities don't fit together.


Yazi, one question. Is the veil of oblivion related to our state of mind? Or is that just agreements? Or both things? For example, Anéeka has a veil of oblivion. Just remember to be Tay, Tay, Tay.


Yazhi: The veil of oblivion obeys something very simple. It's not some machine that erases memories, or anything like that. It's the same mechanism that erases dreams when you wake up. What is in more energetic, lighter planes of existence is not compatible in frequency with the heavier material world, so it does not link those mental frequencies. It is that the memory is not in the brain, it is in the etheric field. So if those frequencies are very subtle, the brain does not decode them. To remember a past life or last night's dream you have to hold onto it somehow long enough for that subtle thing to imprint a reaction in the brain that can bring it into the physical world as a memory.


The brain translates what is in the field and brings it into the physical world. It does not produce the memories. He only embodies them in the physical world. That also happens due to pre-natal agreements like with Anéeka.


Robert: Nobody erases your memory. It is logical that those memories are "taken" from the ether of other "densities". Etheric field yes.


Yázhi: No, nobody, that's New Age. Fears, archons with pitchforks, it is not. It is only a process of frequencies, compatible and not compatible, with the so-called physical world. That's it.


Robert: "The veil of oblivion obeys something very simple. It is not a machine that erases memories, or anything like that. It is the same mechanism that erases dreams when you wake up. What is in more energetic planes of existence, lighter, is not compatible in frequency with the heaviest material world." I love the definition.




From another conversation:


Robert: Is the veil of oblivion selective? Can you remember two incarnations ago but not the last one for some reason? Can you forget intermediate incarnations for some reason?


Aneeka: Yes, it seems to be selective with some form of intentional control from the entertainment side. We understand that the veil of oblivion occurs due to the incompatibility of frequencies between the low on the material side and the high on the side of inter-life, but that is the scientific explanation.


Robert: Oh. I imagine that time is not linear, is that why? Could it be because of that too?


Anéeka: That's right, it's not linear.


Robert: They don't necessarily have to follow a "line" continuity. Okay. So with what you've told me now and again about the brain and the pineal gland.


Anéeka: From the side of the interview, things are only handled by frequency compatibility, not by times or spaces or dates or linearity.


Robert: This, the pineal gland, has nothing to do with the veil of oblivion?


Anéeka: Just as an entry point, although we have said that it is the whole body and the whole brain.


Robert: Not for physical things on Earth like the pineal gland. Yes. The whole body but yesterday you talked about the crown chakra, do you remember? Yes, we are a unit. Why is the body separated into energy points? Or energy nodes.


Anéeka: It is that it does not separate, there are only hot spots, but the body is a whole, I use chakras as I use that of 3D as references only.


Robert: Ask. Why is the human brain divided into two hemispheres? Is it to experience our experience in duality? I understand that those of the unified brain also experience it. But is it for some reason "metaphysical"? Thank you.


Anéeka: It is the result of the thought of beings with a serious predisposition to think in duality. First is the thought, then the physical manifestation. His predisposition incarnation after incarnation to think in dual terms is embodied generically as a split dualistic brain. But it is still a decision from the astral to incarnate like this, but it is the result of the attachments to the ideas that it holds and still has in the astral.


Robert: Every time we separate more from reality.


Aneeka: Exactly.


Robert: That's why that video of Yazhi went very well. Duality... Dark Fleet... Light Fleet. Yes.


Anéeka: They can't think like many ETs, simply because they don't have the hardware. However they could develop it if they want it.


Robert: Exactly. Besides, what are some bio-suits doing talking to the Federation? That is not your experience. I am a member of the Federation and to speak with them I do not have to do it through a bio-suit. What nonsense is that?


Anéeka: Being split-brained is not a real handicap. It is their mentality, their ideas. And those are what causes that dual brain. Because the physical DNA that dictates the formation of that split brain was manifested as a mirror of your ideas and attachments to those ideas.




From another conversation:


Gosia: If for example I was imported to Venus as a slave, would my Taygetean DNA go back there?


Yázhi: Yes to you, most likely yes. The only problem, so I say probable, is that the mind is so strong that it can maintain human DNA even when awake. However, the latter would hardly be maintained by your brain if you go to Taygeta since that is your natural environment and it would be overwhelming for your human perception since Taygeta is also contained in your DNA right now.


However, if you go to Venus today, since its environment is tropical like Earth's Southeast Asia, you would feel the same as if you got on a plane like you are today, and you go down to visit Thailand. You are not going to change to a Taygetean, you stay with Gosia appearance.


Notice how useless the Van Allen Bands are.




Another conversation:


Robert: If humans are not compatible with Taygeteans, how can it be that the "Russians" have Taygetian genetics?


Anéeka: Very simple. It is degraded by the 3D. Explained by Swaruu. You walk in with 24 chromosomes and you lose one. From 12 strands it is compressed to two. Only for the simplification that being in lower density confers. Remember that low densities are simple, high densities are complex in everything. To many it will sound strange, not scientific. The reason is metaphysical. But all this happens because the conscience wants it that way.


Yazhi: Because when a Taygetean is in 3D for a long time he becomes compatible. It can be seen as DNA degradation. It is not degradation, it is adaptation to density.


I know that there are no densities but if there are collective unconscious, which are what define a density, they are ideas. Still, ideas... affect what you perceive as physical. What Anéeka says, too.


Robert: Does he become compatible even though he has a brain mass or does his brain split like humans too? I mean, would the Taygetean transform internally?


Your organs?


Yázhi: It does not split if it is “step down”. But his children yes, if he has them with a human-a.


Robert: To be compatible or can it be compatible even with those different organs?


Yazhi: The organs are not transformed or changed, they only degrade or age.


Robert: So one thing would be the DNA and the other the "biological" body, although everything is linked. Your DNA degrades and you are compatible even if you are different inside but those "children" would come out as humans.


Yazhi: It could be.


Robert: For example, if Raguel was on Earth lost without technology, would her DNA degrade? And he could have a family once the DNA degraded.


Yázhi: It would take 7 years but yes.


Robert: But the child would be human. Yes, 7 years minimum.


Yazhi: It's just possible that you can. Because the ET mentality is very strong and holds the DNA. That factor is missing. To degrade the DNA you need to become the Matrix as well. The mind is very strong and keeps you as what you decide to be.




Another conversation:


Gosia: One question, Athena Swaruu, in a chat with Robert, you said:


"The frequency of the Van Allen Bands are what determine the existential frequency on Earth and not the frequency of the Ionosphere." But it has also been said that Van Allen bands don't matter, that it is human consciousness that determines their existential collective frequency. But then the Van Allen Bands do play a role in determining the existential frequency of the population? Do these Van Allen bands really determine things here, or do they have the big role? As Yazhi says, it doesn't matter Van Allen, only the state of mind.


But if memories and other things are activated just or shortly after crossing these bands, then it indicates that they DO have a role in the frequency and functioning of the individual, right? As you said in the first sentence: “The frequency of the Van Allen Bands is what determines the existential frequency on Earth. As "existential" frequency, call the cycles per unit of time of the molecular oscillations that make up the matter on Earth.”


Swaru X (Athena): They are the existence or base frequency of the so-called terrestrial 3D. They generate the psychic slime that gives the illusion of separation from everything else. But that frequency is very low, it's like it only reaches frequency level 50 as an example. And the average human consciousness is 35 and the awake ones are at 45, but still below 50.


However, if they worked harder, they would go up to say 55, and the Van Allen Bands no longer matter there. (The scale I just made as an example).


Then the people who have not yet reached a certain level of consciousness are invaded by the artificial 3D mud, but the people who exceed the maximum point or frequency of said bands escape. They no longer see things the way they used to and they will never be able to go back to how they thought before, how they decoded reality.


So even though the Van Allen Gangs are bothering us, people have the ability to transcend them. So they don't really matter.


And people if they just agreed to perceive things collectively in a more positive way, they would make the average of human collective thought rise beyond the "50 point" escaping said reality.


It's not like humans are at 35 points and awakes are at 45 points when the Van Allen bands are at 500, like unreachable. This artificial 3D mud is very superficial, only those who do not understand that the only thing they have to do to see reality as it is is get their heads out of the muddy water get confused and lost. The Van Allen Gangs are there and at the same time they don't matter, they are not the reason humanity doesn't wake up. It's not an excuse.


Gosia: But they seem pretty unattainable even if none of us here remember anything, nor do we have more advanced features activated.


Swaruu X (Athena): It is not measured in remembering or remembering data, as fixed memories, it is measured by remembering who you are inside of you, knowing more than that.


You don't have active memories because they haven't been translated into your physical body, but are what you call astral. It happens as with dreams. You don't remember them because they are experiences from other realities, and they need to be actively processed by the physical brain so that they are memories already in the physical.


The brain is the translator. If you don't process them, they are lost, but only from when you are conscious in the physical. That's what the body is for. Without the body you leave, you are astral, you need to somehow contain a set of ideas that form memories in the physical-brain that in turn will determine the ego and the Self of a person.


If I go down there, or anyone else from outside the Earth, we don't forget anything here. Because the experiences are already contained in the physical body - brain. It is as if the dream were a streaming video. Astral signal entering the physical body, but if you leave the necessary frequency you lose the signal because you have not "downloaded" the video.


I wouldn't forget life here because it's already on my mental "hard drive." It's just a matter of frequencies, that's all.


The Van Allen Bands determine the average of the Earth in terms of frequency and at the same time it does not matter for the awakening of people.


So if the frequency of the Van Allen Bands is 50, and being on Earth and from Earth you have lived your entire life at level 35, you will not remember anything new, only dreams, dream world. And if you wake up spiritually you would be say 65 out of 50, 15 above, still you don't remember because you haven't physically translated what is not from that 3D frequency to your mental "hard drive". So whether you remember or not does not determine your level of consciousness.






Anéeka of Temmer.- You know what? I cannot answer questions about enzymes and cancers in detail if I do not have study subjects and laboratory samples from the subjects. I only have computer models, simulations, which, although detailed, are not the “terrain”, like a map it is not the terrain.


Robert.- I can imagine Anéeka.


Anéeka of Temmer.- What I see is that they ask if it has the same etiology, graphene. So they want me to provide solutions at the cellular chemical level of the patients to help them, and there I have no information to share. What I must say as an explanation is that the vaccine with all its components will make it more evident with all its components or will attack the weak points of each person where they already had a previous problem, the symptoms will manifest there. Then each person will react differently, they will have different symptoms to the vaccine, and since they are different they will not relate it to the vaccine as the cause, but everything comes from there.


Robert.- Each person will react differently.


Anéeka of Temmer.- Again, and with all good intentions, they want to help each patient individually, it is understandable, but they keep trying to solve the symptoms, not solving the cause, and the cause is the vaccine. If you don't want that result, then don't put it in, period. But with all my technology there is not much I can do from here.


Robert.- But they should know that once vaccinated there is no going back, of course! Do not do it, period.


Anéeka of Temmer.- It is what we have shouted for more than a year.


Robert.- Yes, you don't do miracles, besides the vaccine is VOLUNTARY.


Anéeka of Temmer.- Once set, it is a constant progression of accumulation of evils until the final outcome: DEATH, and we cannot reverse it even from here. The vaccine is designed to cause a progressive collapse of the human body, the fact that some die immediately is testament to how toxic it is, but the intention by design of the vaccine is a progressive accumulation of diseases throughout the body over time leading to death. Time and type of evil that will depend on each subject, progressively manifesting in their personal weak points, so if a person has chronic kidney problems, it will manifest there first, and those with heart problems, there, and those with immunological or diabetic problems those problems will increase.


Robert.- Yes, and the more doses you take, the faster all that will go. Anéeka of Temmer.-That's right, exactly.


Robert.- The solution is not to get vaccinated. There are no silver bullets.


Anéeka of Temmer.- We also saw something, you will understand why it is delicate. We found that there is an apparent degradation of active graphene in the body, but we do not know to what degree. According to other researchers that we saw looking for reference for what we saw here in the computerized model, graphene degrades after three months, which is why they push to put in more doses.

The problem is that if people know this they will say that getting vaccinated is not that bad, the problem is this too, and this is information from our Toleka laboratory, not from human sources: It is not that there is a degradation of graphene, as indicated by the terrestrial data that even share a body mechanism with which it is eliminated, wrong by the way, according to our data. It is not a degradation of the injected graphene, but rather that the material or the amount of the injected graphene has been assimilated or has found its place in the tissues of the human body, so they need more doses to cause the total change of the DNA in a more accelerated way and not with the normal process of cell duplication.

So the graphene is not degrading, it has only been attached to the tissues and they need to put more into people so that there is a saturation of the material in the cells. Then young people will have a greater chance of being able to assimilate the genetic change and become soulless, remotely controlled biological robots, while the elderly and weak, or those with genetic or physical problems will be destined for extermination. With this, the type of biology or the type or human genetic variant that can assimilate the transhumanist change is filtered, filtering them from the rest of the Lyrian human population.

In other words, the vaccines are destined to find those who have certain genetic characteristics that are useful to the controllers. And those are the ones that have an affinity with the reptilian races and Maitré among other variants and with other names like Vlash, for example, making people their hybrids and under their control. It is a filtering system to exterminate and remove the seeds of the so-called positive races from the Earth and leave only the human components that are genetically related to themselves, do I explain myself?


Robert.- Yes, there will be regressive seeds that will be compatible with those vaccines. This is an invasion.


Anéeka of Temmer.- Graphene is not being degraded, it is being used as designed and more material is needed. So, already said like this, with this information already more complete, I think that it could be said to the public. The tricky part is that they do not end up thinking that because it degrades it is safe if they put it in more than three months ago, because it is not like that. A single dose can be lethal and will depend on who is inside.


Robert.- And clearly say that there is no remedy once inoculated. Yes, who's in these bio suits. Well, graphene doesn't break down, it adapts and finds a place in the body and needs more and more doses.


Anéeka of Temmer.- Yes.


Robert.- Let them see that this is bad. DO NOT GET VACCINATED ANY MORE. No one is going to be responsible for the side effects since it is VOLUNTARY and that they are going to continue vaccinating them because their bodies need more graphene so that they can mutate faster.


Anéeka of Temmer.- Saying that the body eliminates it is irresponsible. I do not doubt that it eliminates it to some extent, the body from the beginning tries to do that, and it will eliminate a portion, but not all, and the rest is that which has already adapted and entered the cells, and the surplus that they would detect since the body is eliminating it, is that which has already fulfilled its mission.


Robert.- And one question: do you know what graphene index the body supports before suddenly collapsing?


Anéeka of Temmer.- It depends on each organism. There is no index, for some the simple contact with a vaccinated person, with whatever the little that is passed by the rubbing of the cheeks in a greeting kiss can be fatal, for others they need more doses, many injections and all that, It depends on the biology of each person.


Robert.- Yes, it will come out like the Morgellons*, through the eyes and on any side or part of the body.


Anéeka of Temmer.- In part they are, yes, the body trying to eliminate graphene. Once vaccinated there is no solution. It is that they fight against specific symptoms that appear in each vaccinee, when the problem is complete and total, it is not my fault, but the truth is that they are far gone. (*) Morgellons disease or syndrome Also known as: skin creeping disease A controversial and poorly understood skin condition characterized by the presence of small fibers embedded or emerging from the skin. Treatments can help control the disease there is no known cure Infrequently requires lab tests or scans May last for years or a lifetime


* * *



20220106-Taygeta- MiniTopics- with- Gosia- Extraterrestrial Information



Originally in English




Gosia: Do you find Earth toys different, more/less creative than Taygetan toys?


Yazhi: Totally different. In Taygeta you mostly have to make your own. Why would anybody bother mass produce a toy if they are not getting any profit form it?!


Gosia: Not for profit. For people to enjoy. The same reason they would do anything for the community. Maybe someone enjoys making toys. Like making clothes. And another just want to go and get one?


Yazhi: Then you ask someone who is to do it for you as a favor, and you do something else for that person in any case.


Gosia: So there are people who specialize in that? Toy making?


Yazhi: Maybe, but it's unusual, never heard of one.


Gosia: Wow. And are people creative enough to make good ones themselves? Do they make the designs out of their heads or based on some catalogues or something?


Yazhi: The computers do most of the work for them anyway, then they just tweak and print. Hardly artistic, like making your toys with your hands.


Gosia: But where do they get the idea from? It´s one thing to have a computer, but you need an idea.


Yazhi: From real life, from another kid. From researching whatever is in the computers (like web). Not really a catalog, more like whatever is being shown off by the makers. On Earth, there is a lot of motivation to create to compete with others, for a profit, for survival. In Taygeta, people make things, like toys, just because.




Originally in Spanish


Magnetic problem with the Earth and electric cars


Anéeka: Some are saying that there is a magnetic problem with the Earth, with the core, because it could change poles and that is why animals are behaving out of control and dying as has been reported. It is not that, my sensors confirm deep magnetic stability, the magnetic disturbance is superficial.


And it is artificial, my sensors indicate a strong chaotic electromagnetic soup all over the surface from so many microwaves. That is what is confusing the animals and not the Earth itself, that is artificial.


Again by saying it's the Earth with that pole shift stuff, it just diverts attention from the Cabal flooding everything with magnetic waves, and HAARP-like technology. That's why they put graphene in everything, to increase the reactivity of all biology, especially human biology, to their electromagnetic grid. And that is conclusive from what my sensors tell me.


Another point about 5G. People and conspiranoids are focused on 5G as if it is the problem. That's again more distractors. And I state it completely, 5G is just a useful range of frequencies. Yes, it's true that useful range is especially harmful. But what happens is that there is a very wide range of electromagnetic ranges all harmful to one extent or another that envelop the Earth like a horrendous soup that strongly interferes with biology of all kinds. So it's the whole system not just 5G.


Robert: But in addition to that it´s to lower the frequency? I imagine it lowers your frequency because it makes you sick.


Anéeka: It's for a lot of things. For example, those frequencies look like brain frequencies. That means that they interfere with the functioning of the nervous system. And they cause a dense fog that prevents telepathy and all the knowledge that comes in with subtle energies. Leaving only those of ultra-high frequency.


The fact that it is not the Earth's core is a certainty. If there is one thing this ship has, it is magnetometers. My data is solid. It is the electromagnetic soup of human creation that causes the problems with animals, humans and the rest of biology.


Robert: And do you know where those "radiations" are coming from? Do you have the focal points?


Anéeka: From radars, from telecommunication systems, towers, satellites, military systems, weather control and manipulation systems, from radio stations, from TV stations, from the CB radios of truck drivers, from the walkie talkie of the little boy Pete, from the baby monitor of Gonzalo, from every cell phone in the pockets of millions, Wi-Fi systems, laptops, computers, TV screens, CRT, microwave ovens...


Shall I go on? There are other technologies that do not cause any of that.


Regarding carbon. To reduce carbon. With that they want to remove gasoline cars leaving only electric cars, which is just another agenda. Only very few will have them, the rest of the population will not have their own vehicles. They will be unaffordable. And the few that will have them will also be controlled because the electric cars in the first place do not have autonomy and take time to recharge, because the batteries are junk, and cause too much weight in the vehicle. Electric motorcycles are even worse, even more junk, because a motorcycle is small, then its batteries are also small, so they have no autonomy.


You are impressed by what they can do on track but for 5 minutes, then they don't run anymore. And they celebrate motorcycles and electric bicycles that do work for short trips to the store to buy, that's what they are good for.


However, it is almost a toy, it does not give you independence of movement. You can't go far, so the population is confined to farms, cities, since they can't move from city to city without going through government controls, using public transportation. So electric, and promoting it, only promotes the destruction of humanity.


They want to fight for humanity and for the planet and the ecosystems? Be ecological?


Although it sounds illogical as a result of the propaganda in the media, it is better to have an 8 cylinder car like a Mustang, or what do I know, than a hybrid or electric, since an 8 cylinder causes less environmental damage and less pollution than what it causes to generate the same amount of electricity to feed the electric Prius!


And all those environmentalists supporting electric cars are not only supporting their own destruction but also that of countless ecosystems. They should see how polluting it is to manufacture a lithium battery like the one in their cars, motorcycles or electric bicycles. Or how polluting it is to manufacture the Kilowatt of electric energy in plants that burn coal, or highly destructive atomic energy.


Robert: It´s just that people do not see it that way, Anéeka. They are told that the electric does not pollute because it does not expel gases.


Anéeka: Again, they manipulate people because the gas emission and noise of an 8 cylinder is obvious to them, and the pollution from nuclear or coal burning plants they don't see. Again, it is manipulation of perception with propaganda.


And the ways of generating "alternative" electrical energy is laughable, it is another cover to justify and launder money, because wind energy generates an amount in Kilowatts that is worse than pathetic compared to the cost of production or manufacture of those giant blades in the mountains that only turn out to be genocide level bird traps.


And solar energy is even less efficient, and again the manufacture of solar panels is highly polluting for the almost Microwatts they produce.


But of course this is someone who uses zero-point energy, so I see everything else as primitive in the extreme.




Originally in Spanish


Space and Temperature


Gosia: They say that the area where the satellites are located has a temperature of 1,500-2,000 degrees and that they can't take it. What do you say about that?


Anéeka: They confuse things. Space has no temperature, objects in space do.


-273.15°c absolute zero, is when all molecular motion stops completely. But if an object is in space or wherever, it will have its temperature depending on what it is doing or where that object is. That is, in space a satellite is receiving solar radiation, and from the Earth, electromagnetic one, and from its own internal electrical systems. By the very fact that it is in space, in a vacuum seen from low densities, 3D-5D wrongly said, but as a reference (higher up space is basically water, Ether).


But from the point of view useful to humans it is a vacuum. There by the laws of thermodynamics, in a vacuum, there can be no temperature transfer.


So for an object in space, like a spacecraft, it will not be able to radiate its temperature, so inside a spacecraft or for a spacecraft or for a satellite the real problem is that it cannot cool down.


Gosia: But from your point of view, "5D", it is also vacuum and cannot have temperature transfer?


Anéeka: From my point of view, "5D", it is still a vacuum but with the knowledge that it is water in a useful form... that is, zero-point energy. So, space is not cold. It is only inert. And the temperature of objects depends on what processes external to them or internal to them cause them to accumulate heat.


Gosia: Space is zero-point energy?


Anéeka: Not exactly, in 5D we know how to use the "high" characteristics of the space-water Ether flow, fluid in high frequency, to produce zero-point energy.


So it is true that at a certain height above the Earth, satellites and spacecraft do accumulate a lot of temperature. But it is not space that is hot, but the satellites and spacecraft. Because they receive solar radiation and radiation from the Earth that, together with the electrical processes of their own systems, can accumulate a quite considerable temperature.


And it cannot be cooled like an automobile would by radiating its extra heat with a radiator, liquid flow. So the only way to cool a ship, or whatever, in space is to convert that heat energy into more electrical energy for consumption. But these are very advanced systems. So for a ship the problem is temperature buildup, not cold, as they mistakenly tell you in the movies.


From another conversation on the same subject:


Anéeka: In orbit, it is not that space has temperature. It's not about temperature per se, but about radiation that would produce a thermal reaction. That way yes, it happens. But it is not space. Space is nothing, it is empty (from the 3D point of observation, I am not talking about Ethers). Therefore, it only is and cannot have temperature other than that of the thermometer itself.


Like any object in space, it depends on the radiation it receives on its surface or atmosphere, depending also on its ability to radiate the temperature acquired by radiation from the sun, and its ability to transfer heat into its interior. It is not easy to calculate to be able to say what its temperature is.


In the case of advanced spacecraft like this one, the solar radiation is not reaching it because the spacecraft is permanently under a series of energy shields that do not allow the hull of the spacecraft to be affected.


While on the topic, it should be clarified that the Sun does not heat the Earth nor does it heat anything but gives off radiation that reacts with objects and planets with a result compatible with the idea of "heat".


Robert: And you are in which layer now? Are you at 480 km approx., in the same layer as the satellites? The satellites are there, right?


Anéeka: In the same layer where the ISS is supposed to be, because even though it exists, it is not as they say it is. For example, you are told that there are thousands and thousands of satellites. From here I tell you that there are not so many. I do not have the number of how many, but those in operation they do not exceed a thousand by far (I don't have the number). The rest is space junk.


Although I see some sense in solar radiation (not solar heat, mind you) causing elevated temperature on exposed surfaces on satellites and spacecraft. But according to my data, it wouldn't raise that kind of temperature over a thousand degrees °C.


The only thing that makes sense to me is that since there is no way to radiate that temperature, it would accumulate at that level. That's the only way I see sense in that talk about heat, that it would be cumulative in the absence of cooling methods.


The problem with spacecraft is heat buildup, not cold. That's why we use energy shields. And even them we have problems controlling the temperature of the spacecraft. We have elaborate cooling systems that translate stored heat into electrical energy for consumption.


Robert: And about the ISS. Now I think there is another one in China. What exactly is that?


Anéeka: Yes, the Chinese ISS. Another junk can. It's the same thing, a smaller Chinese version of the ISS. But it's empty, yes, there are no astronauts there. They are giving you CGI and green screen.




Originally in Spanish


Why doesn't Anéeka send a picture of the Earth?


Anéeka: Simply because it would not pass the Federation's filters. And it would automatically be discredited by anyone. The photos are a no. We can't. Neither can NASA. See and notice that. Because it breaks the illusion of the Earth Matrix they wish to maintain.


Gosia: Why NASA can't give real pictures?


Anéeka: It cannot, only from low orbit.


Gosia: NASA can't because they don't go out there that far, right? And SSP, why don't they share? The ones going to Mars etc?


Anéeka: They can't first (NASA) because they don't go that high, secondly, the ships that can - because of the same agreements and rules with the Federation that bind us also.


The SSP does not share because if you are good observers SSP stands for Secret Space Program, that is secret, and they would not give that to people or anything that comes from them.




Originally in English


Underground Complexes DUMBs - Maps?


Gosia: Someone asked me this: "somewhere in your videos you mentioned large 12-level underground complex for ships and bases for nuclear submarines. Any sketches/maps of that?"


Swaruu X (Athena): We would have to elaborate one, and the only other one out there is the one John Lear has. His information about the underwater tunnels, from California Coast to Area 51 and beyond, is spot on accurate.


Additional answer from Yazhi:


Yazhi: There are plenty of DUMB maps available on the Internet. However, none state that although they are all connected, you can go from the California Pacific Ocean, under the entire Continental U.S., and exit the Texas Golf of Mexico coast, underwater by submarine. It's not only a series of sea water flooded passageways, but an actual entrance and usage of underground oceans, part of the hollow Earth.


And these oceans are not so deep underground, and actually connect with the surface oceans via under water deep continental canyons that are already mapped and used by the U.S. Navy for underwater operations using Nuclear Submarines.


So I cannot provide an entire map of the passage ways without revealing the exact map and shape of the underground sea water systems the US Navy is using, which, understandably so, is highly classified above Top Secret.


Yes, I have them in detail because we can see from here under the ground using our gravitometer instruments located in this ship's nose boom. And I have been following submarines maneuvering under there as recently as last night, because I was looking at the where about of one specific US Navy submarine that has clearly been shadowing my activities for over two years.


I cannot provide maps of these underground seas that are part of hollow Earth and the passageways the US Navy use because I would call out too much attention towards Robert and Gosia because as I have mentioned above, these places are highly classified, and exposing them to the public, even in a low detail level, can cause problems with the US Government.


Even claiming to have such maps, as I did here, may be enough for them to look into this, as what I just said is well above the next person who is talking about this in detail, and that person is John Lear.


He mentions all this, but does not say one important point, and that is, that you can go from coast to coast under the entire continental US using a submarine, and using natural canyon formations, natural underground hollow earth seas and oceans, and also artificially constructed underwater passageways and DUMBs. I can tell you that the operational depth of these passageways is not much, and it is on average around 600 meters, well in the capacity of a last generation Nuclear Submarine such as Virginia class Batch II and Los Angeles Class Batch II Attack Nuclear submarine.




Originally in Spanish


James Bond - the movie


Anéeka: Yes, all comes out there, there is a mine of information on various agendas. Layer upon layer of signals and messages. A lot of people criticize the movie and rightly so, but for superficial things, and they don't connect it to the vaccines.


And note something... They delayed getting that movie out to the public because of the plandemia, or so they say, so that they wouldn't lose money because people don't go to the movies. But what I see is that they delayed bringing it out to the public so that they wouldn't see the message about vaccines until it was too late


In detail they say it all there in that movie, the plan to destroy humanity, the vaccines, the nano tech.


People keep looking at the secondary agendas which are many. Like the war against masculinity. That's why they destroy James Bond because he is a male role model for the new generations. Now, I should clarify that I have nothing against women of action, considering myself one myself. And there is nothing wrong with a woman being empowered in action in that sense. The problem is that it's already an ongoing agenda film after film coupled with more things against men, all going towards the destruction of masculinity. Because there are no, or extremely few examples left for men to follow of how to be men.




Originally in Spanish




Robert: Someone asked me what happens with hermaphrodites?


Anéeka: Very rarely a hermaphrodite will have both male and female sex organs that are functional, not only because one will be better developed than the other, but because of the psychological disorders it causes.


The causes can be several, in the physical aspect, because it was about to have a sister or brother of the opposite sex, but they were largely fused since they did not become Siamese twins.


Also a disorder in the XX female and XY male chromosomes creating an X contaminated Y, to put it simply. Since the dominant chromosomes genetically speaking are the X chromosomes.


This is important because as a specie, or genetically, the female, the XX is the dominant one, since without it there is no reproduction. That is why the Swaruu’s are all females, for example.


So the male is an altered female, but based on altering a female zygote since all the fetuses or zygotes are female until the second week of gestation which is where the male sexual characteristics are formed, that is why men have nipples, because they were formed before the Y chromosome that develops masculinity came into action.


I don't want to degrade or attack men anymore because they have enough on Earth nowadays, but genetically speaking the female is the dominant one, tending with it also a stronger and more stable sexual and gender identity. I do not mean that men do not have a strong gender identity. But they may prove to be more vulnerable to the influence of the opposite gender.


Another factor that supports this is that penis erection depends on clear psychological factors, and on having a specific male-specific outlook on life. So if anything alters this psychological predisposition, you will have erectile dysfunction problems that will only further aggravate your sexual identity problem, or your self-esteem and identity or your self-perception.




Originally in Spanish




Robert: Here on Earth, there are pills called Viagra for people who have dysfunctions.


Anéeka: Yes, Viagra contains Sildenafil, a chemical compound. The problem is that it is a vasodilator, and it dilates the whole body, brain and eyes as well, and the eyes are very susceptible.


The use of Sildenafil increases the risk of retinopathy and blindness in the short or medium term, it promotes strokes as well.


But not only does it cause that, it causes the penis to stay erect too long hurting the small blood vessels inside, making the person lose the ability to have an erection naturally, making them dependent on big Pharma.


In many other serious cases the erection does not cease causing a destruction of the penile tissue with cellular necrosis. There have been cases where they have lost their member because of using Sildenafil. The use of Viagra-Sildenafil is very dangerous.


Important fact about the Sildenafil that is in Viagra, in case of Pulmonary Edema due to altitude, like the one mountaineers get, taking Viagra can save their lives, even in extreme cases, because it opens the pulmonary capillaries to greater oxygenation capacity, but only as a measure in the mountain site, while they go down to lower altitude. This serves both men and women equally.




Originally in English:


Ligation of fallopian tubes


Anéeka: In human females, ligation of fallopian tubes or cutting them to isolate the ovaries, does cause some problems because they too need an external flow out of the female body. This may cause cysts and fibromas and, in some cases, may increase the probability of ovarian cancers.


But in general, this is rare and is not really anything to be worried about if the women has been "ligated" years back. The ovaries will release an egg or two once a month and it will get stuck in the cut off fallopian tube. But the amount of eggs in a lifetime getting stuck there is very small and eggs do decompose and are absorbed with no problems. So even with no flow to the exterior this cannot compare to the male problem of having a vasectomy, because men literarily get flooded with sperm cells. Flooded to a collapse point because they are producing millions and millions each day and they all get trapped in the blood stream and all over his body with no way to get out.





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